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Help Please Anti - Under Clock

Initiate Mage
Sep 4, 2012
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hi all,
I want to know if you can help me to block this hack.

Please I need that to block the anti hack hack.

Help :blush:
Feb 3, 2008
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if you look in :
in Gunz.sln
there is a comment about that i think it can help you with this.
im not sure how to fix it becaus i didnt realy try but i was reading this and i tought it was a good tip.

// Create a socket and invoke AcceptEx.  Only the original call to to this// function needs to be added to the IOCP.
// If the expected behaviour of connecting client applications is to NOT
// send data right away, then only posting one AcceptEx can cause connection
// attempts to be refused if a client connects without sending some initial
// data (notice that the associated iocpclient does not operate this way 
// but instead makes a connection and starts sending data write away).  
// This is because the IOCP packet does not get delivered without the initial
// data (as implemented in this sample) thus preventing the worker thread 
// from posting another AcceptEx and eventually the backlog value set in 
// listen() will be exceeded if clients continue to try to connect.
// One technique to address this situation is to simply cause AcceptEx
// to return right away upon accepting a connection without returning any
// data.  This can be done by setting dwReceiveDataLength=0 when calling AcceptEx.
// Another technique to address this situation is to post multiple calls 
// to AcceptEx.  Posting multiple calls to AcceptEx is similar in concept to 
// increasing the backlog value in listen(), though posting AcceptEx is 
// dynamic (i.e. during the course of running your application you can adjust 
// the number of AcceptEx calls you post).  It is important however to keep
// your backlog value in listen() high in your server to ensure that the 
// stack can accept connections even if your application does not get enough 
// CPU cycles to repost another AcceptEx under stress conditions.
// This sample implements neither of these techniques and is therefore
// susceptible to the behaviour described above.
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