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How does Angelica 3D handle character customizations?

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Mar 20, 2021
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So I've been digging into the 3D model files a lot, especially for player characters. I can read the .bon and .ski and use all the bone matrices and translation/rotation tracks from the .stck files to generate 3D models of in any frame of the animations (after a lot of reading source code, tutorials about skeletal animations and trial and error lol) but got that much all to work (see attached). Eventual goal is to try to enable editing the animations. But that's not my question.

One thing I'm puzzled on is, in all the A3D source code I'd been digging through, and in all the file layouts I've been reading to get my renderer to work thus far, there's nothing about character customizations. For example say in your character's INI file for their appearance you have waistScale = 200 so they should look pretty fat - how does the mesh for the character get modified to account for this?

The only thing I've seen that's related is in elements.data there are several sections like FACE_ but these are only for faces (clearly!) and only map to DDS textures, not actual changes in the mesh, so the same question is still there for the face - how does the mesh get altered for settings like: offsetForeheadH = 106 ?

Many thanks.


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Jun 7, 2020
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wanmei created a complete toolkit for model customizations, there are plugins to export models created in 3dsmax, tool to add animations to .smd, tool to edit gfx, tool to edit attack animations and gfx, tools to work with .ecm, there is tool for complete customization of face( animations, voice, size).
You can find remnants of the tools used in the sources of the various wanmei games.

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imagine the models as layers, body, clothes, armor, faces, what you edit is the layer, in your case you need to discover the layer responsible for editing the body.

in my example:

what you edit is the models inside /models/face.
this layer overlays the head model.
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