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[HELP] making my own ran online private server ep8

Initiate Mage
May 20, 2014
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to all developers and non-developers who knows how to make a very own ran online private server please help me make my own.

Im just a starters or newbie and surely no idea on how to make my own Ran online but im willing to learn.

1. what do i need to be able to make my own ran private server?
2. i am a player but not a developer no knowledge.
3. i have no money, so please dont ask for money.
4. reason? i just want to experience to make my own private server and at the same time to experience to become a GM. but the main reason is i just want to learn ^^.
Experienced Elementalist
Mar 5, 2009
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Here are the answers. :))

1. Common sense and Basic IT Knowledge.
2. Read tutorials at Tutorial Sections, start with Ran EP3(For newbies).
3. You don't need money to make a private server of Ran unless if you want to make your server as a dedicated server. (24/7 Up, Etc)
4. So start reading guides or tutorials if you want to learn, me too I started at nothing, and now I can set up my own server. :D

Go Here

Btw you need to explore, don't beg. The files you needed are already here in Ragezone(Ran online Tutorials and Releases sections) :)
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