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[HELP] New Community Edition - HTTP 500

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May 4, 2013
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Hi, I was just finishing putting together a server with the new files from the DNC and my game is giving HTTP 500. Could you help me? I did step by step and still gave error ...

000000.000| ini: no ini file Launcher.cfg000000.028| Input Devices enabled: Mouse, Keyboard
000000.038| VMEM As seen through DDRaw: 64
000000.038| VMEM As seen through WMI: 0
000000.044| We have 1691 MB texture memory
000000.044| r3dFont: Creating Verdana 10pt
000000.045| r3dFont: Finished creating Verdana 10pt
000000.045| r3dFont: Creating Tahoma 12pt
000000.047| r3dFont: Finished creating Tahoma 12pt
000000.047| r3dFont: Creating Tahoma 10pt
000000.049| r3dFont: Finished creating Tahoma 10pt
000000.049| r3dFont: Creating Tahoma 9pt
000000.050| r3dFont: Finished creating Tahoma 9pt
000000.301| Starting updater, v:1.0.1, cmd:
000000.301| Checking for new updater
000000.596| Checking for new updater - finished
000003.986| WO_API: returned http500
000003.986| Login FAILED, code: 8
000005.446| Requested to stop, 0 files in queue
000005.446| CUpdater::Stop()

Thanks XD