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Hey Everyone

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Feb 20, 2007
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Hey everyone My name is David Jupiter <---- yes like the planet. lol i joined this site because i was thinking of hosting one of my own Mu Online private servers and this is like one of the only sites that has guides, clients, and server files for my needs. I've looked trough the past threads and a lot of things i need to know was answered so i thank those who have done it already and created a guide for newbies at setting up a server like me lol.

i play Alliance Mu and i think its great actually. I've only been playing for about a year and its really good i got into the whole Mu thing and decided hey why not host one for myself and see if i can do it. I am glad there are guys out there that actually do help out guys like me lol. <---- alot of thanks goes into this lol. but yea i'll be around on the site just noting a few things and if i find any discoveries about Mu, the clients or servers ill be the first to post them here

Thanks for a great community