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[Help] WO_API: failed with error code 5 SQL Connect failed

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Oct 27, 2013
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--- Log started at Tue Jun 17 21:39:32 2014

000000.000| Input Devices enabled: Mouse, Keyboard
000000.046| VMEM As seen through DDRaw: 971
000000.046| VMEM As seen through WMI: 0
000000.069| We have 4039 MB texture memory
000000.070| r3dFont: Creating Verdana 10pt
000000.071| r3dFont: Finished creating Verdana 10pt
000000.071| r3dFont: Creating Tahoma 12pt
000000.072| r3dFont: Finished creating Tahoma 12pt
000000.072| r3dFont: Creating Tahoma 10pt
000000.074| r3dFont: Finished creating Tahoma 10pt
000000.074| r3dFont: Creating Tahoma 9pt
000000.075| r3dFont: Finished creating Tahoma 9pt
000000.266| Starting updater, v:0.9.3, cmd:
000000.266| Checking for new updater
000000.285| Checking for new updater - finished
000001.855| failed to get [url][/url], http code 404
000002.743| failed to get [url][/url], http code 404
000010.260| WO_API: failed with error code 5 SQL Connect failed
000012.827| Requested to stop, 0 files in queue
000012.827| CUpdater::Stop()
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Oct 28, 2011
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Re: Pls help: WO_API: failed with error code 5 SQL Connect failed

1. Please use proper Tags in your Thread Title
2. Please review the Forum and Section Rules prior to posting. --> http://forum.ragezone.com/f788/war-section-rules-please-read-926238/
3. Your error shows: You have not finished setting up your server. Please review the instructions. From the thread you got the source code.
4. Use the "Search" feature found at the top of the forum page. There are numerous "Error code 5" results in this section. I highly recommend finding the one written by ztimer

http://forum.ragezone.com/f792/solve-error-code-5-sql-1008036/ <-- Top of the Help Section -- Can't miss it if you look.
http://forum.ragezone.com/f792/help-sql-database-community-edition-1008518/ <-- this one by ztimer goes into details about additional configuration you may need to review.

I would recommend starting with the Rules, then these 2 threads. Reply if you need further assistance after searching.

Thank you very much :0)

PS: I've edited your thread title and put your error into a code block.
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