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Hi There....

Everybody loves DTB
Feb 18, 2003
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Hello People.

My Names Joseph Horan, I'm 16 Years Of Age. My DOB Is 26/05/1987.
People Round Here Know Me As DonTonberry Or waffle, But I Prefer To Be Called Sir Myself.
I've Been On RageZone For Approx 2 Years, Made Alot Of Great Friends Here :) Sadly They've All Left :(
I've Been Told My People That I've Got An Anger Problem, I Tell Them To duck Off, Showing My Great Control Over Myself.

In Real Life, You Can Occasionally See Me Out Of The House, Usually At Preston College Where I Study Computer Programming, Or At Work.
I Work As A Silver Server For Rich Bastard Masons, And That Is The Only Place And Time I Actually Say "Sir", And "Would You Like...", If You Ever Catch Me Saying That poop Outta Work, I Give You Formal Permission To Dropkick Me In The Teeth.

At College, I Program Little crappy Programs In VB, My Latest crappy Software Recently Went On Sale, It's Called "Unreal Tournament 2004".

For My Recreational Hobbys, I Like

  • Perving
  • Playing Squash
  • Annoying People
  • Keeping My Cool
  • Drinking

Well, That's Me

Thank You For Listening ;)