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How to enable Free Flight skills and Emotes on costumes please?

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Aug 31, 2023
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I've read somewhere that it is possible to enable the use of Flight skills such as Ancient Free Flight and Ancient Mighty Free Flight with any costume, without requiring the original flight suits anymore.

For that matter, I'm also looking to enable all costumes to use all emotes that are costume-locked.

Could someone point me in the right direction for this please? I'm aware you could use certain proxy mods for this, but I'm looking to truly enable this feature for costumes in-game.

Is it a particular XML file we should be looking for, and all the more appreciated if you could provide more specific details too, like what particular line of code needs to be changed?

Thanks a bunch!



After a whole day of tinkering, I've figured it out somewhat.

The file in question: UserSkillData_Common_Vehicle.xml (100.02)

There are 4 different Flight Skills:
A. Free Flight
B. Rapid Free Flight
C. Mighty Free Flight
D. Ancient Mighty Free Flight

There are 8 entries related to Flight skills in the xml doc (I'm using colored text to show how they are associated):
1. <Skill templateId="9999" id="12200217" name="의상 비행" -> Google Translate -> Costume Flight
2. <Skill templateId="9999" id="12200218" name="의상 비행 [레어]" -> Google Translate -> Costume Flight [Rare]
3. <Skill templateId="9999" id="12200219" name="의상 비행 [기간제]" -> Google Translate -> Costume Flight [Period]
(same skill as 1. but for limited time)

4. <Skill templateId="9999" id="12200220" name="의상 비행 [레어][기간제]" -> Google Translate -> Costume Flight [Rare] [Limited Time]
(same skill as 2. but for limited time)

5. <Skill templateId="9999" id="12200221" name="의상 비행_비전투" -> Google Translate -> PERM Costume Flight_Non-Combat
6. <Skill templateId="9999" id="12200222" name="의상 비행_비전투 [레어]" -> Google Translate -> PERM Costume Flight_Non-Combat [Rare]
7. <Skill templateId="9999" id="12200223" name="의상 비행_비전투 [기간제]" -> Google Translate -> Costume Flight_Non-Combat [Limited Time]
(same skill as 5. but for limited time)

8. <Skill templateId="9999" id="12200224" name="의상 비행_비전투 [레어][기간제]" -> Google Translate -> Costume Flight_Non-Combat [Rare][Limited Time]
(same skill as 6. but for limited time)

Under each of these 8 entries, you will see the following. What this means is, for the Flight skill to work, the id for the costume has to be specified in the itemTemplateList below. As an example, 268985 refers to Lucium Battle Suit (Human Male) if checked from here .
<CheckEquipment inventoryType="17" itemTemplateList="
268985,268986,268987,268988,268989,268990,268991,268992,268993,268994,268995,268996,268997,268998,268999,269000,269001,269002,269003,269004,269005,269006,269007,269008,269009,269010,269011,269012,269013,269014,269015,269016,269017,269018,269019,269020,269021,269022,269023,269024,269025,269026,269027,269028,269029,269030,269031,269032,269033,269034,269035,269036,269037,269038,269039,269040,269041,269042,269043,269044,269045,269046,269047,269048,269049,269050,269051,269052,269053,269054,269055,269056,269057,269058,269059,269060,269061,269062,269063,269064,269065,269066,269067,269068,269069,269070,269071,269072,269073,269074,269075,269076,269077,269078,269079,269080,269081,269082,269083,269084,269085,269086,269087,269088,269089,269090,269091,269092,269093,269094,269095,269096,269097,269098,269099,269100,269101,269102,269103,269104,269105,269106,269107,269108,269109,269110,269111,269112,269113,269114,269115,269116,269117,269118,269119,269120,269121,269122,269123,269124,269125,269126,269127,269128,269129,269130,269131,269132,269133,269134,269135,269136,269137,269138,269139,269140,269141,269142,269143,269144,269145,269146,269147,269148,269149,269150,269151,269152,269153,269154,269155,269156,269157,269158,269159,269160,269161,269162,269163,269164,269165,269166,269167,269168,269169,269170,269171,269172,269173,269174,269175,269176,269177,269178,269179,269180,269181,269182,269183,269184,269185,269186,269187,269188,269189,269190,269191,269192,269193,269194,269195,269196,269197,269198,269199,269200,269201,269202,269203,269204,269205,269206,269207,269208,269209,269210,269211,269212,269213,269214,269215" />

Obviously, inventoryType="17 refers to the Costume: Body slot.


After figuring out the above, I wasn't going to add a whole bunch of ids for each and every costume from database. My workaround is to use a single costume item that I will have equipped all the time. Happens in my case I am not a fan of Footsteps, so I tend to turn that feature off in the game, but this comes in handy for the Flight Skill. I chose 207186 Stamp: Action Hero as the "magic item" to enable all Flight Skills, so as long as this item is equipped, my character can fly in any costume I please.

But I had to spend a full day of trial and error figuring out which inventoryType refers to Footsteps slot. Turns out it is inventoryType="21.


The final changes I made to all 8 entries above look like this:
<CheckEquipment inventoryType="21" itemTemplateList="
268985,268986,268987,268988,268989,268990,268991,268992,268993,268994,268995,268996,268997,268998,268999,269000,269001,269002,269003,269004,269005,269006,269007,269008,269009,269010,269011,269012,269013,269014,269015,269016,269017,269018,269019,269020,269021,269022,269023,269024,269025,269026,269027,269028,269029,269030,269031,269032,269033,269034,269035,269036,269037,269038,269039,269040,269041,269042,269043,269044,269045,269046,269047,269048,269049,269050,269051,269052,269053,269054,269055,269056,269057,269058,269059,269060,269061,269062,269063,269064,269065,269066,269067,269068,269069,269070,269071,269072,269073,269074,269075,269076,269077,269078,269079,269080,269081,269082,269083,269084,269085,269086,269087,269088,269089,269090,269091,269092,269093,269094,269095,269096,269097,269098,269099,269100,269101,269102,269103,269104,269105,269106,269107,269108,269109,269110,269111,269112,269113,269114,269115,269116,269117,269118,269119,269120,269121,269122,269123,269124,269125,269126,269127,269128,269129,269130,269131,269132,269133,269134,269135,269136,269137,269138,269139,269140,269141,269142,269143,269144,269145,269146,269147,269148,269149,269150,269151,269152,269153,269154,269155,269156,269157,269158,269159,269160,269161,269162,269163,269164,269165,269166,269167,269168,269169,269170,269171,269172,269173,269174,269175,269176,269177,269178,269179,269180,269181,269182,269183,269184,269185,269186,269187,269188,269189,269190,269191,269192,269193,269194,269195,269196,269197,269198,269199,269200,269201,269202,269203,269204,269205,269206,269207,269208,269209,269210,269211,269212,269213,269214,269215,207186" />

Now, as long as I have 207186 Stamp: Action Hero equipped, I can fly around in any costume I wish. And yes, you can switch costumes mid-flight without falling to the ground.

This works for:
B. Rapid Free Flight
C. Mighty Free Flight
D. Ancient Mighty Free Flight

Somehow it does not work for:
A. Free Flight (but no loss here since this is an inferior Flight skill)


Here are some additional points I've considered:

If inventoryType="17 refers to the Costume: Body slot, it is likely that the first 16 inventory slots refer to equipment slots in the first tab, under Profile when you press "I" (probably for weapon, body, hand, foot, rings, earrings etc.)

And if inventoryType="21" refers to Footsteps slot, I am leaving the rest of you to figure out the remaining slots
inventoryType="18" - Costume: Hair? Costume: Face? Weapon Skin? Costume: Back?
inventoryType="19"- Costume: Hair? Costume: Face? Weapon Skin? Costume: Back?
inventoryType="20" - Costume: Hair? Costume: Face? Weapon Skin? Costume: Back?
inventoryType="22" - Costume: Hair? Costume: Face? Weapon Skin? Costume: Back?

Please do share if you know.

Hope this helps.

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Separately, as for enabling costume-locked Special emotes (managed by UserSocialData.xml) to work on all costumes, I took some reference from voxelkitten's post here:

I tried enabling the use of 207186 Stamp: Action Hero on all the Special emotes, by adding 207186 to the list of costumes under "limitedEquipIt=", but the trick did not work. It seems the list recognizes only Body Costumes, so if we want the Special emotes to work on all costumes, we might need to add the ids of every costume to the list.

I also could not find any mention of inventoryType="17 (referring to Costume: Body slot) in UserSocialData.xml (for emotes), though this is used in UserSkillData_Common_Vehicle.xml (for Flight Skills).
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Jun 6, 2022
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For future reference :
Gear :
1 = Weapon,
3 = Body,
4 = Hands,
5 = Feet,
6 = Left Earring,
7 = Right Earring,
8 = Left Ring,
9 = Right Ring,
10 = Necklace,
11 = Underwear,
12 = Head,
13 = Face,
14 = Costume Head
Costumes :
15 = Costume Face,
16 = Costume Weapon,
17 = Costume Body,
18 = Costume Back,
19 = Belt,
20 = Brooch,
21 = Footprints,
22 = Halidom,
23 = Relic
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