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How to get new Skills

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Jun 13, 2004
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This one will become a list with all skillteachers and their dialogs. I only found out one teacher until know (thanks to hellprowler) ^^*

Fane Divinity, at all starting positions (the woman
in blue clothes and a chross on her hat)

1. Purchase Teleport Stone for 1k

2. Purchase Holy Stone for 1k

3. Save Position

4. Teleport-Service (Priests free, or priests only?)

1. Kumu Fortress

2. Armin Village

3. Wind Shrine

4. Emita

5. Next Page

1. Ikato

2. Jalevia

3. Forca

4. Cancel

5. Cancel

~~~~~Basic SKillpacks~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
from golden Guardians (choose 3rd then 2x st. option)

Warrior -> One-Hand Mastery, HP Recovery, Shield Mastery
Priest -> Belief, Holy Light, Heal
Hunter -> Shoot Mastery, Animal Knowledge, Metal/Plant Gather (unsure)
Magician -> Fire Mastery, Fireball, MP Recovery
Worker -> Blacksmith, Sewing, Machine Making
Atelier -> Alchemist Knowledge, Mixing, Magic Potion/Metal (unsure)

KumuFortress south exit, the guy in golden armor
(04KumuFortress) X:167 Y48

1. ??
2. Quest (bring 10 apples)

2a. (After enabled with the Quest)

1. Attack Masteries

1. One-Hand Mastery (3)
2. Two-Hand Mastery (5)
3. Shoot Mastery (5)
4. Close

2. Throwing Skills

1. Throwing Mastery (2)
2. Close

3. Fighting Skills

1. Bash (2)
2. Focus (2)
3. Dodge Mastery (2)
4. HP Recovery (2)
5. Close

3. Close

Farca, left part of the building surrounded by water,
Woman in golden Clothes with a huge staff.
(23Farca) X:367 Y:312

1. ??
2. 'Quest' - You just need the basic Skillpack

3. Skills (After enabled with the 'Quest')

1. Belief ? (5)
2. Heal (2)
3. Bless (2)
4. Holy Guard (2)
5. Cancel
*(maybe heal and bless are switched)

4. Cancel
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Priest skills:

In Forca (23Forca) x: 368 y: 314

NPC start with Divine, she has a yellow/golden saints dress with a hat and holds a golden staff that's bigger than herself.

The only skill I found out so far (since I didn't have any free skill points) is

3rd -> 1st -> 1st - she said I learnt it already, i'm guessing the 3 starting skills
3rd option -> 3rd option -> 1st option Bless

It would be GREATLY appreciated if we could get more info, especially on other jobs (thank god the priest once didn't have a quest)
Please, if anyone is versed in chinese, we would greatly appreciate it. I know it's hard to translate NPC texts since this seems to be hardcoded, but at last get the info around, and some guides.

Thank you very much in advanced
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Jun 13, 2004
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ya.. i would search more, but since aglaia isnt as popular as other mmorpgs and is getting very boring for me.. i have no intention to search.. or search more. i guess i've spend hours of searching and actually didnt get a clue :/

maybe later? who knows... :)
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Jan 20, 2004
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does this mean you guys only unlocked the priest and warrior skills? How about the other skills? Can you help me pls. I think this game can give RO some serious competition. I also browsed the contents of the server side files with the intent of learning the scripting language and I was disappointed because I couldnt find any. I thought the game made use of AEGIS. I guess its really a different beast from what RO uses. Anyways, any developments on the complete translation of the client and server?

Nov 30, 2003
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We can't translate them, we've already said this a hundred times, they hard coded all their .dat files (the ones that use NPC scripts and what not), so we can't open the files in plain english. Therefore there is no way to script and no way to translate other than names. Also, those are the classses that people messed with, if you want, you can mess with them as well by using your intellect, that's how we did it.
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May 28, 2006
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hellprowler said:
experimentation is your best bet, that's how I and these people found out.

Nope, otherwise you would call Bash Ultra, and call Focus Flashbang...asians have told us what they are, I think.