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[help] Travia Map Server - Zemimap

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Aug 1, 2005
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My server behind the router:

I forward all the port i think need for me like: 3333,2010,2050,3111,3900...

Zmauthserver run.. ok
Zmworld run .. ok
Zemilogin run.. ok
Zemimap run.... ok

Everything RUN OK (i check log) but when my Client connect to server:
1. i can connect with usename and password
2. i can creat character (i check in database and it is ok)
3. but when i click in the character to go in game, it said: error 1054, no have zemimap ...
if i don't run Zemimap; error as the same.. so i think the problem is in port with Zemimap...

but i don't know how to fix. someone can help me?

IP lan:

thnx for see this post and answer it :(