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Hey what's up?

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Jan 31, 2007
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Hey guys xD Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself xD

I am an 18 years old and I am living in Germany, Solingen xD I am going to school and soon i am going to complete the 10th class^^xD I was just surfing and found this site xD

I am playing Digimon Online and me and my team just wanted to make a private server of that game because it is a korean game and we wanted to have an english server :p We just made an english patch for that game and an image viewer to look through all of the files in the game folder xD But since our coder left we couldn't work on it that good anymore :p I hope there are some Digimon fans here in the community and could help us to make one :p

Anyway nice to be here^^xD Cya guys xD
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