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How to Edit Beginner's Mega Pack or BOX/?

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Apr 2, 2012
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the box I am looking for is the (Beginner Mega Box) Here is the Item ID: 63496 So now How Can I edit what you get in that box after you right click it??? Where should I look at?? I go to GameServer/Slk/Script This the 3 Script I find there.
1. NpcScript
2. MonsterScript
3. ItemScript
I check the Item Script but the ItemID: is not there!!

What is this TreasureAward??? in GameServer/Slk/Treasure/TreasureAward?
But I dont think that this is the one I am looking for because in my Server I am using the EVOLUTIONBOI server file. and the award on that box is different on this TreasureAward.

Because what I get when I first open the box.. I get a Heart Exp 31x when I click it I become a level 41. then 30x left to be open once per day only etc... I want to edit that box.. Like in the BOIPVP when you create character and enter the game then open the box. You become a level 100 and that box contains Lv100 set gears.. I want to make like that
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Dec 11, 2008
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The Beginner Mega Box is located in Gameserver/Script/HuoDong

The files: HD-shengjisongli-level1.s through HD-shengjisongli-level90.s contain the level up rewards.
Just edit the item numbers within each file to the item you want it to give.

As for the 'Heart Exp' i believe you would have to edit that item script to the correct amount of experience needed to level to 100.
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