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help with getting other people to play on pserver!

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Jan 12, 2007
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Umm, I just created a new private server for me and some friends. I sent them the files. Thing is, a guy told me that it didn't work. I started up MatchServer.exe before he started his files. He said he tried logging in but it said "Unable to find server" and then the game crashed. Why is this happening? I host the server on and my matchserver.exe is running perfectly. The agme works on my computer with occasional MAIET crashes and an optionto send an error report to MAIET, which I deny. Should I use NaGunZ's files instead of IGunZ's? What files do other people need in order to play on your private server?
Master Summoner
Jan 1, 2007
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2 isnt ur ip but ur localhost. if u put that in u will conect to urself...

search for: my ip
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