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Help me developers

Newbie Spellweaver
May 22, 2008
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Web's (You need create all configs): Darkkxl made This Right?
But how ???
Cabal Online Ogplanet
Cabal Online Sea
Cabal Online Brasil
Cabal Online TW
Cabal Online Asia
Cabal Online Jp
Cabal Online PH
Cabal Online KR
Cabal Online Moliyo

How to use this One?? Any comments? :jester: :jester:
Thanks in advance!!!
Newbie Spellweaver
Jul 15, 2008
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lol ... they are just the official cabal sites ... you can download the client from there and patch it ...
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The Dinosaur
Loyal Member
Jun 29, 2008
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I think what he means is how to use those sites.

The short answer is unless you are already a skilled web developer the sites are almost useless to you. All you have there is images, some html dumps and a few bits of Java and it isn't going to work in any real way.

If you are a web developer then you can loot things like the java, web shop images, general site images and layout to make your own site from.

The reason is because the cabal sites are dynamic sites, they don't consist of just static html pages. There is some code behind the sites that run in the background and dynamically build the html pages depending on what commands the code is fed, much like php sites, and we don't have that code. The nearest we have is the pingmac site but to be honest i thought that was fairly rubbish and we would probably be better off writing our own CP.
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