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help needed

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Mar 16, 2003
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try openin it in a hex editor, and save it as a normal file, thn type .MPG on the end, i converted an exe into mp3 b4, but cos it woznt musik, it didnt exactly work lol, but since .WMV and .MPG are nearly the same thing, and the open the same way, it shud work

EDIT: just changed an MP3 into WMA like this, so i can tell ya it works 4 musik, will try converting a vid file

EDIT AGEN: tried a vid file, works
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if you're in explorer, extra, folderoptions, view, show extensions for known file types -> enable it
then just rename the file and it'll say something like "movie.mpg" just rename it to "movie.filetypeyouwant" like "movie.avi" press enter and it'll ask you something just say yes and if what nathan said is right then it should work
(translated from dutch so i dont know if that's 100%correct but should get you there, i hope...)
so you dont need a hex editor (i think)