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[Help] Monster Drops + More

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Jul 28, 2008
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I've been trying to make drops for mobs by ways of other guides ..

1. So i made an item group with warrior shells, each 5x in it cus of 30 items u NEED to fill, is this the way to do it make an item_group?

2. So i searched monster id in K_Monster .. but also most mobs are 2-5 times in it with diff codes .. then how do u know which one to choose in K_Monster_Item?

3. And also, I made from per example the drops of Troll Captain shells, in all 5 possible item drops. Put rate on 10000 and i always get only 1 drop of this items, and i also get items which i didint choose to be there ..

So can i get answers on ..
1. If I made item_group right
2. Which mob code u need to choose when there more options
3. Why could my items not be dropped right?

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Nov 3, 2007
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Re: Monster Drops + More

For number 2 you can check in K_NPCPOS to see which code are used in which zone
Refer to Zone_info for zone number

You can check with that query
Select * from K_NpcPos
where NPCID = '1725'