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How can i stop hackers

Initiate Mage
Aug 7, 2008
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Hello ragezone members,

My name is sjoerd and i have some qeustions.

First is how can i stop hackers i have read some things that jake write.
But i now that ingame are very mach hackers that using (CD) hack.

Second i have a register script but, when the players use a php injection.
The can change the rank list.

Last qeustion is what hackshield you people use and what can i do to protect the server on his best!

Please can sombody help me thank u allready
the Insane
Aug 23, 2007
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dont be modest blood

best hackshield is by blood (he always says)
but he dropped the project to work on server emu

to give slight protection against cooldown hacks , change the timers on the skills

register script, find deatharts site dragonslair, he made best 1 i think

and for ranking list, unless your good with php-sql security, then just update ranking by running the script when you want to update the list

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