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How to add items in cash store

Initiate Mage
Jun 4, 2022
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First you will need to clean up the tables by executing the fix "fixshop" made by @Matar,
Download and run the sql queries, only do this if you haven't already.

Adding items to store my way

if there is easier way tell me :laugh:

you need to work on 2 DB Table Table_CashShopAll and Table_CashShopSell

First copy Itemres_xxxx.bin from your Server Data folder (package ; style ; consume ; food ; weapon ) ...etc you need to check the item yourself

use bin编辑器和SXB查看.exe from tools folder and pick your item from the table you need only the ID and name of the item

to copy from the tool use keyboard Ctrl+c

*I use MS Excel to make it easy to add numbers*

make sure the server is off and start working in database as the video

there is 6 Category from left to right ( re -- ad -- rx -- im -- ce -- ps ) you need them to sort your item in game store and they goes in DB 2 tables

this video as an example no need to copy it

OBS: will be edited with more information in the future I put it here to remember later.


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