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Help with Swfs and Domain

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Mar 30, 2011
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Hello Ragezone, i've come here in a desperate attempt to get help with the only issue i've had so far with my little retro. My hotel has a namecheap domain and I can't figure out why when I put the domain (hype-hotel.com) in place of our ip in the config links for vars, texts, etc. our client.php file, and our external_vars, everyone in the game shows up white, furniture won't show, and there's no hotel view, as if the swfs don't work. I'm pretty sure the domain is setup correctly but it still does this.
If you don't get my problem i'll use examples,
Currently my config file is setup with my IP address,
$_CONFIG['hotel']['external_vars'] = 'http://(MY IP)/r63/external_variables.txt'; //URL to your external vars

$_CONFIG['hotel']['external_texts'] = 'http://(MY IP)/r63/external_flash_texts.txt'; //URL to your external texts

$_CONFIG['hotel']['product_data'] = 'http://(MY IP)/r63/productdata.txt'; //URL to your productdata
And my vars are setup the same way, and everything works perfect.
BUT if I were to change this to my link for example,
$_CONFIG['hotel']['external_vars'] = 'http://hype-hotel.com/r63/external_variables.txt'; //URL to your external vars

$_CONFIG['hotel']['external_texts'] = 'http://hype-hotel.com/r63/external_flash_texts.txt'; //URL to your external texts

$_CONFIG['hotel']['product_data'] = 'http://hype-hotel.com/r63/productdata.txt'; //URL to your productdata
and my vars the same way, everyone in the game and everything else ends up looking like..
2iU4dU - Help with Swfs and Domain - RaGEZONE Forums

Xy0nTdc - Help with Swfs and Domain - RaGEZONE Forums

The issue here is I don't want my IP showing in the client.php, but if I switch the ip with my domain it stops working altogether. Someone please help.


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