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L2O [HELP] It does not create CHAR

Newbie Spellweaver
Nov 17, 2005
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Good afternoon to all! I am new here in the FORUM. more I come with one doubts boat.

My server this on one and functioning, but when I go to create a CHAR simply DOES NOT CREATE. he is stopped in that screen to place name of the Char etc.

Before it gave an error had spoken for me To add this command:

Declare @acc int
Set @acc = 0

WHILE(@acc < 150000)
INSERT lin2world.dbo.time_data (account_id, last_logout, used_sec)
VALUES (@acc, '1/1/2004 1:00:00 AM', '0')
Set @acc = @acc + 1

I added, all beauty. more now not of the o error. more they tambem does not pass of the screen of CREATES CHAR.

I need the possible fastest aid. Please

OBS: It can be my folder system? They can leave link of one for me to test?