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hi i'm dezcent



When posting an Introduction please be sure to specify simple things about your self, such as;

- Your Real name (Not required but its nice)
- Your age
- Interests
- Why you signed up
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- Anything interesting about yourself


Hi guys

My name is dezcent and I am the GameModerator of other Ran Online Private server, Im 14 years old, almost 15, and my interests are simple, playing computer.

I signed up for ragezone because I heard Becky would post pictures of herself topless, sadly, I was misinformed, anyways, Im an EX hardcore Legend of Mir 2 fan and now play World of Warcraft on the shadowsong server (EU) , oh and did I mention that im a trained lethal assasin, I get payed to kill people!.

- Hehe! take care.