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How to Set up client 2011 *images*

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Nov 19, 2011
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Now I want Show how to set up a r63 phoenix client!

Download this:

Okay now Extract that file to you htdocs.
Stevehabbz - How to Set up client 2011 *images* - RaGEZONE Forums

Stevehabbz - How to Set up client 2011 *images* - RaGEZONE Forums

Then,go to the file.Find config.php .Open it, then edit it like this:
Stevehabbz - How to Set up client 2011 *images* - RaGEZONE Forums

Save it.

Search for external flash text.php open it then change it to this Note:If you dutch just go to another step:
handitem6=Black Currant
handitem65=Spray Can
handitem66=Banana Smoothie
handitem4=Ice Cream
handitem43=Chilled Soda
Hand item1019=bolly flower
handitem1025=candy cane
Hand item1011=clip board
Hand item1013=pills
Hand item1014=syringe
Hand item1015=biohazard bag
handitem58=Cup of blood
handitem57=Cherry Crush Soda
Hand item1027=candle
handitem62=Skull Cup of Water
handitem1019=bolly flower
Hand item1021=hyacinth1
Hand item1022=hyacinth2
handitem1015=biohazard bag
Hand item1025=candy cane
Hand item1026=present
handitem1011=clip board
Hand item1023=poinsettia
Hand item1024=pudding
handitem40=Fizzy Orange
handitem31=Pink Champagne
handitem1002=sun flower
handitem32=Coconut Delight
handitem1001=black rose
handitem35=Pink Champagne
handitem1006=gift flower
handitem1005=My Achievements by Neja
handitem1004=Moby penis by Herman Melville
handitem1003=Little Read Book by Kitano
handitem1009=pink pandemic
handitem1008=yellow delight
handitem1007=jimson weed
Hand item106=toast
Hand item105=turkey
handitem30=Radioactive liquid
handitem22=Lime Habbo Soda
Hand item1004=blue book
handitem23=Beetroot Habbo Soda
Hand item1003=red book
Hand item1002=sun flower
Hand item1001=black rose
Hand item1000=rose
handitem24=Bubble juice from 1978
handitem25=Love potion
handitem29=Tomato juice
Hand item1009=pink pandemic
Hand item1008=yellow delight
Hand item1007=jimson weed
Hand item1006=gift flower
Hand item1005=green book
handitem14=Black Coffee
handitem15=Iced Coffee
handitem10=Hot Chocolate
handitem92=blue bubblegum
handitem94=green bubblegum
handitem18=Tap Water
handitem93=red bubblegum
handitem19=Habbo Cola
Hand item94=green bubblegum
Hand item93=red bubblegum
Hand item92=blue bubblegum
toolbar.icon.tooltip.messenger=Send messages to your friends
friendbar.title=My Friends
club.bar.vip.expiring=Save 5 Credits by renewing VIP now!
toolbar.icon.label.inventory=My stuff
toolbar.logout=Log out
toolbar.icon.tooltip.exitroom.home=Go to your home room
toolbar.icon.label.exitroom.home=Home room
toolbar.icon.tooltip.roominfo=Information of the room you are currently in
toolbar.icon.tooltip.inventory=Your furniture, achievements and badges
toolbar.icon.label.exitroom.hotelview=Hotel view
toolbar.icon.tooltip.navigator=Rooms and events
toolbar.icon.tooltip.catalogue=Spend your Credits and Pixels in the Shop!
toolbar.icon.tooltip.sounds=Toggle sounds on/off
discount.bar.vip.expiring=Renew your VIP subscription now and save 5 Credits.
club.bar.hc.expiring=Save 5 Credits by renewing HC now!
toolbar.icon.tooltip.memenu=Dance, wave, use effects, show badges, change clothes and check your rooms
club.bar.hc.valid=%months% months %days% days remaining
club.bar.vip.valid=%months% months %days% days remaining
toolbar.icon.label.roominfo=Room info
toolbar.icon.tooltip.exitroom.hotelview=Go to the Hotel view
toolbar.logout.confirmation=Are you sure you want to log out?
toolbar.logout.ok=Log out
toolbar.icon.tooltip.friendlist=View and follow your friends
club.bar.vip.valid.days.only=%days% days remaining
club.bar.no.club=Become an HC/VIP member now!
club.bar.hc.valid.days.only=%days% days remaining
toolbar.icon.tooltip.friendlist.fr=You have friend request(s) pending!
toolbar.icon.tooltip.zoom=Zoom the room view in and out
toolbar.icon.tooltip.exitroom=Go to your home room
chat.history.drag.tooltip=Drag this to display chat history
chat.input.alert.flood=Don't flood the room! - %time% seconds remaining
soundmachine.notification.playing=Now playing %songname% by %songauthor%
playlist.editor.button.preview.stop=Stop preview
soundmachine.flash9.alert.title=Old Flash version
soundmachine.flash9.link.title=Update latest Flash player
playlist.editor.button.open.catalogue=Open Shop
soundmachine.flash9.alert.content=To be able to hear Trax songs, you need to update to latest Flash player version
playlist.editor.my.music=My Music
playlist.editor.alert.playlist.full=The jukebox playlist is full. Remove some items before adding new ones.
songdisc.info=%name% by %author%
playlist.editor.text.you.can.buy.some.from.the.catalogue=You can buy disks from the Music section of the Shop.
playlist.editor.text.click.song.to.choose.click.again.to.move=Click a song to choose it. Click the arrow to move it to playlist.
playlist.editor.add.songs.to.your.playlist=Add songs to your playlist
playlist.editor.text.preview.playing.for.you=Preview playing only for you
playlist.editor.text.now.playing.in.your.room=Now playing in your room
playlist.editor.text.you.have.no.songdisks.available=Would you like to buy some music? 
playlist.editor.text.now.playing=Now Playing:
playlist.editor.text.get.more.music=Get more music
playlist.editor.button.play.now=Play now
playlist.editor.title=Playlist Editor
info.comingsoon.caption=The feature is not yet available!
info.client.version=Version: %version%
info.comingsoon.text=Coming Soon!
report.user.error.nolist=You don't seem to have met any users during this play session. Please send a regular call for help instead.
hotel_merge.name_change.info.confirm=After confirmation you won't be able change your name again!
help.cfh.closed.resolved=Thank you, your call has been reviewed and appropriate action taken.
help.cfh.topic.9=%name% is scripting
help.cfh.topic.8=%name% is sharing personal information.
help.cfh.topic.7=%name% is harassing me or others.
help.cfh.topic.5=I was scammed
help.tutorial.name.change_not_allowed=Sorry, but Habbo name changing is currently disablesd. Please try again later!
help.cfh.error.abusive=Your previous call was abusive. You will not be able to send new calls for 10 minutes.
help.cfh.topicwithharasser.106=Other Problem
help.cfh.topicwithharasser.105=%name% is  being disruptive
help.cfh.topicwithharasser.104=%name% is bullying or being abusive
help.tutorial.name.invalid=Name %name% is not valid for a Habbo name. Please think of something else..
help.cfh.topicwithharasser.103=%name% is scamming
help.cfh.topicwithharasser.102=%name% is sharing phone numbers or home address
help.cfh.topicwithharasser.101=%name% is being sexually explicit
hotel_merge.name_change.current=Your current name is %name%
help.tutorial.clickme=Click here!
help.tutorial.name.available=Habbo name %name% is free, so you can get it.
help.tutorial.title=Welcome to Habbo Hotel!
help.button.faq.next.entry=View the next issue:
help.button.faq=Browse all FAQ topics >>
help.cfh.button.send=Make a help request
help.cfh.button.delete=Delete your pending calls for help first.
welcome.screen.message=Explore thousands of rooms, meet new friends, play games and find events in the Rooms menu.
hotel_merge.name_change.info.select=You can search for available names, and pick one you like.
help.faq.title.searchresults=Search results
help.call.for.guide.bot=A guide bot can be called to help answer any questions you may have.
help.tutorial.button.changename=Change Name
help.cfh.error.msgtooshort=The description you've written is too short. Please describe the issue in more detail.
help.button.faq.topiclist=Go back to list of topics
report.user.pick.user=Please pick the user you want to report from the list below:
help.faq.search.default=Type in keywords to search
help.mainpage.topics.title=Information on where to get help:
hotel_merge.name_change.pick=Yes, pick this one
help.cfh.closed.abusive=Please do not abuse the Call for Help system. Misuse may lead to penalties against your account.
tutorial.name_change.info.select=You can search for available names and pick one you like.
tutorial.name_change.pick=Yes, pick this one
report.user.pick.topic=Please choose what the user you're reporting has done. Also note that abusing the call for help system by sending false claims will not be tolerated.
help.cfh.pick.topic=Choose a topic for your call that best matches your problem:
help.cfh.topic.101=Someone is being sexually explicit
help.cfh.topic.103=Someone is scamming
help.cfh.topic.102=Someone is sharing phone numbers or home address
help.faq.browse.topics=Click a topic to view questions:
help.tutorial.info=Welcome to Habbo Hotel! Here are some tasks to help you get started. You can find other Habbos by clicking on the 'Rooms' icon in the toolbar.
help.tutorial.button.nameok=I'm happy with name %name%
report.user.list.entry=%name% in room %room%
help.button.call.guide.bot=Call guide bot
help.cfh.input.text=Please give us more details about what has happened?
help.tutorial.name.info=Your name can contain lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers and characters - =?!@:.
tutorial.name_change.keep=Keep my name
help.cfh.sent.text=A member of community staff will investigate the situation and take appropriate action. Please check Service Updates on the FAQs for known technical problems.
help.cfh.sent.title=Thanks for your call.
help.tutorial.guidebot.info=You can call a Guide bot to your own room from the Habbo Help menu by clicking the question mark on the left hand toolbar. Feel free to ask the bot any questions you might have, but remember, the bot might not know everything.
help.cfh.error.title=Your call for help was not sent!
help.cfh.reply.title=Your call has been responded to as follows:
help.button.habboway=Find out how to report abuse on Habbo >>
tutorial.name_change.info.confirm=After confirmation you won't be able change your name again!
hotel_merge.name_change.confirm=Please confirm your new name:
help.tutorial.name.confirmation=Your Habbo name will be %name% for good. Are you sure you want to proceed?
help.faq.title.urgent=Current issues
tutorial.name_change.title.main=Change your name
help.tutorial.button.guidebot=Call a Guide bot
help.faq.title.normal=FAQ Topics
help.cfh.error.pending=Your previous call for help has not been answered yet. To make a new one you must delete the old message.
help.tutorial.name.merge_hotel.down=We're currently having technical problems verifying new Habbo names. Please try again in a few minutes!
tutorial.name_change.confirm=Please confirm your new name:
help.faq.categories.text=Browse FAQ's by category:
tutorial.name_change.current=Your Habbo character's name is %name%
help.button.faq.categorylist=Go back to list of categories
help.cfh.topic.12=%name% is doing something crazy.
help.tutorial.name.title=Your character's name is:
help.cfh.topic.10=%name% is doing something dumb.
help.tutorial.name.short=Name you have chosen is too short! It must be between 3 and 15 characters long.
help.cfh.topic.11=%name% is doing something stupid.
hotel_merge.name_change.keep=No, I want to keep my current name
help.cfh.topic.106=Other Problem
help.cfh.topic.105=Someone is being disruptive
help.cfh.topic.104=Someone is bullying or being abusive
help.cfh.error.length=Please tell us what has happened.
help.tutorial.name.taken=Habbo name %name% seems to be taken. Here are some other suggestions:
hotel_merge.name_change.info.main=In preparation for the relaunch of the new Habbo.com, some Habbos have been asked to change their names to avoid doubling up of user names. You can change your Habbo name only once, so please think carefully about the new name you would like.
help.tutorial.name.input=Type your new Habbo name here...
hotel_merge.name_change.title=Name Change
welcome.screen.title.navigator=Find rooms and things to do
help.tutorial.clothes.info=You can change your avatar looks with the avatar editor. First click your avatar head icon on the toolbar on the left, then the highlighted icon to be able to choose your new look.
help.tutorial.button.changelooks=Change Looks
hotel_merge.name_change.change=Yes, I want to change my name
help.info.cfh=Click here if you want to report a help request
tutorial.name_change.change=Change my name
help.cfh.closed.useless=Please note that the Call for Help system is for reporting genuine abuse issues.
welcome.screen.message.questing=Complete quests and meet new friends. See what you can do in Habbo and earn Pixels that you can use to buy furniture for your room.
welcome.screen.title.questing=Welcome to Habbo Hotel!
hotel_merge.name_change.info=Due to the upcoming Hotel relaunch you need to change your name. Click the button below to proceed.
welcome.screen.title=Welcome to Habbo Hotel!
help.tutorial.name.changed=Your Habbo name is now changed to %name%!
help.cfh.topic.2=Someone is sharing personal information
help.button.report.user=Report a user to moderators
help.cfh.topic.1=Someone is bullying me or others
help.info.report.user=Has someone been behaving abusively towards you?
help.cfh.topic.4=Someone is asking for me to send pictures
help.cfh.topic.3=Someone asked me to go to Cam
tutorial.name_change.info.main=Your character name is generated based on your email address. You can change your character name only once, so please think carefully about the name you would like.
help.tutorial.name.long=Name you have chosen is too long. It must be between 3 and 15 characters long.
hotel_merge.name_change.title.main=Change your name
poll_alert_answer_missing=Please give an answer
poll_cancel_confirm_short=Stop answering?
poll_cancel_confirm_long=Are you sure you want to stop answering the poll? You can't continue later.
poll_question_number=Question %number%/%count%
poll_cancel_confirm_title=Cancel poll
connection.server.error.desc=Sorry, received server error: %errorCode%
ads.roomad.tooltip=This is an advertisement. Clicking it will open another web page.
connection.server.error.id.title=Server Error
connection.server.error.title=Server Error
pet.breed.6.12=Demonic Lion
pet.breed.6.11=Northeast Congo Lion
pet.breed.6.10=Shadow Lion
pet.breed.12.1=Emerald Earth Dragon
pet.breed.12.0=Volcanic Fire Dragon
pet.breed.12.3=Twilight Hunter Dragon
pet.breed.12.2=Bronze Cave Dragon
pet.breed.11.1=Tree Frog
pet.breed.11.4=Silverback Toad
pet.breed.11.3=Red-Eyed Tree Frog
pet.breed.11.5=Cane Toad
pet.breed.11.6=Red-Bellied Frog
pet.breed.11.7=Uncommon Toad
pet.breed.11.8=Kermit the Frog
pet.breed.11.9=Water Frog
pet.breed.12.8=Great Golden Dragon
pet.breed.12.9=Dark Demonic Dragon
pet.breed.12.4=Midnight Glider Dragon
pet.breed.12.5=Crystal Cove Dragon
pet.breed.12.6=Pure Ambrosia Dragon
pet.breed.12.7=Subterranean Ice Dragon
pet.breed.1.5=Cat Astroflea
pet.breed.9.10=Rare Dante Turtle
pet.breed.1.4=Soft-Toed Sneaker
pet.breed.9.11=Rare Albino Turtle
pet.breed.1.3=Hidden Clause
pet.breed.1.2=Lesser Spotted Longhair
pet.breed.1.0=Sleepy Siamese
navigator.roomsettings.allowpets=Allow pets
pet.breed.0.24=Black-eyed Boxer
pet.breed.1.8=Mad Mouser
pet.breed.0.23=Dotty Dalmatian
pet.breed.1.9=Scaredy Kat
pet.breed.1.6=Titchy Tiger
pet.breed.1.7=Burmese Buddy
pet.breed.0.20=Patchy Pup
pet.breed.0.22=Schnitzel Snatcher
pet.breed.0.21=Loyal Labrador
pet.vocals.15.THIRSTY.0=I'm thirsty!
pet.vocals.15.GREET_OWNER.0=Fantastic to see you today!
pet.breed.0.19=Tiny Terrier
pet.breed.0.18=Bushy Woofer
pet.breed.0.17=Speckled Sheepdog
pet.breed.0.16=Murmurin' Minimastiff
pet.breed.0.15=Pixie Poodle
pet.breed.0.14=Whiffy Woofy
catalog.page.pets_accessories=Pet Accessories
pet.breed.0.13=Mangy Mutt
pet.breed.0.12=Tawny Bleugh
widgets.pet.commands.title=Pet Commands
pet.breed.0.11=Lappy Lassie
pet.breed.0.10=Furry McScottie
pet.command.15=Follow left
pet.command.16=Follow right
pet.command.5=Play dead
pet.command.17=Play football
pet.command.18=Come here
widgets.petpackage.name.select=Give a name for your pet:
pet.command.24=Move forward
pet.command.25=Turn left
pet.command.26=Turn right
widgets.pet.commands.info.link=Pet Commands Help
pet.command.23=Switch TV
pet.vocals.15.HUNGRY.0=I'm starving!
pet.breed.8.15=Derry Demonicus
pet.breed.8.14=Mandarin Spider
pet.breed.8.13=Indigo Ghost
pet.breed.8.12=Chaotic Ghost
pet.vocals.15.PLAYFUL.1=So bored.
pet.vocals.15.PLAYFUL.0=Let's do something fun today, like staring at a wall.
pet.breed.8.17=Pink Spectre
pet.breed.8.16=Pacific Pirate
navigator.roomsettings.pets=Pet Options
pet.command.35=Spread wings
pet.command.36=Breathe fire
pet.command.33=Chicken dance
pet.command.34=Triple jump
pet.command.32=High jump
pet.vocals.15.EATING.0=This is delicious!
pet.vocals.15.PLAYING.0=Hey, let's go for a ride!
pet.breed.10.0=Little Chick
pet.vocals.15.LEVEL_UP.0=I just leveled up!
pet.vocals.15.DISOBEY.2=Leave me alone.
pet.command.42=Ring of fire
pet.command.44=Wag Tail
pet.breed.3.10=M's United pet
pet.breed.3.11=Northwests Loch Ness
pet.vocals.15.DISOBEY.0=Nay. (Geddit?)
pet.vocals.15.DISOBEY.1=I wish I could do as you ask, but I cannot.
pet.vocals.15.GENERIC_SAD.1=I don't feel myself today :(
pet.vocals.15.SLEEPING.2=Zzzz... I have a heart that can never be tamed...
pet.vocals.15.SLEEPING.0=Zzzz.... Marston!
pet.vocals.15.SLEEPING.1=Zzzz... Old Dan Tucker....
pet.breed.8.11=Camel Spider
pet.breed.8.10=Nocturnal Nightmare
widgets.pet.commands.help.title=Pet Commands Help
pet.breed.1.24=Cat Burglar
pet.breed.11.12=Jungle Frog
pet.breed.11.13=Golden Bell Frog
pet.breed.11.10=Bronze Toad
widgets.petpackage.name.title=Name your pet
pet.breed.11.11=Albino Frog
pet.breed.11.16=Golden Pond Frog
pet.breed.11.17=Blushing Toad
pet.breed.11.14=Frog Of Darkness
pet.breed.1.21=Fabulous Feline
pet.breed.1.20=Caterwaul Kitty
pet.vocals.15.GENERIC_NEUTRAL.0=How are you today?
pet.breed.1.23=Indoor Alley Cat
pet.breed.11.18=Bubonic Toad
pet.breed.1.22=Matted Moggy
pet.vocals.15.TIRED.0=I'm so tired!
pet.vocals.15.UNKNOWN_COMMAND.1=Whatever, speak English if you want me to do something.
pet.level=Level : %level% / %maxlevel%
pet.vocals.15.UNKNOWN_COMMAND.0=I'm sorry, I don't understand!
pet.breed.5.10=Sand Boar
pet.breed.5.11=Fruit Boar
widgets.pet.commands.description=Every Pet can level up from 1 to 20, and your Pet will gain experience whenever you train it. The more you train, the more commands your Pet will learn. However, training will also make your Pet lose energy, so make sure to feed it and let it rest in between! Please note that some foods will make your Pet regain energy faster, and feeding and scratching your Pet will also make it obey you more easily. Some commands might require accessories such as water bowls or toys.
widgets.petpackage.name.pick=Choose this name
infostand.button.buyfood=Buy Food
pet.vocals.15.DRINKING.0=Ah, that's the good stuff.
pet.breed.3.5=Doon Squirrel Hunter
pet.breed.3.4=Holy Island Rabbit Lover
pet.breed.3.7=Eastenders Betty
pet.breed.3.6=Lucy's Fred
pet.breed.3.9=Royal Arsenal's best friend
pet.breed.3.8=Neighbours Audrey
pet.breed.5.1=Boar of Baskerville
pet.breed.5.0=Roman Boar
pet.breed.4.0=Brown Bear
pet.breed.2.9=Swampy Siamese
pet.breed.4.2=Great Bear
pet.breed.4.1=Polar Bear
pet.breed.2.6=Confused Croc
pet.breed.2.5=Galled Gator
pet.breed.2.7=Pretty Pui Pui
pet.breed.1.11=Egyptian Angora
pet.breed.2.1=Krazy Krokodilos
pet.breed.2.2=Nile Dile
pet.breed.1.12=Freckled Feral
pet.breed.2.3=Silly Sobek
pet.breed.2.4=Dirty Dundee
pet.breed.1.10=Wannabe Wildcat
pet.breed.4.3=Sunny Bear
pet.breed.2.0=Endangered Albino
pet.breed.5.2=Baby Boar
pet.breed.1.19=Bobcat Wailer
pet.breed.5.3=Freyjas Boar
pet.breed.5.4=Transylvanians Boar
pet.breed.1.17=Furry Friend
pet.breed.5.5=Forest Boar
pet.breed.1.18=Trusting Tabby
pet.breed.5.6=Frozen Boar
pet.breed.3.0=Livingston's Nightmare
pet.breed.1.15=Haughty House Pet
pet.breed.5.7=Devils Country Boar
pet.breed.3.1=Working Scottie
pet.breed.1.16=Curiousity - The Return!
pet.breed.5.8=Navy Boar
pet.breed.3.2=Carlisle Ratter
pet.breed.1.13=Felis Catus Allergicus
pet.breed.5.9=Arctic Boar
pet.breed.3.3=Dee Mice Killer
pet.breed.1.14=Bushy Bobtail
pet.breed.9.7=Sewer Turtle
pet.breed.8.4=Anansi Trickster
pet.breed.9.6=Yertle Turtle
pet.breed.8.3=Jungle Creeper
pet.breed.9.9=Picasso Turtle
pet.breed.8.6=Soror Shelobi
pet.breed.6.0=West African Lion
pet.breed.9.8=Desert Turtle
pet.breed.8.5=Arachne Weaver
pet.breed.8.0=Australian Spinner
pet.breed.8.2=Cambodian Dancer
pet.breed.8.1=Dungeon Crawler
pet.thirst.3=Not thirsty
pet.breed.9.1=Diamondback Turtle
pet.breed.9.0=Snapping Turtle
pet.breed.9.3=Kooper Trooper
pet.breed.8.8=Samsa Gregori
navigator.roomsettings.allowfoodconsume=Allow others' pets to eat food
pet.breed.9.2=Sea Turtle
pet.breed.8.7=Columbian Pouncer
pet.breed.9.5=Spotted Turtle
pet.breed.9.4=Pond Turtle
pet.breed.8.9=Japanese Jorogumo
pet.breed.7.0=Gray Rhino
pet.vocals.15.GENERIC_HAPPY.2=I think I'm happy, but it could be gas.
pet.breed.7.1=Black Rhino
pet.breed.7.2=Brown Rhino
pet.age=Age: %age% days
pet.breed.7.3=Baby Pink Rhino
pet.breed.7.4=Ionesco Rhino
pet.breed.6.9=Red Soul Lion
pet.breed.7.5=White Rhino
pet.breed.7.6=Party Rhino
pet.breed.7.7=Banana Rhino
pet.breed.6.5=Barbary Lion
pet.breed.6.6=Albino Lion
pet.breed.6.7=Dandy Lion
pet.breed.6.8=Bue Disco Lion
pet.breed.6.1=Massai Lion
pet.breed.6.2=Asiatic Lion
pet.breed.6.3=Katanga Lion
pet.breed.6.4=Transvaal Lion
pet.breed.2.10=Giggly Go-go
pet.breed.2.11=Petty Petsuchos
pet.breed.0.9=Hound of Hull
pet.breed.0.8=Springy Spaniel
pet.breed.0.7=Slobber Don
pet.breed.0.1=Habbo Husky
pet.breed.0.2=Joe Cocker Spaniel
pet.breed.0.0=Yappy Yorkie
pet.breed.0.5=Paws Forethought
pet.breed.0.6=Stripy Setter
pet.breed.0.3=Rescue Bernard
pet.breed.0.4=Droopy of Pawford
room.error.cant_set_not_owner=You don't have rights to put furniture in here!
room.error.pets.respectfailed=You can scratch other users pets once your account is %required_age% days old. Your account is now %avatar_age% days old.
room.error.kicked=You were kicked out from the room.
room.confirm.eject_all=Do you really want to eject all Furni from each Habbo from the room?
room.error.pets.selected_tile_not_free=You can not place your pet there, pick another tile.
room.error.max_stickies=Only 200 stickies per room are allowed!
room.error.max_soundfurni=You can only place one sound Furni per room
room.error.max_pets=Too many pets in the room!
room.error.guide.already.exists=A guide bot already exists in your room!
room.error.pets.forbidden_in_hotel=Sorry, pets are forbidden in this Hotel.
room.error.pets.forbidden_in_flat=Sorry, pets are forbidden in this room.
room.error.pets.no_free_tiles=The space in front of you is not empty. Please move to another spot and try placing your pet again.
room.confirm.pick_all=Do you really want to pick all furniture in the room?
room.error.max_queuetiles=You can't fit more Habbo Rollers in this room!
room.error.guide.not.available=All guide bots are in use at this time. Please try again later!
room.error.cant_set_item=You cannot place this item here.
room.error.max_furniture=This room has the maximum amount of Furni.
room.error.cant_trade_stuff=You cannot place this in someone else's room!
poster_1002_desc=For our UK Habbos.
poster_36_desc=The hotel's girlband. Dream on!
poster_2004_desc=Every little thing is gonna be alright
poster_24_desc=Following the star!
poster_2007_name=The Father of Habbo
poster_2_desc=Take pride in your veg!
poster_3_desc=Smells fishy looks cool.
poster_83_name=Pöllö huhuilee
poster_32_name=Shiva Poster
poster_25_name=Reindeer Poster
poster_20_name=Snowman Poster
poster_24_name=Three Wise Men Poster
poster_49_name=Large silver star
poster_503_name=The Swiss Flag
poster_512_name=The Irish Flag
poster_58_name=Chinese Red Knots
poster_2002_name=Guy With Glasses
poster_2006_name=DJ Throne
poster_505_name=The Canadian Flag
poster_57_name=Chinese Calligraphy
poster_509_desc=Hang it proudly!
poster_22_name=Winter Wonderland
poster_52_desc=Get sporty!
poster_511_name=The Dutch Flag
poster_1001_desc=even walls have ears
poster_50_name=Bat Poster
poster_523_desc=Hang it proudly!
poster_13_desc=Skyscrapers in black and white.
poster_22_desc=A chilly snowy scene
poster_15_desc=Marvellous mountains.
poster_511_desc=Hang it proudly!
poster_33_name=Save the Panda
poster_514_desc=Hang it proudly!
poster_50_desc=flap, flap, screech, screech...
poster_10_name=Lapland Poster
poster_2001_desc=Not to be worn.
poster_53_name=Hockey Stick
poster_5_desc=Quacking good design!
poster_1003_name=UK Map
poster_35_name=The Habbo Babes 1
poster_518_desc=Hang it proudly!
poster_515_name=The Swedish Flag
poster_513_desc=Hang it proudly!
poster_2_name=Carrot Plaque
poster_27_desc=Deck the halls!
poster_522_desc=Hang it proudly!
poster_14_name=Fox Poster
poster_2000_name=Map of Finland
poster_21_name=Angel Poster
poster_508_name=The Spanish Flag
poster_521_name=The Brazilian Flag
poster_2001_name=Rug on the Wall
poster_1004_name=Eid Mubarak Poster
poster_12_name=Skyline Poster
poster_44_desc=Beware the curse...
poster_506_name=The Finnish Flag
poster_48_desc=All that glitters...
poster_520_desc=Every color for everyone
poster_58_desc=Choose your blessing!
poster_504_desc=Hang it proudly!
poster_507_name=The French Flag
poster_52_name=Hockey Stick
poster_56_desc=Do the hustle!
poster_41_name=Habbo Golden Record
poster_51_desc=2 points for every basket
poster_6_name=Abstract Poster
poster_18_name=Butterfly Cabinet 2
poster_1002_name=Queen Mum Poster
poster_501_name=Jolly Roger
poster_59_desc=Torch - it gives you some light
poster_37_name=The Habbo Babes 3
poster_23_desc=Ho Ho Ho!
poster_54_name=Hockey Stick
poster_2007_desc=The FATHER of Habbo Hotel!
poster_30_desc=Pucker up
poster_503_desc=Hang it proudly!
poster_4_name=Bear Plaque
poster_516_desc=Hang it proudly!
poster_1000_desc=The Noble and Silver Show
poster_20_desc=A new use for carrots!
poster_5_name=Duck Poster
poster_2000_desc=You know where to put it.
poster_500_desc=Hang it proudly!
poster_39_desc=The rock masters of virtual music.
poster_514_name=The EU Flag
poster_523_name=The Indian Flag
poster_17_name=Butterfly Cabinet 1
poster_26_desc=Hung yours up yet?
poster_51_name=Basketball Hoop
poster_502_desc=Hang it proudly!
poster_2004_name=Rastaman Poster
poster_521_desc=Hang it proudly!
poster_42_desc=Not something you want to run into
poster_29_desc=A touch of festive sparkle
poster_7_desc=for emergencies only
poster_8_name=Habbo Colors Poster
poster_500_name=The UK Flag
poster_16_desc=High security for your room.
poster_41_desc=For the best music-makers
poster_9_desc=do your bit for the environment
poster_513_name=The Australian Flag
poster_12_desc=Skyscrapers at night.
poster_506_desc=Hang it proudly!
poster_23_name=Santa Poster
poster_34_desc=Habbo-punk for the never-agreeing.
poster_18_desc=Flutter by.
poster_2003_desc=Carlos, diskotappaja
poster_31_name=System of a Ban
poster_2006_desc=The legendary DJ himself!
poster_2002_desc=Whoever he is he looks important.
poster_38_desc=Power and fury for reeeally tough Habbos!
poster_6_desc=But is it the right way up?
poster_47_desc=Twinkle, twinkle
poster_19_name=Hole In The Wall
poster_49_desc=All that glitters...
poster_1005_name=Johnny Squabble
poster_516_name=The English Flag
poster_46_name=Small gold star
poster_512_desc=Hang it proudly!
poster_10_desc=A beautiful sunset.
poster_53_desc=Get sporty!
poster_509_name=The Jamaican Flag
poster_13_name=BW Skyline Poster
poster_507_desc=Hang it proudly!
poster_1006_desc=The eyes follow you...
poster_8_desc=Habbos come in all colors
poster_2008_desc=Got Frog?
poster_7_name=Hammer Cabinet
poster_46_desc=Twinkle, twinkle
poster_517_desc=Hang it proudly!
poster_28_desc=A touch of festive sparkle
poster_518_name=The Welsh Flag
poster_21_desc=See that halo gleam!
poster_515_desc=Hang it proudly!
poster_2008_name=Habbo Cola Poster
poster_35_desc=The hotel's girlband. Dream on!
poster_1003_desc=The lovely Isles for your wall.
poster_508_desc=Hang it proudly!
poster_510_name=The Italian Flag
poster_43_desc=Shake, rattle and roll
poster_39_name=The Screaming Furnies
poster_27_name=Holly Garland
poster_36_name=The Habbo Babes 2
poster_14_desc=A truly cunning design.
poster_29_name=Tinsel (gold)
poster_517_name=The Scottish Flag
poster_45_desc=Needs a few more Habburgers
poster_11_desc=For the accomplished Habbo.
poster_19_desc=Trying to get in or out?
poster_47_name=Small silver star
poster_1_desc=Behold the root of thine genealogy!
poster_55_name=Tree Poster
poster_505_desc=Hang it proudly!
poster_33_desc=We can't bear to lose them.
poster_55_desc=For the Habbo Tree-huggers.
poster_32_desc=Om Shanti - peace to all.
poster_520_name=The Rainbow Flag
poster_40_name=Bonnie Blonde
poster_17_desc=Flutter by.
poster_504_name=The German Flag
poster_57_desc=With a steady hand and a focused mind.
poster_56_name=Disco Sign
poster_522_name=The Japanese Flag
poster_48_name=Large gold star
poster_37_desc=The hotel's girlband. Dream on!
poster_9_name=Rainforest Poster
poster_501_desc=For pirates everywhere
poster_1004_desc=Celebrate with us
poster_25_desc=Doing a hard night's work
poster_83_desc=Pöllö huhuilee, huhuu!
poster_502_name=The USA Flag
poster_1000_name=Comedy Poster
poster_54_desc=Get sporty!
poster_15_name=Himalaya Poster
poster_1001_name=Prince Charles Poster
poster_4_desc=Fake of course!
poster_40_desc=The one and only. Adore her!
poster_28_name=Tinsel (silver)
poster_1005_desc=The muscly movie hero.
poster_38_name=Smiling Headbangers
poster_3_name=Fish Plaque
poster_31_desc=Pure and unbridled nu-metal.
poster_510_desc=Hang it proudly!
quests.xmas11_11.3.name=Start The Show III
quests.xmas.rareteaser.info=%days% day(s) until the next rare
group.members.pageinfo=%amount% matching users. Page %page% / %totalPages%
infostand.group.link.tooltip=Click here to open Group Info
quests.daily.FINDJUNGLE.completed=Ah you've found the jungle, now can you find your way back?
quests.freeze.FREEZEWIN2.desc=Win two games of Freeze.
quests.daily.FRIEND2.name=All Aboard!
widgets.memenu.effects.active.daysleft=%days_left% days left
group.hcrequired.info=You need to be a <b>VIP</b> member to join more than one group.
welcome.gift.close=Close window
quests.xmas11_18.1.desc=Indulge yourself today. Have a bath with your friends
quests.pets.PETTOOTHERSROOM.name=Take Your Pet Out
wiredfurni.params.condition.position=Current position in room
quests.xmas11_21.1.hint=Find a huge Xmas Tree and double click on it to complete this quest.
quests.xmas11_11.2.hint=Wear the microphone effect and say "Pump it up"
quests.daily.FINDRHINO.hint=Find a Rhino and click it to complete this quest.
welcome.gift.opening.instructions=Go check your email inbox and click the activation button in the email to open your mysterious welcome gift! <br>If you have trouble receiving our email, please check your "junk" folder, too.
group.list.groupcount=%count% Groups.
quests.daily.FINDBEACHBALL.desc=Find yourself a beach ball and get some exercise on the sand.
quests.battleball.BBLOCKTILES3.completed=Banzai! You have completed the second part of Banzai Veteran training.
quests.xmas11_21.2.hint=Find a red Xmas star and double-click on it to complete this quest
quests.battleball.BBWIN4.desc=Win 5 Battle Banzai games.
wiredfurni.params.requireall.0=If one of the selected Furnis has a Furni on it
quests.daily.FINDPARASOL.name=Hot Spots
quests.battleball.BBJOIN.completed=You did it! You can switch teams by walking through another gate at any time.
wiredfurni.params.requireall.1=All the selected Furni have Furni on them
quests.xmas11_29.1.desc=What if bears ate them? Better check at their den!
quests.battleball.BBLOCKTILES5.hint=To seize an area, bounce and lock all the tiles around it.
quests.xmas11_26.1.completed=Ready to face the cold. Did you put on your corpse handling gloves?
quests.social.CHATWITHSOMEONE.name=Have A Chat
quests.xmas11_9.2.name=It's Party Time II
quests.battleball.BBPUSHPUCK.name=Push Banzai Puck
quests.xmas11_7.2.name=With A Little Help From...
quests.daily.FINDSHELL.hint=Find a sea shell in a room and double-click it. to complete this quest.
quests.xmas11_14.2.completed=Oooooh! The feeling is returned!
quests.battleball.BBLOCKTILES3.desc=Lock an area of at least 16 tiles 6 times.
quests.daily.FINDBEAR.hint=Find a bear and click on it.
quests.battleball.BBWIN2.hint=Win two games of Battle Banzai.
quests.daily.FINDBEAR.desc=Bears have been spotted in the Hotel, can you find them?
group.edit.color.primary.color=Primary Color
room.loading=Please wait while loading the room.
quests.xmas11_38.3.name=Snowman Contest 3
mannequin.widget.savetext=Save this outfit to your mannequin.
group.create.nextstep=Next Step >>
group.edit.tabcaption.1=Group Identity
quests.xmas11_10.1.completed=Nice moves !
group.edit.tabcaption.3=Group Colors
group.edit.tabcaption.2=Group Badge
group.edit.tabcaption.5=Group Settings
quests.daily.FINDPIG.desc=A boar has been terrorizing the Hotel guests, find it ASAP!
group.edit.tabcaption.6=Group Members
quests.xmas11_25.1.desc=It's finally Xmas! Give the best wishes to everyone you meet!
group.members.since=Joined %date%
quests.xmas11_13.2.hint=Stand next to someone and say "Hello, I am  (your Habbo name)”
widget.avatar.decorate=Decorate Room
quests.daily.FINDTERRIER.completed=Luckily the dog didn't have rabies, he just ate too much soap.
quests.freeze.FINDFREEZECLOCK.hint=Double-click a Freeze Counter to complete this quest.
quests.battleball.BBWIN1.hint=Win a game of Battle Banzai
widget.memenu.dance.stop=Stop Dancing
group.members.searchinfo=Search for user...
quests.xmas11_15.2.hint=Stand next to a Habbo and say "I love you"
quests.xmas11_31.2.desc=Time for some fireworks!
wiredfurni.params.seconds=%seconds% seconds
quests.freeze.FREEZEXBOMB.completed=When you collect X-Blasts, your next snowball will explode diagonally!
wiredfurni.pickfurnis.caption=Select Furni [%count%/%limit%]
mannequin.widget.wronggender=This outfit is for different gender. Change your gender first.
quests.daily.SAYPICKUPLINES.completed=Did you score a hot date?
wiredfurni.params.startdir=Start direction
quests.xmas11_16.4.name=Cool Down IV
quests.freeze.FREEZEBIGGERBOMB.completed=Collecting bigger bomb power-ups gives you a larger blast radius!
quests.xmas11_32.2.completed=Cheers!... Perhaps you should pace yourself?
quests.daily.SKATING1.hint=To complete this quest, find a room with Skate-tiles and skate over 20 roller patches.
quests.daily.FINDDRAGON.name=Dragon Spotting
quests.daily.FINDDJ.desc=Are you a better DJ than Pauly D? Find a deck and show your stuff.
quests.daily.FINDRAREFROG.completed=Found it and with that you finished the last quest! Great job!
quests.xmas11_25.4.name=BONUS: Xmas gifts
quests.xmas11_31.3.desc=Looks good but can be better. Fire off some more!
quests.daily.FINDBOAT.completed=SHOTGUN! Okay pull the anchor up let's go!
quests.xmas11_28.1.desc=You need to find them! Check for a footprint in the snow
quests.xmas11_37.2.name=It's Good To Be King II
quests.freeze.FREEZEBOMB4.completed=Whoa, you must have ice water in your veins.
quests.battleball.FINDBBSCOREBOARD.hint=Double-click the base of a scoreboard to complete this quest. Any colored scoreboard will do!
quests.daily.FINDRAIL.desc=Has someone been polishing our Skate Rails too much? Find out!
quests.xmas11_20.2.desc=Hmm, do you think more people think it's cold?
group.members.title=%groupName% Members
quests.daily.SKATING2.desc=The boulevard is great for rollerskating. Skate over 40 tiles.
quests.completed.reward.1=You've earned <b><font size="30" color="#7adde9">%amount%</font></b> Snowflake(s)
quests.completed.reward.0=You have been rewarded <b><font size="30" color="#7adde9">%amount%</font></b> Pixels
quests.daily.SCRATCH1.hint=To complete this quest, click on a Pet and select 'Scratch'.
quests.xmas11_26.1.name=Missing Habbos I
avatar.widget.drop_hand_item=Drop hand item
catalog.page.quest.xmas11=Snowflake Gifts
wiredfurni.conflictingactions.caption=Warning: Incompatible Effects
quests.completed.reward.4=You have been rewarded <b><font size="30" color="#7adde9">%amount%</font></b> Shells
quests.xmas11_8.2.name=Drinks For Everyone!
widget.furni.teaser.notify.unlocked.desc=The leaf package in your room was unlocked by %username%! Go to your room and check what's inside.
quests.xmas11_16.2.completed=Wow, impressive but can you do more?
quests.freeze.FREEZEPOWERUP3.desc=Collect 20 Freeze power-ups.
quests.xmas11_42.1.name=Xmas is over?
quests.list.reject=Cancel Quest
quests.xmas11_15.2.name=Show Your Love 2
quests.xmas11_5.1.desc=Something sure does smell! Please neutralize it before your guests arrive.
quests.xmas11_3.1.completed=You look just like them. You're relatives right ?
quests.pets.SCRATCHAPET.name=Scratch a Pet
widget.memenu.blow=Blow Kiss
widget.furni.teaser.notify.unlocked.title=Package unlocked!
quests.xmas11_40.4.name=Dive into the New Year!
quests.prexmas11_1.1.hint=You can change your appearance by clicking on your avatar and then clicking 'Change looks'.
quests.xmas11_10.5.hint=Get 10 people to dance the Pogo Mogo for 30 minutes in a room.
quests.freeze.FREEZEPOWERUP4.desc=Collect 30 Freeze power-ups.
quests.completed.next=Activate Next Quest
quests.xmas11_3.2.completed=Brou Brou! (Which means “Thanks! You too!” in reindeeer)
discount.bar.hc.expiring=Save 5 Credits by extending your HC subscription now!
quests.daily.BBLOCKTILE2.name=Banzai Believer
quests.xmas11_25.1.completed=And a merry Xmas to you, on behalf of all the Habbo Staff.
quests.battleball.FINDBBSCOREBOARD.completed=Very nice! Battle Banzai game is played in teams. There are four different teams: red, blue, green and yellow. Each team has a score that is displayed using a scoreboard of that team color.
quests.xmas11_32.2.name=Happy New Year II
quests.freeze.FREEZEPROTECTION.name=Ice Shield
quests.battleball.BBLOCKTILES.completed=You did it. The key of Battle Banzai success is to lock multiple tiles simulatenously by surrounding them. This way you get more points with less work.
quests.social.WAVE.hint=Find the Wave action by clicking the 'Me' button.
quests.battleball.BBLOCKTILE.name=Lock Some Tiles
quests.xmas11_16.3.completed=Wonderfull! Now let's do this together.
wiredfurni.params.conditions=Select Furni criteria that have to be matched:
quests.daily.FINDSTATUE.name=Rare Artifacts
widget.furni.present.keep_in_room=Keep in my room
quests.daily.FINDWATERFALL.hint=To complete this quest, find the waterfall and double-click on it.
quests.freeze.FREEZEPOWERUP1.completed=There are many different types of power-ups that allow you to do cool things in the game.
quests.xmas11_4.2.name=Feeling At Home II
quests.daily.FINDTRAY.hint=To complete this quest, find the drink tray and double-click on it.
quests.battleball.BBLOCKTILES4.name=Banzai Master II
quests.xmas11_31.5.completed=Wow... best Fireworks show EVER!
quests.freeze.FREEZEBOMB2.name=Freeze Blaster II
quests.freeze.FREEZEMEGABOMB.hint=Collect a Mega Snowball Power-up to complete this quest.
quests.daily.FINDDJ.completed=Those are some serious skills. Paulie would be proud!
wiredfurni.applysnapshot=Apply Furni to set conditions
wiredfurni.params.settime=Set timer: %seconds% seconds
group.edit.settings.type.caption=Group Type
quests.battleball.BBLOCKTILES1.hint=Lock 4 tiles in the game arena three times by locking an area surrounding empty tiles.
quests.room_builder.SWITCHSTATE.hint=Get a Pixel Lamp from the Shop (remember how?), place it in your room and <b>double-click</b> it to turn it on and off!
navigator.roomsettings.roomaccess.guild.info=This room is a group home room. Access to this room cannot be restricted. Welcome all!
quests.xmas11_16.1.name=Cool Down I
quests.xmas11_42.1.desc=Where do old X-mas trees go after X-mas?
quests.xmas11_21.1.name=O Christmas Tree…
quests.xmas11_35.1.hint=Find an eaten ham somewhere in the Xmas village or Hotel and double click on it.
quests.daily.FINDSTATUE.hint=To complete this quest, find the statue and double-click on it.
widget.furni.ecotronbox.title=Ecotron box
quests.identity.name=Your Profile
group.members.owner=Group Owner
quests.xmas11_40.2.name=Dive into the New year!
quests.daily.FINDSPIDER.hint=Find a spider and click it to complete this quest.
widget.furni.teaser.gift.title=Strange package found
quests.daily.name=Earn Shells!
quests.xmas11_24.1.name=Sexy Santa
quests.battleball.BBJOIN.hint=Now you're ready to start playing. Join the game by walking through one of the Battle Banzai gates.
quests.social.DANCE.desc=Join a party and start dancing.
quests.xmas11_3.2.desc=Any kind words for the poor animals on the wall? If only you could speak their language…
quests.xmas11_19.2.desc=Some reindeer owners don't pick up after themselves. Can you find the evidence?
quests.xmas11_17.2.desc=Good. Now play your best !
quests.daily.FINDMTTRSS.desc=Time for a siesta. Find an air mattress and just relax.
quests.xmas11_10.1.hint=Dance to complete this quest.
quests.battleball.BBLOCKTILE3.hint=You can lock tiles in your team color by bouncing on them three times.
group.create.stepcaption.2=Create Your Group's Badge
achievements.levelup.title=%category% Achievement unlocked
group.membermgmt.fail.title=Operation failed
group.create.stepcaption.1=Group Identity
group.create.stepcaption.4=Ready to Go!
group.create.stepcaption.3=Select Group Colors
quests.daily.FRIEND1.hint=Click on three different Habbos, then click 'Send friend request'. It helps if you chat to them first.
quests.explore.FINDTAGPOLE.completed=Make sure to be "It" and get some cool achievement badges, too.
quests.xmas11_10.2.hint=Dance for five minutes to complete this quest.
quests.xmas11_26.4.desc=You're gonna need a bigger search party to find these guys.
quests.xmas11_10.4.hint=Get 10 people to dance!
widget.memenu.profile=My Profile
quests.social.REQUESTFRIEND.completed=You can have up to 300 friends in your list.
quests.freeze.FINDFREEZEEXIT.name=A Cool Exit
quests.identity.CHANGEMOTTO.completed=Done! The motto of Habbo Hotel is "What Happens In Habbo Stays In Habbo" ;)
quests.daily.FINDCAT.completed=Good job! Your dignity has been restored!
quests.daily.FINDBOAT.hint=To complete this quest, find a boat and double click on it.
quests.daily.EXPLORE.desc=Time for a walkabout. Visit ten rooms you just have to see before you die.
catalog.club.extend.buy.button=Buy Now
group.joinfail.title=Joining Failed
quests.explore.FINDFREEZEGATE.hint=Click the 'Rooms' button and have a look around for FREEZE games! Double-click a Red Freeze Gate to complete this quest.
quests.daily.DANCE.hint=To complete this quest, click on the 'Me'-button, choose 'Dance' and select a dance.
widget.memenu.credits=%credits% Credits
group.inconstruction.title=Under Construction
quests.xmas11_20.1.name=Sub Zero Tolerance I
wiredfurni.params.rotatefurni.0=No rotation
achievements.details.categoryprogress=%progress%/%limit% badges collected
wiredfurni.params.rotatefurni.1=Rotate clockwise
quests.xmas11_12.1.desc=Got a crush on another Habbo? Go and offer him/her a real drink!
wiredfurni.params.rotatefurni.2=Rotate counter clockwise
quests.xmas11_4.2.completed=Just in time to watch National Geographic on TV!
wiredfurni.params.rotatefurni.3=To random direction
quests.daily.BADGE1.hint=Click the My Stuff button, under the Badges tab select the badges you want to wear.
widget.furni.teaser.gift.unlocked.desc=Yay, your package was unlocked by %username%! Check your item inventory after opening your package.
quests.battleball.BBLOCKTILES4.completed=Banzai! You have completed the second part of Banzai Master training.
quests.room_builder.MOVEITEM.desc=Start decorating by moving at least 3 items around in your room!
quests.daily.FINDCHICK.name=Bird Watching
quests.daily.FINDLION.name=Looking For Leo
wiredfurni.conflictingtriggers.text=This Effect needs a user to activate it.You have stacked this effect with Triggers (%triggers%) that do not provide an activating user.
quests.xmas11_16.4.completed=Beautiful! You and you're partner are really in sync :)
wiredfurni.help.4.text=Conditions are specific things that need to be done before a Trigger will work. If you want to use a Condition, you will need to stack it with a Trigger and Effect. Conditions are coming soon!
quests.xmas11_32.3.hint=Say Happy New Year to 3 Habbos while standing next to them.
quests.explore.FINDBEETLE.completed=Thank you! Enjoy the ride...
quests.xmas11_20.3.completed=Now you're nice and toasted.
quests.freeze.FREEZETHROWBOMB.desc=Start playing Freeze by throwing a snowball!
quests.xmas11_14.1.desc=Pick a flower for your love
quests.xmas11_27.1.name=In Search Of Lost Habbos II
quests.battleball.BBPLAY.name=Play a couple of games
group.members.showinfo=Show extended profile
quests.daily.SCRATCH1.desc=Scratch the most dangerous pet of Habbo Hotel.
wiredfurni.params.team=Pick team
quests.daily.FINDDJ.name=Hey Mr. DJ
group.edit.color.guild.color=Group Color
quests.xmas11_17.1.completed=Ready for some Freeze action?
avatar.widget.pass_hand_item=Give hand item
widget.memenu.settings.volume=Adjust the sound volume
quests.daily.FINDTRAY.name=Drink Up!
achievements.back=‹‹ Back
quests.freeze.FREEZEPLAY.completed=How did you do?
widget.memenu.moreeffects=Buy more
quests.daily.RESPECT1.completed=Rock & Roll!
wiredfurni.params.condition.state=Current furni state
quests.battleball.BBLOCKTILES4.desc=Lock an area of at least 25 tiles 8 times.
quests.daily.FINDDJ.hint=To complete this quest, find the DJ-table and double-click on it.
quests.daily.FINDSTATUE.desc=They say strange statues are in the jungle. Can you discover them?
quests.xmas11_1.1.desc=If you want to to spend your holidays here you'd better warm up the place.
quests.xmas11_26.3.completed=Good job but no answer unfortunately...
quests.explore.FINDBEETLE.desc=Find the Hotel Staffer's yellow van.
quests.xmas11_39.1.hint=Show the 'Heart' sign by clicking your own Habbo and selecting 'Signs'
quests.room_builder.STACKITEM.hint=Some items can be stacked. Try moving your Poinsetta plant on the table by selecting it and hitting 'Move'.
quests.explore.FINDLIFEGUARDTOWER.hint=Click the 'Rooms' button and look for a Beach in the 'Quest Floor'. Enter it and find the Red Lifeguard Tower! <b>Double click it</b> to finish the quest.
quests.xmas11_17.3.desc=You've got to win now.
quests.daily.FINDJUNGLE.desc=Time to explore the jungle. but where is it? Can you find it?
welcome.gift.text.email.verified=Something is moving & making scratching sounds inside the box, open the gift to find out what it is!
quests.xmas11_19.1.completed=Wow, a real live reindeer ;) What a find!
quests.daily.SWIM1.desc=How far can you swim? Try swimming some laps!
quests.daily.delayedmsg=Your next quest will be available in <b><font color="#ffed5b">%time%</font></b>
quests.xmas11_23.2.hint=Find a chicken in the hotel and double-click on it to complete the quest.
quests.daily.FINDCARROT.name=Carrot Crusade
quests.daily.DANCE.desc=Strut your stuff on a dance floor.
quests.xmas11_37.2.hint=Get 3 Habbos in total to wear a crown or tiara for 2 minutes in one room.
group.edit.error.no.color.selected=You have to select a primary and secondary color for your Group.
quests.xmas11_38.3.hint=Stack the Snowman's head on its body. There is a special room in the village where you can do this.
quests.explore.FINDFREEZEGATE.name=Enter The Freeze
quests.xmas11_12.1.hint=Get a drink (no coffee) by double clicking on a dispenser, click on another Habbo and give it to him/her.
group.homeroominfo.title=Group homeroom
quests.social.GIVERESPECT.hint=Give respect points to others by clicking on them then hitting the respect button.
group.edit.color.secondary.color=Secondary Color
group.edit.tabdesc.2=Redesign your Group Badge
group.edit.tabdesc.1=Modify your Group identity
group.edit.tabdesc.3=Select new Group colors
quests.daily.FINDCAT.name=Where's My Food?
wiredfurni.help=Wired Furni help
group.edit.tabdesc.6=Manage your Group 's members and give admin rights
group.edit.tabdesc.5=Modify your Group 's type and web forum settings
quests.explore.FINDBBTILE.hint=Double-Click the tile to complete this quest.
quests.battleball.BBLOCKTILE2.hint=You can lock tiles in your team color by bouncing on them three times.
quests.xmas11_26.2.hint=Wear a woolen hat and check your pixel shop/inventory for a torch and use it.
quests.daily.FINDBEACHBALL.hint=To complete this quest, find a beachball and double-click on it.
quests.xmas11_31.1.name=The Final Countdown
widget.memenu.vip.long=VIP %days%d %months%m
quests.xmas11_29.1.name=Can You Bear The Truth?
quests.xmas11_13.1.completed=First contact! Good job :).
catalog.club.extend.confirm.title=Extend your VIP subscription
quests.xmas11_9.2.hint=Get five of your friends to wave at the same time.
quests.xmas11_21.1.desc=It's Xmas soon, and time to start decorating! Decorate the biggest tree you can find.
quests.battleball.BBLOCKTILES5.desc=Lock an area of at least 36 tiles 10 times.
quests.daily.FINDRUNWAYCHAIR.hint=Find a Runway Chair and double-click it.
quests.xmas11_3.2.name=Party Animals II
quests.pets.SCRATCHAPET.hint=Scratch your own Pet or better yet, try out the Pet Park. You'll find it among the Quest Rooms in the Rooms menu! Click on a Pet and give it a scratch.
widget.furni.present.place_in_room=Place in my room
quests.list.nextquestavailable=Your next daily quest will be available in
quests.xmas11_9.1.completed=Wouhouhou ! Push the bass !
quests.battleball.BBLOCKTILE3.name=Banzai Veteran I
quests.daily.SWIM4.completed=Awesome job! Now can you also swim back? Just kidding ;).
group.makefavourite=Make it a Favorite
quests.xmas.promo.buy=Go to Shop
friendlytime.minutes.ago=%amount% minutes ago
quests.xmas11_25.2.desc=Rub a dub dub, thanks for the grub...
quests.daily.FINDSHOWER.desc=Freshen up with a nice cool shower.
quests.battleball.BBLOCKTILES1.name=Banzai Novice II
quests.xmas11_27.1.desc=Time to search for the missing Habbos. Remember the torch!
quests.freeze.FREEZETHROWBOMB.hint=Throw a snowball into the air by double-clicking a Freeze tile under or next to you. Remember to run away before the snowball lands! You can only throw a snowball if a game is in progress.
quests.xmas11_41.1.completed=You're back and healthy again!
quests.freeze.FREEZEPOWERUP4.completed=We're almost out of ice/Freeze related puns here...!
quests.battleball.FINDBBSCOREBOARD.name=Find Banzai Scoreboard
quests.explore.FINDNEONFLOOR.completed=Go wild on the dance floor and show off your moves ;)
quests.freeze.FREEZEPOWERUP1.hint=When you break Ice Blocks with bombs they may drop power-ups. Collect any power-up to complete this quest.
wiredfurni.tooltip.chatinput=Enter keyword
quests.xmas11_10.3.name=Just Dance!
quests.xmas11_13.2.completed=How YOU doin... ;)
quests.freeze.FREEZEPOWERUP2.desc=Collect 10 Freeze power-ups.
widget.memenu.activeeffects=Activate and use effects
quests.xmas11_7.2.hint=Get a total of 8 Habbos to party in your room.
quests.nextquesttimer.caption.contracted=Next Quest in: %time%
quests.freeze.FREEZEMEGABOMB.completed=When you collect the Mega Snowball Power-up, the next snowball you throw will be huge!
quests.daily.FINDWATERFALL.desc=Have you drank from the Tiki Waterfall? Go find it!
quests.freeze.FREEZEPOWERUP5.name=Power-up V
quests.pets.PETSINROOM.completed=Let's see if your pet found some new friends!
extendedprofile.friendrequestsent=Friend request sent
group.edit.settings.decoration.members.help=Members can decorate.
group.members.accept=Accept membership
quests.xmas11_25.1.hint=Say 'Merry Xmas' to three different Habbos
quests.xmas11_36.1.desc=After wild parties you may need medicine to recover…
quests.xmas11_37.3.name=Ten King Groove
extendedprofile.nogroups.user=No group memberships
quests.freeze.FREEZEXBOMB.hint=Collect the X-Blast Power-up to complete this quest. The X-Blast will make your snowballs explode diagonally.
quests.pets.FINDTERRIER.desc=Use the rooms list to search for rooms with Terriers running around.
quests.xmas11_23.1.completed=Good for your eyesight as well.
quests.xmas11_10.1.desc=Dance your butt off!
quests.daily.FINDLION.completed=You found the lion and the people are safe. Good job!
quests.pets.FINDSPIDER.completed=Scary little things aren't they?
quests.battleball.FINDBBSCOREBOARD.desc=Find a Battle Banzai Scoreboard.
quests.freeze.FREEZETHROWBOMB.name=Throw Snow!
quests.room_builder.PLACEWALLPAPER.name=Apply Wallpaper!
group.members.pendingmembers=Pending Members (%count%)
quests.daily.FINDRAREFROG.name=Rare Frog Alert
quests.xmas11_19.2.completed=Oh man, that reindeer needs to see a proctologist. Can you recommend one?
quests.explore.FINDBBTELEPORT.completed=Wasn't that totally random? In Habbo you never know where you might end up!
quests.xmas11_40.3.hint=Swim through 100 Water Patches to complete this quest.
quests.xmas11_24.2.hint=Check your clothes inventory and pick a red T-shirt. You can do this by clicking your Habbo and selecting 'Change looks' from the menu.
quests.social.DANCE.hint=To dance click the 'Me' button, then hit 'Dance'!
quests.pets.PETTOOTHERSROOM.completed=Bringing your Pet with you can be a great conversation starter :)
quests.xmas11_19.1.desc=Have you seen the reindeer in the Hotel? Try and find one!
widget.furni.teaser.gift.locked.desc=The leaves on the package are too thick, you need a friend to help open the package.
quests.xmas11_36.1.completed=Aspirin. Exactly what you need.
quests.explore.FINDBBTELEPORT.name=Go Random!
quests.pets.PETTOOTHERSROOM.desc=Take your pet out for a walk.
widget.memenu.hc.long=HC %days%d %months%m
quests.xmas11_17.2.hint=Play a freeze game.
quests.daily.FINDICEBOX.name=It's Happy Hour!
group.membercount=Members: %totalMembers%
quests.daily.FINDCROC.hint=You must click a Crocodile to complete the quest.
quests.explore.ROLLERSKATE.name=Roller Derby!
group.edit.base=Choose a homeroom for Your Group
quests.battleball.BBLOCKTILE2.name=Banzai Adept I
group.leave=Leave Group
quests.xmas11_35.1.desc=Ew, someone left their food out overnight! Can you find the rancid ham?
quests.xmas11_8.1.name=Turn Off The Lights!
quests.xmas11_33.1.desc=Don't have a resolution? Walk in the village and it will come.
quests.pets.GIVEDRINKTOPET.hint=The quest is complete once your pet takes a sip! If you have a cat you can get a milk bowl for free with Pixels.
quests.xmas11_32.1.desc=All the best for 2012! Wait... where's your champagne...?
quests.xmas11_19.3.name=Reindeer Games III
quests.xmas11_41.1.desc=Oh no, you caught a cold from swimming. You should stay in bed!
quests.explore.name=Explore Habbo
quests.daily.LOVEEFFECT.desc=Get yourself the Love Effect and show your romantic side!
quests.daily.SKATING2.name=Boulevard Skating
group.edit.settings.web.link=Open Group pages in a new browser window.
quests.xmas11_33.1.completed=That's... kinda weird, but a good resolution anyway!
quests.xmas11_3.1.name=Party Animals I
quests.xmas.title=Xmas Quest Calendar
quests.room_builder.SWITCHSTATE.desc=Turn the lights on and off in your room.
quests.daily.FINDORANGE.completed=Full of Vitamin C goodness!
quests.freeze.FINDFREEZECLOCK.completed=The remaining game time is shown on the game clock.
quests.xmas11_13.4.desc=Hmm,  there's plenty more fish in the sea. Can you get them to wave?
wiredfurni.params.settimesingame=Amount of times per game: %times%
quests.xmas11_26.4.completed=That's quite a party! Did anyone bring marshmallows?
quests.freeze.FREEZEPROTECTION.hint=Collect a Shield Power-up to complete this quest.
quests.freeze.FREEZEBOMB3.completed=You can be my team mate any time!
quests.xmas11_8.2.desc=Your turn for a round. Get your friends some drinks.
quests.daily.FINDSPIDER.name=I, Spider
group.hcrequired.moreinfo=More info about VIP>
quests.xmas11_4.1.name=Feeling At Home I
friendlytime.hours.ago=%amount% hours ago
quests.tracker.moreinfo=Need a hint?
quests.daily.FINDSTATUE.completed=Mysterious! Who does he look like?
quests.freeze.FREEZEWIN1.name=Freeze Winner I
quests.pets.FINDSPIDER.hint=Click on a pet Spider to complete this quest.
wiredfurni.params.emptytiles=Space placed Furnis %tiles% tiles apart
widget.dimmer.tab.2=Preset 2
widget.dimmer.tab.1=Preset 1
widget.dimmer.tab.3=Preset 3
quests.xmas11_39.2.hint=Form a line with 3 other Habbos, all showing signs at the same time, from left to right: '2', 'Heart', '1','2'
quests.freeze.FREEZEPOWERUP3.hint=Collect 20 Freeze power-ups to complete this quest.
quests.xmas11_20.3.desc=Dude, you're frozen! Find a fireplace and warm up!
quests.daily.BBLOCKTILE1.desc=Play a game of Battle Banzai and lock 10 tiles.
quests.daily.SWIM3.hint=To complete this quest, find some deep water and swim through 30 water patches.
quests.freeze.FREEZEJOIN.hint=Freeze games are hosted by Habbos in their own rooms. Use the 'Rooms' icon and then click 'Games' to find one. Simply join a game by walking through one of the colored gates. You can't go through if a game is in progress.
quests.xmas11_40.4.desc=Are you ready for some synchronized swimming?
quests.battleball.BBLOCKTILE1.name=Banzai Novice I
quests.daily.CHANGELOOK1.name=Looks That Thrill
quests.daily.FINDPARASOL.completed=Alright you made it, now wait for the hotties while you cool down.
quests.daily.SCOREBALL.hint=To complete this quest, find and shoot a ball in to a goal.
quests.xmas11_19.3.desc=Santa got a bit tippsy last night and can't remember where he left his sleigh. Can you find one for him?
group.edit.settings.rights.caption=Group rights
quests.explore.FINDBEETLE.hint=Hotel Staff forgot where they parked their Yellow Van, except it's on the beach somewhere... Find it, double-click it, and complete the quest!
quests.xmas11_38.3.desc=BONUS: Only the head remains.
catalog.page.snowflakes=Snowflake Gifts
quests.xmas11_31.2.name=Bang! Pow! Boom!
group.join.fail.3=Too many pending requests
group.joinfail.5=Habbo cannot join any more groups because he/ she is not a VIP member. Without a VIP subscription, Habbos can only join 3 groups.
group.joinfail.6=Habbo cannot join any more groups. He/she has reached the maximum memberships limit, which is 50.
group.joinfail.3=This Group cannot accept membership requests at the moment.
group.joinfail.1=You can only be a member of 50 Groups total.
group.joinfail.2=This Group is closed
widget.furni.present.open_gift=Open this gift
group.joinfail.0=This Group is full
quests.daily.FINDRAMP.desc=Someone's been leaving thumb tacks on the Skate Ramps, investigate!
group.join.fail.0=Maximum group size reached
quests.daily.FINDJUNGLE.hint=To complete this quest, find some jungle patches and walk over 10 of them.
group.join.fail.1=User Group limit reached
group.join.fail.2=Group is closed
quests.daily.BBLOCKTILE3.hint=Play a game of Battle Banzai and lock an area of 50 tiles - you can do multiple tiles at once by locking a wide section of tiles that are joined.
quests.xmas11_5.1.name=Do You Smell That?
quests.freeze.FREEZEWIN5.name=Freeze Winner V
quests.daily.SWIM1.hint=To complete this quest, find some water and swim through ten water patches.
quests.room_builder.STACKITEM.desc=Now it's the time to try stacking your furniture!
quests.explore.SWIM.desc=Take a swim!
infostand.profile.link.tooltip=Click to view profile
quests.freeze.FREEZEMOREBOMBS.hint=Collect more Freeze Blaster Power-ups to complete this quest.
quests.xmas11_38.2.hint=Stack the Snowman's head on its body. There is a special room in the Xmas Winter Village where you can do this.
quests.room_builder.PLACEFLOOR.hint=Get a floor pattern from the Pixel Shop. Drag it from the Shop into your room and click the floor to place it.
quests.xmas11_19.3.completed=Yay! You saved Xmas!
quests.pets.SCRATCHAPET.completed=You can earn Badges for giving your pets special attention!
quests.xmas11_7.2.completed=It's getting hot in here...
quests.explore.FINDFREEZESCOREBOARD.name=Score The Freeze
quests.xmas11_22.1.desc=Can you do your best “Ho, ho, ho?”
quests.freeze.FREEZEBOMB3.hint=Freeze 7 players from opposing teams to complete this quest.
quests.xmas11_19.1.name=Reindeer Games I
group.youaremember=You are a member of this Group
group.members.removerights=Remove rights
wiredfurni.params.condition.direction=Current direction
group.created.title=Welcome to your Group's Homeroom!
achievements.details.level=Level %level%/%limit%
widget.chatbubble.handitem=%username% gave you: %handitem%
quests.xmas11_17.2.completed=Ready! Set! GO!
friendlytime.seconds=%amount% seconds
quests.xmas11_37.1.hint=Check your clothes inventory and wear a crown or tiara for 2 minutes.
quests.xmas11_27.1.hint=Wear the torch for 5 minutes while you search the woods.
widget.memenu.settings.title=Modify your settings
quests.daily.FRIEND2.desc=Jump into new friendships and send three friend requests!
quests.freeze.FREEZEBIGGERBOMB.desc=Collect a Bigger Bomb Power-up to complete this quest.
wiredfurni.conflictingactions.text=This Trigger doesn't specify a user. You have stacked this Trigger with Effects(%actions%) that need a user to activate it.
quests.freeze.FREEZEWIN3.completed=Congratulations, you have completed the Freeze Winner III quest!
quests.xmas11_10.4.name=Shake Yo Pixels!
widget.memenu.editavatar=Change Looks
quests.xmas11_13.1.hint=Stand right next to a Habbo, click on yourself to choose an action and wave.
group.inconstruction.desc=The Group info window is being improved upon. The new Group info window will be available soon!
quests.explore.FINDBBTILE.desc=Find a Battle Banzai game room and head for the game tiles.
quests.freeze.FREEZEWIN3.name=Freeze Winner III
group.membershippending=Membership requested
quests.daily.FINDSHOWER.completed=That's better! Gotta love feeling all clean and fresh.
quests.daily.FRIEND2.hint=Click on three different Habbos, then click 'Send Friend Request'. It helps if you chat to them first.
quests.xmas11_25.3.completed=WAKE UP! Did you sleep well?
widget.furni.teaser.gift.campaign_closed.title=Oops, there's a problem
quests.xmas11_11.3.hint=Get 10 people in a room to wear a microphone.
quests.xmas11_26.4.name=In Search Of Lost Habbos
quests.xmas11_25.4.hint=Pick a gift from the shop and give it as a gift to a Habbo in the same room.
group.edit.badge.badge=Group Badge
quests.xmas.promo.balance=You have: %amount%
quests.xmas11_6.1.completed=Groovy !
quests.daily.BBLOCKTILE2.completed=You are the Banzai King!
quests.daily.FINDDOG.name=A Dog Needs Help!
quests.room_builder.ROTATEITEM.desc=Rotate furniture in your room 3 times.
achievements.levelup.desc=You unlocked the Achievement
wiredfurni.params.turn=When move is blocked
group.members.search.members=Show non-admin members
quests.room_builder.MOVEITEM.name=Move Your Furniture
wiredfurni.help.1.text=Wired gives your Furni endless new functions by stacking Triggers, Effects and (optionally) Conditions. Each Trigger, Effect and Condition can be set up individually and when stacked will work together. Continue reading to learn more about Triggers, Effects and Conditions.
quests.xmas11_34.1.desc=Did someone wish you a happy new year yet?
quests.xmas11_16.1.desc=What about a romantic ice skating session on the frozen lake?
wiredfurni.params.allowafter=Trigger active after %seconds% seconds
quests.battleball.BBJOIN.name=Join a Banzai game
quests.room_builder.PICKUPITEM.desc=Try picking up an item of Furniture in your room.
quests.battleball.BBLOCKTILE2.desc=Lock 100 tiles.
quests.xmas11_26.2.completed=In darkest night... Where's Green Lantern where you need him?
quests.social.GIVERESPECT.desc=Try breaking the ice with some respect!
quests.xmas11_11.3.desc=Time for a singalong! Get 10 people to sing with you.
quests.daily.SWIM2.hint=To complete this quest, find some water swim through 20 water patches.
quests.daily.FINDCARROT.hint=You can find a carrot in several of the fridges in the Hotel. Double-click a fridge to get an item - you might have to try a few times to get one though.
quests.xmas11_17.2.name=Hot Stuff II
quests.xmas11_17.1.name=Hot Stuff I
quests.daily.FINDSPIDER.completed=You conquered your fear! These spiders make great pets.
quests.expired.body=Oh no! The quest has expired!
quests.battleball.BBPUSHPUCK.completed=Good stuff! Use the puck to color tiles faster. When pushed, the puck will color the tiles it crosses with your team color. More points less work MWA HA HA!
wiredfurni.params.requiredformationsize=At least %furnis% Furnis match state/ location
quests.identity.CHANGEFIGURE.completed=You can get more options for clothing if you join Habbo Club!
widget.dimmer.button.apply=Apply to room
quests.battleball.BBWIN3.desc=Win 3 Battle Banzai games.
group.create.confirm.viprequired=Vip membership required
quests.xmas11_24.3.completed=Perfect ! You're ready for Britain's Got Talent now.
group.badgepopup.caption=Favorite Group
quests.prexmas11_2.1.desc=Find a party room and shake your butt on the dance floor!
quests.battleball.BBLOCKTILE.hint=The purpose of the Battle Banzai game is to gain points by locking arena tiles. A tile changes color when you bounce over it. A tile is locked after being bounced on three times by the same team. Now lock some tiles by bouncing on them. Note that you cannot lock tiles if the game is not running.
quests.xmas11_25.3.desc=Tired from all that food? Time for a pre-Xmas nap.
quests.freeze.FREEZEXBOMB.desc=Collect the X-Blast Power-up.
quests.battleball.BBWIN4.name=Banzai Master III
quests.battleball.BBPUSHPUCK.hint=Find a Battle Banzai game with a puck and push the puck around a few times. Push the puck by double-clicking it or by bouncing over it.
new.user.promo.game=Get your war face on with SnowStorm Shuffle!
new.user.promo.group=There is no need to feel lonely. Join a group and have a Habbo Xmas together!
quests.freeze.FREEZEMOREBOMBS.completed=When you collect more Freeze Blaster Power-ups you can throw more than one Freeze blast at the same time, making it easier to trap your opponents!
catalog.club.extend.basic.price.label=Your Price
quests.daily.RESPECT2.hint=To complete this quest, click on a Habbo and give him or her Respect by clicking on the Respect-button.
wiredfurni.params.usercountmin=At least %value% users
quests.xmas11_10.2.name=Shake That butt!
quests.battleball.BBLOCKTILES.desc=Surround at least 1 tile with locked tiles in your color.
quests.daily.FRIEND1.completed=Did they accept? If so you have three new friends!
quests.xmas11_36.1.hint=Find a hospital cabinet somewhere in the village and double-click it.
group.created.info=You have now successfully created your Group and can now start inviting people to join your group and decorate your Homeroom with your friends.<br/><br/>You'll find your group info by <b>clicking your Group's badge</b> in your profile info. From there you can access managing your <b>Group's members, giving admin rights</b> and changing various settings.
catalog.club.extend.basic.normal.label=Normal price
quests.daily.DANCE.name=Let's Dance
quests.daily.FINDICEBOX.hint=To complete this quest, find an icebox and double-click on it.
quests.social.CHATWITHSOMEONE.desc=Go find another player and start chatting!
quests.daily.SCOREBALL.completed=He shoots, he scores! AGAIN!
quests.xmas11_10.2.completed=Whew, you look exhausted!
quests.freeze.FREEZEWIN5.hint=Win 10 games of Freeze to complete this quest.
quests.daily.FINDCHICK.desc=Have you spotted any hot chicks lately?
widget.memenu.effects=My effects
quests.xmas11_22.1.hint=Say 'ho' three times.
quests.daily.FINDTERRIER.desc=Find a terrier and check him for rabies
quests.xmas11_7.2.desc=Come on! The party can be bigger! Where is everyone??
widget.furni.teaser.gift.received.title=Friend helped!
ads.interstitial.tooltip=This is an advertisement. Clicking it will open another web page.
group.members.giverights=Give Admin Rights
quests.daily.BBLOCKTILE1.hint=To complete this quest, join a game of Battle Banzai and bounce three times over ten tiles.
group.members.acceptall=Accept all
quests.explore.FINDBBGATE.name=Enter A Battle!
achievements.levelup.reward=Reward: <b><font size="30" color="#7adde9">%amount%</font></b> %currency_name%
quests.daily.FINDWATERFALL.name=Natural Spring
quests.xmas11_38.1.completed=You've got the basics under control.
quests.xmas11.gotovillage=Go to Xmas Holiday Village
quests.xmas11_40.2.desc=Alright. A little bit more maybe?
quests.battleball.BBLOCKTILE3.completed=Well done! You have completed the first part of Banzai Veteran training.
quests.battleball.BBPLAY.completed=Very nice. Your have completed the Battle Banzai basic training.
quests.daily.FINDCSTL.name=King Of The Castle
quests.xmas11_27.2.desc=Hopefully they aren't stuck in a hole somewhere…
widget.furni.teaser.title=Mystery package found!
quests.pets.GIVEFOODTOPET.completed=Keep your Pets happy by feeding them every day!
quests.campaigncompleted.caption=Quests Completed
quests.battleball.FINDBBCOUNTER.name=Find Banzai Counter
quests.xmas11_13.1.name=Break The Ice I
quests.freeze.FINDFREEZECLOCK.name=Freeze Time
group.members.search.admins=Show only admins
quests.explore.FINDTAGPOLE.hint=Look for it in Ice Skating rinks or Roller rinks! Double-click the Tag Pole to finish this quest.
quests.pets.GIVEDRINKTOPET.desc=Get a water bowl from the Shop, place it in your room and wait for your pet to drink.
achievements.categories.totalprogress=Total Achievements: %progress%/%limit%
group.create.confirm.info=Your Group is now set up and ready to go. When you have purchased your Group , you can start inviting users and giving rights to members.<br/><br/><br/><br/>
quests.room_builder.ROTATEITEM.name=Feng Shui
group.join.fail.title=Joining failed
quests.xmas11_12.2.hint=Convince another Habbo to give YOU a drink. No coffee, though...
quests.social.ENTEROTHERSROOM.desc=Explore other Hotel rooms! Visit at least one room.
quests.explore.FINDBEETLE.name=Locate The Van
quests.freeze.FREEZEWIN3.hint=Win three Freeze games to complete this quest.
wiredfurni.params.setpoints=Set the points: %points% points
quests.explore.FINDDISCOBALL.completed=Now let your hair down for a bit and dance your heart out.
quests.freeze.FINDFREEZETILE.hint=Double-click a Freeze Tile to complete this quest. You can find them in the Freeze game rooms.
extendedprofile.nogroups.viewgroups=Check out the hottest Groups
quests.room_builder.name=Build Your Room
wiredfurni.help.link=Wired Help
quests.battleball.BBLOCKTILE1.desc=Lock 50 tiles in the game arena.
quests.daily.FINDMTTRSS.name=Dude, Chillax!
quests.xmas11_34.1.hint=Have another Habbo to say "Happy new year" to you.
quests.battleball.BBWIN3.hint=Win three games of Battle Banzai.
quests.daily.FINDCSTL.completed=Epic! Hope a wave doesn't wash it away.
quests.battleball.FINDBBCOUNTER.hint=Battle Banzai games are hosted by users in their own guest rooms. Find a Battle Banzai game room with the counter and double-click it.
quests.battleball.BBWIN2.desc=Win 2 Battle Banzai games.
welcome.gift.open=Open gift
quests.xmas11_9.1.name=It's Party Time I
quests.daily.FINDSHELL.desc=Find a sea shell on the sea shore!
quests.freeze.FREEZEPOWERUP3.name=Power-up III
quests.xmas11_13.4.completed=You're quite the Habbo-magnet ;)
quests.tracker.progress=Progress: %progress%%
quests.battleball.BBLOCKTILES3.hint=To seize an area, bounce and lock all the tiles around it.
quests.xmas11_26.1.hint=Click on your Habbo to change your clothes and wear a woolen hat
group.members.search.pending=Show membership requests
group.youareadmin=You are an administrator of this Group
widgets.furniture.credit.redeem.value=This bag, bar or coin contains %value% Credits, you can redeem it now.
quests.xmas11_40.1.desc=Did you dive in a frozen lake yet? It's a tradition!
widget.furni.present.give_gift=Send a return gift to %name%
quests.xmas11_33.1.hint=Walk around in the forest in Xmas Village until you walk on the right patch of snow, giving you a good resolution.
quests.xmas11_36.1.name=Feeling Hungover?
quests.pets.FINDSPIDER.name=Spider Seeker
quests.daily.BBLOCKTILE3.completed=Well done, you are a true Banzai master.
quests.xmas11_23.2.completed=The chick laid enough eggs for your... evening misadventures, yay!
group.badgepopup.body=This is a Habbo Group badge. Click to see Group information and to join.
quests.explore.FINDBBTILE.name=Play Battle Banzai!
quests.xmas11_18.1.hint=Search for a hot tub in the village and sit in it with 3 other Habbos
quests.prexmas11_2.2.name=Dirty Dancing
quests.daily.SCRATCH1.completed=That was mightily brave of you :)
quests.explore.FINDBBTELEPORT.desc=Find a 'Random Teleporter'.
quests.prexmas11_2.name=Day 2
quests.daily.FINDRAREFROG.desc=No quest is complete without a Rare Golden Frog… where is it?
quests.daily.FINDICECREAM.desc=Treat yourself to an ice cream!
quests.explore.FINDDISCOBALL.hint=Habbo's got plenty of Party Rooms, look around for a spinning Disco Ball! Double-click it to finish this quest.
quests.room_builder.PICKUPITEM.completed=Check out your Furniture by clicking the 'My stuff' button!
quests.freeze.FREEZEBOMB2.desc=Freeze 3 players from opposing teams.
quests.xmas11_14.1.name=Say It With Flowers I
group.leaveconfirm_nofurni.desc=Are you sure you want to leave the Group?
quests.freeze.FREEZEWIN2.hint=Win two games of Freeze to complete this quest.
quests.xmas11_37.1.desc=Hey it's 3 kings day today! Where is your crown?
quests.social.REQUESTFRIEND.name=Make A Friend
quests.xmas11_28.1.name=The Game's Afoot!
quests.xmas11_13.3.completed=What a magic moment !
widget.avatar.change_name=Change your name
quests.freeze.FREEZEWIN4.desc=Win 4 Freeze games.
widget.memenu.settings.no_identity=Character settings will be available, when you use your email to log in.
widget.memenu.dance.clubinfo=Join VIP to get more dance moves!
widget.furni.present.hc=You got a subscription to Habbo Club!
achievements.details.reward=Next level reward:
quests.xmas11_22.2.name=Where's The Storm?
achievements.levelup.browseachievements=Browse your achievements
quests.xmas11_3.1.hint=Check your clothes and wear a reindeer hat
quests.battleball.BBLOCKTILE4.hint=You can lock tiles in your team color by bouncing on them three times.
quests.pets.LEVELUPPET.completed=Continue training to earn badges, and who knows, you might excel at pet competitions!
quests.freeze.FREEZEPOWERUP2.completed=Power-ups can radically change the balance of play, and are often the difference between victory and defeat!
quests.xmas11_15.1.desc=Show your true feelings with a proper Effect.
catalog.club.extend.later.link=Ask Later
quests.daily.FINDMOVIESCREEN.completed=Great work! Did you enjoy the movie?
quests.battleball.BBLOCKTILES2.desc=Lock an area of at least 9 tiles 4 times.
quests.xmas11_40.1.name=Dive into the New Year!
quests.daily.FINDBEAR.completed=Our bears are as peaceful as they are cuddly.
quests.room_builder.PICKUPITEM.name=Pick up an Item!
quests.explore.FINDFREEZESCOREBOARD.hint=If you're not already in one, find a FREEZE game room and look for a Red Freeze Scoreboard. Double-click it to finish this quest.
quests.daily.BBLOCKTILE3.name=Banzai Area
quests.social.REQUESTFRIEND.hint=Click on another player, then click 'Ask to be a Friend'. Try chatting with them first, though!
quests.daily.CHANGELOOK2.desc=It's date night but what to wear? Try three different looks.
quests.explore.FINDFREEZEGATE.completed=Play a game or two of Freeze and soon you'll be blasting your mates with skill!
quests.xmas11_10.3.completed=How romantic...
quests.explore.FINDDISCOBALL.name=Find A Disco Ball!
quests.workinprogress.title=Looking for quests?
quests.explore.ICESKATE.hint=Click the 'Rooms' button and have a look around for Ice Skating Rinks! I'd start looking in the 'GAME ROOMS'...
group.edit.settings.rights.members.help=All Group members can decorate. If unchecked only Admins and room owner can decorate.
quests.daily.SWIM2.completed=Found it! And someone's shoe as well. Anyone?
quests.xmas11_10.4.completed=Don't stop till you get enough!
quests.daily.WINBB.hint=Play a game of Battle Banzai and win with your team.
quests.room_builder.PLACEFLOOR.name=Add Floor
extendedprofile.addasafriend=Add as a friend
quests.xmas11_13.3.name=Break The Ice III
quests.battleball.BBWIN1.desc=Win Battle Banzai game.
quests.xmas11_15.3.desc=OK… Now let's see if the feeling is mutual…
quests.xmas11_35.1.completed=Yummy! Or not.
catalog.club.extend.basic.expiration_days_left=This offer will extend your HC subscription for 31 days. The offer is only available for %day% days.
quests.freeze.FINDFREEZECLOCK.desc=Find and double-click a Freeze Counter to complete this quest.
quests.xmas11_13.2.desc=Alright. Now say hello and introduce yourself.
quests.daily.WALKONSIDEWALK.hint=Walk across 30 Sidewalk tiles.
quests.daily.BBLOCKTILE1.name=Basics Of Banzai
wiredfurni.pickfurnis.desc=Select up to five Furni. You can select or deselect a Furni in your room by clicking it.
quests.room_builder.STACKITEM.name=Smooth Stacking!
quests.daily.RESPECT1.hint=To complete this quest, click on a Habbo and give him or her Respect by clicking on the Respect-button.
quests.social.ENTEROTHERSROOM.hint=In this quest you need to use the Rooms list to find cool rooms.
newbie.gift.message=Here's a little something to get you started - Hotel Staff
mannequin.widget.set_name_hint=Name Your Outfit
quests.room_builder.SWITCHSTATE.name=Lights On!
quests.daily.FINDSPIDER.desc=Time to face your fears and find a spider
quests.battleball.BBWIN1.completed=Congratulations! You're now a Battle Banzai Novice.
widget.dimmer.info.off=Room dimmer is currently turned off. Turn it on to adjust the lighting of your room.
quests.battleball.BBPLAY.desc=Play three games of Battle Banzai to hone your skills.
quests.daily.FINDDOG.desc=A dog has been reported missing in the Hotel, find it!
welcome.gift.email.save=Save & resend my gift
quests.identity.WEARBADGE.name=Flaunt your Badge!
quests.battleball.FINDBBCOUNTER.completed=You found it! This large digital clock controls a Battle Banzai game. When the clock is running, the game is on. When the time runs out, game ends.
widget.memenu.myclothes=Change Looks
quests.freeze.FREEZEPOWERUP5.completed=You have completed Freeze Power-up V!
group.create.previousstep=<< Back
quests.daily.FINDTRAY.desc=Need a refreshing beverage? Find a Party Tray at the Summer Disco!
group.kickconfirm_nofurni.desc=Are you sure you want to kick %user% from this Group?
quests.pets.PETSINROOM.name=Walk Your Pet!
quests.battleball.BBLOCKTILE2.completed=Well done! You have completed the first part of Banzai Adept training.
quests.xmas11_27.2.completed=Nobody there... But looks like you found a fish, perhaps it knows something?
quests.prexmas11_1.2.completed=Wow. You look good. Like a young Travis Bickle, or David Beckham.
quests.explore.FINDJUKEBOX.name=Face The Music
quests.battleball.BBLOCKTILE5.hint=You can lock tiles in your team color by bouncing on them three times.
quests.room_builder.STACKITEM.completed=Good. Stacking is a cool skill to practice!
quests.daily.FINDPICNICBLANKET.hint=Find a Picnic Blanket and click it to complete this quest.
quests.xmas11_15.4.name=A Present Says It All
quests.xmas11_5.1.hint=Find the secret item and double-click on it to complete this quest.
quests.list.questdelayed=Next quest countdown
group.deletebase.body=This room is a Group homeroom and cannot be deleted.
quests.xmas11_27.2.hint=Find an arctic hole and double-click on it to check it.
quests.xmas11_17.3.name=Hot Stuff III
quests.freeze.FREEZEBOMB3.desc=Freeze 7 players.
quests.freeze.FINDFREEZETILE.name=Slippery Search
widget.furni.present.window.title_from=Gift from %name%
quests.xmas11_30.1.hint=Explore the village to find Dirk and Cletus in a room. When done, double-click the red flag next to them.
widget.dimmer.button.off=Turn off
quests.daily.SWIM1.name=Go For A Swim
quests.freeze.FREEZEPOWERUP4.hint=Collect 30 Freeze power-ups to complete this quest.
quests.freeze.FREEZEBOMB1.completed=Yeah! You froze them good...
quests.xmas11_24.4.hint=Make sure ten Habbos in one room wear a X-mas hat and a beard.
quests.xmas11_12.2.name=Love Is In The Air II
widget.memenu.settings.character=Character settings
quests.daily.FINDBBQ.hint=To complete this quest, find the BBQ and double-click on it.
quests.room_builder.PLACEITEM.name=Place an Item!
quests.daily.FINDCARROT.completed=You found a carrot! "What's up, Doc?" ;)
quests.xmas11_39.2.name=Sign Language 2
quests.battleball.BBLOCKTILES5.completed=Congratulations! You're now a Battle Banzai Hero.
quests.xmas11_14.1.hint=Pick a flower by double clicking it, then click on the Habbo you want to give it to and select the 'Give' action.
wiredfurni.pickfurnis.stuffselectiontype.1=Perform the Effect on one random Furni whose type matches one of the picked Furnis
wiredfurni.pickfurnis.stuffselectiontype.2=Perform the Effect on a Furni defined by the Trigger or Condition
wiredfurni.pickfurnis.stuffselectiontype.0=Perform the Effect on picked Furnis
quests.xmas11_25.3.hint=Find a bed and lie in it for 2 minutes.
quests.xmas11_15.3.name=Show Your Love 3
quests.xmas.promo.viewsnowflakefurni=View Snowflake Furni
quests.explore.FINDFREEZESCOREBOARD.desc=Each team in Freeze has its own score board.
quests.xmas11_32.3.desc=Wish your friends a Happy New Year!
widget.memenu.effects.info=You don't have any active effects.
Activate some or get more.
quests.identity.WEARBADGE.hint=Click the 'My Stuff' button,  and look in the 'Achieved Badges' tab for badges you want to wear!
widget.furni.teaser.description=You've found a strange package made of leaves. There are fait ribbit sounds coming from inside. Place the package in your room to open in (check the My Stuff menu to find the package).
quests.CAT NOT AVAILABLE.name=Yeah!
widget.chatbubble.petrespect=%petname% was scratched!
quests.xmas11_12.2.completed=What... no straw?
quests.daily.SWIM1.completed=Pretty good swimming skills my friend!
quests.daily.FINDRAMP.hint=Find a Skate Ramp and double-click it to complete this quest.
quests.xmas11_40.3.completed=Seriously brrrr...
quests.daily.FINDBOAT.desc=We reserved a spot on a boat for you. Go find it!
quests.daily.FINDRUNWAYCHAIR.name=Sit Down
quests.completed.cataloglink.4=Go shopping with Shells
quests.completed.cataloglink.1=Go shopping with Snowflakes
quests.battleball.BBLOCKTILE3.desc=Lock 200 tiles.
quests.xmas11_6.1.desc=Your friends are about to arrive it's time to set the disco ball.
quests.completed.cataloglink.0=Go shopping with Pixels
group.leaveconfirm.desc=Are you sure you want to leave the Group?
widget.memenu.settings.audio=Audio settings
catalog.club.extend.basic.buy.button=Buy Now
widget.furni.teaser.gift.received.desc=Your friend's package was opened! Thank you!
widget.dimmer.type.checkbox=Background only
navigator.roomsettings.roomaccess.guild.disclaimer=Group members can always enter base room even if the room is password protected or required doorbell.
quests.xmas11_22.2.desc=Where do you play SnowStorm?
quests.completed.quest.caption=Well done!
quests.battleball.BBWIN4.completed=Congratulations! You're now a Battle Banzai Master.
quests.xmas11_31.1.desc=Practice your countdown skills!
widget.friendrequest.from=Friend request from %username%
extendedprofile.me=That's me
quests.daily.BADGE1.completed=Good.  Now everyone will know who you are!
quests.daily.FINDRAMP.completed=Ah, looks like it wasn't thumb tacks, it was enriched uranium! It's now been removed, and the skaters are safe once more.
group.hcrequired.title=VIP required
widget.memenu.myrooms=My Rooms
quests.daily.FINDCARROT.desc=Go find a carrot.
quests.xmas11_37.3.completed=You are the King!
quests.xmas11_9.2.desc=Time to get your friends to raise their hands!
group.edit.error.title=Error editing Group
wiredfurni.params.entermessage=Enter a message
quests.xmas11_39.2.desc=Year of Love
catalog.page.quest.val11=Heart Gifts
welcome.gift.not.ready=50% complete
quests.xmas11_1.1.completed=Aaaah that feels a lot better!
quests.freeze.FREEZEBOMB4.hint=Freeze 10 players from the opposing team to complete this quest.
new.user.promo.quest=Nothing to do? Take part in our quests and make some new friends!
quests.xmas11_17.3.completed=You win! Flawless victory!
quests.freeze.FREEZEPOWERUP1.name=Power-up I
quests.daily.FINDORANGE.desc=Go find yourself an Orange, they're good for your health.
quests.daily.CHANGELOOK1.hint=Click the "Me" button, then click "My clothes", and change and save your looks three times.
quests.freeze.FREEZEWIN3.desc=Win three Freeze games.
quests.explore.ROLLERSKATE.hint=Click the 'Rooms' button and have a look around for Roller Rinks. Step on the wooden floor to get your rollerblades on, and to complete this quest!
quests.xmas11_8.2.hint=Give 10 drinks to other users.
quests.xmas11_15.1.hint=Get a 'Love effect' in the Pixel Shop and use it. You can find the Pixel Shop by clicking on the shop icon on the left.
quests.xmas11_26.1.desc=Some Habbos went missing and we have to find them!
quests.prexmas11_1.2.name=The Mohawk Party
widgets.chatbubble.respect=%username% was respected!
quests.pets.FINDTERRIER.completed=Spot on!
quests.daily.SKATING2.completed=You've got some real skill there. A real roller derby dervish!
quests.freeze.FREEZEEXTRALIFE.hint=Collect an extra life power-up to complete this quest. Extra life power-ups are only present in rooms that have Exit Tiles in them.
quests.xmas11_40.3.name=Dive into the New Year!
quests.rejectnotification=You can re-activate the quests later by clicking this icon!
wiredfurni.params.rotatefurni=Rotate furni:
widget.memenu.clothes.add=Save outfits in the clothes editor and they'll appear here
quests.xmas11_24.2.name=Xmas Eve Party Dress
quests.xmas11_15.4.desc=BONUS: treat your new love with a present.
quests.explore.FINDSURFBOARD.desc=Find a green surf board somewhere. A beach perhaps...?
quests.xmas11_11.3.completed=Such a beautiful noise...
quests.xmas11_35.1.name=Last Taste Of Xmas
quests.xmas11_15.4.completed=We are living in a material world afterall ;).
quests.daily.CHANGELOOK2.name=Date Night
quests.daily.WALKONSIDEWALK.name=Walk This Way
quests.pets.LEVELUPPET.name=Level Up Your Pet
quests.xmas11_31.5.desc=The grand finale! Set off an awesome show.
quests.explore.FINDDISCOBALL.desc=Dance in the glow of a Disco Ball!
quests.battleball.BBLOCKTILE.completed=Cool! Each locked tile increases your team score by one point. When the game ends, the team with most points wins!
wiredfurni.params.allowbefore=Trigger is active for: %seconds% seconds
extendedprofile.achievementscore=Achievement score:
quests.xmas11_7.1.name=With A Little Help From...
quests.freeze.FREEZEBOMB2.hint=Freeze 3 players from opposing teams to complete this quest.
quests.xmas11_30.1.completed=You finally found them! They said they just needed a bit of intimacy as last Xmas they gave their hearts and kidneys to each other.
friendlytime.hours=%amount% hours
quests.daily.FINDICECREAM.hint=Find an ice cream maker and stand beside it, then double click on it to get an ice cream.
quests.daily.SWIM4.desc=The ultimate challenge. Can you swim through 50 Deep Water Patches?
quests.freeze.FINDFREEZESCORE.desc=Double-click a Freeze Scoreboard.
welcome.gift.text.email.unverified=To open this gift, check your email inbox and click the "receive gift" button. P.S. Remember to check your "junk" folder too.
quests.xmas11_39.3.desc=Get a total of 5 Habbos to show the 'Bobba' sign at the same time.
quests.daily.CHANGELOOK2.hint=Click on your Habbo then on 'Change Looks', and change and save an outfit three times.
extendedprofile.lastaccess=Last logged in:
quests.pets.FINDLION.completed=Yes! Our Lions are perfectly domesticated! They're ideal to stand guard over your room...
quests.daily.FINDCROC.desc=Crocodiles have been spotted in the Hotel, can you find one?
widget.furni.teaser.gift.locked.title=Uh oh, the gift package is closed!
quests.xmas11_17.1.desc=Go and play Freeze ! It will wake you right up!
quests.daily.FINDPARASOL.desc=The parasol is a good spot to look for dates. Can you find it?
quests.daily.FINDCSTL.desc=I dare you to find the biggest sand castle ever!
quests.xmas11_11.2.completed=Yeaaaah !!!
quests.newxmasquestsavailable=New Xmas Quest Unlocked!
quests.daily.WALKONSIDEWALK.desc=Strut your way down the Sidewalk.
quests.daily.SWIM2.desc=Someone lost their pants in the water. Swim around and find them!
group.edit.error.no.name.or.room.selected=You can't leave the Group name or homeroom empty!
quests.battleball.FINDBBCOUNTER.desc=Find a Battle Banzai game room with a Counter.
quests.social.CHATWITHSOMEONE.hint=Visit a room and find someone to talk to. Who knows, you might make a new friend!
quests.pets.PETSINROOM.desc=Find a room with 2 pets and their owners present. Place your own pet in the room.
quests.xmas11_20.2.completed=Yikes! Better warm them up.
quests.pets.PETTOOTHERSROOM.hint=Pick up your pet, it will sit in your pet inventory (just click 'My Stuff'). You can put your pet down in most other rooms, so have a walk around! When you leave, the pet comes with you.
widget.avatar.stop_decorating=Stop Decorating
group.create.steplabel.1=Step 1
group.create.steplabel.2=Step 2
group.create.steplabel.3=Step 3
quests.daily.FINDDRAGON.hint=You must click a Dragon to complete the quest.
group.create.steplabel.4=Buy Group
wiredfurni.params.movefurni.0=No movement
wiredfurni.params.movefurni.1=Move randomly
wiredfurni.params.turn.2=Turn right 90 degrees
wiredfurni.params.turn.3=Turn left 45 degrees
wiredfurni.params.turn.1=Turn right 45 degrees
wiredfurni.params.turn.6=Turn to a random direction
widget.furni.clothingchange.gender.title=Select edited gender
wiredfurni.params.turn.4=Turn left 90 degrees
quests.social.ENTEROTHERSROOM.completed=All these rooms are built by other players!
wiredfurni.params.turn.5=Turn back
quests.xmas11_7.3.name=Go For Broke!
quests.daily.SAYPICKUPLINES.name=Speed Dating
quests.freeze.FREEZEJOIN.name=Join In!
quests.workinprogress.text=Not to worry, quests are returning soon.
quests.xmas11_31.4.hint=Fire the fireworks rocket.
quests.freeze.FREEZEBOMB1.desc=Freeze a player from an opposing team.
quests.xmas11_15.1.name=Show Your Love I
quests.freeze.FREEZEPOWERUP2.name=Power-up II
quests.pets.GIVEFOODTOPET.name=Feed Your Pet!
quests.xmas11_13.3.desc=Good. Now let's hope the other Habbo waves back :)
quests.xmas11_22.1.completed=Very convincing! You're a great... hoer.
quests.daily.FINDBBQ.completed=Aww, all the chicken wings are gone…
catalog.club.extend.basic.later.link=Ask Later
quests.daily.RESPECT2.desc=Give Respect to your friends, and they'll respect you back... hopefully.
achievements.levelup.share=Get your Reward
quests.freeze.FREEZEBOMB5.desc=Freeze 13 players.
quests.daily.FINDMOVIESCREEN.hint=Find a movie screen in a guest room and double-click it to complete this quest.
quests.daily.SKATINGEFFECT.hint=You can get yourself the Skate Effect from the Hotel Shop. You can then turn on the effect by clicking on your Habbo and then on My Effects.
quests.identity.WEARBADGE.desc=Wear your favorite and let other players see it!
quests.xmas11_10.1.name=Shake Your Booty!
quests.room_builder.ROTATEITEM.completed=You're going to need this skill later on, so practice with different items!
quests.xmas11_24.1.hint=Check your clothes inventory and wear the Santa hat and give your friends an Xmas treat they'll never forget... without therapy. Lot's of therapy.
quests.xmas11_16.4.hint=Skate on 20 ice skating patches while you are next to someone.
group.join=Join Group
quests.xmas11_11.1.desc=Pick up a mic and show us you've got talent!
quests.xmas11_13.4.hint=Get ten people to wave at the same time.
quests.explore.ROLLERSKATE.desc=Find one of Habbo's awesome Roller Rinks.
quests.xmas11_7.3.completed=Wow you're so popular ! Let's get the party started now !
wiredfurni.help.title=Wired Help
quests.battleball.BBLOCKTILE4.name=Banzai Master I
quests.battleball.BBPLAY.hint=Note that games played without opponents will not count.
group.list.page=Showing Groups %span%.
quests.prexmas11_1.name=Day 1
group.edit.desc=Give Your Group a Description
quests.xmas11_6.1.name=Party Preparations!
quests.explore.FINDFREEZEEXITTILE.hint=If you lose all your lives in a game of FREEZE, you get beamed to the Exit Tile. To finish this quest, double-click the tile.
quests.xmas11_22.1.name=Shouty Santa
quests.daily.FINDBBQ.desc=Feeling hungry? Well then it's time to find a BBQ!
quests.daily.SCRATCH1.name=Have A Scratch
quests.xmas11_26.3.name=Missing Habbos 3: A Noob Hopes
widget.memenu.hc=HC %days%d
quests.pets.GIVEDRINKTOPET.name=Give Your Pet A Drink
quests.battleball.BBLOCKTILE5.desc=Lock 800 tiles.
group.edit.settings.type.exclusive.help=Group Admins can approve membership requests.
mannequin.widget.weartext=Do you want to wear this outfit on your Habbo?
quests.daily.FINDRUNWAYCHAIR.desc=Find a Runway Chair and sit down to experience the wonder!
quests.xmas11_23.1.name=What's Up Doc?
quests.xmas11_26.2.desc=It's starting to get dark. You're gonna need a torch!
quests.xmas11_21.2.name=Twinkle, twinkle…
quests.daily.FINDRHINO.completed=You found a Rhino! Woot!
group.edit.settings.decoration.caption=Room Decoration
quests.daily.LOVEEFFECT.name=Feel The Love
quests.explore.FINDLIFEGUARDTOWER.name=Got A Minute?
quests.daily.FINDBOAT.name=Boat Trip!
quests.freeze.FREEZETHROWBOMB.completed=Now you know how to throw a snowball!
quests.battleball.BBLOCKTILES1.completed=Banzai! You have completed the second part of Banzai Novice training.
quests.completed.campaign.title=%category% Quests Completed
quests.xmas11_1.1.hint=Find a stove or fireplace and double-click on it.
quests.nextquesttimer.caption.expanded=Next Quest Timer
quests.battleball.BBLOCKTILES5.name=Banzai Hero
friendlytime.minutes=%amount% minutes
quests.daily.RESPECT1.desc=Your best friend deserves respect. Go give it to them!
quests.xmas11_6.1.hint=Find a disco ball and double-click on it to complete this quest.
quests.xmas11_40.4.hint=Swim through 50 Water Patches in a row!
quests.xmas11_20.1.hint=Get a freezing effect from the Pixelshop and wear it.
quests.daily.FINDMOVIESCREEN.name=Silver Screen Search
quests.xmas11_38.2.completed=Starting to look pretty awesome.
quests.social.name=Make Friends
quests.xmas11_10.3.desc=Time to slowdance with someone special.
quests.xmas11_22.2.hint=Say the names of the SnowStorm game arenas out loud. You can find out the arenas by playing!
quests.xmas11_4.1.desc=Time to get comfy. Where are your rabbit slippers by the way?
quests.pets.FINDLION.hint=Check out the rooms in the Pets category of the Rooms! You'll have to click the Lion to complete this quest.
group.hcrequired.info.join=You need to be a <b>VIP</b> member  to join more than <b>3</b> Groups.
group.homepage=Group homepage >>
quests.room_builder.PLACEWALLPAPER.hint=Get a wallpaper from the Pixel Shop. Either press 'buy' and find it under 'Wall' in 'My Stuff', or drag it from the Shop and click your wall!
navigator.roomsettings.roomaccess.guild.caption=Group home room is always open!
quests.xmas11_8.1.hint=Find a table light and double-click on it to complete this quest.
quests.xmas11_24.4.desc=Santas are invading! Join the fun and get ten Habbos to dress like Santa
quests.daily.FINDPICNICBLANKET.desc=Throw caution to the wind and find a Picnic Blanket and click it.
quests.xmas11_19.1.hint=Search in the Hotel for Reindeers that look suspiciously like Horses with the new Xmas style and double click on them.
welcome.gift.title.email.verified=Here's your welcome gift!
group.linktoforum=View forum
quests.xmas11_40.4.completed=Wow, you can really stand the cold!
quests.daily.FINDPICNICBLANKET.completed=You found the Picnic Blanket! Huzzah!
wiredfurni.title=Wired Furni
group.members.kick=Remove from Group.
quests.daily.FINDLION.hint=Find a lion and click it to complete this quest. Go on, you can do it!
widget.memenu.badges=My badges
quests.freeze.FREEZEWIN1.completed=Congratulations, you have completed the Freeze Winner I quest!
widget.furniture.button.go.to.group.home.room=Go To Homeroom
quests.daily.SKATING1.name=Roll On!
quests.xmas11_27.2.name=The Hole's The Goal
quests.social.WAVE.completed=Did anyone wave back? :)
quests.completed.quest.title=%category% Quest Completed
quests.xmas11_31.2.completed=Wow… What a show !
quests.xmas11_21.1.completed=Now Xmas can really start!
quests.xmas11_20.3.hint=Find and double click on a SnowStorm fireplace.
quests.battleball.BBLOCKTILE5.completed=Congratulations! You're now a Battle Banzai Guru.
quests.daily.BBLOCKTILE3.desc=Lock an area of at least 50 tiles.
quests.daily.FINDMOVIESCREEN.desc=Find a cinema in Habbo and relax by double-clicking on a movie screen.
quests.freeze.FINDFREEZEBOX.completed=When you break these Ice Blocks with bombs during the game they might drop a power-up!
group.createroom=No suitable room found? Click here to create a new one!
quests.xmas11_23.1.hint=Get three carrots from a fridge. You can find the fridge in the village, double-click on it to receive an item, you may have to try couple of times to get the carrot!
quests.xmas11_13.2.name=Break The Ice II
quests.daily.CHANGELOOK1.desc=Try on three different outfits and see how they look.
quests.xmas11_41.1.hint=Stay in bed for 5 minutes until you get better..
achievements.levelup.sharedesc=<b>Note:</b>: Get additional <b>%amount%</b> points by sharing your Achievement in Facebook!
friendlytime.days.ago=%amount% days ago
quests.xmas11_38.1.name=Snowman Contest 1
quests.xmas11_11.2.desc=Get our the mic and start singing- Pump it up!
quests.daily.DANCE.completed=You've been practicing your moves haven't you  ;)
quests.daily.FINDRAIL.name=Off The Rails
quests.prexmas11_1.1.name=The Mohawk
quests.xmas11_31.4.desc=Time for a big bang!
quests.freeze.FINDFREEZESCORE.completed=Your team's current score is shown on these scoreboards. The team with highest score wins!
quests.freeze.FREEZEBIGGERBOMB.hint=Collect a Bigger Bomb Power-up to complete this quest. You can collect this power-up while playing the game.
quests.xmas11_37.2.completed=Three is the magic number!
quests.xmas11_9.1.desc=Time for some tunes. Find a DJ set to play music!
quests.daily.FINDBEACHBALL.completed=Why not play a game of beach soccer?
quests.freeze.FREEZEWIN4.name=Freeze Winner IV
group.members.reject=Reject membership
wiredfurni.help.3.text=Effects are things that happen after you activate a Trigger. You will always need to stack a Trigger with the Effect to make it work.
quests.explore.ICESKATE.name=Ice Ice Baby
widgets.chatinput.default=Click here to chat...
quests.xmas11_4.2.hint=Wear rabbits slippers and sit on a hunters throne to complete this quest.
quests.xmas11_40.2.hint=Swim through 50 water patches to complete this quest.
quests.xmas11_21.2.completed=Did you make a wish?
quests.daily.SAYPICKUPLINES.desc=Spotted a hottie? Don't hesitate to say at least five pick-up lines!
quests.xmas11_34.1.completed=Well it's about time. Feel better now?
wiredfurni.conflictingtriggers.caption=Warning: Incompatible Triggers
quests.room_builder.PLACEWALLPAPER.completed=Your room looks very cool!
quests.daily.FINDORANGE.name=Orange Hunter
welcome.gift.title.email.unverified=Gift delivered to your email!
wiredfurni.params.formation=Pick formation
mannequin.widget.back=< Back
widget.furni.present.title=Special gift!
quests.freeze.FREEZEMOREBOMBS.desc=Collect more Freeze Blaster Power-ups.
group.deletebase.title=Cannot delete group homeroom
quests.daily.FINDMTTRSS.hint=To complete this quest, find the mattress and double-click on it.
quests.battleball.BBWIN5.name=Banzai Overlord
quests.identity.CHANGEFIGURE.name=Change Your Looks
wiredfurni.params.setscore=Team has to score: %points% points
widget.furni.present.put_in_inventory=Put it in my inventory
quests.daily.FRIEND1.name=Best Buddies
mannequin.widget.wear=Wear Clothing
quests.xmas11_32.3.name=Happy New Year III
quests.xmas11_10.4.desc=Get as many of your mates to dance with you!
quests.daily.FINDFIN.desc=There's rumours about sharks in the sea. Go find them!
quests.room_builder.PLACEFLOOR.desc=Place a new floor pattern in your room.
catalog.club.extend.basic.save.label=You will save
quests.xmas11_24.2.completed=You look red hot! Even the blind hobo in the alley outside thinks so!
quests.battleball.BBLOCKTILES2.name=Banzai Adept II
catalog.club.extend.basic.confirm.caption=Extend your HC subscription
group.edit.badge.pick.symbol=Pick a symbol
group.members.members=Members (%count%)
extendedprofile.nogroups.me=You don't have any group memberships
quests.xmas11_20.2.name=Sub Zero Tolerance II
quests.freeze.FREEZEBIGGERBOMB.name=Break The Ice
quests.daily.FINDPIG.hint=Find a boar and click it to complete this quest.
quests.daily.FINDPIG.completed=You found the boar, isn't he adorable?
quests.daily.FINDRAMP.name=Ramped Up
quests.xmas11_16.2.desc=Not bad. But i bet you can skate longer
quests.xmas11_24.1.completed=Festive :)
quests.xmas11_24.3.name=Xmas Eve Party Chant
quests.identity.CHANGEFIGURE.hint=Click the 'Me' button, then click 'Change Looks', change up your appearance and click save.
quests.daily.WINBB.name=Best of the Banzai
quests.xmas11_26.3.hint=Wear a woolen hat, use a torch and say the names of the two missing Habbos (Dirk and Cletus).
quests.freeze.FREEZEBOMB1.name=Freeze Blaster I
group.room.link=Group's room: %room_name% >>>
quests.daily.FINDDOG.hint=You must click a dog with floppy ears to complete the quest.
quests.xmas11_20.3.name=Sub Zero Tolerance III
quests.freeze.FREEZEPLAY.hint=Play a game of Freeze to complete this quest. There must be some opponents present too.
quests.daily.FINDCROC.completed=There he is… if you move quietly he might leave you alone… might.
quests.daily.SKATING2.hint=To complete this quest, find a room with Skate-tiles and skate over 40 tiles.
quests.daily.FINDCHICK.hint=You must click a Chick to complete the quest.
quests.room_builder.PICKUPITEM.hint=Click an item, then click 'Pick up'. Find your items under 'My Stuff'. You can also hold down the CTRL or CMD key while clicking an item.
quests.explore.ICESKATE.completed=If you keep on ice skating you can earn achievement badges!
quests.xmas11_20.2.hint=Get 10 people to wear the freezing effect.
quests.freeze.FREEZEPROTECTION.completed=When you collect a Shield you will be protected from snowballs for a little while. Phew!
wiredfurni.tooltip.avatarname=Enter user name
quests.daily.RESPECT2.completed=Did your friends respect you back?
quests.freeze.FREEZEBOMB4.desc=Freeze 10 players!
quests.xmas11_16.3.name=Cool Down III
quests.xmas11_31.5.name=Explosions In The Sky II
quests.room_builder.ROTATEITEM.hint=To make it fit better in your room, click the furniture, then click the Rotate button. Or hold down Shift and click a furniture to rotate it.
quests.daily.FINDRAIL.hint=Find a Skate Rail and double-click it to complete this quest.
quests.daily.SWIM3.name=Open Water
quests.freeze.FREEZEBOMB1.hint=Hit a player from other team with a bomb to complete this quest.
group.buyfurni=Buy Group Furni
group.privileges=Privileges: %privileges%
group.owngroups.title=Your Habbo Groups
quests.xmas11_15.3.completed=Love is in the air, and the carpet.
quests.xmas11_4.1.hint=Check your clothes and wear the rabbit slippers to complete this quest.
quests.xmas11_31.1.completed=Great! You are prepared for the ball to drop. Teehee.
quests.battleball.BBWIN3.name=Banzai Veteran III
quests.xmas11_26.4.hint=Get 10 Habbos to wear a woolen hat and a torch.
quests.xmas11_22.2.completed=Well done!
quests.prexmas11_2.1.name=Just Dance!
quests.pets.PETSINROOM.hint=Have a look through the Pets category of the Rooms, or have a look in the Pet Park!
quests.room_builder.PLACEWALLPAPER.desc=Place a new wallpaper in your room.
quests.social.REQUESTFRIEND.desc=Make friends with another player.
quests.explore.FINDJUKEBOX.hint=Look around for a music playing Jukebox, like the one in the image! Double-click it ito finish this quest.
quests.xmas11_17.4.name=Hot Stuff IV
widget.memenu.hc.join=Join HC!
quests.xmas11_31.3.completed=You light up my life!
quests.freeze.FREEZEJOIN.completed=Now you know how to start playing Freeze!
widget.furni.present.spaces.message_opened=You open the gift and find a %product%! You can find it under "My Stuff" now.
quests.xmas11_7.3.hint=Get a total of 20 Habbos to party in your room.
quests.prexmas11_3.1.hint=Talk about Xmas related things with your friends, or to yourself!
quests.daily.FINDPARASOL.hint=To complete this quest, find the parasol and double-click on it.
quests.daily.FINDSHELL.name=Shell We?
quests.social.WAVE.desc=Greet someone with a wave.
quests.freeze.FREEZEEXTRALIFE.desc=Get an extra Life Power-Up in Freeze.
group.showmygroups=Show my Groups
quests.xmas11_12.2.desc=Can you convince a Habbo to get you a nice drink as well?
quests.identity.CHANGEMOTTO.name=Missing Motto
widget.memenu.vip=VIP %days%d
catalog.club.extend.normal.label=Normal price
quests.daily.BADGE1.desc=Who are you? Wear a badge that shows off your personality.
group.leaveconfirm.title=Confirm leaving
widget.memenu.clothes.info=Join VIP to quickly choose saved outfits in this menu!
quests.prexmas11_1.2.hint=Find a room with at least 5 other Habbos with the same Mohawk hairstyle and spend some time with them- you might make a new friend.
quests.freeze.FREEZEWIN1.hint=Win a game of Freeze to complete this quest. Opponents required.
quests.daily.FINDBEAR.name=Bear Patrol
group.hcrequired.info.manage=You need to be a <b>VIP</b> member  to <b>manage</b> a Group.
widget.furni.present.open=Open the gift
quests.daily.FINDDRAGON.completed=Youch… never knew rubbing oil could be dangerous for your health.
quests.daily.FINDTERRIER.hint=Find a terrier and click it to complete this quest
quests.freeze.FREEZEMEGABOMB.desc=Collect a Mega Snowball Power-up while playing Freeze.
quests.battleball.BBLOCKTILES.name=Lock Area
quests.freeze.FINDFREEZEBOX.name=Find a Freeze Block
wiredfurni.params.picktriggerer=Select triggering user:
quests.xmas11_19.2.name=Reindeer Games II
quests.daily.SWIM4.name=Just Keep Afloat!
quests.freeze.FREEZEBOMB2.completed=You're getting better!
quests.xmas11_16.3.hint=Skate on 100 ice skating patches
quests.xmas11_41.1.name=You caught a cold :(
quests.daily.SCOREBALL.desc=How good are you at beach soccer? Score a goal!
wiredfurni.params.usercountmax=No more than %value% users
quests.xmas11_10.2.desc=Now that you are dancing: don't stop! Dance at least 5 minutes
quests.daily.FINDRAREFROG.hint=You must click a Rare Golden Frog to complete the quest.
quests.explore.SWIM.hint=If you're not already in a Beach room, find one and head for the water! See if you can swim around in it :)
quests.xmas11_38.3.completed=Perfect! He looks just like you.
quests.xmas11_18.1.name=Frankie Says Relax
quests.daily.SWIM3.completed=This is a great diving spot! Hold your breath and dive!
quests.daily.EXPLORE.completed=Habbo is full of must-see rooms. Explore some more and broaden your horizons!
quests.explore.SWIM.completed=You can find some great beaches around the Hotel, feel free to explore some more.
widget.furni.clothingchange.editor.title=Furniture clothes editor
quests.xmas11_23.2.desc=Xmas Eve is tomorrow… Can you find a chick in time?
quests.xmas11_30.1.name=One Last Chance
quests.xmas11_7.1.completed=That's a good start!
quests.explore.FINDFREEZEEXITTILE.desc=Play a game of Freeze and find an exit tile.
quests.freeze.FREEZEPOWERUP3.completed=You really know how to keep your cool!
quests.daily.FINDWATERFALL.completed=Aaaah refreshing :)
widget.dimmer.button.on=Turn on
widget.dimmer.title=Room dimmer Controller
quests.explore.FINDBBTELEPORT.hint=If you're not already in one, find a Battle Banzai game room and look for this item! Double-click it to complete this quest.
quests.social.DANCE.name=Just Dance
wiredfurni.help.1.title=Wired Help
quests.list.completed=You have completed all the quests in this category.
quests.battleball.BBLOCKTILES4.hint=To seize an area, bounce and lock all the tiles around it.
achievements.details.progress=%progress%/%limit% to the next level
quests.xmas11_31.3.name=Explosions In The Sky!
quests.prexmas11_2.2.desc=Find someone you like and dance with him/her.
quest.xmas.promo.catalog.promotion.header=Featured Xmas Furni
mannequin.widget.save=Save outfit
group.membermgmt.fail.2=This user has already been accepted by one of the other admins
group.membermgmt.fail.0=This user is no longer member of the group.
group.membermgmt.fail.1=This user has already been rejected by one of the other admins
quests.xmas11_16.4.desc=Now show you can skate nicely together as well!
quests.daily.FINDCROC.name=Stand Very Still…
quests.freeze.FINDFREEZETILE.desc=Double-click a Freeze Tile to complete this quest.
quests.xmas11_2.1.hint=Double-click on the TV in the Winter Hotel, check the message and say it out loud.
quests.daily.FINDCAT.hint=You must click a Cat to complete the quest.
quests.daily.FINDORANGE.hint=Find a fridge that contains an orange and double click to get one. You might have to double-click several times to get an orange. But be careful! Only specific Fridges stock this yummy fruit.
quests.xmas11_38.2.name=Snowman Contest 2
group.edit.fail.3=You can only be a member of 50 Groups total.
quests.battleball.BBWIN3.completed=Congratulations! You're now a Battle Banzai Veteran.
quests.xmas11_37.1.name=It's Good To Be King!
quests.freeze.FREEZEWIN4.hint=Win four Freeze games to complete this quest.
group.edit.fail.0=Room is already a homeroom. Please select another room.
group.edit.fail.1=Invalid Group name
quests.list.opennavigator=Search for rooms!
quests.explore.FINDTAGPOLE.desc=Tag, you're it! Find a room with this pole in it, and play tag.
quests.xmas11_4.2.desc=Now that you eased your feet sit down and relax.
catalog.club.extend.price.label=Your price
quests.daily.FINDFIN.name=Sharks? Where?!
quests.xmas11_8.1.completed=Great! This really sets the mood.
quests.daily.FINDICECREAM.completed=Wasn't that tasty?
welcome.gift.email.instructions=If you have trouble of recieving the welcome gift, please check your "junk" folder too.
quests.explore.FINDJUKEBOX.completed=You can get your very own Jukebox and tunes from the Shop.
quests.xmas11_39.3.name=Sign Language 3
quests.freeze.FREEZEBOMB5.completed=You're oh so cool!
quests.xmas11_18.1.completed=Aaaah... wait, who's making all those bubbles??
quests.daily.FINDSHOWER.name=The Body Wash
quests.daily.RESPECT2.name=Respect Your Friends!
quests.daily.SAYPICKUPLINES.hint=To complete this quest, say five sentences to someone else.
quests.xmas11_9.1.hint=Find a DJ table and double-click on it to complete this quest
quests.xmas11_14.2.hint=Convince another Habbo to pick a flower and give it to you.
quests.freeze.FREEZEWIN4.completed=Congratulations, you have completed the Freeze Winner IV quest!
quests.xmas11_24.4.completed=Santas everywhere! There's plenty of Ho Ho Ho-ing now!
group.edit.base.select.room=Select Group homeroom
widget.furni.teaser.gift.locked.share=Ask for help
ads.roomad.tooltip=This is an advertisement. Clicking it will open another web page.
quests.daily.RESPECT1.name=High 5!
quests.daily.LOVEEFFECT.hint=You can get yourself the Love Effect from the Hotel Shop in the Pixel Shop Effects section. You can then turn on the effect by clicking on your Habbo and then on My Effects.
quests.battleball.BBLOCKTILE1.completed=Well done! You have completed the first part of Banzai Novice training.
quests.daily.BBLOCKTILE2.desc=Are you a Banzai Believer? Lock in 50 tiles while playing Banzai!
group.edit.name=Name of Your Group:
wiredfurni.params.certainavatar=Specific user
quests.daily.SWIM2.name=Lost & Found
quests.daily.FINDRHINO.name=Horned Justice!
quests.daily.FINDSHELL.completed=We tried to think of a Shell related pun here but couldn't. Chiton it.
quests.daily.EXPLORE.hint=To complete this quest, you must explore 10 different rooms.
quests.list.opencatalog=Open the Shop!
quests.xmas11_37.1.completed=King Balthazar I presume ?
group.kickconfirm.title=Confirm removal from Group
new.user.promo.social=Find more friends and explore the Hotel!
group.youareowner=You are the owner of this Group
quests.xmas11_11.1.name=Start The Show I
quests.xmas11_39.1.desc=Show your love!
quests.xmas11_17.3.hint=Win a Freeze game.
group.kickconfirm.desc=%user% has %amount% Furnis in the Group homeroom. Are you sure you want to remove this Habbo from the Group?
quests.freeze.FINDFREEZEBOX.desc=Find a Freeze Ice Block in a Freeze game room.
quests.daily.FINDPICNICBLANKET.name=A Picnic Pick
group.window.title=Habbo Groups
quests.battleball.BBLOCKTILE5.name=Banzai Guru
quests.battleball.BBLOCKTILES3.name=Banzai Veteran II
quests.battleball.name=Battle Banzai
quests.pets.LEVELUPPET.desc=Train your pet and gain a level.
quests.room_builder.PLACEITEM.desc=Purchase Furniture from the Pixel Shop and place it in your room.
quests.xmas.rareteaser.header=Unlocked Snowflake Rares
quests.daily.SKATINGEFFECT.name=Super Skater
quests.xmas11_9.2.completed=Throw your hands in the air! Wave the like you just don't care! Unless you're on a helicopter...
widget.furni.present.instructions=This Item can now be found under "My Stuff"
wiredfurni.pickfurnis.furnitypematches=The triggering Furni type matches the type of one of the picked furnis
quests.freeze.FREEZEPOWERUP5.desc=Collect 40 Freeze power-ups.
quests.xmas11_3.1.desc=Dress up like the animal heads!
quests.xmas11_15.1.completed=You really look in love :D
group.clearfavourite=Clear Favorite
quests.pets.SCRATCHAPET.desc=Find a Pet and give it a good scratch behind the ear!
quests.freeze.FREEZEBOMB3.name=Freeze Blaster III
extendedprofile.groupteaser=Habbo Groups coming soon...
wiredfurni.params.anyavatar=Any user
quests.battleball.BBLOCKTILES2.hint=To seize an area, bounce and lock all the tiles around it.
quests.xmas11_14.1.completed=So romantic !
quests.xmas11_28.1.completed=You know what they say about Habbos with big feet...
quests.explore.FINDBBGATE.desc=Find a Battle Banzai room. Walk through a blue gate to start playing!
quests.freeze.FREEZEPLAY.desc=Play a game of Freeze.
mannequin.widget.style=Re-style Clothing
quests.identity.CHANGEMOTTO.desc=Update your motto. What's on your mind?
quests.room_builder.PLACEITEM.completed=Now you know how to get Furniture for your room from the Shop!
quests.xmas11_42.1.hint=Find the right place for your old Xmas Tree and double click it.
quests.daily.FINDSHOWER.hint=To complete this quest, find a shower and double-click on it.
quests.identity.CHANGEFIGURE.desc=Update your clothes, hair and accessories to find your own style!
quests.xmas11_26.3.desc=Call out for the missing Habbos. Maybe Dirk and Cletus will hear you!
quests.xmas11_24.2.desc=Get "reddy" (ho ho ho) for an Xmas party!
group.showgroups=View Most Popular Groups
quests.xmas11_37.2.desc=Good, but I am missing two mates... Where are the other two?
quests.xmas11_16.2.hint=Skate on 50 ice skating patches
widget.furni.teaser.gift.campaign_closed.desc=You need to log in using Facebook in order to get friends open the package.
wiredfurni.tooltip.chatmessage=Enter chat message
wiredfurni.params.whatissaid=What is said:
quests.battleball.BBLOCKTILES2.completed=Banzai! You have completed the second part of Banzai Adept training.
quests.daily.FINDFIN.hint=To complete this quest, find a mechanical shark and double-click on it.
quests.daily.FRIEND2.completed=Hopefully you've made three new friends, although watch out, statistically one of them is a Justin Bieber fan ;)
group.requestmembership=Request membership
quests.explore.FINDLIFEGUARDTOWER.desc=We are looking for a new Lifeguard for one of our Hotel beaches.
quests.prexmas11_2.2.completed=Wow. That's close enough! You guys get any hotter we're gonna have to call the fire department!
catalog.club.extend.expiration_days_left=The offer is only available for %day% days
quests.xmas11_29.1.hint=Find a bear in the Winter Village or elsewhere in the Hotel and double click on it
quests.freeze.FREEZEWIN2.name=Freeze Winner II
quests.pets.FINDTERRIER.hint=Click any terrier to complete this quest!
quests.xmas11_28.1.hint=Search in the Winter Village rooms or elsewhere in the Hotel to find a footprint and click on it
mannequin.widget.getclub=Get VIPfeatures
quests.pets.LEVELUPPET.hint=Teach your pet some tricks! Click your pet and open the training panel, level up to complete this quest. You will unlock new commands once your pet starts leveling up.
quests.freeze.FINDFREEZEEXIT.desc=Double-click a Freeze Exit Tile.
quests.xmas11_27.1.completed=Still nowhere to be found...
quests.xmas11_31.4.name=Bang! Pow! Boom! II
widget.furni.teaser.gift.unlocked.title=Package unlocked!
quests.daily.FINDRUNWAYCHAIR.completed=Doesn't that feel nice?
quests.freeze.FREEZEWIN1.desc=Win a game of Freeze.
quests.pets.GIVEFOODTOPET.hint=Tell your pet to eat, or wait for it to get hungry! Quest is complete once your pet takes a bite. If you own a cat, you can buy a Red Fish for your cat for free with Pixels!
quests.freeze.FREEZEJOIN.desc=Join a Freeze game.
quests.xmas11_31.1.hint=Count down from 10 to 0 by saying the numbers in a room.
quests.xmas11_38.1.desc=Time to make a Snowman!
quests.explore.FINDSURFBOARD.name=Endless Summer
quests.prexmas11_1.2.desc=Find some other Habbos with the same hairstyle!
group.title=Habbo Group
quests.freeze.FREEZEPOWERUP2.hint=Collect ten power-ups to complete this quest.
quests.daily.WINBB.desc=Victory is in the air! Play a game of Banzai and be the winner!
quests.explore.FINDJUKEBOX.desc=Find a Hotel room with a jukebox.
wiredfurni.params.movefurni=Move furni:
quests.battleball.BBLOCKTILE1.hint=You can lock tiles in your team color by bouncing on them three times.
catalog.club.extend.save.label=You will save
quests.freeze.FREEZEPOWERUP4.name=Power-up IV
catalog.club.extend.expires_today=This offer ends today!
quests.xmas11_25.4.desc=Give a gift to a new friend this Xmas!
quests.xmas11_25.2.hint=Search the Hotel for an Xmas table and double-click on it for some dinner.
widget.furni.present.sender.profile_tooltip=View profile
quests.xmas11_7.3.desc=One more try… Make the biggest party ever! You can do it :)
quests.prexmas11_3.1.desc=Talk about Xmas with your friends.
achievements.categories.score=Achievement score: %score%
wiredfurni.params.enteravatarname=Enter user name
quests.xmas11_7.1.desc=Your friends! Host a great party with lots of friends.
mannequin.widget.clubnotification=Sorry, this outfit requires VIP
quests.daily.FINDDRAGON.desc=The Dragons are in need of some sun lotion. Can you help out?
quests.daily.CHANGELOOK1.completed=Yes that look is just about right, gorgeous ;).
group.create.title=Create Your Group
quests.xmas11_2.1.completed=That's a good, albeit slightly morbid, message.
quests.freeze.FINDFREEZESCORE.name=Ice Scoreboarding
quests.freeze.FREEZEPROTECTION.desc=Collect a Shield Power-up to complete this quest.
quests.explore.FINDNEONFLOOR.desc=Dance nonstop in the Hotel Disco!
group.edit.error.controllers=The room you selected as your Group homeroom has users with room rights. Group rights will override the current rights settings and this can't be reversed.

Are you sure you wish to continue?
quests.explore.FINDBBTILE.completed=Once the game has started, lock a tile and earn points by bouncing over it 3 times!
quests.campaigncompleted.more=More Quests
group.edit.base.warning=Choose your Groups homeroom carefully- the homeroom cannot be later changed.
quests.daily.FINDCAT.desc=A cat stole your dignity! Go get her!
quests.xmas11_23.1.desc=You need carrots for a carrotcake. Find them before they run out!
quests.xmas11_32.1.hint=Grab a glass of champagne from the tower.
quests.battleball.BBWIN5.hint=Win ten games of Battle Banzai.
widgets.doorbell.info=Following users are ringing the doorbell:
widget.furni.present.window.title=Special Gift
quests.daily.FINDICECREAM.name=I Scream, You Scream
quests.battleball.BBWIN2.name=Banzai Adept III
quests.xmas11_16.1.completed=You should skate in the Olympics!
quests.daily.CHANGELOOK2.completed=Yes! That's the perfect look!
quests.freeze.FINDFREEZETILE.completed=A Freeze game arena consists of these tiles. You can't play Freeze without them!
quests.prexmas11_2.2.hint=You'll have to get really close... so don't dance with someone who just ate some garlic.
quests.battleball.BBLOCKTILE4.desc=Lock 400 tiles.
quests.explore.FINDLIFEGUARDTOWER.completed=Now take a break and go swimming! Remember to change your clothes first.
quests.daily.SKATING1.completed=Great moves :D.
quests.daily.FINDJUNGLE.name=Jungle Field Trip
quests.battleball.BBWIN1.name=Banzai Novice III
quests.xmas11_34.1.name=A New Beginning?
quests.daily.FINDBEACHBALL.name=Have A Ball
group.linktobase=Go to Group homeroom
achievements.levelup.score=<b>+%amount%</b> Achievement score gained!
quests.xmas11_32.2.desc=Does everyone have a drink? Give everyone champagne.
widget.furni.teaser.gift.no_fb.desc=You need to log in using Facebook in order to get friends to open the package.
direct.vip.buy.dialog.title=Purchase VIP
quests.xmas11_16.3.desc=Good. A little bit more... You aren't tired are you ?
quests.daily.FINDCHICK.completed=Not the kind of chick we had in mind but it will have to do...
catalog.club.extend.confirm.caption=Extend your VIP subscription
quests.freeze.FREEZEEXTRALIFE.completed=When you collect an extra life you will get one more chance at Freeze success (unless capped).
quests.daily.SWIM3.desc=It takes long to find a good diving spot. Swim around and find it.
catalog.club.extend.basic.confirm.title=Extend your HC subscription
quests.explore.FINDSURFBOARD.completed=Surf's up! You can chill out on the surf board as long as you'd like.
quests.freeze.FREEZEBOMB5.name=Freeze Blaster V
quests.xmas11_14.2.name=Say It With Flowers II
quests.xmas11_40.3.desc=You can do better than this... Please continue.
group.create.confirm.guildcolors=Group Colors
quests.xmas11_2.1.desc=Please check the Hotel channel there is a message for you
group.edit.settings.web.caption=Group Pages in Web
quests.pets.FINDSPIDER.desc=Use the rooms list to search for rooms where Spiders might be lurking.
group.edit.settings.decoration.owner.help=Only Group owner can decorate.
quests.xmas11_40.1.hint=Find the lake in the X-Mas Holiday Village, or somewhere else in the Hotel, and swim through 10 Water Patches.
welcome.gift.email.error.2=Email address was too long (48 character limit).
welcome.gift.email.error.3=Email address is already in use.
quests.freeze.FINDFREEZESCORE.hint=Double-click any color Freeze Scoreboard to complete this quest.
welcome.gift.email.error.4=Email address changed too many times (limited to 10 times).
quests.xmas11_31.3.hint=Fire off 10 charges fireworks.
quests.daily.FINDRHINO.desc=A Rhino vigilante has been spotted in the Hotel, go find it!
welcome.gift.email.error.1=Email address was invalid (e.g. empty, or bad syntax).
quests.social.GIVERESPECT.completed=Cool! Keep on respecting and others will respect you, too.
quests.xmas11_24.3.hint=Say : "we wish you a merry Xmas!" That's what most people's favourite song is. It's not our fault yours is "Mistletoe".
quests.xmas11_20.1.completed=Alright, alright… You're freezing. Let's find some warmth.
quests.daily.WALKONSIDEWALK.completed=You can really walk!
quests.room_builder.PLACEFLOOR.completed=Excellent! Check out the different carpets and floor patterns in the Shop.
quests.freeze.FREEZEWIN5.completed=You are now a Freeze Overlord
quests.xmas.morequests=Find more Quests here!
quests.prexmas11_3.name=Day 3
quests.xmas11_29.1.completed=No trace of Dirk or Cletus there. Just a torn up T-shirt with the name  "Goldilocks" on it…
wiredfurni.params.placetodirection=Place Furnis in this direction
group.created=Created %date% by %owner%
quests.xmas11_39.1.name=Sign Language 1
quests.explore.FINDBBGATE.hint=To complete this quest, double-click the blue gate.
quests.xmas11_8.2.completed=Drink up and get this party started! Chug chug chug....
quests.xmas11_32.1.name=Happy New Year!
quests.xmas11_16.2.name=Cool Down II
quests.xmas11_15.4.hint=Pick an item from the Shop and give it as a gift to a Habbo in the same room.
quests.room_builder.delayedmsg=Next daily quest will be available in <b><font color="#ffed5b">%time%</font></b>
quests.freeze.FREEZEWIN2.completed=Congratulations, you have completed the Freeze Winner II quest!
wiredfurni.params.requireall=Allow triggering if:
quests.daily.SWIM4.hint=To complete this quest, find some deep water and swim through 50 patches.
quests.xmas11_25.1.name=Best wishes
group.members.filter=Search members:
quests.xmas11_19.2.hint=Search the Hotel for reindeer poop and double click on it. Don't worry, you won't pick it up!
quests.xmas11_31.5.hint=Fire 10 fireworks at the same time with help from your friends.
quests.xmas11_2.1.name=You've Got A Message!
quests.identity.CHANGEMOTTO.hint=Click on your own avatar, and write your motto in the field under the info box. Remember to press the return key to save it!
quests.xmas11_13.1.desc=Go and wave at the Habbo you had a crush on.
group.edit.settings.decoration.admins.help=Only Group Admins can decorate.
wiredfurni.params.delay=Delay Effect for %seconds% seconds
quests.list.accept=Activate quest
quests.daily.BADGE1.name=Show Your Badge
quests.daily.FINDRAIL.completed=Thanks, looks like an eager Janitor has been over-polishing the rails. Consider him demoted to sewer duty! ;)
widget.memenu.dance2=Pogo Mogo
group.memberscandecorate=Group members can decorate the homeroom of this Group
catalog.club.extend.basic.expires_today=This offer will extend your HC subscription for 31 days. This offer ends today!
widget.memenu.dance3=Duck Funk
widget.memenu.dance4=The Rollie
friendlytime.seconds.ago=%amount% seconds ago
quests.room_builder.MOVEITEM.completed=You know how to decorate your room!
group.edit.title=Modify Your Group
quests.xmas11_21.2.desc=Delight a shepherd today by lighting up a red star!
quests.xmas11_5.1.completed=So you originally came here for fresh air right ?
quests.xmas11_12.1.completed=Cheers !
quests.xmas11_12.1.name=Love Is In The Air I
quests.daily.BBLOCKTILE1.completed=Nicely done. Now try to win the game!
quests.explore.FINDSURFBOARD.hint=You found the surf board, now double-click it!!
room.enter.infostand.caption=You are here!
quests.battleball.BBWIN4.hint=Win five games of Battle Banzai.
quests.xmas11_25.4.completed=Thanks! I'm sure you'll get one too.
quests.daily.SKATINGEFFECT.desc=Impress your friends by skateboarding and showing off your exceptional balancing skills.
quests.freeze.FREEZEBOMB4.name=Freeze Blaster IV
quests.xmas11_26.2.name=Missing Habbos 2: Electric Boogaloo
quests.expired.title=Too Late!
quests.xmas11_40.2.completed=Even more brrrrrrr...
group.create.confirm.getvip=Click here to get it.
quests.xmas11_38.2.desc=BONUS: Stack the body on its legs.
quests.xmas11_32.3.completed=Nice. We at Habbo wish you the very best for the new year :)
quests.battleball.BBPUSHPUCK.desc=Push the Battle Banzai puck.
quests.xmas11_15.2.desc=Spit it out and say your true feelings.
quests.xmas11_32.1.completed=Cheers! Remember not to drink and drive!
quests.xmas11_38.1.hint=Find  the Snowman's legs in the Village and double-click on them.
quests.freeze.FREEZEBOMB5.hint=Freeze 13 players from opposing teams to complete this quest.
quests.freeze.FREEZEPOWERUP1.desc=Now try to break Ice Blocks with bombs and collect a power-up when one appears.
quests.daily.LOVEEFFECT.completed=So did your charm work wonders? We hope so!
quests.xmas11_13.3.hint=Stand next to a Habbo and wave at the same time. Wave by clicking on your Habbo and choose wave in your actions.
quests.xmas11_30.1.desc=Dirk and Cletus have been missing for days! Time is running out!
quests.battleball.BBLOCKTILE.desc=Warm up by locking some tiles.
quests.explore.FINDBBGATE.completed=Now play a Game of Battle Banzai - and win!
quests.xmas11_37.3.desc=The biggest challenge for any King. Can you get 10 people to go royal?
quests.xmas11_17.4.desc=You won! Now perform a hattrick by winning 3 times.
quests.tracker.caption=Quest: %quest_name%
wiredfurni.pickFurni.furnitypematches=All Furni of the same type will act as a Trigger
quests.social.DANCE.completed=Just keep on dancing...
quests.xmas11_17.4.completed=Congratulations ! You are the champion!
widget.dimmer.info=Room dimmer effect is previewed in your room. Apply the effect to the room to make other users see it too.
group.edit.settings.type.private.help=No members accepted at the moment.
quests.battleball.BBLOCKTILES.hint=Surround an area with locked tiles in your color. When you lock the last tile so that an area is completely surrounded, all the surrounded tiles will get locked too. Now try that!
quests.daily.BBLOCKTILE2.hint=Play a game of Battle Banzai and lock 50 tiles by bouncing three times on them.
group.create.confirm.guildbadge=Group Badge
quests.daily.EXPLORE.name=Backpackers Delight
quests.xmas11_14.2.desc=Will you get a flower back?
quests.prexmas11_2.1.hint=That is the 'rug' with flashing orange lights.
quests.explore.SWIM.name=Relax for a second
group.members.search.all=Show all members
quests.xmas11_11.1.completed=A star is born!
wiredfurni.help.2.text=Triggers let you define what needs to happen before an Effect takes place. You will always need to stack an Effect with the Trigger to make it work.
quests.xmas11_25.2.name=Dig In!
quests.prexmas11_3.1.name=T'is The Season...
quests.battleball.BBLOCKTILE4.completed=Well done! You have completed the first part of Banzai Master training.
welcome.gift.opening.instructions.title=You have mail!
group.edit.settings.type.regular.help=Anyone can join. 500 member limit.
quests.daily.SKATING1.desc=Can you dance and skate over 20 patches?
quests.freeze.FREEZEMEGABOMB.name=Mega Freeze
widget.furni.teaser.gift.no_fb.title=Oops, there's a problem
widget.furni.present.message_opened=You open the gift and find a %product%!
quests.xmas11_39.3.hint=March for the cause.
quests.daily.WINBB.completed=WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!
quests.prexmas11_3.1.completed=Feeling the magic already?
quests.daily.FINDCSTL.hint=To complete this quest, find a sand tower and double-click on it.
quests.daily.FINDDOG.completed=You reunited the dog with its owner, my hero!
quests.xmas11_16.1.hint=Search for an Ice Skating course and skate on 10 ice skating patches
quests.xmas11_7.1.hint=Get a total of 2 Habbos to party in your room.
quests.xmas11_17.1.hint=Find a Freeze Game that is about to start, walk through the gate and wait for the game to start.
quests.xmas11_23.2.name=Feel Like Chicken Tonight?
group.edit.fail.title=Edit failed
quests.xmas11_11.1.hint=Get yourself a microphone effect from the Pixel Shop and use it!
quests.social.CHATWITHSOMEONE.completed=Keep on chatting :) You might make a new friend!
quests.xmas11_13.4.name=Break The Ice IV
quests.freeze.FREEZEPLAY.name=Play The Game
quests.daily.FINDMTTRSS.completed=Aaaah, this is the life ;)
quests.battleball.BBWIN2.completed=Congratulations! You're now a Battle Banzai Adept.
quests.xmas11_37.3.hint=Get 10 Habbos in total to wear a crown or tiara for 2 minutes in one room.
quests.explore.ROLLERSKATE.completed=Spend some time roller skating and earn yourself an Achievement badge!
quests.daily.SCOREBALL.name=Soccer Hero
quests.explore.FINDNEONFLOOR.name=Disco Daemon
quests.battleball.BBJOIN.desc=Walk through a Battle Banzai Gate to join a team.
quests.freeze.FREEZEPOWERUP5.hint=Collect 40 power-ups to complete this quest.
quests.xmas11_15.2.completed=Aaaaahwwww :D Real love.
quests.room_builder.SWITCHSTATE.completed=Now you'll never stumble around in the dark again!
quests.xmas11_10.5.desc=BONUS QUEST: get 10 people to do the Pogo Mogo for 30 minutes.
quests.explore.FINDFREEZEEXITTILE.name=Find The Freeze Exit
quests.xmas11_10.5.name=BONUS: Get The Mojo!
quests.battleball.BBWIN5.completed=Congratulations! You're now a Battle Banzai Overlord. Wear that badge with pride!
quests.completed.caption=Quest Completed
quests.xmas11_31.2.hint=Find fireworks in a room and set them off by double-clicking on the launcher.
quests.prexmas11_1.1.desc=Get in the mood with a festive winter hairdo- how about a mohawk?
quests.daily.FINDFIN.completed=SHARK! Phew, good save!
quests.explore.FINDFREEZESCOREBOARD.completed=In the Freeze game you need to Bomb the others with ice blasts. Hold on tight!
quests.room_builder.PLACEITEM.hint=Drag an item from the Shop to your room, then click a tile to place it.
quests.explore.ICESKATE.desc=Find an Ice rink and step on the ice to get your skates on.
welcome.gift.window.title=Welcome gift!
quests.explore.FINDNEONFLOOR.hint=We heard rumors of a wicked dance floor in the Bubble Bar! Double-click the Neon dance floor to finish this quest.
quests.freeze.FREEZEMOREBOMBS.name=The Icing On The Cake
extendedprofile.nogroups.info=Habbo Groups are a great way to get some internet fame!
quests.xmas11_32.2.hint=Give 3 glasses of champagne to others by getting a glass, clicking on another user and giving the hand item.
quests.battleball.BBWIN5.desc=Win 10 Battle Banzai games.
quests.battleball.BBLOCKTILES1.desc=Lock an area of at least 4 tiles 3 times.
quests.xmas11_24.1.desc=Nothing says festive and feisty like our Santa hat!
quests.freeze.FINDFREEZEEXIT.completed=If there's an Exit Tile in the room it means that the last team left wins!
quests.daily.FRIEND1.desc=There's no lack of friends in the hotel. Send three friend requests!
quests.daily.FINDLION.desc=A lion has been harassing Habbos all over the Hotel! Please find it before it eats someone.
quests.daily.SKATINGEFFECT.completed=Wow! Tony Hawk must be jealous.
quests.xmas11_17.4.hint=Win 3 Freeze games
quests.daily.FINDPIG.name=What A Boar
quests.daily.FINDTRAY.completed=Cheers! Drinks with bendy straws FTW! :)
quests.xmas11_11.2.name=Start The Show II
quests.identity.WEARBADGE.completed=You get badges when you complete Achievements and sometimes in Competitions!
quests.explore.FINDFREEZEEXITTILE.completed=Hopefully you checked out the Freeze game.
quests.xmas11_31.4.completed=Ooooooooooh....You've created a universe of light :)
new.user.promo.room=Your room is now ready for you - check it out!
quests.pets.FINDLION.desc=Use the rooms list to search for rooms with Lions in.
quests.xmas11_25.3.name=Sleep It Off
quests.xmas11_24.3.desc=Get together with friends and sing everyone's favourite Xmas song!
quests.xmas11_8.1.desc=The party is starting! Switch off the light to make things "cosy".
widget.furni.present.message_from=- %name%
quests.xmas11_3.2.hint=Talk to the hunter in the forest: he knows the reindeer words you need to say.
quests.freeze.FINDFREEZEBOX.hint=Double-click a Freeze Ice Block to complete this quest.
quests.pets.FINDTERRIER.name=Terrier Trouble?
wiredfurni.params.enterawordorphrase=Enter a word or phrase
quests.xmas11_15.3.hint=Convince another Habbo to say "I love you too"
quests.freeze.FREEZEWIN5.desc=Win 10 games of Freeze.
group.create.confirm.buyinfo=Create a group for %amount% credits
quests.daily.FINDICEBOX.completed=Just the kind of refreshment you needed :)
quests.daily.FINDICEBOX.desc=Anyone in need of drinks? Where's an icebox when you need one?
quests.freeze.FREEZEEXTRALIFE.name=Freeze Forever!
quests.xmas11_10.3.hint=Dance right next to someone else for 5 minutes.
quests.explore.FINDFREEZEGATE.desc=Find a Red Freeze Gate!
quests.pets.GIVEDRINKTOPET.completed=Pets need to drink daily. Make sure to double click the cup to keep it full.
quests.xmas11_19.3.hint=Look for a sleigh in the Hotel and double click it.
quests.xmas11_20.1.desc=What, are you cold already? Prove it!
group.create.stepdesc.3=These colors can be used to customize your Group furniture
quests.freeze.FINDFREEZEEXIT.hint=Find a Freeze game room with a Freeze Exit Tile. Double-click the tile to complete this quest.
group.create.stepdesc.2=Wear it with pride :)
group.create.stepdesc.4=Purchase your Group
quests.xmas11_25.2.completed=BURP! Excuse me...
group.create.stepdesc.1=Describe Your Group Here
quests.pets.GIVEFOODTOPET.desc=Get some food for your pet from the Shop, place it in your room and wait for your pet to eat.
widget.furni.clothingchange.gender.info=Select which gender's clothes you want to edit.
quests.room_builder.MOVEITEM.hint=In your Room, click an item and hit the 'Move' button in the corner, then click a tile in the room to move the item there. You can also hold down the ALT key while clicking the item to drag-and-drop it.
group.pendingmembercount=Pending: %amount%
soundmachine.notification.playing=Now playing %songname% by %songauthor%
soundmachine.flash9.alert.title=Old Flash version
soundmachine.flash9.link.title=Update latest Flash player
soundmachine.flash9.alert.content=To be able to hear Trax songs, you need to update to latest Flash player version
help.cfh.closed.useless=Please note that the Call for Help system is for reporting genuine abuse issues or account queries. We ask that you don't use it rashly.
help.cfh.closed.resolved=Thank you, your call has been reviewed and appropriate action taken.
mod.ban.title=Account Status: Banned
help.cfh.error.nomsg=You must write a description of what is wrong before sending a call for help.
help.cfh.topic.106=Other Problem.
help.cfh.topic.105=Someone is being disruptive.
help.cfh.error.msgtooshort=The description you've written is too short. Please describe the issue in more detailed manner.
help.cfh.topic.104=Someone is bullying or being abusive.
help.cfh.closed.abusive=Please do not abuse the Call for Help system. Misuse may lead to penalties against your account.
mod.alert.link=More information >>
mod.chatdisclaimer=Discussions in Habbo rooms may be monitored for moderation purposes
help.cfh.topicwithharasser.106=Other Problem.
help.cfh.topicwithharasser.105=%name% is being disruptive.
help.cfh.topic.101=Someone is being sexually explicit.
help.cfh.topicwithharasser.104=%name% is bullying or being abusive.
mod.alert.title=Message from Habbo Hotel Staff
help.cfh.topicwithharasser.103=%name% is scamming.
help.cfh.topicwithharasser.102=%name% is sharing phone numbers or home address.
help.cfh.topic.103=Someone is scamming.
help.cfh.topicwithharasser.101=%name% is being sexually explicit.
help.cfh.topic.102=Someone is sharing phone numbers or home address.
hotel.welcome.view.text=Don't worry, you can change your name later!
connection.server.error.desc=Sorry, received server error: %errorCode%
connection.login.error.-3.desc=Authentication failed
hotel.welcome.view.title=Welcome to Habbo
connection.server.error.id.title=Server Error
hotel.welcome.view.avatar.title=This is you.
hotel.welcome.view.footer=Patience, young grasshopper - we're taking you where the action is.
connection.login.title=Sign In
opening.hours.disconnected=We're sorry but you have been disconnected from the Hotel. The Hotel will open again at %h%:%m%. We look forward to welcoming you back!
connection.server.error.title=Server Error
opening.hours.shutdown=The Hotel will shut down in %m% minutes. To avoid confusion, purchasing of furniture, Habbo Club and trading is disabled. Thank you for visiting and welcome back tomorrow!
opening.hours.title=Hotel Maintenance
connection.login.useTicket=Use SSO Ticket
connection.error.id.desc=Something went wrong when talking with the game server. Received error: %id%
opening.hours.closed=The Hotel has been closed and will be open to the public again at %h%:%m%.
connection.login.login=Sign In
connection.login.error.-400.desc=Connecting to the server failed
avatareditor.promo.showphones=Show supported phones
avatareditor.save=Save changes
avatareditor.promo.trial.title=Want more clothes? Try out Habbo Club for 7 days with 5 Credits.
avatareditor.wardrobe.store=Click to store your outfit
avatareditor.wardrobe.title=My Wardrobe
avatareditor.habboclub.title=VIP Required
avatareditor.promo.supportedphones=Habbo Club purchasing works with Sprint PCS, AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Nextel, T-Mobile®, Boost, Cellular One by Dobson Cellular Systems, & U.S. Cellular phones
avatareditor.promo.trial.instructions=Try out Habbo Club:
1. Text "HABBO" to 25584.\n\n2. Enter the special code to the form below and press redeem.
avatareditor.try.club.clothes.description=Try on VIP clothing.
avatareditor.invalidclubitems.moreinfo=Join the club
avatareditor.invalidclubitems.title=Thanks for trying out the VIP clothing
avatareditor.wardrobe.choose=Click to choose a look
avatareditor.promo.title=Want more clothes? Get Habbo Club for 30 days & 15 Credits for $5
avatareditor.promo.moreinfo=More info
avatareditor.promo.redeem=Redeem my club
avatareditor.habboclub.info=VIP is required in order to be able to use the wardrobe.
avatareditor.hotlooks.title=Hot Looks from the Hotel
avatareditor.habboclub.link=Get VIP Membership
avatareditor.promo.supportedphones.title=Supported phones
avatareditor.hotlooks.more=More Looks
avatareditor.try.club.clothes=Try VIP clothes
avatareditor.title=Change Your Looks
avatareditor.promo.instructions=1. Text "HABBO" to 25584.\n\n2. Enter the special code to the form below and press redeem.
avatareditor.palette.2=Color 2
avatareditor.invalidclubitems.description=These clothing items and colors are for VIP members only. Become a VIP and enjoy these benefits today. Press ok if you want to remove the Club clothes.
avatareditor.palette.1=Color 1
avatareditor.try.club.clothes.more=You can now try on VIP clothes. Join VIP and wear these clothes everyday.
avatareditor.hotlooks.choose=Click to choose
fx_76_desc=We're summer lovin' these!
fx14_desc=The future of transportation in pink.
object_displayer_fx=%fx (%t)
fx_83_desc=Beware the curse of ChronoZomfg...
fx_5_desc=Light the dark corners of your existence.
fx_80=Giant Mouth
fx_82=Ink Face
fx_81=Swamp Creature
fx_84=The Mummy
fx_83=Dead Bride
fx_7_desc=Let the butterflies flap their wings.
fx_89=Back Stabbed
fx_31_desc=Be a Cheetos!
fx_12_desc=Ice cold!
fx_87_desc=Beware the curse of ChronoZomfg...
fx_44_desc=The Sims  3 Pets Plumbob
fx_14=Pink hover board
fx_15=Yellow hover board
fx_17=UFO in pink
fx_18=UFO in yellow
fx_9_desc=Love is in the air.
fx_91=Fairy Wings
fx_32_desc=Despicable Me
fx_90=Butterfly Wings
fx_60_desc=Try to blend in...
fx_4_desc=Twinkle like the star you are.
fx_6_desc=Habbo Rocket Jet Pack.
fx_65_desc=0800 Reverse mobile phone
fx_23=Totem Head
fx_85_desc=Beware the curse of ChronoZomfg...
fx_14_desc=See the world on pink hover board.
fx_27=Mighty Viking
fx_25=The Eagle
fx_27_desc=Do you know how to train your Dragon?
fx_20_desc=How can I help?
fx14=Hover board
fx_32=Minion Effect
fx15=Hover board
fx_84_desc=Beware the curse of ChronoZomfg...
fx_66_desc=Create some Wand-erful spells!
fx_31=Cheetos Effect
fx_91_desc=Fly away!
fx_17_desc=Fly away with this UFO of love.
fx_79_desc=Beware the curse of ChronoZomfg...
fx_90_desc=Fly away!
fx_75_desc=We're summer lovin' these!
fx_70_desc=Look like Po and defeat the evil Lord Shen.
fx_2_desc=The future of transportation.
fx_88_desc=Beware the curse of ChronoZomfg...
fx_1_desc=Shine the light on me!
fx_44=The Sims 3 Pets
fx_82_desc=Beware the curse of ChronoZomfg...
fx_9=Love Birds
fx_7=Butterfly effect
fx_59=Sunny Delight
fx_16_desc=Habbo Dragonfly microphone
fx_2=Hover board
fx_74_desc=We're summer lovin' these!
fx_26_desc=Watch out...
fx_53=Easter Chick
fx_21_desc=Drive like lightning, crash like thunder!
fx_15_desc=As yellow as a submarine.
fx15_desc=The future of transportation in yellow.
fx_25_desc=Soaring high
fx_80_desc=Beware the curse of ChronoZomfg...
fx_18_desc=Unidentified yellow flying object.
fx_8_desc=Light my fire
fx_65=0800 Reverse is now available on mobile phones! (UK Only)
fx_66=WOWP Effect
fx_86_desc=Beware the curse of ChronoZomfg...
fx_3_desc=Help, I'm being abducted.
fx_61=Disney Effect 1
fx_62=Disney Effect 2
fx_63=Disney Effect 3
fx_60=Rango Pixel Effect
fx_19_desc=We're on a mission from...
fx_22_desc=This is black sunshine!
fx_81_desc=Beware the curse of ChronoZomfg...
fx_10_desc=Get a shower!
fx_76=Purple Lei
fx_74=Pink Lei
fx_75=Red Lei
fx_72=Skate Effect
fx_73=Chupa Chups
fx_70=Po’s Awesomeness Effect
fx_71=HC Skate Effect
catalog.buy.widget.upgrade.vip.to.unlock.this.product=This item is VIP only
catalog.marketplace.redeem.no_sold_items=You have no offers listed which have been sold. When you've posted something, check back here to see the offer status and get your Credits. Use the Inventory window to put items up for sale.
catalog.buy.widget.get.vip.to.unlock.this.product=This item is VIP only
catalog.club.hc=Habbo Club
catalog.marketplace.offer_details.chart_title.not_available=No data (need two days of trading to show graph)
catalog.purchase.confirmation.dialog.remaining=You will have %remaining% in your Purse after this purchase.
catalog.purchase.confirmation.dialog.amount=You have %amount%.
catalog_selectproduct=Select an item
catalog.choosecolour=Choose Color
catalog.club_gift.subscribe=Subscribe now to select this gift
catalog.club.info.content=Get the Habbo Club membership you want- HC for less or VIP for more.
direct.club.buy.success.text.line.2=Now go enjoy it!
direct.club.buy.success.text.line.1=You just received 31 days of VIP life.
catalog_giftfor=Gift recipient
catalog.club_gift.months_required=Required: %months% months of membership
catalog.voucher.empty.title=Voucher code missing
catalog.page.quest.daily=Shell Gifts
catalog.marketplace.items_shown=Showing The First %count% Items
catalog.chooseproduct=Choose Product
catalog.club.buy.confirm.desc.hc.hc=You are about to extend your subscription to Habbo Club. Glad to see you continue your subscription!
catalog.club.buy.info=Check out the best Habbo Club membership deal for you!
catalog.alert.petname.short=Pet name is too short.
catalog.alert.external.link.desc=Link opens to a web page
catalog.marketplace.offer_count=Offers: %count%
catalog.vip.buy.info=Get exclusive clothes and hair styles, play unlimited games of SnowStorm Shuffle - and so much more!
catalog.page.quest.battleball=Pixel Furni
catalog.marketplace.offer.expired=This item was not sold
catalog.page.quest.QT_DEV_TEST=Valentines 2011
catalog.gift_wrapping.receiver_not_found.title=User not found
catalog.page.quest.pets=Pixel Pet Accessories
catalog.purchase.confirmation.dialog.costs=%offer_name% costs %price%.
recycler.info.closed=Recycler is closed at the moment. Please check back later to recycle your furniture.
recycler.info.ready=Drag 5 items into the boxes and click recycle. Recyclable items display a green tag in your inventory. Check out the prizes and the instructions for recycling before you recycle.
catalog.alert.external.link.title=Link to the website
catalog.gift_wrapping_new.ribbon.10=No decoration
catalog.page.quest.explore=Pixel Furni
catalog.alert.published.description=Staff just made some changes in the Shop! To avoid errors, the Shop window had to be closed. You can re-open it now!
catalog.club.buy.info.vip=Get your VIP subscription now and be the one with the coolest look, room, furniture, biggest friend list and more! Click 'Compare the Benefits' below to see for yourself.
buy_andwear=Buy and wear
catalog.club.buy.header=Habbo Club
catalog.alert.notenough.activitypoints.description.4=Oops. It seems you don't have enough Shells. Complete quests to earn more Shells and try again.
catalog.page.song_disk_shop=Habbo Hotel Hits
recycler.alert.privateroom=You need to go to one of your rooms to use the Recycler.
catalog.gift_wrapping.message=Greeting (include your own Habbo name)
catalog.page.quest.new_user=Hello Furni
catalog.vip.buy.title=Join VIP!
catalog.purchase_confirmation.gift=Buy as gift
catalog.alert.notenough.activitypoints.description.2=Oops. It seems you don't have enough Hearts. Complete quests to get some more and try again.
catalog.alert.notenough.activitypoints.description.3=Oops. It seems you don't have enough Gift Points. Subscribe or wait for your monthly gift point to arrive.
catalog.alert.notenough.activitypoints.description.0=You don't have enough Pixels.
catalog.alert.notenough.activitypoints.description.1=Oops. It seems you don't have enough Snowflakes. Complete quests to get some more and try again.
catalog.marketplace.sort.3=Items most traded today first
catalog.marketplace.sort.2=Cheapest items first
catalog.purse.pixelbalance=Pixels: %balance% >>
catalog.marketplace.sort.1=Most expensive items first
catalog.marketplace.sort.6=Items with least offers available
catalog.marketplace.sort.5=Items with most offers available
catalog.page.pets_accessories=Pet Accessories
catalog.marketplace.sort.4=Items least traded today first
direct.sms.buy.description=Get a taste of the life in the fast lane by purchasing a month's worth of VIP action with your mobile.
catalog.club.price=%price% Credits
recycler.alert.timeout=You have to wait %minutes% minutes and %seconds% seconds before you can recycle again.
catalog.gift_wrapping.pick_box=Pick a box
direct.sms.buy.product.UK.31=£ 3
catalog_typeurname=Please type your name
catalog.club_gift.past_club=Your past HC length: %days% days
vip.benefits.details=<b>What You Get:</b> VIP Badge, 2-colored clothing, extra hairstyles, additional room layouts, exclusive Furniture gifts, free Marketplace Tokens, ability to create your own Groups, unlimited SnowStorm games, more friends on your list and more!
catalog.marketplace.cancel_failed=Cancelling an offer failed
recycler.prizes.odds.4=%odds% chances to get this one. Good luck!
catalog.marketplace.offer.redeem=Get Credits
catalog.gift_wrapping_new.price=price: + %price%
recycler.prizes.odds.5=You only have %odds% chance of getting this. You can do it!
catalog.charge.currentamount=Current charges: %charges%
catalog.alert.petname.long=Pet name is too long.
catalog.club.buy.confirm.price=Price: %price% Credits
notifications.text.activitypoints.3=%change% gift points received, you now have %count%.
catalog.club.buy.info.hc=Still HC? Upgrade your subscription now to VIP or  continue your existing HC membership!
catalog.alert.petname.long.additionalInfo=Pet name is too long (max %additional_info% characters).
recycler.prizes.odds.1=You can always get one of these if all else fails.
recycler.prizes.odds.2=You have %odds% chance to get one of these.
recycler.prizes.odds.3=%odds% chances to get one of these.
catalog.club.item.header.upgradehctovip=Upgrade HC to VIP
catalog.purchase.confirmation.dialog.price.credits_and_activitypoints.0=%credits% Credit(s) + %pixels% Pixels
catalog.purchase.confirmation.dialog.price.credits_and_activitypoints.1=%credits% Credit(s) + %activitypoints% Snowflakes
catalog.purchase.confirmation.dialog.price.credits_and_activitypoints.2=%credits% Credit(s) + %activitypoints% Hearts
catalog.gift_wrapping.price=Gift wrapping cost %price% Credits.
catalog.club.buy.confirm.product=You're purchasing: %days% days of %club%
catalog.alert.recycler.inventory=You have to pick up the furniture before you can put it in the Ecotron.
catalog.club.buy.confirm.desc.vip.vip=You are about to extend your subscription to Habbo VIP Club. Glad to see you continue your subscription!
catalog.purchase.confirmation.dialog.price.credits_and_activitypoints.4=%credits% Credit(s) + %activitypoints% Shells
vip.benefits.title=Stand Out From The Crowd
catalog.club.buy.confirm=Subscription confirmation
catalog.voucher.empty.desc=You didn't enter a voucher code
catalog.club.buy.header.upgrade=What is VIP upgrade?
catalog.club_gift.club_missing=%days% more days of subsciption required
catalog.club.buy.info.none=Get your membership now, get the best deal on HC or go for the ultimate VIP subscription!
catalog.alert.notenough.credits.description=You don´t have enough Credits for this. Click 'ok' to see different ways of getting Credits.
direct.sms.buy.product.US.31=4.99 US$
catalog.start.guild.purchase.button=Create Your Group (VIP Required)
recycler.alert.non.recyclable=This furniture is not recyclable.
catalog.buy.widget.get.club.button=Get Habbo Club!
catalog.vip.extend.title=Want More VIP?
catalog.marketplace.not_available_title=Purchase error
catalog.vip.gift.title=Give VIP as a Gift
catalog.club_gift.vip_missing.long=%months% months, %days% days of VIP required
catalog.club.item.header=%months% month
catalog.alert.petname.chars.additionalInfo=Forbidden characters ("%additional_info%") in name, try again.
catalog.alert.petname.short.additionalInfo=Pet name is too short (at least %additional_info% characters).
catalog.page.latest_added=New Items
catalog.marketplace.confirm_higher_title=Price changed
catalog.vip.buy.confirm.end_date=Valid until: %month%/%day%/%year%
catalog.song.length=Length %min%:%sec% min
catalog.vip.item.header.days=%{NUM_DAYS|0 days|1 day|%% days}
catalog.purchase.confirmation.dialog.price.activitypoints.1=%activitypoints% Snowflakes
catalog.purchase.confirmation.dialog.price.activitypoints.0=%pixels% Pixels
catalog.vip.buy.confirm.subscription.days=%NUM_DAYS%-day VIP subscription
catalog.purchase.price.activitypoints.4=%activitypoints% Shells
catalog.purse.club.join=Join HC >>
catalog.club_gift.available=You have %amount% gift(s) available. Select from the list below!
catalog.purchase.price.activitypoints.3=%activitypoints% gift points
catalog.purchase.confirmation.dialog.price.activitypoints.4=%activitypoints% Shells
catalog.purchase.price.activitypoints.0=%pixels% Pixels
catalog.purchase.confirmation.dialog.price.activitypoints.2=%activitypoints% hearts
catalog.purchase.price.activitypoints.2=%activitypoints% Hearts
catalog.marketplace.offer_details.chart_title.trade_volume=Trade volumes during last %days% days
catalog.alert.voucherredeem.error.description.3=This voucher must be redeemed in Habbo Web.
catalog.purchase.confirmation.dialog.price.activitypoints.3=%activitypoints% gift points
catalog.purchase.price.activitypoints.1=%activitypoints% Snowflakes
catalog.gift_wrapping_new.name_hint=Receiver (always add a Habbo name)
catalog.page.quest.identity=Pixel Furni
catalog.vip.extend.info=Even though you still have <b>%days% days</b> left of your VIP subscription, you can easily extend your life in the fast lane and continue to enjoy the benefits of VIP!
catalog.club.buy.remaining.vip=VIP remaining: %days% days
catalog.alert.petname.bobba.additionalInfo=Name contained forbidden words, try again. The problematic part starts at "%additional_info%"
catalog.club_gift.club_missing.long=%months% months, %days% days of subsciption required
catalog.club.buy.header.none=HC or VIP?
catalog.club_gift.past_vip=Your past VIP length: %days% days
catalog.marketplace.operation_failed.topic=Problem with offer
catalog.alert.voucherredeem.error.description.1=Technical error! Cannot redeem voucher. Please note that codes never include the following letters: i, l, o, w. Please enter code without spaces.
catalog.gift_wrapping.receiver=Receiver (always add a Habbo name)
catalog.club.buy.confirm.amount=Your subscription will last until: %month%/%day%/%year%
catalog.marketplace.view_more=Item info
catalog.alert.voucherredeem.error.description.0=The code you entered is not valid, please check it and try again.
catalog.marketplace.offer_details.chart_title.price_development=Average sale price during last %days% days
catalog.club_gift.vip_missing=%days% more days of VIP required
catalog.marketplace.offer_details.trade_volume=Trade volume
catalog.gift_wrapping_new.ribbon.0=Red silk knot ribbon
catalog.vip.buy.link=All VIP benefits >>
catalog.marketplace.offer_details.back=Back to item list
catalog.marketplace.offer.time_left=Time left: %time%
catalog.purse.clubdays=Habbo Club: %months%m %days%d >>
catalog.vip.buy.confirm.extension.months=%NUM_MONTHS%-month VIP extension
catalog.club_gift.no_club=You are not a club member.
recycler.info.finished=Recycling is complete. You have made a great environmentally friendly decision. All the Recycled items you received have been made from old items which helps to save natural resources and reduce pollution.
catalog.marketplace.offer_details.average_price=Average price in last %days% days: %average% Credits
catalog.marketplace.offer.price_own_item=Price: %price% Credits
catalog.page.specialeffects=Special Effects
play_preview=Play Preview
catalog.alert.purchasenotallowed.hc.description=You have to be a member of Habbo Club to be able to buy this.
catalog.marketplace.no_items=No items found
catalog.gift_wrapping.title=Customize your gift
catalog.gift_wrapping_new.ribbon.2=Blue silk knot ribbon
catalog.gift_wrapping_new.ribbon.1=Golden silk knot ribbon
catalog.gift_wrapping.pick_color=Choose a color for the box
catalog.gift_wrapping_new.ribbon.4=Green bow
catalog.gift_wrapping_new.ribbon.3=Pink bow
catalog.alert.voucherredeem.ok.title=Voucher processed
catalog.alert.voucherredeem.ok.description=Voucher process succeeded! Credit balance updated.
catalog.alert.petname.chars=Name contained forbidden characters, try again.
catalog.gift_wrapping_new.ribbon.6=Plain ribbon
catalog.gift_wrapping_new.ribbon.5=White bow
catalog.gift_wrapping_new.ribbon.7=Organic ribbon
catalog.alert.notenough.activitypoints.title.3=Not Enough Gift Points!
catalog.alert.notenough.activitypoints.title.2=Not enough Hearts!
catalog.club.buy.link=Compare the benefits >>
catalog.club_gift.confirm=Confirm selection
catalog.alert.notenough.activitypoints.title.1=Not Enough Snowflakes!
catalog.alert.notenough.activitypoints.title.0=Not Enough Pixels!
catalog.club.buy.confirm.desc.hc.vip.period=You're about to upgrade your existing Habbo Club subscription to the VIP Club. The upgrade will convert your remaining Club Subscription to VIP based on the price difference between the subscriptions, and then give you 10 Credits worth of VIP.
catalog.alert.notenough.activitypoints.title.4=Not Enough Shells!
catalog.gift_wrapping.use_free=I don't want that, use free wrapping instead
catalog.charge.info=Load %patch_size% more charges. The cost is %cost%. You have %balance%.
shopping_asagift=Gift this to another user
catalog.vip.buy.confirm.subscription.months=%NUM_MONTHS%-month VIP subscription
catalog.buy.widget.get.vip.button=Get VIP!
catalog.marketplace.offer.price_public_item=Price: %price% (Average: %average%)
catalog.club_gift.past_club.long=Your past HC length: %months% months, %days% days
catalog.alert.petname.bobba=Name contained forbidden words, try again.
catalog.buy.widget.get.club.to.unlock.this.product=This item is HC only
catalog.purchase.price.credits_and_activitypoints.4=%credits% Credit(s) + %activitypoints% Shells
catalog.purchase.confirmation.dialog.buyasgift.checkbox=This is a gift for:
catalog.purchase.price.credits_and_activitypoints.2=%credits% Credit(s) + %activitypoints% Hearts
catalog.club.buy.header.viporhc=HC or VIP?
catalog.marketplace.items_found=Found %count% items
catalog.purse.creditbalance=Credits: %balance% >>
vip.benefits.description=<b><font size="24">Create</font></b><br/>Your own groups and awesome rooms!<br/><br/><b><font size="24">Show Off</font></b><br/>Your style with exclusive clothing and hairstyles!<br/><br/><b><font size="24">Play</font></b><br/>As many games of SnowStorm as you want!
purse.redeem.code.failed_technical=Technical error! Cannot redeem voucher. Please note that codes never include the following letters: i, l, o, w. Please enter code without spaces.
catalog.marketplace.search_price=Price between
catalog.buy.widget.upgrade.club.button=Upgrade to VIP!
catalog.purchase.confirmation.dialog.price.credits=%credits% Credit(s)
purse_youhave=You have
catalog.club.buy.remaining.hc=HC remaining: %days% days
catalog.marketplace.confirm_header=Confirm purchase
catelog.redeem.dialog.readmore.description=Read more
catalog.alert.petname.length=Pet name is too long.
catalog.purchase.price.credits=%credits% Credit(s)
catalog.purchase_confirmation.title=Confirm purchase
catalog.marketplace.offer.sold=This item is sold
catalog.gift_wrapping_new.box.6=Wooden box
catalog.page.club=VIP Club
catalog.gift_wrapping_new.box.2=Glamor box
catalog.gift_wrapping_new.box.3=Cardboard box
catalog.gift_wrapping_new.box.default=Basic gift box
catalog.gift_wrapping_new.box.4=Steel box
catalog.vip.gift.info=Give the gift of VIP to someone you like, and they'll also get a bonus VIP Duck!
catalog.gift_wrapping_new.box.5=Ice cube box
catalog.alert.purchaseerror.description=There was a problem processing your purchase. Please retry.
catalog.alert.purchasenotallowed.unknown.description=Sorry, but you are doing something illegal.
catalog.purse.vipdays=VIP: %months%m %days%d >>
catalog.redeem.dialog.title=Credits Exchange
catalog.gift_wrapping_new.box.0=Royal box
catalog.gift_wrapping_new.box.1=Imperial box
catalog.club.buy.remaining=HC remaining: %days% days
catalog.alert.published.title=Please re-open the Shop.
catalog.guild_selector.members_only=Create or join a group to buy group furniture.
direct.sms.buy.title=Go on, be a VIP!
catalog.gift_wrapping.pick_wrapping=Pick a wrapping
catalog.purchase.price.credits_and_activitypoints.0=%credits% Credit(s) + %pixels% Pixels
catalog.guild_selector.find_groups=Find groups to join!
catalog.purchase.price.credits_and_activitypoints.1=%credits% Credit(s) + %activitypoints% Snowflakes
catalog.club_gift.past_vip.long=Your past VIP length: %months% months, %days% days
catalog.marketplace.search_name=Search name
catalog.club.buy.header.hc=What is VIP upgrade?
catalog.club.info.header=Habbo Club
catalog.marketplace.offer_details.price_development=Price development
catalog.marketplace.offer_details.offer_count=Offer count: %count%
catalog.gift_wrapping.give_gift=Give this gift
catalog.gift_wrapping.pick_ribbon=Pick a ribbon
catalog.marketplace.redeem.get_credits=%count% offer(s) have been sold. Click on Get Credits to get your Credits. Credits waiting: %credits%
recycler.alert.trading=Recycling cannot begin while you are trading. Please close the safe trading box before recycling.
catalog.club.buy.confirm.desc.none.vip=You are about to subscribe to Habbo VIP Club. Cool!
catalog.alert.petname.empty=Please enter a name for your pet!
catalog.charge.title=Charge Furniture
catalog.club.buy.confirm.before=You now have: %days% days of Habbo Club
catalog.club_gift.not_available=No club gifts available
catalog.club.buy.confirm.desc.none.hc=You are about to subscribe to Habbo Club. Cool!
catalog.page.club_gifts=Club Gifts
catalog.purchase_confirmation.gift.title=Purchase Gift
catalog.page.quest.room_builder=Pixel Furni
catalog.club.buy.confirm.after=After upgrade: %days% days of VIP membership
catalog.vip.buy.confirm.product=%months%-month VIP %{upgrade|extension|subscription|}
catalog.purchase.confirmation.dialog.title=Order Info
catalog.purchase.confirmation.dialog.buyasgift.greetings.info=Type your greetings here (don't forget to put your name!):
catalog.gift_wrapping.receiver_not_found.info=Please try again.
catalog.marketplace.offer_details.price=Cheapest price: %price% Credits
catalog.vip.item.header.months=%{NUM_MONTHS|0 months|1 month|%% months}
vip.benefits.caption=VIP Benefits
catalog.club.buy.confirm.desc.hc.vip=You are about to subscribe to Habbo Club. Cool!
catalog.marketplace.sort_order=Sort order
catalog.marketplace.confirm_higher_header=Someone already bough that! It is now available at a new price.
catalog.club.buy.header.vip=VIP Club
purse_voucherbutton=Redeem Credits
catalog.alert.notenough.title=Not enough Credits
catalog.vip.buy.confirm.extension.days=%NUM_DAYS%-day VIP extension
catalog.club.item.header.upgrade=%months% month upgrade
catalog.alert.voucherredeem.error.title=Error processing voucher
purse_buy_coins=Buy Credits
catalog.alert.voucherredeem.ok.description.furni=Voucher process succeeded! You got the following furniture: %productName%, %productDescription%
catalog.marketplace.search_by_activity=By activity
catalog.page.groupfurni=Group Furni
catalog.gift_wrapping_new.message_hint=Write your best wishes here!
catalog.gift_wrapping_new.freeprice=Price: Free
catalog.gift_wrapping.show_face.title=Show my name and face on the  gift tag
recycler.prizes.category.5=Urban Legend
catalog.purchase.youractivitypoints.4=Shells: %activitypoints%
catalog.gift_wrapping_new.message_from=- %name%
catalog.alert.purchasenotallowed.title=Sorry, this item cannot be bought.
catalog.purchase.youractivitypoints.3=Gift points: %activitypoints%
catalog.purchase.youractivitypoints.2=Hearts: %activitypoints%
catalog.purchase.youractivitypoints.1=Snowflakes: %activitypoints%
catalog.marketplace.offer.pick=Take back
catalog.alert.purchaseerror.title=Oops, please try again.
catalog.alert.voucherredeem.error.description=We could not process your voucher code. Please retry and check the spelling extra carefully.
catalog.marketplace.search_by_value=By value
catalog.club_gift.selectable=You can select this gift
catalog.club_gift.days_until_next=Your next club gift is available in %days% days.
catalog.alert.notenough.creditsandpixels.description=You don't have enough Credits and Pixels. Click 'ok' to see different ways of getting Credits.
catalog.marketplace.confirm_price=Price: %price% Credits
catalog.marketplace.not_available_header=All the items of that type were sold already.
catalog.page.quest.social=Pixel Furni
snowwar.add_friend.tooltip=Ask to be a friend
snowwar.team_2_wins=Red Team wins!
snowwar.team_1_wins=Blue Team wins!
snowwar.leave_game=Leave game?
snowwar.friend_request.sent=Friend request sent!
snowwar.lobby_game_start_countdown=%{seconds|0 seconds|1 second|%% seconds} until the storm!
snowwar.results.games_left=Free Games Left:
snowwar.results.get_more_games=Subscribe to VIP for unlimited play
snowwar.play=Play now!
snowwar.instructions.4=Pro-Tip: Hold the SHIFT key down to throw to an empty tile. Hold ALT to throw over obstacles.
snowwar.result.tie=Game Was A Tie!
snowwar.instructions.1=Click an opponent to throw a snowball at them.
snowwar.waiting_players=Waiting for players
snowwar.lobby_arena_queue_position=Position in queue: %position%
snowwar.instructions.3=You have limited snowballs. Make more with the green button.
snowwar.instructions.2=Avoid getting hit by moving around.
snowwar.get_more_games=Get UNLIMITED games with VIP!
snowwar.games_left=Your free games today:
snowwar.leaderboard.all=High Scores
snowwar.description=Hit or get hit! Play against other Habbos in epic snowball battles!
snowwar.please_wait=Please wait (%seconds%)
snowwar.lobby_waiting_for_more_players=Waiting for more players...
snowwar.most_kills=Most K.O.'s
snowwar.descriptionBody=Play against other Habbos in epic snowball battles!
snowwar.field.name.11=Fight Night
snowwar.field.name.10=Forbidden Forest
snowwar.loading_arena=Waiting for players
snowwar.rematch=Rematch (%seconds%)
snowwar.instructions.link=How To Play
snowwar.exit.confirmation=If you leave, you will lose the game and gain no score. You cannot join a new game for two minutes.
snowwar.descriptionHeader=Hit or get hit!
snowwar.field.name.8=Arctic Island
snowwar.field.name.9=Dragon Top
snowwar.exit.title=Leave game?
snowwar.most_hits=Most Hits
snowwar.new_game=New game
snowwar.promotion=Play SnowStorm Shuffle for free!
snowwar.leaderboard.friends=Friends' Scores
snowwar.loading.title=Get ready!
snowwar.exit.yes=Leave game
infostand.button.useproduct_shampoo=Use Shampoo
useproduct.widget.info.saddle=You can use your saddle to ride your horse.
widgets.memenu.effects.activate=Activate Effect
infostand.button.givebadge=Give Badge
useproduct.widget.text.custompart=Customize your horse with %productName%.
infostand.button.trade.tooltip.shutdown=Trading is disabled.
infostand.text.petrespect=Been scratched: %count%
infostand.button.useproduct_custom_part_shampoo=Use Hair Shampoo
infostand.button.saddleoff=Remove Saddle
infostand.text.petowner=Owner: %name%
infostand.title.givebadge=Select Badge
infostand.link.more=More actions
infostand.button.useproduct_custom_part=Use item
infostand.button.friend=Ask to be a Friend
infostand.button.buyfood=Buy Food
useproduct.widget.info.shampoo=This item can only be used once!
infostand.text.achievement_score=Achievement score:
widgets.memenu.effects.active.timeleft=%time_left% time left
infostand.jukebox.text.not.playing=Not playing any song
useproduct.widget.text.saddle=Add a saddle to your horse to ride him.
infostand.jukebox.text.now.playing=Now Playing
useproduct.widget.info.custompart=This item can only be used once!
infostand.text.xp=Monthly XP: %xp%
infostand.button.buy=Buy from the Shop
useproduct.widget.text.shampoo=Give horse %productName% skin tone.
infostand.button.petrespect=Scratch (%count%)
infostand.button.buy_saddle=Buy Saddle
infostand.button.useproduct_saddle=Use Saddle
infostand.rent.expiration=Rental expires in %minutes% minutes
infostand.motto.change=Update your motto...
useproduct.widget.text.custompartshampoo=Color your pet's hair with this tantallizing %productName% hair style.
infostand.button.pickup=Pick up
infostand.button.removerights=Remove rights
infostand.button.trade.tooltip.tradingroom=This room is not a trading room.
infostand.button.respect=Give respect (%count%)
infostand.button.trade.tooltip.rights=You don't have trading enabled!
infostand.button.useproduct=Use item
useproduct.widget.title=Customize %name%
infostand.button.giverights=Give rights
useproduct.widget.info.custompartshampoo=This item can only be used once!
infostand.text.handitem=Carrying: %item%
friendlist.avatarpopup.lastaccess=Last visit: %last_access%
friendlist.tip.invite=Invite friends
friendlist.tip.declineall=Decline all
friendbar.stream.info=Stream Info
friendbar.request.title=Friend Request
friendbar.requests.discard=Decline all
friendbar.stream.link.open_achievements=Check your achievements
friendlist.tip.search=Search users
friendbar.stream.faq.text.2=You and your friends can see the following actions:  Who you added to your friends list; Which rooms you liked; Which Achievements you earned; When you have updated your motto; When you have updated your status and when you send a mass message through the Stream.
friendbar.stream.faq.text.3=If you have additional questions please check our FAQ in the Help section.
friendlist.tip.inbox=Minimail inbox
friendbar.stream.settings.see.more=See more
friendbar.stream.faq.text.0=The Habbo Friends Stream lets you keep up-to-date with everything that's going on with your friends in Habbo. Turning on the Stream allows you to see what rooms your friends have visited and liked, new friends they've recently made, what Achievements they've earned, if they've changed their motto and what rooms they've recently redecorated. You can also send a mass message through the Stream to all your friends!
friendbar.stream.faq.text.1=The only people who can see your activities are your friends, likewise you'll only be able to see your friends' activities. If you want to stop someone from seeing your updates, you'll have to remove them from your Friends List.
friendbar.stream.view.title=%name%'s Stream
friendlist.listfull.text=Your friend list has reached the maximum amount of Habbos! For regular Habbos the limit is %mylimit%, if you upgrade your account to VIP you get %clublimit%, and VIPs get to have %viplimit% friends in their lists!
friendbar.find.success.title=This is a friend finding room
friendbar.stream.link.visit_room=Visit the Room
friend.bar.find.button=Go get friends
friendlist.tip.compose=Send minimail
friendbar.stream.type.motto_changed=has a new motto: %targetString%
friendlist.removefriendconfirm.title=Confirm remove
friendbar.stream.type.achievement_earned=has earned the "%targetString%" achievement!
friendlist.tip.im=Send a message
friendbar.stream.link.open_motto_changer=Change your motto
friendlist.tab.friendrequests=Friend Requests
friendbar.stream.type.room_decorated=has just decorated %targetString% with %targetCount% new items!
friendbar.find.success.text=Click on the other Habbos you see on the screen, and then click 'Ask to Be a Friend' to send them a friend request.
friendbar.stream.faq.title.3=I have additional questions!
friendbar.stream.hotel_manager.title=Kitano, Hotel Manager
friendbar.requests.title=Friend Requests
friendlist.requests.dismissall=Decline all
friendlist.tip.addfriend=Send friend request
friendlist.tip.remove=Remove friend
friendbar.stream.empty.title=You don't have any stream notifications yet.
friendlist.error.friendlistlimitofrequester=Cannot send friend request, your friends friend list is full!
friendbar.stream.type.room_liked=really liked the room "%targetString%"!
friendbar.stream.type.friend_made=is now friends with %targetString%!
friendbar.stream.faq.title.1=Who can see what I'm sharing?
friendbar.notify.game=is playing a game
friendbar.stream.faq.title.2=What information is shared?
friendbar.stream.faq.title.0=What is the Friends Stream?
friendlist.search.nofriendsfound=No friends found
friendbar.notify.achievement=earned an achievement
friendbar.stream.title=Friend Stream
friendbar.stream.settings.header=The Friend Stream allows you and your friends to follow the highlights of your recent activities. Enabling this feature will publish your actions to everyone on your friends list.
friendbar.stream.link.friend_request=Add %targetString% as a friend
friendlist.search.friendscaption=Friends (%cnt%)  :
friendbar.stream.minutes.ago=%value% minutes ago
friendbar.stream.link.friend_made=See users %avatar% profile
friendbar.stream.link.open_catalog=Open catalog
friend.bar.find.text=Looking for new friends? Visit a friend finding room.
friendlist.tip.tab.1=Your friends
friendlist.tip.tab.3=Search for Habbos
friendlist.tip.tab.2=Friend requests
friendlist.friendrequestsent.text=%user_name% has been sent your friend request. They will be added to your Friends List if they accept it.
friendbar.stream.status.default=What's up?
friendbar.stream.type.join_group=Joined a Group: %groupName%
friendbar.stream.hours.ago=%value% hours ago
friendlist.requests.acceptall=Accept all
friendlist.weblinkinfo=Link opened to web page
friendlist.requests.norequests=No friend requests
friendbar.stream.days.ago=%value% days ago
friendlist.invite.summary=Inviting %count% people to this room.
friendlist.tip.searchstr=Enter search
friendlist.friends.offlinecaption=Offline Friends
friendbar.stream.welcome.title=Welcome to Friend Stream!
friendbar.notify.quest=completed a quest
friendlist.error.friend_requests_disabled=Cannot send friend request! Habbo is not accepting new friends.
friendlist.followerror.offline=Your friend is offline.
friendlist.followerror.hotelview=Your friend is not in a room so you cannot follow them.
friendbar.stream.settings.close=Close Settings
friendbar.find.error.text=Please try again later...
friendbar.stream.type.create_group=Created a Group: %groupName%
friendlist.removefriendconfirm.userlist=Remove friends: %user_names%?
friendbar.stream.welcome=With the Friend Stream you and your friends can share what you've been up to in Habbo! Turn on the Friend Stream now to get connected and share with your friends.
friendlist.tip.mail=Send minimail
friendlist.invite.emptyalert.text=Invite friends to this room:
friendbar.stream.sharing=Achievements, Room likes, Motto changes, New friendships
friend.bar.find.title=Find new friends
friendlist.invite.note=Make sure you can be followed.
friendbar.stream.link.open_mini_profile=View %targetString%'s profile
friend.bar.message.tip=Have a private chat with your friend
friend.bar.game.tip=Play %game%
friendbar.link.friendlist=List all friends
friendbar.notify.messenger=sent you a message
friendbar.stream.type.join_room_event=Joined the room event "%targetString%"!
friendlist.tip.home=Home page
friendbar.find.error.title=Failed to access a friend finding room
friendlist.search.otherscaption=Other Habbos (%cnt%) :
friendbar.stream.type.pet_purchase=Bought a beautiful pet called "%name%"!
friendbar.requests.accept=Accept all
friendbar.stream.sharing.title=What's Shared?
friendlist.tip.acceptall=Accept all
friendlist.error.requestnotfound=Cannot send friend request, Habbo was not found!
friendlist.followerror.prevented=Your friend has prevented others from following him/her.
friendbar.stream.hotel_manager_message=Latest news from Hotel Staff
friendlist.search.noothersfound=No users found
friendbar.stream.settings.enable=Enable stream
friendlist.tip.preferences=Edit categories
friendlist.error.friendlistownlimit=Cannot send friend request, your friend list is full!
friendbar.stream.open_external_link=Read more
friend.bar.visit.tip=Go to same room with your friend
friendlist.followerror.notfriend=The user you tried to follow is not on your friend list anymore, so you cannot follow him/her.
friendbar.notify.event=started an event
catalog.purchase.publish=Share in Stream
roomevent_type_9=Group Events
roomevent_default_name=Event name..
roomevent_type_6=Grand Openings
roomevent_type_5=Debates & Discussion
roomevent_type_1=Parties & Music
interface_icon_events=Open the room event browser
roomevent_invalid_input=You must give your event a name and a description.
roomevent_type_4=Earth Hour Gatherings
roomevent_not_available=Sorry, no events available
roomevent_type_0=Hottest Events
roomevent_quit=End event
roomevent_browser_create=Host an event
roomevent_type_11=Help Desk
roomevent_create_description=Describe your event
roomevent_starttime=Started at:
roomevent_create_name=Type the name of your event
roomevent_default_desc=Event description..
messenger.notification.online=Your friend came online.
messenger.notification.offline=Your friend went offline.
messenger.error.busy=Your friend is busy.
messenger.error.sendermuted=Your message was not sent because you are muted.
messenger.error.notfriend=Receiver is not your friend anymore.
messenger.invitation=Your friend sent you an invitation:
messenger.minimail.tooltip=Send minimail to your friend
messenger.moderationinfo=Sharing your password or personal details online is dangerous. The moderators might monitor these conversations for your safety.
messenger.info=Choose a friend from Your online friend list and send an instant message or an invite.
messenger.followfriend.tooltip=Go to room your friend is currently in
messenger.error.receivermuted=Your friend is muted and cannot reply.
messenger.error.offline=Your friend is not online.
hubu.info=Thanks for visiting the Info Bus. We're closed right now. For information on when the bus may be open in the future please visit www.Habbo.com/groups/InfoBus.
hubu.dialog.title=Info Bus
navigator.flatctrls.removeconfirm.title=Remove All Rights?
navigator.zoom.in=Zoom in
navigator.createroom.nameerr=Room name is mandatory!
navigator.thumbeditor.caption=Edit Navigator room icon
navigator.search.tags=...or select tag below
navigator.cannonaddfavourite.exists=This room is already in your favorites.
room.queue.error.e1=This room is currently available only to Habbos participating to the event.
navigator.navisel.visitedrooms=Rooms I've recently visited
navigator.flatctrls.guild.caption=No room rights management for Group Homerooms
navigator.eventsettings.name=Event name
navigator.roomsettings.roominfo=Room info
navigator.roomsettings.deleteroom.confirm.title=Confirm room deletion
navigator.roomsettings.passwordismandatory=You must enter a valid password
navigator.cannonaddfavourite.full=Your favorite list is full.
room.queue.spectator.position=Your position in the spectator queue: %position%
navigator.navisel.highestscore=Rooms with highest scores
navigator.roomname=Room name
navigator.roomsettings.nonuserchoosabletag=Reserved for staff use
navigator.guildbase=This room is the homeroom for the %groupName% Group-
navigator.roomsettings.roomnameismandatory=You must enter a name for your room
navigator.navisel.mainattractions=Main attractions
navigator.createroom.hcpromo.link=Click here to
navigator.favouritedeleted=Favorite %room_name% deleted!
navigator.noroomsfound=No rooms found
navigator.searchusers=Search users
navigator.createroom.vippromo.link=More about VIP membership >>
navigator.roomsettings.hide_walls=Hide room walls (VIP only)
navigator.roominfo.makehome=Make Homeroom
navigator.navisel.wherearemyfriends=Rooms where my friends are
navigator.roomsettings.vip.caption=VIP Extras
navigator.roomsettings.removeallflatctrls=Remove all
navigator.banned.title=You are banned from this room.
navigator.flatctrls.clear=Clear All
navigator.roomsettings.basiccaption=Basic room settings
navigator.roomsettings=Room settings
navigator.thumbeditor.selectpos=Define place:
navigator.createroom.chooselayoutcaption=Choose room layout
navigator.roomsettings.trade_not_with_Controller=Only room owner can trade
navigator.roomsettings.floor_thickness.normal=Normal floors
navigator.createroom.limitreached=You are not allowed to own more than %limit% rooms.
navigator.password.info=This room is locked with a password. Please enter the correct password to access the room.
navigator.usercounttooltip.users=Amount of Habbos currently in this room
navigator.notagsfound=No popular tags found
navigator.password.retryinfo=Wrong password. Please retry, or cancel entering the room.
navigator.createroom.title=Room creation
room.queue.error.title=Cannot enter room.
room.queue.link=Habbo Club members bypass the queue!
navigator.eventsettings.desc=Event description
navigator.password.button.try=Try password
navigator.error.nosuchflat.message=Could not delete the room, since it doesn't exist or you are not the owner.
navigator.thumbeditor.caption.bg=Select background image
navigator.roominfo.clearhome=Remove home
navigator.flatctrls.removeconfirm.info=Remove rights from ALL users to this room?
navigator.usercounttooltip.staticsearch=Amount of Habbos in rooms that match this search
navigator.roomsettings.doormode.password=Password is required to enter this room
navigator.frontpage.officialrooms=Official Habbo Rooms
navigator.guestroomfull.text=Sorry, the room you tried to enter is full.
navigator.roomsettings.pets=Pet Settings
navigator.staffpicks.unpick=Remove from staff picked rooms
navigator.roomsettings.toadvancedsettings=Advanced settings
navigator.frontpage.staticsearch.1=Popular Rooms
room.queue.back=Back to visitor queue
navigator.frontpage.staticsearch.5=My Rooms
navigator.frontpage.staticsearch.6=Favorite Rooms
navigator.frontpage.staticsearch.4=Where are my friends?
navigator.frontpage.staticsearch.9=Tag Search
navigator.frontpage.staticsearch.8=Text Search
navigator.roomsettings.unacceptablewords=Unacceptable words!
navigator.eventstartedat=Started at:
navigator.usercounttooltip.friends=Amount of friends are in this room
navigator.doorbell.button.ring=Ring doorbell
navigator.roominfo.editevent=Edit Event
navigator.roomsettings.deleteroom.confirm.message=Are you sure you want to delete %room_name%? All the furniture (excluding wallpaper, floor, landscapes and stickie notes) will moved to "My Stuff".
navigator.createroom.vippromo.text=Become a VIP and get even more room layouts!
navigator.roomsettings.roomaccess.info=Select access rights for the room. Open means everyone can enter; Locked restricts access to Habbos with a password; Private means Habbos have to ring your doorbell and wait to be let in.
navigator.roomsettings.trade_not_allowed=Trading not allowed
navigator.textsearchresults=Found %room_count% rooms
navigator.roomsettings.wall_thickness.thin=Thin walls
room.queue.spectator.position.hc=Your position in the VIP spectator queue: %position%
navigator.createroom.roomnameinfo=Room name
room.queue.spectator.info=In spectator mode you can spectate the room.
navigator.flatctrls.userswithrights=Users with rights (%displayed%/%total%)
navigator.roominfo.removefromfavourites=Remove from favorites
navigator.roomsettings.floor_thickness.thin=Thin floors
navigator.navibutton.4=Where Are They?
navigator.navibutton.3=My Friends' Rooms
room.queue.spectatormode=Change to spectator view
navigator.navibutton.6=My Favorites
navigator.navibutton.5=My Rooms
navigator.createroom.create=Create room
navigator.navibutton.2=Highest Score
navigator.navibutton.1=Popular Rooms
navigator.navibutton.7=Visited rooms
navigator.navibutton.9=By Category
navigator.eventinprogress=Event In Progress
navigator.roomsettings.allow_walk_through=Room blocking disabled
navigator.roomsettings.wall_thickness.thick=Thick walls
navigator.clearsearchresults=Clear results
navigator.roominfo.clearhome.tooltip=This room is your Homeroom. Click here to remove your Home Room setting.
navigator.createevent=Create event
navigator.tohotelview.tooltip=Exit current room.
navigator.roominfo.addtofavourites=Add to favorites
navigator.navisel.alllatestevents=Show all
navigator.roomsettings.flatctrls.info=Choose users from the list above and then click "Remove" to take away their rights to this room. Click "Remove All" to remove rights from all users.
navigator.thumbeditor.bgtab=Background image
navigator.editroom=Edit Room
navigator.roomsettings.flatctrls.caption=%cnt% users have rights to this room
navigator.roomsettings.advancedcaption=Advanced room settings
navigator.embed.caption=Link to this room
room.queue.error.c=This room is for Habbo Club members only. In order to enter, you need to join Habbo Club.
navigator.createroom.error=Cannot create room
navigator.roomsettings.roomaccess.caption=Room Access
navigator.search.info=Type your search words here...
navigator.roomsettings.trade_allowed=Everyone can trade
navigator.createroom.hcpromo.text=Join the Habbo Club with 15 Credits and get more room layouts.
navigator.error.nosuchflat.title=Could not delete room
navigator.createroom.vippromo=VIP members can have more rooms! >>
navigator.roomsettings.invalidconfirm=The passwords don't match
navigator.roomsettings.flatctrls.limitinfo=Showing first %cnt% users, most recently added users first.
navigator.roomsettings.passwordconfirm=Re-type password:
navigator.roomsettings.doormode.doorbell=Visitors have to ring the doorbell
navigator.alllatestevents=Show all
navigator.tradesettings=Trade Settings
navigator.roomsettings.delete=Delete this room
navigator.roomsettings.doormode=Access to this room:
navigator.navisel.myrooms=Rooms owned by me
navigator.eventsettings.editcaption=Edit event
navigator.navibutton.11=Official Rooms
navigator.navibutton.10=Front Page
navigator.embed.copytoclipboard=Copy to clipboard
navigator.frontpage=Front page
navigator.password.enter=Enter password
navigator.ownedbystaff=Habbo Hotel Staff
navigator.eventsettings.nameerr=You must choose a name for your event
navigator.flatctrls.friends=Friends without rights (%displayed%/%total%)
navigator.roomsettings.advanced_settings=Advanced Settings
navigator.tagsearchresults=Found %room_count% rooms matching %tag_name%
navigator.removefavourite=Remove Favorite
navigator.info.doorbell=Room door is locked. Owner may open the door from inside.
navigator.roomsettings.desc=Add a description
navigator.makefavourite.tooltip=Click here to add this room to your favorites list.
navigator.roomsettings.vip.info=Customize your walls and floors! You can choose whether or not the walls of your room are visible, and how thick the walls and floors are.
room.queue.title=Room queue
navigator.roomsettings.tobasicsettings=Basic settings
navigator.zoom.out=Zoom out
navigator.eventsettings.descerr=Event description is mandatory
navigator.info.password=Password is required to enter this room.
room.queue.position.hc=Your position in the VIP queue: %position%
navigator.roomsettings.wall_thickness.normal=Normal walls
navigator.doorbell.waiting=The doorbell is ringing, waiting for someone to open the door...
navigator.thumbeditor.toptab=Top layer
navigator.roomsettings.doormode.open=Open - anyone can enter
navigator.roomsettings.floor_thickness.thick=Thick floors
navigator.thumbeditor.caption.obj=Select image for the top
navigator.roomsettings.floor_thickness.thinnest=Thinnest floors
navigator.roomsettings.save=Save settings
navigator.doorbell.button.cancel.entering=Cancel entering the room
navigator.guestroomfull.title=Cannot Enter Room!
navigator.roomsettings.editthumbnail=Edit navigator icon
navigator.maxvisitors=Maximum amount of visitors
navigator.banned.text=Sorry, but the owner of this room has banned you. You cannot enter this room.
navigator.roomsettings.vip_settings=VIP Settings
navigator.navisel.myfriendsrooms=Rooms owned by my friends
room.queue.position=Your position in the queue: %position%
navigator.roomsettings.moresettings=More Settings
navigator.roominfo.makehome.tooltip=Set this room as your Homeroom. You automatically enter your Home Room when you enter Habbo.
navigator.cannotcreateevent.title=Cannot Create Event.
navigator.navisel.myfavourites=My favorite rooms
navigator.favourite.tooltip=This room is in your favorites list. Click here to remove the room from the list.
navigator.favouritesfull.title=Cannot add favorite
navigator.createroom=Create room
navigator.doorbell.info=This room is locked. You need to ring the doorbell to enter.
navigator.rateroom=Rate this room
navigator.staffpicks.pick=Add to staff picked rooms
navigator.roomsettings.wall_thickness.thinnest=Thinnest walls
navigator.hotelview=Hotel view
navigator.cannotcreateevent.error.6=You already have an ongoing event in some other room.
navigator.cannotcreateevent.error.5=Room already has an event.
navigator.cannotcreateevent.error.4=Room event feature is currently disabled.
navigator.cannotcreateevent.error.3=The door of the room must be open to create an event. You can change the door mode in room settings.
navigator.adcaption=Recommended by Staff
navigator.cannotcreateevent.error.2=Only room owner can create events.
navigator.cannotcreateevent.error.1=You must be in a room to start an event.
navigator.moreroomscaption=Want more rooms?
navigator.flatctrls.guild.info=This room is a group homeroom. In group homerooms room rights are determined by group membership of a user.
navigator.usercounttooltip.populartag=Amount of Habbos in rooms that have this tag
navigator.info.tradingallowed=Trading is allowed in this room.
navigator.favouritesfull.body=Your favorite list is full. You must remove some of your favorite rooms before adding more.
room.queue.button.exit=Exit queue
navigator.thumbeditor.caption.top=Select image for the top
navigator.doorbell.no.answer=No answer.
navigator.roomsettings.password=Password for the room:
navigator.like.room=Like this room
navigator.navisel.popularrooms=Rooms with most visitors
navigator.embed.info=Copy this link to an IM or a forum! Anyone clicking on the link will enter this room directly.
room.queue.error.spectator_mode_full=Too many spectators. Please return to the queue and try again.
notifications.achievement.no_facebook=Play with Facebook, and earn an extra +%bonus_points% points!
notifications.text.club_ending=You have %days% days left of your Habbo Club membership. Go to the Shop to get some more!
notifications.title.club_gift=Club gift
notifications.broadcast.title=Message from Hotel Staff
notifications.text.respect.1=Respect! You have been respected.
facebook.story.achievement.caption={0} needs your help to get an achievement reward!
notifications.text.respect.2=You now have %count% respect points.
notifications.title.bonus=Your friend shared an achievement reward!
notifications.text.achievement.reward.0=Reward: %pixels% pixels
notifications.achievement.bonus.description.b=if you share your achievement in Facebook.
notifications.achievement.bonus.value=+%bonus_points% points
notifications.viral_furni.fb.title=%realname% needs help opening a locked package!
notifications.text.achievement.achievement_points=Achievement points: %achievement_points%
notifications.text.achievement.reward.2=Reward: %activitypoints% Hearts
notifications.text.activitypoints.0=%change% Pixels received, you now have %count%.
notifications.text.achievement.reward.1=Reward: %activitypoints% snowflakes
notifications.achievement.bonus.description.a=Get an additional reward of
notifications.title.achievement=Achievement Unlocked!
notifications.text.friend.offline=%user_name% went offline.
notifications.text.activitypoints.2=%change% Hearts received, you now have %count%.
notifications.text.activitypoints.1=%change% snowflakes received, you now have %count%.
notifications.title.club_promo=Get Habbo Club Now!
notifications.text.received.badge=Nice! %user_name% just gave you a badge!
notifications.viral_furni.fb.desc=%realname% found a package made of leaves in Habbo, and needs you help to open it!
notifications.text.club_promo.benefits=Check out Habbo Club benefits
notifications.text.club_gift=It's time to pick up your monthly club gift!
notifications.text.vipdays.long=You have %days% days and %months% months of VIP Club remaining.
catalog.alert.notenough.activitypoints.title.2=Not enough Hearts!
notifications.text.clubdays.long=You have %days% days and %months% months of Habbo Club remaining.
notifications.text.club_promo.regularprice=Regular price
notifications.text.clubdays=You have %days% of Habbo Club remaining.
notifications.achievement.bonus_received=You received bonus points!
notifications.text.vipdays=You have %days% of VIP Club remaining.
notifications.button.later=Not now
notifications.text.purchase.ok=You successfully purchased this item : %productName%!
notifications.text.friend.offline.realname=%user_name% (%real_name%) went offline.
notifications.button.open_club_promo_page=Join Habbo Club
notifications.text.petreceived=You bought a pet.
notifications.text.club_promo.yourprice=Your price
notifications.text.hcdays=You now have %count% days of Habbo Club left.
notifications.text.petlevel=Your pet %pet_name% is now level %level%.
notifications.text.buyfurni=%furni_name% bought and delivered to your inventory!
notifications.button.achievement.post_to_facebook=Post to Facebook feed
notifications.text.friend.online.realname=%user_name% (%real_name%) came online.
notifications.text.achievement=You unlocked the achievement "%badge_name%"
notifications.text.receivedcredits=You received %count% Credits.
notifications.text.club_promo=Get one month of Habbo Club for a great price and receive extra clothes, hairstyles, a free gift and more! Join the Club right now!
notifications.text.recycle.ok=Recycling complete! You have received a mysterious package!
notifications.button.show_gift_list=Choose your gift
notifications.text.petbought=You bought a pet as a gift.
notifications.text.achievement.unlocked=You unlocked the achievement
facebook.story.name=Breaking News From Habbo Hotel!
catalog.purchase.youractivitypoints.2=Hearts: %activitypoints%
catalog.purchase.price.activitypoints.2=%activitypoints% Hearts
catalog.purchase.confirmation.dialog.price.activitypoints.2=%activitypoints% Hearts
catalog.alert.notenough.activitypoints.description.2=Oops. It seems you don't have enough Hearts. Complete quests to get some more and try again.
notifications.achievement.share=Get the reward
notifications.text.friend.online=%user_name% came online.
notifications.text.club_gift.received=Club gift added to inventory.
notifications.button.open_club_page=Get more
notifications.title.club_ending=Habbo Club reminder
notifications.motd.title=Messages for you
notifications.achievement.bonus_received.name=%realname% clicked the link in your Facebook post, and you got your Achievement reward!
inventory.effects.active=This effect is activated. Time left %timeleft%/%duration%. You have %itemcount% of these.
inventory.furni.item.wallpaper.desc=Set this to the current room
inventory.trading.info.closed=Other user canceled the trade.
inventory.furni.item.landscape.desc=Set this to the current room
inventory.marketplace.confirm_offer.title=Confirm Sale
inventory.purse.creditbalance=Credits: %balance%
inventory.trading.minimized.trade_in_progress=Trade in progress
inventory.furni.preview.tradeable_amount=You have this many items that can be traded
inventory.pets.placetoroom=Place in room
inventory.marketplace.make_offer.average_price=Average price in last %days% days: %price% credits (%price_no_commission% without the commission).
inventory.achievements.unit.31=VIP months
inventory.marketplace.no_trading_pass.info=Sorry, you need a trading pass to make a marketplace offer.
inventory.achievements.unit.32=HC months
inventory.achievements.unit.33=BB tiles locked
inventory.marketplace.no_credits.get_credits=Get Credits
inventory.achievements.unit.34=game points earned
inventory.achievements.unit.35=game points earned
inventory.trading.accept=Accept trade
inventory.achievements.unit.30=gifts received
inventory.badges.savebadges=Save settings
inventory.trading.notification.title=Trading Notification
inventory.furni.preview.recyclable_amount=You have this many items that can be recycled
inventory.purse.pixelbalance=Pixels: %balance%
inventory.marketplace.sell=Sell in Marketplace
inventory.pets.forbidden=Sorry, pets are forbidden in this room.
inventory.marketplace.result.3=Marketplace is disabled.
inventory.marketplace.result.2=Technical error occurred. Posting failed.
inventory.marketplace.result.1=Posting the sales offer was successful!
inventory.empty.title=This category seems to be empty!
inventory.empty.desc=You've either placed all your Furni in your rooms or you haven't purchased any yet. Check the Habbo Shop to see what's available!
inventory.marketplace.result.4=Item was just added to the Habbo Shop.
inventory.badges=Achieved badges
inventory.marketplace.result.title.success=Item posted!
inventory.furni.preview.not_tradeable=None of these items are tradable
inventory.furni.item.floor.desc=Set this to the current room
inventory.badges.defaultdescription=Here are your badges. Select the ones that you want to wear and then save the selection.
inventory.badges.wearbadge=Wear badge
inventory.trading.info.confirm=These are the final offers. Please confirm the trade.
inventory.marketplace.no_trading_privilege.info=Sorry, you are not allowed to make a marketplace offer.
inventory.marketplace.make_offer.post=Post item
inventory.purse.clubdays=HC: %months%m %days%d
inventory.marketplace.buy_tokens.buy=Buy ads (%price% Credit)
inventory.marketplace.make_offer.max_price=Maximum price you can set for an offer is %maxprice% Credits.
inventory.achievements.entrydetails.0=Progress: %currentpoints%/%scorelimit% %unit%, Reward: %levelrewardpoints% pixels
score_value_text=Achievement score
inventory.marketplace.make_offer.min_price=Minimum price you can set for an offer is %minprice% Credit(s).
inventory.marketplace.make_offer.expiration_info=Your offer will be visible to other users for %time% hours.
inventory.effects.defaultdescription=You have no badges yet. When you get them this is where you can choose which ones to wear.
inventory.marketplace.make_offer.final_price=The final sale price will include the marketplace commission of %commission% Credit(s), so the final price is %finalprice%.
inventory.trading.warning.both_accounts_disabled=Trading is not in use for either of you, check your trading settings.
inventory.furni.placetoroom=Place to room
inventory.trading.info.waiting=Waiting for other user to confirm the trade.
achievements_score_description=Achievements score: %score%
inventory.marketplace.no_credits.title=Out of Credits!
inventory.trading.warning.own_account_disabled=This account does not have trading in use. You can receive items from other users but you cannot give them anything. Check your trading settings and make sure your email address is activated.
inventory.trading.modify=Modify trade
inventory.marketplace.buy_tokens.info=Selling items in the marketplace costs %price% Credit / %count% advertisements. You have no ads left, so you'll need to pay %price% Credit to make an ad. After this payment, the next %free% ads will be free.
inventory.trading.isoffering=is offering
inventory.achievements.unit.6=looks changed
inventory.marketplace.no_credits.info=You need %price% Credit(s) to purchase the right to make marketplace advertisements.
inventory.achievements.unit.9=motto changed
inventory.achievements.unit.8=rooms visited
inventory.achievements.unit.5=games won
inventory.trading.info.add=Add the items you'd like to trade in the box below.
inventory.marketplace.make_offer.title=Marketplace Offer
inventory.trading.warning.other_not_offering=The other Habbo has not put anything into trade. This might be a scamming attempt!
inventory.furni.item.song_disk_author="%name%" by %author%
inventory.achievements.unit.27=your pets scratched
inventory.achievements.unit.26=pets scratched
inventory.achievements.unit.25=energy given to pets
inventory.achievements.unit.24=pets leveled up
inventory.achievements.unit.23=pets owned
inventory.marketplace.result.title.failure=Posting failed!
inventory.badges.clearbadge=Clear badge
inventory.badges.inactivebadges=My badges
inventory.marketplace.confirm_offer.info=You are selling %furniname%. If someone buys this offer, you will receive: %price% Credit(s).
inventory.effects.inactive=This effect is not yet activated. One item last for %duration%, once activated. You have %itemcount% pieces of these.
inventory.achievements.unit.29=gifts given
inventory.achievements.unit.14=time spent
inventory.achievements.unit.13=friends invited
inventory.achievements.unit.16=tags added
inventory.marketplace.buy_tokens.title=Out of advertisements
inventory.trading.areoffering=are offering
inventory.open.catalog=Open Shop
inventory.marketplace.make_offer.price_request=Asking price:
inventory.furni.preview.not_recyclable=None of these items are recyclable
inventory.trading.warning.others_account_disabled=This user does not have trading in use. You can give him/her items but he/she can't give you anything in return.
inventory.achievements.unit.18=respect given
inventory.trading.countdown=Please wait... %counter%
inventory.achievements.unit.17=respect earned
inventory.pets.allowed=You can take your pets with you to this room.
inventory.trading.info.already_open=You are already trading with someone so you cannot start a new trade.
badge_desc_ACH_VipClub4=For %limit% months of VIP Club membership.
badge_desc_ACH_VipClub5=For %limit%  months of VIP Club membership.
badge_desc_ACH_VipClub2=For %limit% months of VIP Club membership.
badge_desc_ACH_VipClub3=For %limit% months of VIP Club membership.
badge_name_ACH_GamePlayed6_HHCA=Battle Royal VI
badge_desc_ACH_VipClub1=For joining the VIP Club.
badge_desc_JFF_HHAU=Habbofest 08
badge_name_IT029=Spring Appreciation Badge
badge_desc_al_ACH_FireworksCharger=Charge %limit% Pixels into Firework Furni.
badge_desc_Z08_HHUK=2nd place in the Step Up 2 The Streets dance competition.
badge_name_ACH_Login8_HHCA=Rotten Tomato
badge_desc_VA3_HHSG=Love Cruise
badge_name_ACH_HappyHour1=Happy Hour I
badge_name_MD2_HHUK=Meet Dave Body
badge_desc_fb_ACH_BattleBallQuestCompleted=%realname% has completed a Battle Ball quest!
badge_desc_ACH_GiftGiver6_HHCA=For giving 86 gifts. Worth 20 pixels.
badge_desc_DE012_HHUK=I won a live event or game this Christmas. December 2009.
badge_desc_UK010=NHS HPV 2
badge_desc_ST4_HHUK=You need Science and Maths skills for this job!
badge_desc_UK018=Habboween 09 - EVENTS WINNER
badge_desc_UK011=NHS HPV 3
badge_name_MRG00_HHSG=Friendship Bracelet
badge_desc_UK012=HBB 2009 Winner
badge_desc_UK013=HBB 2009 Runners Up
badge_desc_UK014=HBB 2009 Contestant
badge_name_ACH_BasicClub4_HHCA=Habbo Club Member
badge_desc_UK019=Habboween 09 - FRANKENSTEIN QUEST
badge_name_KIR=Keep It Real badge
badge_desc_UK006=Habbos who have done excellent work on behalf of ChildLine
badge_desc_UK007=Skulduggery Pleasant
badge_desc_UK004=HPV badge
badge_desc_UK005=HPV badge
badge_desc_VA3_HHUK=Awarded to competition winners during Valentine's 2008.
badge_desc_UK002=Paul Blart Mall Cop
badge_desc_UK003=HPV new badge
badge_desc_UK001=Habbo Big Brother Press
badge_name_AC1_HHUK=Bensalem Tribe Member
badge_desc_UK009=Completed the first NHS quest and has 1/3 stars
badge_desc_UK008=Saved Habbo from a freak weather machine
badge_desc_SF7_HHSG=Given to the engineers of the space crews who has at least 3 Team Points during the deep space exploration of the Habborella 3000.
badge_name_ACH_Graduate1_HHCA=The Graduate
badge_name_al_ACH_NewUserBadgeReceiver=Friendship Bracelet %roman%
badge_name_MRG00_HHUK=Friendship Bracelet
badge_desc_fb_ACH_NotesReceived=Other users have left %limit% notes in %realname%'s rooms in Habbo!
badge_desc_ACH_AIPerformanceVote9=Gather %limit% votes.
badge_desc_ACH_AIPerformanceVote8=Gather %limit% votes.
badge_desc_UK046_HHUK=Terrier Badge
badge_desc_ACH_AIPerformanceVote7=Gather %limit% votes.
badge_desc_ACH_AIPerformanceVote5=Gather %limit% votes.
badge_desc_ACH_AIPerformanceVote6=Gather %limit% votes.
badge_desc_ACH_AIPerformanceVote3=Gather %limit% votes.
badge_desc_ACH_AIPerformanceVote4=Gather %limit% votes.
badge_desc_ACH_AIPerformanceVote1=Gather %limit% votes.
badge_desc_ACH_AIPerformanceVote2=Gather %limit% votes.
badge_desc_EXB=Bamaloo's Office Comp '09
badge_name_SGR_HHCA=Red Rose
badge_desc_SF6_HHCA=I was a Level 3 Navigator in Space, July 09
badge_desc_BNZI3=Battle Banzai Championship 2010
badge_desc_BNZI4=Biggest, Baddest HQ Builder
badge_desc_BNZI1=Battle Banzai Championship 2010
badge_desc_BNZI2=Battle Banzai Championship 2010
badge_desc_BNZI0=Battle Banzai Championship 2010
badge_desc_EXH=For loyal service on Habbo.ca!
badge_desc_BNZI9=Battle Banzai expert advisor, ask me how I bounce!
badge_desc_EXE=You truly are Executive material!
badge_desc_BNZI7=Biggest, Baddest HQ Builder
badge_desc_BNZI8=Winners of the Banzai Tournament '10 - Team Maguro
badge_desc_BNZI5=Biggest, Baddest HQ Builder
badge_desc_BNZI6=Biggest, Baddest HQ Builder
badge_desc_DN2_HHUK=Roadtrip USA 5 Points 2008.
badge_desc_UK043_HHUK=I took my quest to Facebook and smashed it, really! December 2009.
badge_desc_ACH_RegistrationDuration10_HHCA=Level 10 - For true Habbos who have been members of the community for 5 years. Worth 200 pixels.
badge_desc_EVB=Here's to a healthy, happy life!
badge_desc_ACH_PetRespectGiver2_HHCA=Scratch anyone's pet at least 5 times to earn this badge.
badge_name_Z71_HHUK=Orc of the Dark Lord
badge_desc_ACH_TraderPass1_HHCA=Achieved by verifying your email, having your Habbo for at least 1 day and being online at least 1 h. Worth 20 pixels.
badge_desc_ACH_GiftGiver3_HHCA=For giving 14 gifts. Worth 10 pixels.
badge_desc_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence9_HHCA=Level 9 - spending total of 1152 hours in hotel. Worth 20 pixels.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GiftReceiver10=%realname% has gotten %limit% gifts in Habbo - pretty awesome.
badge_name_KO1=Furry Koala Face
badge_name_KO2=Eucalyptus Leaf
badge_desc_DN2_HHSG=Awarded to faithful supporters of the Jocks, during the great Diner Races of 2008.
badge_name_VA013=HBH Game Winner
badge_name_VA010=HBH Cheaters
badge_desc_neja1=You've got an answer!
badge_name_VA011=The Daily Crush
badge_desc_UK071=Habbo Raceway Dino Cup Grand Prix Winner 2010.
badge_desc_UK072=Habbo Raceway Throne Cup Grand Prix Winner 2010.
badge_name_Z02_HHCA=Burning Earth
badge_desc_UK070=Hosted a Habbo.ca and Habbo.com merge party! May 2010
badge_desc_UK075=You are bold, contemptuous of authority and irresistible to women.
badge_desc_UK076=Saved Habbo from those Aliens in the Attic
badge_desc_AC6_HHCA=My spirit animal is loyal, loud and rowdy!
badge_desc_UK073=Habbo Raceway Carrot Cup Grand Prix Winner 2010.
badge_desc_UK074=You are an aspiring novelist, love classic prose, overly nice and polite to your elders.
badge_desc_USP_HHUK=Winner in the Frederic Santini Comp - Medieval. Sep 09.
badge_desc_UK079=Friend of Maximum Ride
badge_desc_SFH_HHSG=Given to the science officer of the space crews who has at least 10 Team Points during the exploration of the Habborella 3000.
badge_desc_XM10C=Our gift to you! :D
badge_desc_XM10D=Undercover Christmas Competition Winner 2010!
badge_desc_UK077=Took the TeenLifeCheck 2010
badge_desc_XM10E=My room was in the top 30 for Holidays 2010!
badge_desc_UK078=Friend of Fang
badge_name_VA018=Lonely Hearts Badge
badge_name_VA017=Valentines 2011
badge_name_VA015=Wedding Ring
badge_desc_XM10A=Happy Holidays from me to you! Xmas 2010
badge_name_VA014=HBH Perfect Date
badge_name_PET06=Frog Badge
badge_name_DN1_HHUK=Diner Expert
badge_name_PET05=Rare Frog Owner
badge_name_PET03=Arachnid Owner
badge_desc_FFF=Fashion Friendly Fighters
badge_name_PET02=Rhino Owner
badge_desc_XMB_HHAU=Christmas Campaign 08
badge_name_PET01=Lion Owner
badge_desc_CO6_HHUK=Villager at the largest village in Yukka Tree Hill.
badge_desc_EAS03_HHSG=This Habbo's certainly cultivated their passion for plants. Easter 2010.
badge_desc_UK3_HHUK=Frank Bus moderator.
badge_desc_FF2=Given to those who supported Luna in The Streets of Bobba.
badge_desc_UK060=Member of the Habbo FRS Feb 2010
badge_desc_UK061=Won Percy Jackson's kick war
badge_desc_ADM_HHUK=Habbo.com Staff member
badge_desc_UK062=Survived Percy Jackson's labyrinth
badge_desc_UK063=Found the Bolt of Zeus for Percy Jackson
badge_desc_UK065=Je sais que sur le bien manger. January 2010.
badge_desc_UK066=My diner was rated 1* by the Undercover Eater! January 2010.
badge_desc_UK067=My diner was rated 2* by the Undercover Eater! January 2010.
badge_desc_UK068=My diner was rated 3* by the Undercover Eater! January 2010.
badge_desc_UK069=Advertising is my future, after helping Tom & Sammy relaunch the Slice Of Life with funky advertising! January 2010.
badge_name_ACH_PetRespectReceiver10=People adore my pets! X
badge_name_VA7_HHSG=Bolly Badge (Lvl 2)
badge_name_PET13=Dragon Rider
badge_name_PET12=Dragon Keeper
badge_desc_UK094_HHUK=St Patrick's Day Quest
badge_name_KR1=100% Habbo
badge_name_PET11=Rare Turtle Owner
badge_name_PET10=Turtle Owner
badge_desc_UK097=Habwrecked '10 General
badge_desc_UK098=Habwrecked '10 Videos
badge_desc_UK095=Winner of the Squeakqual treasure hunt.
badge_desc_UK096=Habwrecked 2010 Survivor. Congratulations.
badge_desc_UK093=Member of the Killer Whale team (Habwrecked 2010)
badge_desc_UK094=Kiss me, even if I'm not Irish! March 2010
badge_desc_UK091=Member of the Jellyfish team (Habwrecked 2010)
badge_desc_UK092=Member of the Shark team (Habwrecked 2010)
badge_desc_UK099=It's juicy!
badge_name_UK061_HHUK=Demi-god Athena
badge_name_UK015_HHUK=Official Fame Talent
badge_name_HQ003_HHCA=Executive Chef
badge_name_ACH_RespectEarned9_HHCA=Been respected 966 times.
badge_desc_UK090=Official friend of the dragons
badge_desc_ACH_AIPerformanceVote3_HHCA=Level 3- For gathering  50 votes on stage. Worth 20 pixels.
badge_desc_al_ACH_NewUserBadgeReceiver=Collect %limit% Friendship Bracelet(s) from other players.
badge_desc_UK084=Hotel Happenings Article Badge Video
badge_desc_UK085=Awarded for taking part in a Safety Competition.
badge_desc_ADM_HHSG=Habbo.com Staff member
badge_desc_UK086=Awarded to runners up in a Safety Competition.
badge_desc_UK087=Awarded to winners in a Safety Competition.
badge_desc_UK080=I won the Bling Cribs! competition. February 2010.
badge_desc_US0L_HHCA=Maker of awesome movies, Habbo Academy 2010
badge_desc_UK081=1/3 of the Click Clever, Click Safe Code
badge_desc_UK082=3/3 of the Click Clever, Click Safe Code
badge_desc_UK083=Zip it
badge_desc_XMB_HHCA=Holidays 08 Event Winner
badge_desc_ACH_Student1_HHCA=Sorry. This Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_desc_UK088=Creative hero like Hiccup
badge_desc_UK089=Winner of the Dragon lava race
badge_name_HQ003_HHAU=Kitchen Survivor
badge_desc_ACH_Name1_HHCA=You have successfully erased your past.
badge_name_ACH_PetLevelUp5_HHCA=My pets know some tricks
badge_desc_UK036=My pet is pure pedigree (competition winner). November 2009.
badge_desc_UK035=I support the Habbo Music Academy. November 2009.
badge_desc_UK034=I took part in the HMA Sing-Song vote. December 2009.
badge_desc_UK033=I contributed to the Official HMA Song. December 2009.
badge_desc_UK039=Given to the Top 3 in each Awards 2009 category.
badge_desc_UK038=Member of the St Trinians School and gold finder
badge_desc_UK037=Awarded to Britney Spears Birthday comp winners, December 2009.
badge_name_AC7_HHSG=The Avian Tribal Badge
badge_desc_UK092_HHUK=Member of the Shark team (Habwrecked 2010)
badge_desc_UK032=Alvin and the Chipmunks 2
badge_desc_UK031=Alvin and the Chipmunks 2
badge_desc_UK030=Celebrated the bullyproof moment in Habbo, November 2009.
badge_desc_SF7_HHUK=SCI FI Engineer Lvl 1
badge_name_AC1_HHSG=Tribal Brand
badge_name_UKF_HHUK=Iron Sign
badge_name_ACH_PetLover9_HHCA=My herd is bigger than yours
badge_name_HW09C_HHCA=Hween Videographer
badge_desc_UK025=Awarded to 1,000 winners of the Habboween Quest. October 2009.
badge_desc_US8_HHAU=Suits vs Slobs 08
badge_desc_UK027=I stopped Guy Fawkes blowing up Habbo Parliament. November 2009.
badge_desc_UK026=Winner of the Habboween Frights, Camera, Action! competition. October 2009.
badge_desc_UK029=Competition winner in the bullyproof moment in Habbo, November 2009.
badge_name_SF1_HHCA=Captain - Level 1
badge_desc_UK028=Contestant in the Pixel Maze November 2009.
badge_desc_FAN=For those Official Fansite owners out there.
badge_name_IT079=Shipwrecked Duck
badge_name_HW09C_HHAU=Habboween 09 Movie Badge
badge_name_SF1_HHAU=Captain Badge
badge_desc_HOL03=Thanks for your Black Hole inspired room!
badge_name_VA7_HHUK=Small Shalimar
badge_desc_HOL02=You made it!
badge_name_AC7_HHUK=Birdies Lvl 2 - Lost Tribe
badge_desc_UK059=My submission to the Hotel Happenings newsie was bronze rated!
badge_desc_UK058=My submission to the Hotel Happenings newsie was silver rated!
badge_desc_UK057=My submission to the Hotel Happenings newsie was gold rated!
badge_desc_UK056=Habbo Awards 2009 Top 3
badge_desc_UK018_HHUK=Awarded to winners of various Habboween events. October '09.
badge_desc_SFH_HHUK=SCI FI Scientist Lvl 2
badge_desc_ACH_RegistrationDuration7=Be a member of the community for %limit%  days.
badge_desc_ACH_RegistrationDuration6=Be a member of the community for a %limit% days.
badge_desc_UK052=Got home safely in the Justin Case quest
badge_desc_ACH_RegistrationDuration5=Be a member of the community for %limit% days.
badge_desc_UK051=I helped revive Santa's broken heart and miserable mood in time for Christmas. December 2009.
badge_desc_ACH_RegistrationDuration4=Be a member of the community for %limit% days.
badge_desc_UK050=Spirit of the Seasons 2009 Room comp. winner!
badge_desc_ACH_RegistrationDuration3=Be a member of the community for %limit%  days.
badge_desc_ACH_RegistrationDuration2=Be a member of the community for %limit%  days.
badge_desc_ACH_RegistrationDuration1=Be a member of the community for %limit% days.
badge_desc_ACH_GiftGiver10=For giving %limit% gifts.
badge_desc_ACH_RegistrationDuration8=Be a member of the community for %limit% days.
badge_desc_ACH_RegistrationDuration9=Be a member of the community for %limit% days.
badge_desc_CO6_HHSG=Awarded to Habbos who should have an organic farm of their own during a trip to the countryside in 2009.
badge_name_DN1_HHSG=Diner Sign
badge_name_ACH_Login5_HHCA=A Piece Of The Furniture
badge_desc_UK049=I helped revive Santa's broken heart and miserable mood in time for Christmas. December 2009.
badge_desc_UK048=My screenie/alt was featured at Christmas! December 2009.
badge_desc_UK045=Part of a winning Save the Pigs video. December 2009
badge_desc_UK044=My Ice Kingdom was sub zero. December 2009.
badge_desc_UK047=My festive video was featured at Christmas! December 2009.
badge_desc_UK046=Won the Lavish Loft room competition December 2009
badge_desc_UK041=Xmas 09 - Ice King Badge
badge_desc_UK040=Xmas 09 - Ice Queen Badge
badge_desc_UK043=I took my quest to Facebook and smashed it, really! December 2009.
badge_desc_UK042=I proved I have a kind heart, and gave generously. December 2009.
badge_name_SU3_HHUK=High Tiki Mana
badge_name_MRG00_HHAU=Friendship Bracelet
badge_desc_ACH_PetRespectReceiver5=Have someone scratch your pet at least %limit% times to earn this badge.
badge_desc_ACH_PetRespectReceiver6=Have someone scratch your pet at least %limit% times to earn this badge.
badge_desc_ACH_PetRespectReceiver7=Have someone scratch your pet at least %limit% times to earn this badge.
badge_desc_ACH_PetRespectReceiver8=Have someone scratch your pet at least %limit% times to earn this badge.
badge_desc_HWN32=I helped name the Hell Hound
badge_desc_ACH_PetRespectReceiver1=Have someone scratch your pet at least %limit% times to earn this badge.
badge_desc_HWN31=Conquering the complicated past of ChronoZomfg. Habboween 2011.
badge_desc_ACH_PetRespectReceiver2=Have someone scratch your pet at least %limit% times to earn this badge.
badge_desc_HWN30=Master of Creepy Movies
badge_desc_ACH_PetRespectReceiver3=Have someone scratch your pet at least %limit% times to earn this badge.
badge_desc_ACH_PetRespectReceiver4=Have someone scratch your pet at least %limit%  times to earn this badge.
badge_desc_HW09D_HHUK=Awarded to everyone who had their spooky screenshot featured. Habboween 2009.
badge_desc_ACH_PetRespectReceiver9=Have someone scratch your pet at least %limit% times to earn this badge.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_TagA10=You can see %realname%'s Ice Rink from outer space!
badge_desc_50S=Thanks for supporting Fozzie's team!
badge_desc_BR130=Once it's on the internet, it's out there forever!
badge_name_MOM01=I <3 MOM
badge_desc_HWN29=Master of Creepy Stories
badge_desc_HWN25=Fighting the EVIL ChronoZomfg!
badge_name_fb_ACH_RespectEarned10=Pillar of the community!
badge_desc_HWN27=I got real life costume skillz, beware... Habboween 2011.
badge_desc_HWN28=You braved the Hellbound Hotel, a warrior with no equal!
badge_desc_HWN24=Designer of the costume
badge_name_ACH_GiftReceiver10=Want to go out with me? X
badge_desc_DN2_HHAU=Diner Campaign 08
badge_desc_FLA=1800 Reverse Dance Comp 09
badge_name_ACH_PetLevelUp4_HHCA=My pet is tougher than yours
badge_desc_HW09D_HHSG=Surveillance Badge
badge_name_ACH_PetFeeding6_HHCA=They're eating all my credits!
badge_desc_MRG04=Remembering my Habbo roots!
badge_desc_MRG05=Remembering My Habbo Roots
badge_desc_XM2=It's all about DJ-Bling!
badge_name_ACH_GamePlayed8_HHCA=Battle Royal VIII
badge_desc_XM1=It's all about Rasta Claus!
badge_desc_XM4=Celebrate the Holidays with this 2006 Xmas badge.
badge_desc_MRG00=A stranger is a friend you have yet to meet!
badge_desc_XM3=Where are all the other reindeer?
badge_desc_MRG01=Remembering my Habbo roots!
badge_desc_XM6=Christmas Campaign 07
badge_desc_MRG02=Remembering my Habbo roots!
badge_desc_XM5=Christmas Campaign 07
badge_desc_MRG03=Remembering My Habbo Roots
badge_desc_XM7=Christmas Campaign 07
badge_desc_XM8=Christmas Campaign 07
badge_desc_PIR_HHCA=Arrrrr... a real Pirate!
badge_desc_XM9=pwn'd a Staff member at SnowStorm during xmas '08
badge_desc_XMA=Two eyes made out of coal... pixel coal
badge_desc_XMB=xmas08 penguin games
badge_desc_XMC=It's like the one from 2006... just... colder.
badge_desc_ACH_PetRespectGiver3_HHCA=Scratch anyone's pet at least 10 times to earn this badge.
badge_name_JF5_HHCA=Green Dragon
badge_name_LAT=La Trobe University
badge_desc_AC2_HHUK=Initiated through the Totem bases of fire GREEN
badge_desc_ACH_PetRespectGiver10=Scratch anyone's pet at least %limit% times to earn this badge.
badge_name_HW09B_HHCA=Hween Journalist
badge_desc_ACH_VipClub5_HHCA=For 48 months of VIP Club Membership.
badge_name_X1124=A Rawrful Badge
badge_name_al_ACH_NotesLeft=Stickie scribbler Level %roman%
badge_name_X1130=Snow Castle Freeze
badge_name_LBB=Queen of Habboween
badge_desc_UK095_HHUK=Winner of the Squeakqual treasure hunt.
badge_name_NLC_HHSG=Trax Bronze
badge_desc_Z71_HHUK=Henchman of the Dark Lord
badge_desc_XMAS2_HHCA=I shared a winning Holiday Moment, December 09
badge_name_UKB_HHUK=Play Writer
badge_name_HW09B_HHAU=Habboween 09 Keyboard Badge
badge_name_HJ5_HHUK=Harajuku Lovers Music
badge_name_SGR_HHSG=Red Rose Badge
badge_name_X1115=Epic Xmas Quiz
badge_name_fb_ACH_MGM10=%realname% is popular
badge_desc_U05_HHSG=Flaming Wheels
badge_desc_XMAS2_HHAU=Christmas '09 Competition Winner
badge_desc_HWN19=Fashionably gory and gravely brilliant... Best costume Habboween 2011.
badge_desc_Z70_HHUK=Mines in the Realm for riches
badge_desc_DKA_HHUK=Habbo County E Fame Winner
badge_name_SU3_HHSG=Level 3 Mana Badge
badge_desc_HWN11=I designed a Badge for the Habboween Battle Against evil, 2011
badge_desc_HWN04=Habboween 2010
badge_desc_HWN03=Habboween 2010
badge_desc_HWN06=Habboween 2010
badge_desc_HWN05=Habboween 2010
badge_desc_HWN08=Habboween 2010
badge_desc_HWN07=Habboween 2010
badge_desc_HWN09=For Habboween 2010 Group Members
badge_name_DS4_HHAU=Hypersphere Comp Winner
badge_desc_DN2_HHCA=I took the test and yes, I am a Jock! Diner 08.
badge_name_al_ACH_MusicCollector=Music Collector Level %roman%
badge_name_VIP_HHCA=VIP Guest
badge_desc_UK046_HHCA=My pet is also addicted to Habbo!
badge_desc_U05_HHUK=Having a Course featured in a Habbo Raceway Grand Prix.
badge_desc_HWN00=I put a hex on you!
badge_desc_HWN01=I put a hex on you!
badge_desc_HWN02=I put a hex on you!
badge_name_UK082_HHUK=Block it
badge_name_ADM_HHUK=Hotel Staff
badge_desc_EAS03_HHCA=I LOVE my best friend forever! Easter 2010
badge_name_ACH_BasicClub2=Habbo Club member  II
badge_name_ACH_BasicClub1=Habbo Club member I
badge_desc_FW1=Furni Wars yuppies who championed the Pura cause!
badge_desc_FW2=Marks a member of the Furni Wars Indie tribe
badge_desc_XMB_HHSG=For Habbos with the ho-ho-hottest Xmas 2008 spirit! Only winners of the toughest Xmas 2008 competitions were awarded this badge.
badge_desc_UK056_HHUK=I won a gong at the Official Habbo Awards. January 2010.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_BadMonkeyLevelUp=%realname% is training a Lost Monkey
badge_name_NEB_HHAU=Silver Disco Ball
badge_name_ACH_BasicClub5=Habbo Club member V
badge_name_ACH_BasicClub3=Habbo Club member  III
badge_name_ACH_BasicClub4=Habbo Club member  IV
badge_desc_UK094_HHCA=Kiss me, even if I'm not Irish! March 2010
UK8_badge_desc=NSPCC campaign badge. Stop Bullying. Full stop.
badge_desc_CO6_HHCA=I was a Line-Dancing Troupe Finalist, May 09!
badge_desc_SFH_HHCA=I was a Level 2 Science Officer in Space, July 09
badge_name_LE1=Lego Banana
badge_name_LE2=Lego Dynamite
badge_desc_AC6_HHSG=Given to those who have completed the Vision Quest and named the Ape as their spirit animal.
badge_name_SFG_HHUK=SCI FI Scientist Lvl 1
badge_desc_DU2_HHCA=Silvery and shimmering, just like me!
badge_name_SF1_HHUK=SCI FI Captain Lvl 1
badge_name_HQ003_HHSG=Gold Chef Badge
badge_name_NEB_HHCA=Silver Discoball
badge_desc_Z37_HHUK=Hotel For Dogs 2* Resort Owner
badge_desc_AC9_HHCA=I am a member of Tribe Ape, June 09
badge_name_ACH_TagA10=Get your skates on my Ice Rink! X
badge_name_WH3_HHAU=Habboween Fangs
badge_name_ADM_HHSG=Hotel Staff
badge_name_UK044_HHUK=Ice Quest Task Winner
badge_desc_USV01=You climbed your way to the top!
badge_name_fb_ACH_RbBunnyTag=%realname%'s Bunny Run field is now Level %roman%
badge_desc_ACH_GiftReceiver1_HHCA=For receiving a gift. Worth 5 pixels.
badge_desc_EAS03_HHAU=Easter Quest 2010
badge_name_HW09D_HHUK=Spooky Screenshot
badge_desc_DU2_HHAU=Commonwealth 06
badge_name_fb_ACH_PetRespectGiver10=You scratch my pet and I'll scratch yours
badge_desc_PRSN1=Put a madman back behind bars!
badge_name_LC7=The Lost City Level 2
badge_name_ACH_PetLevelUp3_HHCA=I play with pets
badge_name_UKBD1_HHUK=Habbo UK is 9!
badge_name_LC8=The Lost City Level 3
badge_desc_UKS_HHUK=Winner of the St Trinians perfect prefect competition.
badge_name_LC3=Iku-Turso Badge
badge_desc_ACH_SummerQuestCompleted=For completing %limit% daily quests.
badge_name_LC6=The Lost City Level 1
badge_desc_AC6_HHUK=Used the inner Angry Spirit Ape to find the Lost Tribe of Bensalem
badge_name_LC1=Leviathan Badge
badge_name_ST6_HHUK=Climate Scientist
badge_name_HOP03_HHAU=Bronze Medal
badge_name_SF1_HHSG=Captain - Level 1
badge_desc_FRT=Raceway 2010 Champion of Champions,
badge_desc_FRG=Ultimate Bobba Wrestling Champion 2008. Kick Wars competition.
badge_desc_FRE=Winner in the Frederic Santini Comp - Prehistoric. Sep 09.
badge_name_HW09D_HHSG=Surveillance Badge
badge_desc_WAR_HHAU=Global Peace Gathering 08
badge_desc_FR9=Habbofest 08
badge_desc_FR7=This badge is worn by all Official Auctioneers. 100% scam-free auctions, all the time!
badge_name_DN1_HHAU=Jocks Team Winner
badge_name_ACH_RoomEntry1_HHCA=Room Raider
badge_desc_Z63_HHCA=For giving valuable and helpful feedback to Staff and Techies during Beta Testing, June 09.
badge_name_DN1_HHCA=Diner 08
badge_name_fb_ACH_BattleBallWinner=%realname% has won %limit% games of Battle Banzai and is a BB Star %roman%!
badge_name_ACH_GiftGiver8_HHCA=Generous one
badge_desc_Z63_HHAU=Thanks for the feedback!
badge_name_HOP03_HHCA=Bronze Medal
badge_name_ACH_PetLevelUp2_HHCA=My pet knows a trick or two!
badge_name_ACH_BasicClub2_HHCA=Habbo Club Member
badge_desc_FRG_HHUK=Ultimate Bobba Wrestling Champion 2008. Kick Wars competition.
badge_desc_UK051_HHUK=I helped revive Santa's broken heart and miserable mood in time for Christmas. December 2009.
badge_desc_CO6_HHAU=Habbo's Hootenanny
badge_desc_fb_ACH_RbBunnyTag=%realname% is inviting you to play Bunny Run
badge_desc_ACH_PetLover2=Own %limit% pets to earn this badge.
badge_desc_ACH_PetLover3=Own  %limit% pets to earn this badge.
badge_desc_ACH_PetLover1=Own %limit% pet to earn this badge.
badge_desc_ACH_PetLover8=Own %limit%  pets to earn this badge.
badge_desc_ACH_PetLover9=Own %limit%  pets to earn this badge.
badge_desc_XXX=Habbo X
badge_desc_ACH_PetLover6=Own %limit%  pets to earn this badge.
badge_desc_ACH_PetLover7=Own %limit% pets to earn this badge.
badge_desc_WAR_HHCA=I believe that Peace is possible!
badge_desc_ACH_PetLover4=Own %limit%  pets to earn this badge.
badge_desc_ACH_PetLover5=Own %limit%  pets to earn this badge.
badge_name_SG1_HHSG=Bronze Habbo of the Month
badge_name_XM2_HHAU=The-Bling Supporter
badge_desc_al_ACH_ValentinesBadgeReceived=Collect %limit% Valentine Friend Bracelet Badges from other players.
badge_name_RU3_HHSG=Fig Leaf
badge_name_ACH_GamePlayed4_HHCA=Battle Royal IV
badge_desc_UK089_HHUK=Winner of the Dragon lava race
badge_desc_al_ACH_RbBunnyTag=You need to build a bigger Bunny Run field with %limit% tiles in it.
badge_desc_HW1_HHSG=Given to all successful Directors and other winners of Habbowood '06 & '07 competitions.
badge_name_HOP02_HHAU=Silver Medal
badge_name_COM66=Champions of Evil
badge_name_COM65=The Serpents of Doom
badge_name_COM67=Rare Hell Hound
badge_name_COM62=TV Writer
badge_desc_UK036_HHUK=My pet is pure pedigree (competition winner). November 2009.
badge_name_COM61=TV Fan
badge_name_COM64=The Dawn Fighters
badge_desc_UK005_HHUK=Completed the first NHS quest and has 3/3 stars
badge_name_COM63=The Dungeon Crawlers
badge_name_COM60=TV Crew
badge_name_poop1=Horse manure
badge_name_SFE_HHSG=Medic Level 2
badge_name_Z28_HHUK=Silver Insider
badge_desc_XMAS1_HHSG=This Habbo's getting ready to make their naughty and nice lists.
badge_desc_PIR_HHUK=Arrr! Pirate competition winner May 2006.
badge_desc_MD2_HHUK=Awarded to winners of the Meet Dave body building competition. 2008.
badge_name_COM58=Never Ending Stairs Champ
badge_name_UK075_HHUK=Francois Dilinger
badge_name_UK083_HHUK=Zip it
badge_name_fb_ACH_PetLevelUp1=%realname%'s pets know a trick!
badge_name_fb_ACH_PetLevelUp2=%realname%'s pets know a trick or two!
badge_name_fb_ACH_PetLevelUp3=%realname%'s pets know a trick or two!
badge_name_COM40=Traveling Turtle Badge
badge_desc_U0004=Member of Childline's Idea Agency
badge_desc_HX9_HHSG=X Leader
badge_name_COM41=Black Hole
badge_name_fb_ACH_PetLevelUp9=%realname%'s pets know a trick or two!
badge_name_fb_ACH_PetLevelUp8=%realname%'s pets know a trick or two!
badge_name_HOP02_HHCA=Silver Medal
badge_name_fb_ACH_PetLevelUp5=%realname%'s pets know a trick or two!
badge_name_fb_ACH_PetLevelUp4=%realname%'s pets know a trick or two!
badge_name_SFE_HHUK=SCI FI Medic Lvl 2
badge_name_fb_ACH_PetLevelUp7=%realname%'s pets know a trick or two!
badge_name_fb_ACH_PetLevelUp6=%realname%'s pets know a trick or two!
badge_name_PIR_HHUK=Pirate Necklace
badge_desc_ACH_AIPerformanceVote5_HHCA=Level 5- For gathering 180 votes  on stage. Worth 40 pixels.
badge_name_NEE_HHCA=Talk Show Host
badge_desc_DS7_HHSG=Given to Habbos who won a competition during Donnie Santini's Space Explore in Planet Yggdrasil.
badge_desc_RTS18=I'm a Gleek, hear me sing!
badge_desc_HJ6_HHUK=Attended the Harajuku Lovers Hub launch party!
badge_desc_ACH_MusicCollector=I have purchased %limit% songs!
badge_desc_AC2_HHAU=Habbo's 5th Birthday Group Member
badge_name_JKR=The Dark Knight - Joker
badge_name_ACH_PetFeeding7_HHCA=They're eating all my credits!
badge_name_Z46_HHUK=HAFTAS Winner 2009
badge_desc_FR033=Created a torturous Prison Maze!
badge_name_fb_ACH_SkateBoardSlide=%realname% is Skateboard Slider %roman%
badge_name_DS4_HHSG=DS Battle
badge_desc_AC2_HHCA=I created a FIERY Maze in honour of the April 09 collectible. I am HOT!
badge_desc_RTS08=Aced a Rule The School Pop Quiz about pets!
badge_desc_RTS07=Aced a Rule The School Pop Quiz about Wired!
badge_desc_RTS06=Aced a Rule The School Pop Quiz about Pets!
badge_desc_RTS05=RTS 2011 Winning Group - The GN0RKS!
badge_name_HW09B_HHUK=Spooky Story
badge_desc_RTS04=Emos, goths, punks and wannabe poets. Anarchy Rules the School!
badge_desc_RTS03=Jocks, footballplayers and cheerleaders - together we Rule the School!
badge_desc_RTS02=Gamers, Skaters, Geeks, Nerds and Dorks. Unite to Rule the School!
badge_desc_RTS01=Best Habbo's Forever. We're popular and we Rule the School!
badge_desc_ACH_GamePlayed8_HHCA=Sorry. This Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_name_RUN06_HHAU=Level 1 Designer Badge
badge_name_RU3_HHUK=SafeSid Competition Winner
badge_name_COL_HHAU=Cool Badge
badge_name_SU3_HHAU=Mana 3
badge_desc_fb_ACH_Login10=%realname% has visited Habbo for %limit% days in a row
badge_desc_AU1_HHAU=Streets of Bobba Campaign 07
badge_name_MD1_HHUK=Meet Dave Quiz
badge_name_ACH_FreezeQuestCompleted1=Freeze Beginner I
badge_name_ACH_FreezeQuestCompleted2=Freeze Beginner II
badge_name_HX2_HHSG=X Safety Std
badge_name_ACH_FreezeQuestCompleted3=Freeze Beginner III
badge_desc_AU1_HHCA=Monsters of Habbo fest 07
badge_name_ACH_FreezeQuestCompleted4=Freeze Novice
badge_name_ACH_FreezeQuestCompleted5=Freeze Adept
badge_name_ACH_FreezeQuestCompleted6=Freeze Veteran
badge_name_ACH_FreezeQuestCompleted7=Freeze Master
badge_name_ACH_FreezeQuestCompleted8=Freeze Guru
badge_name_ACH_FreezeQuestCompleted9=Freeze Hero
badge_desc_RTS25=Not In Use
badge_name_HW09B_HHSG=Keyboard Badge
badge_name_ACH_RespectEarned4_HHCA=Been respected 66 times.
badge_name_UK088_HHUK=Tribe Champion
badge_name_OL2_HHUK=Habbolympic Silver
badge_name_UK047_HHUK=Festive Video Winner
badge_desc_HW09B_HHCA=I write about the paranormal.... Habboween 09.
badge_name_fb_ACH_FreezeQuestCompleted10=%realname% is a Freeze Overlord!
badge_name_ACH_GamePlayed10_HHCA=Battle Royal X
badge_desc_WBL=To show that you are a true master of Wobble Squabble.
badge_desc_Z63_HHUK=Helped shape the new Habbo June 2009
badge_desc_DU2_HHSG=Silver Habbolympian
badge_desc_Z29_HHUK=Awarded to The Insiders prank competition winners. October 2008.
badge_desc_WD3=Prom Slogan
badge_desc_WD4=Prom Champagne
badge_name_TWIV3_HHUK=New Moon Badge: Volturi
badge_name_OL2_HHSG=Habbolympics Silver
badge_desc_WD0=Attended the 2009 Official Wedding Party
badge_desc_WD1=Wedding Planner 2009
badge_desc_WD2=Winner of a Wedding 2009 competition!
badge_name_JF1_HHUK=Oriental Express
badge_desc_GF1=Hot or Not Competition Winner
badge_desc_SGD_HHSG=SG Detective
badge_desc_HJ5_HHUK=Winner of the Harajuku Lovers quest
badge_desc_PIG01_HHAU=Quest winner 2010
badge_desc_FR005=Events Host
badge_desc_HW09B_HHAU=Believe It Or Not Winner
badge_desc_ACH_PetFeeding7_HHCA=Give your pets at least 25400 points of food to earn this badge.
badge_name_GRR_HHUK=Gorillaz Celeb Visit
badge_name_ACH_PetRespectReceiver10_HHCA=People adore my pets!
badge_name_Z35_HHUK=Hotel For Dogs Quest Winner
badge_desc_Z78_HHUK=Found Scrat's nut - it was big!
badge_desc_DS7_HHCA=Astronaut of the Habbo Space Explore 06
badge_desc_WAR=I believe that Peace is possible!
badge_name_UKI_HHUK=Water Sign
badge_desc_FR019=5 Credits Room Winner
badge_name_ACH_RespectEarned10=100 % Respected Habbo X
badge_desc_PIG01_HHCA=I saved Puffin's pet pigs from the Boar of Baskerville, March 2010
badge_desc_ACH_RegistrationDuration1_HHCA=Level 1 - For true Habbos who have been members of the community for 3 days. Worth 30 pixels.
badge_desc_ACH_FreezeQuestCompleted=For completing %limit% Freeze quests.
badge_desc_ACH_BasicClub4_HHCA=For 36 months of Habbo Club Membership.
badge_name_COM30=Skater’s Challenge 2011
badge_desc_GA1=You're looking at a hardcore gamer, baby!
badge_name_COM31=Skateboarding Quiz 2011
badge_name_WH3_HHUK=Vampire Fangs
badge_name_HW09D_HHAU=Habboween 09 Security Badge
badge_name_COM36=Skaters vs. Rollers 2011
badge_name_COM37=Spray Can Badge
badge_name_COM38=Turtle Games Badge
badge_name_COM39=Slow and Steady Badge
badge_name_COM32=Skate Pro
badge_name_COM33=Beach Soccer Host
badge_name_COM35=Surf Spot Winner
badge_desc_WH8=This badge was earned from correctly answering the final question to the Habboween 2008 Virus Quest!
badge_desc_WH7=You are one of 5 Large Vampire Castle Room competition Finalists from Habboween 2008
badge_desc_WH4=Got their story published for Habboween 2006
badge_desc_WH3=Winning room designer for Habboween 2006
badge_desc_WH6=You are one of 5 Small Vampire Castle Room competition Finalists from Habboween 2008
badge_name_COM29=How Many Habbos In The Hot Tub?
badge_desc_WH5=For hosting a kickin' party for Habboween 2006
badge_desc_ACH_GamePlayerExperience7=Gather %limit% victory points.
badge_name_UK093_HHUK=Official Contestant
badge_desc_WAR_HHUK=Awarded for attending the Peace Protest in 2008 or responding correctly to the Peace Poll.
badge_desc_ACH_GamePlayerExperience6=Gather %limit% victory points.
badge_desc_ACH_GamePlayerExperience5=Gather %limit% victory points.
badge_desc_ACH_GamePlayerExperience4=Gather %limit% victory points.
badge_desc_WH3_HHAU=Habboween Campaign 06
badge_desc_ACH_GamePlayerExperience3=Gather %limit% victory points.
badge_desc_ACH_GamePlayerExperience2=Gather %limit% victory points.
badge_name_HQ002_HHSG=Silver Chef Badge
badge_desc_ACH_GamePlayerExperience1=Gather %limit% victory points.
badge_desc_HX9_HHUK=X Leader
badge_name_COM20=The Sims Medieval
badge_desc_UK034_HHUK=I took part in the HMA Sing-Song vote. December 2009.
badge_desc_ACH_GamePlayerExperience8=Gather %limit% victory points.
badge_desc_ACH_GamePlayerExperience9=Gather %limit% victory points.
badge_name_COM27=Girls' Life #3
badge_name_COM28=Girls' Life #4
badge_name_COM25=Girls' Life #1
badge_desc_WH1=I can sees your feets
badge_name_COM26=Girls' Life #2
badge_desc_WH2=Habboween Classic
badge_name_COM23=Habbovision Winners Badge
badge_name_COM24=Habbovision Finalist Badge
badge_name_COM21=The Sims Medieval
badge_name_COM22=The Sims Medieval
badge_desc_fb_ACH_Spr=Hotel Staff just picked my room as one of the coolest! Go check it out!
badge_name_COM19=Ultimate Pet Fight Champion
badge_desc_HW1_HHUK=Winning Director of a Habbowood movie. Habbowood ran in both 2006 and 2007.
badge_name_COM18=Game Designer Badge
badge_desc_Z63_HHSG=This Habbo made a significant contribution to Habbo Beta testing, and has picked up colour along the way.
badge_name_Z07_HHUK=Gold Graffiti
badge_name_HW09D_HHCA=Hween Photographer
badge_desc_WH3_HHCA=I attended Quoth The Ravin'
badge_desc_GCB=Featured gamer of the week
badge_name_UKS_HHUK=Perfect Prefect
badge_name_ADM_HHAU=Hotel Staff
badge_name_COM10=The Chronicles of Narnia: Dawn Treader Badge
badge_name_COM11=Thursday Temptations Winner
badge_name_MTV01_HHSG=MTV EMA 2009
badge_name_COM12=100,000 Fans Badge
badge_name_COM13=Bot Love Badge
badge_name_COM14=Spider Love Badge
badge_name_COM15=Spider Hunter Badge
badge_name_COM16=Neon-Green Skates
badge_name_COM17=Furni Detective
badge_name_COM09=The Chronicles of Narnia: Aslan Badge
badge_name_COM08=It Gets Better
badge_name_COM07=Global Citizen
badge_name_TWIV3_HHSG=Volturi Arms 3
badge_name_ACH_BattleBallQuestCompleted10=Battle Banzai Overlord
badge_name_ACH_Login6_HHCA=Covered With Moss
badge_desc_WAR_HHSG=Given to Habbos who supported the Warchild Peace Gathering in September 2008, and pledged to support world peace.
badge_desc_DU2_HHUK=Habbowealth Games 2005.
badge_name_COM02=Rock Out Badge
badge_name_COM00=Top of the Food Chain Winner
badge_name_COM05=The Sims 3 - Bad Karma badge
badge_name_COM06=The Sims 3 - Good Karma badge
badge_name_COM03=Taylor Swift Fan
badge_name_COM04=The Sims 3 Karma Powers Discussion Comp Winner!
badge_name_ACH_GamePlayed10=Battle Royal X
badge_desc_UK012_HHUK=Winner of Habbo Big Brother 2009
badge_name_RU3_HHAU=Let's Talk About Bobba
badge_name_COL_HHUK=Coolest Habbo Award
badge_name_HW09C_HHUK=Spooky Video
badge_desc_GNO=You never know where you might find one of these cute Garden Gnomes!
badge_desc_RUN02_HHCA=Winner of the Habbo Runway competition for Canada. May 2010.
badge_name_MTV01_HHUK=MTV EMA 2009
badge_name_CAG_HHUK=Atlantis World
badge_desc_ACH_BasicClub1_HHCA=For joining the Habbo Club.
badge_desc_HW1_HHCA=I am a Habbowood movie producer.
badge_desc_Z60_HHUK=Built a Museum room to house a replica tablet
badge_desc_ACH_GiftReceiver7_HHCA=For giving 146 gifts. Worth 30 pixels.
badge_name_ACH_PetRespectGiver4_HHCA=Scratch scratch!
badge_desc_HW1_HHAU=Habbowood Top Director
badge_desc_ACH_MGM7_HHCA=Level 7 - For creating your own fellowship - party of 12. For inviting two more real life friends to Habbo. Worth 160 pixels.
badge_name_SFE_HHCA=Medical Officer - Level 2
badge_desc_HX9_HHAU=X Leader
badge_desc_ACH_snowBoardBuild=My cool hill has %limit% slopes. Oh yeah!
badge_desc_VA3_HHCA=I boarded the Habborella, Valentines 08
badge_desc_Z12_HHUK=Winner of Habbo Big Brother series1 in July 2008.
badge_desc_ACH_Graduate1_HHCA=Sorry. This Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_name_NEE_HHSG=Neon Entertainer (Silver)
badge_desc_VA3_HHAU=Valentines Campaign 08
badge_desc_ACH_PetLevelUp4_HHCA=Train your pets up at least 20 levels to earn this badge.
badge_desc_UK4_HHUK=Habbo Council member. The Habbo Council postponed all future meetings from June 2006.
badge_name_RUN06_HHSG=Model Behaviour 1
badge_desc_UKBD1_HHUK=Nine cheers! I wished Habbo Hotel a happy birthday, 17/1/2010
badge_name_COL_HHSG=Cool Badge
badge_name_Z08_HHUK=Silver Graffiti
badge_desc_GLF=Level 6 - The hunter - stalks down the answers.  For being an Habbo guide -  Here to help.
badge_desc_RUN02_HHAU=Fashion Design Comp Local Winner
badge_desc_GLE=Level 5 - The clever one - is swift of thought and foot. For being an Habbo guide -  Here to help.
badge_desc_GLD=Level 4 - The digger one - has information you cannot find. For being an Habbo guide -  Here to help.
badge_desc_GLC=Level 3 - The one who will not let you sink under pressure.  For being an Habbo guide -  Here to help.
badge_desc_GLB=Level 2 - The loving one - makes you wanna help others.  For being an Habbo guide -  Here to help.
badge_desc_GLA=Level 1 - The speedy one - simple facts and information. For being an Habbo guide -  Here to help.
badge_desc_GLK=Awwwooo! We're the lead Habbo Guides. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
badge_desc_GLI=Level 9 - The sharp eyed one - flying to your aid from afar. For being an Habbo guide -  Here to help.
badge_desc_GLJ=Level 10 - The old and wise one - loyal, with a heart of gold. For being an Habbo guide -  Here to help.
badge_desc_GLG=Level 7 - The strong one - the one you can depend on.  For being an Habbo guide -  Here to help.
badge_desc_GLH=Level 8 - The friendly one - kind and always there.  For being an Habbo guide -  Here to help.
badge_desc_GM4=This Ruby means you verified your email way back in the day!
badge_desc_GM2=This Emerald means you verified your email way back in the day!
badge_name_HX2_HHCA=Safety X
badge_desc_GM3=This Sapphire means you verified your email way back in the day!
badge_desc_ACH_VipClub2_HHCA=For 12 months of VIP Club Membership.
badge_desc_GM1=This Diamond means you verified your email way back in the day!
badge_name_RU3_HHCA=Figleaf Shield
badge_name_OL2_HHCA=Habbolympics Silver
badge_name_HX2_HHAU=Habbo X Safety
badge_desc_ACH_AvatarTags1=For tagging yourself with %limit% tags.
badge_name_UK006_HHUK=ChildLine Champion
badge_desc_ACH_PetLevelUp7_HHCA=Train your pets up at least 80 levels to earn this badge.
badge_name_HOR03=Pimp my horse
badge_name_HOR01=The Silver Shoe
badge_name_HOR02=Prime Horse Keeper
badge_desc_WTM=Way too much information!
badge_desc_GWA=You were a part of the Global Warming Awareness party.
badge_name_HOR09=A Hoarse Whisperer
badge_desc_al_ACH_NotesLeft=You need to leave %limit% more notes in other users rooms to level up.
badge_name_HOR08=Equine health expert
badge_name_HOR05=I Have A Horse Voice
badge_desc_ACH_GamePlayed8=For playing and winning Snow Storm or the game of Battle Ball %limit% times.
badge_desc_ACH_GamePlayed9=For playing and winning Snow Storm or the game of Battle Ball %limit% times.
badge_name_ACH_PetRespectGiver9_HHCA=Pet lover V
badge_desc_ACH_RoomEntry1_HHCA=Level 1 - For hanging out in 5 guest rooms that you do not own. Worth 5 pixels.
badge_name_ACH_BadMonkeyLevelUp=Lost Monkey Level %roman%
badge_desc_ACH_GamePlayed1=For playing and winning Snow Storm or for the game of Battle Ball.
badge_desc_ACH_GamePlayed2=For playing and winning  Snow Storm or for the game of Battle Ball %limit% times.
badge_desc_ACH_GamePlayed3=For playing and winning Snow Storm or for the game of Battle Ball %limit% times.
badge_desc_ACH_GamePlayed4=For playing and winning Snow Storm or for the game of Battle Ball %limit% times.
badge_desc_ACH_GamePlayed5=For playing and winning Snow Storm or for the game of Battle Ball %limit% times.
badge_name_SFI_HHSG=Scientist Level 3
badge_desc_ACH_GamePlayed6=For playing and winning Snow Storm or the game of Battle Ball %limit% times.
badge_desc_ACH_GamePlayed7=For playing and winning Snow Storm or game of Battle Ball %limit% times.
badge_name_HOR13=Unicorn Poop
badge_name_NI5_HHUK=Mythology World
badge_desc_ACH_GiftReceiver1=For receiving a gift.
badge_desc_ACH_GiftReceiver2=For receiving %limit% gifts.
badge_desc_ACH_GiftReceiver3=For receiving %limit% gifts.
badge_desc_ACH_GiftReceiver4=For receiving %limit% gifts.
badge_name_OL2_HHAU=Habbolympics Silver
badge_desc_ACH_GiftReceiver5=For receiving %limit% gifts.
badge_name_ACH_TagB19=Blades of Glory XIX
badge_desc_ACH_GiftReceiver6=For receiving %limit% gifts.
badge_name_ACH_TagB18=Blades of Glory XVIII
badge_desc_ACH_GiftReceiver7=For receiving %limit% gifts.
badge_desc_ACH_GiftReceiver8=For receiving %limit% gifts.
badge_desc_ACH_GiftReceiver9=For receiving %limit% gifts.
badge_name_ACH_TagB20=Blades of Glory XX
badge_desc_ACH_ValentinesBadgeReceived10=ValentinesBadgeReceived10 desc
badge_desc_UKFB1_HHUK=What is this Badge going to be used for?
badge_name_ACH_BasicClub3_HHCA=Habbo Club Member
badge_name_ACH_TagB12=Blades of Glory XII
badge_name_ACH_TagB13=Blades of Glory XIII
badge_name_ACH_TagB10=Blades of Glory X
badge_name_ACH_TagB11=Blades of Glory XI
badge_name_ACH_TagB16=Blades of Glory XVI
badge_name_ACH_TagB17=Blades of Glory XVII
badge_name_ACH_TagB14=Blades of Glory XIV
badge_desc_BER01=I adopted a Pet Polar Bear during Xmas 2011!
badge_name_ACH_TagB15=Blades of Glory XV
badge_name_ACH_RespectEarned6_HHCA=Been respected 366 times.
badge_name_SFI_HHUK=SCI FI Scientist Lvl 3
badge_desc_PIG01_HHSG=Awarded to sleuths who were brave enough to confront the mystery behind the Boar of Baskerville.
badge_name_ACH_RegistrationDuration6_HHCA=60 % True Habbo
badge_name_VIP_HHUK=VIP Pass
badge_desc_DS7_HHUK=Elementals Vs Warriors 2007.
badge_name_ACH_MGM4_HHCA=Dance Party
badge_name_HQ002_HHCA=Sous Chef
badge_name_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence4=Online time IV - Blizzard
badge_name_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence5=Online time V- Haze
badge_name_ACH_GamePlayerExperience20=Player  XX
badge_name_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence2=Online time II - Drizzle
badge_name_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence3=Online time III-Dust Devil
badge_name_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence8=Online time VIII- Meso Cyclone
badge_name_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence9=Online time IX-Tornado
badge_name_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence6=Online time VI- Jet Stream
badge_name_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence7=Online time VII-  Cyclone
badge_desc_NEJ_HHCA=I got the Spring Break balance, chilling and partying! March 2010
badge_name_HQ002_HHAU=Kitchen Survivor
badge_name_ACH_GamePlayerExperience18=Player  XVIII
badge_name_ACH_GamePlayerExperience17=Player  XVII
badge_name_ACH_GamePlayerExperience19=Player  XIX
badge_name_ACH_GamePlayerExperience14=Player  XIV
badge_name_ACH_GamePlayerExperience13=Player  XIII
badge_name_ACH_GamePlayerExperience16=Player  XVI
badge_name_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence1=Online time I-Thunderstorm
badge_name_ACH_GamePlayerExperience15=Player  XV
badge_desc_HX9_HHCA=Member of the former safety team.
badge_name_ACH_GamePlayerExperience10=Player X
badge_name_ACH_GamePlayerExperience11=Player XI
badge_name_ACH_GamePlayerExperience12=Player  XII
badge_name_Z02_HHUK=Help Our Planet
badge_name_AC7_HHCA=Tribe Eagle
badge_name_HW09C_HHSG=Video Evidence Badge
badge_name_UK032_HHUK=The Chipettes
badge_desc_VA011_HHSG=Kiss 'n Tell
badge_name_USP_HHUK=Medieval World
badge_name_KH2=Kappa Habbo Gamma
badge_name_ACH_PetLevelUp8_HHCA=Animal trainer II
badge_name_JF1_HHAU=Katana Badge
badge_desc_US8_HHSG=Given to winners of Portaloo Dreams and Potty Dreams in 2007.
badge_desc_ACH_PetLevelUp9_HHCA=Train your pets up at least 200 levels to earn this badge.
badge_name_Z32_HHUK=It Doesn't Have To Happen
badge_name_EAS03_HHAU=Staring Bush Badge
badge_name_DK035=Season's Greetings
badge_desc_HW09F_HHSG=Thought you've seen it before? This Habbo's probably beat you to it. They'll investigate anything from ants to aliens.
badge_name_SNW_HHCA=SS Hall of Fame
badge_desc_RUN02_HHSG=This Habbo's already making waves in the fashion world! Runway 2010
badge_desc_GLA_HHAU=Sorry. This Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_desc_UK027_HHUK=I stopped Guy Fawkes blowing up Habbo Parliament. November 2009.
badge_name_SNW_HHAU=SnowStorm Commemorative
badge_name_ACH_BasicClub1_HHCA=Habbo Club Member
badge_desc_UK032_HHUK=Supported The Chipettes in the Alvin and the Chipmunks: the Squeakquel bands battle
badge_name_TWIC3_HHSG=Cullen Crest 3
badge_name_DK041=Ice Skating Champion
badge_desc_OL1_HHCA=My Team won the GOLD medal of Habbolympics 08!
badge_name_ACH_RoomEntry6_HHCA=House Guest
badge_desc_ACH_RespectEarned1=For earning respect %limit% time.
badge_name_UK056_HHUK=Habbo Awards '09
badge_desc_HQ004=Jury Member 2009
badge_desc_HQ003=Executive Chef - Kitchen Survivor Winner
badge_desc_HQ006=Solved Superhero Crime 2009
badge_desc_Z74_HHUK=Magical fighter of the Realm
badge_desc_HQ005=Provided Detailed Eyewitness Account 2009
badge_desc_HQ008=I'm with Franz!
badge_desc_HQ007=I'm with Hans!
badge_desc_UK062_HHUK=Survived Percy Jackson's labyrinth
badge_desc_AC3_HHUK=Initiated through the Totem bases of fire BLUE
badge_desc_HQ009=Found a long lost memory from Hans and Franz.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_FreezeQuestCompleted=%realname% has completed a Freeze quest!
badge_desc_HQ002=Line Cook - Kitchen Survivor Event Winner
badge_desc_HQ001=Sous Chef - Kitchen Survivor Finalist
badge_name_TWIC3_HHUK=New Moon Badge: Cullens
badge_desc_ACH_RespectEarned8=For earning respect %limit% times.
badge_desc_ACH_RespectEarned9=For earning respect %limit% times.
badge_desc_ACH_RespectEarned6=For earning respect %limit% times.
badge_desc_ACH_RespectEarned7=For earning respect %limit% times.
badge_desc_ACH_RespectEarned4=For earning respect %limit% times.
badge_desc_ACH_RespectEarned5=For earning respect %limit% times.
badge_desc_ACH_RespectEarned2=For earning respect %limit% times.
badge_desc_ACH_RespectEarned3=For earning respect %limit% times.
badge_name_al_ACH_RoomDecoLandscape=Landscape Designer %roman%
badge_desc_HQ012=Coolest Pet: Lion Supporter
badge_desc_HQ013=Scariest Pet: Croc Supporter
badge_desc_HQ010=Strongest Pet: Rhino Supporter
badge_desc_HQ011=Cutest Pet: Terrier Supporter
badge_desc_SF4_HHAU=Space Explore '09
badge_name_USJ_HHAU=WWE Logo
badge_desc_HOP02_HHSG=Given to members of the Snow Queen team, who won second place in the 2010 Winter Habbolympics.
badge_desc_HQ018=Completed the Woods Are On Fire Quest 2011
badge_desc_HQ019=Top of the Tree Winner 2011
badge_desc_NEJ_HHUK=Flynn Hat Drink
badge_name_ACH_PetRespectReceiver9_HHCA=My pets get all the love VIII
badge_desc_HQ017=Hasn't been used
badge_desc_HQ014=The Age-Old Battle: Dog Supporter
badge_name_US8_HHSG=Toilet Paper
badge_desc_EHR_HHSG=I turned off my lights in support of Earth Hour 2009!
badge_name_VA5_HHUK=Wedding Ring
badge_desc_HQ021=Heir to the Dragon Throne!
badge_desc_HQ022=Congrats and thanks for your awesome room!
badge_desc_HQ023=Summer Movie Quiz Winner 2011
badge_desc_HQ024=You made it!
badge_desc_HQ020=Picnic Campaign Competition Winner!
badge_desc_EC2_HHSG=This Habbo is a sapling in green ways. You're on the right path! Given out during Love the Earth 2009.
badge_name_DU1_HHAU=Gold Duck
badge_desc_CNY01_HHSG=A Tiger Trainee initiate. Learning to pounce stealthily. Must practise roaring.
badge_desc_SF4_HHCA=I was a Level 1 Navigator in Space, July 09
badge_desc_RA4_HHAU=Rare Beanstalk 2010
badge_desc_CY2=Chinese New Year 2009
badge_desc_CY3=Chinese New Year 2009
badge_desc_CY1=Chinese New Year 2009
badge_name_UK074_HHUK=Nick Twisp
badge_name_COM6=The Sims 3 - Good Karma badge
badge_name_COM5=The Sims 3 - Bad Karma
badge_name_COM4=The Sims 3 Karma Powers Discussion Comp Winner!
badge_desc_ACH_MGM4_HHCA=Level 4 - For creating your own fellowship - party of 6. For inviting two more real life friends to Habbo. Worth 130 pixels.
badge_name_VA5_HHSG=Habborella Ring Badge
badge_desc_CNY01_HHUK=Chinese New Year observation quest winner.
badge_desc_EC2_HHUK=Won a Love The Earth event
badge_desc_fb_ACH_FireworksCharger=%realname% has fireworks ready to blow. Check them out!
badge_desc_HX7_HHAU=X Tech (G)
badge_desc_UST_HHSG=For Habbos who won the Room of the Week weekly competition with their room designing skills.
badge_name_ACH_TagB4=Speed Skater IV
badge_name_ACH_TagB3=Speed Skater III
badge_name_IT2=Gold Cup
badge_name_ACH_TagB2=Speed Skater II
badge_name_ACH_TagB1=Speed Skater I
badge_name_ACH_TagB8=Speed Skater VIII
badge_name_al_ACH_RoomDecoHosting=Room Host %roman%
badge_name_ACH_TagB7=Speed Skater VII
badge_name_ACH_TagB6=Speed Skater VI
badge_name_ACH_TagB5=Speed Skater V
badge_name_IT8=Pop Band
badge_name_ACH_TagA8=Get your skates on my Ice Rink! VIII
badge_name_ACH_TagA9=Get your skates on my Ice Rink! IX
badge_name_IT3=Silver Cup
badge_name_IT4=Bronze Cup
badge_name_IT6=One Habbo, One World
badge_desc_ESW_HHCA=I am a member of the Habbo Movie Maker Guild!
badge_desc_ACH_Login7_HHCA=Level 7 - For logging in 70 days in a row. Awesome. Worth 200 pixels.
badge_desc_TWIQ1=Level 1 Wolfpack Badge
badge_desc_TWIQ2=Level 2 Wolfpack Badge
badge_desc_TWIQ3=Level 3 Wolfpack Badge
badge_name_ACH_TagA1=Get your skates on my Ice Rink! I
badge_name_ACH_TagA3=Get your skates on  my Ice Rink! III
badge_name_ACH_TagA2=Get your skates  on my Ice Rink! II
badge_name_ACH_TagA5=Get your skates on my Ice Rink! V
badge_name_ACH_TagA4=Get your skates on  my Ice Rink! IV
badge_name_ACH_TagA7=Get your skates on my Ice Rink! VII
badge_name_ACH_TagA6=Get your skates on my Ice Rink! VI
badge_name_STU05=I <3 HBC
badge_name_STU07=Silver Star Producer
badge_name_STU06=Golden Star Producer
badge_name_STU08=Executive Producer
badge_desc_ACC_HHCA=I am an Elite Member of Tribe Ape, June 09
badge_name_LC8_HHCA=Lost City Explorer
badge_name_Z01=Habbo Spotlight
badge_name_Z03=Stop Pollution
badge_desc_UK001_HHUK=Member of the Official Habbo Big Brother Press team 2009.
badge_name_Z04=Save Polar Bears
badge_name_Z05=Former Habbo X Badge
badge_name_Z06=Bronze Graffiti
badge_name_Z07=Gold Graffiti
badge_name_Z08=Silver Graffiti
badge_name_Z09=Underage Festival
badge_name_MH2_HHCA=Producer 666
badge_desc_HOP02_HHUK=Habbolympics 2010 - Silver Badge
badge_desc_NEJ_HHSG=Hosts of the best parties in Habbo. First used for the Habbo Awards 2009 After Parties. Distinctly not twinkies.
badge_desc_ACC_HHAU=Vision Quest '09
badge_desc_HX7_HHCA=Member of the former safety team.
badge_name_Z44_HHUK=HABWrecked Winner 2009
badge_name_Z11=HBB Contestant
badge_name_Z12=HBB Champion
badge_name_Z10=Underage Festival
badge_name_Z15=Evil Bot Affair
badge_name_Z16=Newspaper Affair
badge_desc_ACH_GamePlayed9_HHCA=Sorry. This Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_name_Z13=HBB Runner Up
badge_name_Z14=Briefcase Affair
badge_name_Z17=Hairspray Talent
badge_desc_Z26_HHUK=Road Trip USA King badge winner. Awarded to anyone who exchanged 25 Fuel Points. 2008
badge_desc_BR071_HHUK=I support 1Goal. Education for all.
badge_name_HOT_HHSG=Hot Badge
badge_desc_HOP03_HHUK=Habbolympics 2010 - Bronze Badge
badge_name_Z29=Blue Insider
badge_name_Z28=Silver Insider
badge_name_Z25=IGOR GOGGLES
badge_name_Z24=Igor Jacket
badge_name_Z27=Prom Queen 09
badge_name_Z26=Prom King 09
badge_name_Z21=Igor Pincer
badge_name_Z20=Igor Test tubes
badge_name_Z23=Igor Bunsen Burner
badge_name_Z22=Igor Helmet
badge_name_ACH_PetLover5_HHCA=Pet shop keeper I
badge_name_Z30=Pumpkin Design
badge_desc_UK058_HHUK=My submission to the Hotel Happenings newsie was silver rated!
badge_name_SF002_HHUK=Astro-Bar Winner
badge_name_Z39=Hotel For Dogs Quest
badge_desc_ACH_PetLevelUp10=Train your pets up at least %limit% levels to earn this badge.
badge_name_Z38=Hotel 3 Bone Rating
badge_name_Z37=Hotel 2 Bone Rating
badge_name_Z36=Hotel 1 Bone Rating
badge_name_Z35=Hotel For Dogs Maze
badge_name_Z33=It Does Not Have To Happen Group page winner
badge_name_Z32=It Does Not Have To Happen
badge_name_Z40=Habbo UK 8th Birthday
badge_name_Z41=HabWrecked DUCK Supporter
badge_desc_TER01=I adopted a Pet Terrier during Xmas 2011!
badge_name_STU01=Habbo Ad Pro
badge_desc_HOP03_HHSG=Bronze Habbolympics 2010
badge_desc_OL1_HHAU=Habbolympics Campaign 08
badge_name_Z43=Habwrecked 2009 Contestant
badge_name_Z42=HabWrecked OTTER Supporter
badge_desc_Z64_HHAU=Habbo Beta Tester '09
badge_desc_ACH_GamePlayed4_HHCA=Sorry. This Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_name_Z45=HAFTA 2007 NEW
badge_name_Z44=Habwrecked 2009 Champion
badge_name_Z47=Lego Bionicle quest
badge_name_Z46=HAFTAs 2009
badge_name_Z49=Lego Bionicle Quiz
badge_name_Z48=Lego Bionicle Kick Warz
badge_desc_VA3=Come aboard the Habborella.
badge_desc_VA4=We are your cruise ship staff.
badge_desc_VA1=You won a Valentine Love Event!
badge_desc_VA2=You were struck in the heart with a Love Angelz arrow.
badge_name_Z51=Zac Efron Badge
badge_name_BOU03=Model of the Day
badge_name_BOU02=Photo-shoot Winner
badge_desc_ACH_TagA10=You can see my Ice Rink from outer space!
badge_name_BOU01=Boutique Stylissimo
badge_desc_VA9=You earned this badge by winning a event-game during the Shalimar 2009 campaign
badge_desc_UK7_HHUK=Awarded to experts at creating their own quests.
badge_name_BOU07=Boutique Boulevard Grand Winner
badge_desc_VA7=You earned this badge by winning in the Movie Competition during the Shalimar 2009 campaign
badge_name_BOU06=Boutique Boulevard Runner Up
badge_desc_VA8=You earned this badge by winning one of the Scene writing comps. during the Shalimar 2009 campaign
badge_desc_VA5=The old Ball and Chain!
badge_name_UK085_HHUK=Bronze Safety Badge
badge_name_BOU04=I Got The Mojo!
badge_desc_VA6=Bolly Badge (Level 1)
badge_name_ACH_TagC6=Ice Ice Baby VI
badge_name_ACH_TagC7=Ice Ice Baby VII
badge_name_ACH_TagC8=Ice Ice Baby VIII
badge_desc_ACH_PetRespectReceiver3_HHCA=Have someone scratch your pet at least 20 times to earn this badge.
badge_name_ACH_TagC9=Ice Ice Baby IX
badge_name_ACH_TagC2=Ice Ice Baby II
badge_name_ACH_TagC3=Ice Ice Baby III
badge_name_ACH_TagC4=Ice Ice Baby IV
badge_name_BOU10=HM Chief Designer
badge_name_ACH_TagC5=Ice Ice Baby V
badge_name_Z56=BuzzBrain of Habbo
badge_name_ACH_TagC1=Ice Ice Baby I
badge_name_SFI_HHCA=Science Officer - Level 3
badge_name_Z59=NATM History Quest
badge_name_Z58=NATM Larry Daley
badge_name_Z57=NATM Museum
badge_name_ACH_EmailVerification1_HHCA=True You
badge_desc_Z64_HHCA=For helping to test out Habbo Beta, June 09.
badge_name_JF2_HHAU=Sushi Badge
badge_name_Z63=Habbo Beta Lab Rat Color
badge_name_Z60=NATM2 Golden Tablet
badge_desc_fb_ACH_ValentinesQuestCompleted=%realname% has completed %limit% Heart quests.
badge_name_XMAS1_HHCA=Holiday Host
badge_name_ACH_TagB9=Speed Skater IX
badge_name_CY1_HHSG=Yin & Yang Badge (Level 1)
badge_desc_fb_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked19=%realname% has been having fun playing Battle Banzai in Habbo, and earned an achievement!
badge_name_WAR_HHUK=Peace Protest 2008
badge_desc_fb_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked18=%realname% has been having fun playing Battle Banzai in Habbo, and earned an achievement!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked17=%realname% has been having fun playing Battle Banzai in Habbo, and earned an achievement!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked16=%realname% has been having fun playing Battle Banzai in Habbo, and earned an achievement!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked15=%realname% has been having fun playing Battle Banzai in Habbo, and earned an achievement!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked14=%realname% has been having fun playing Battle Banzai in Habbo, and earned an achievement!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked13=%realname% has been having fun playing Battle Banzai in Habbo, and earned an achievement!
badge_name_TWIC3_HHCA=Ultimate Cullen
badge_name_Z85=Crew Member
badge_name_Z84=Alhambra Competition Winner
badge_name_Z75=Realm Protectors
badge_name_Z77=HARD2BEAT Glowstick
badge_name_Z78=Ice Age Quest Winner
badge_desc_fb_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked11=%realname% has been having fun playing Battle Banzai in Habbo, and earned an achievement!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked12=%realname% has been having fun playing Battle Banzai in Habbo, and earned an achievement!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked10=%realname% has been having fun playing Battle Banzai in Habbo, and earned an achievement!
badge_desc_ACH_TagB11=Catch me if you can! Been caught %limit% times on this level.
badge_desc_ACH_TagB10=Catch me if you can! Been caught %limit% times on this level.
badge_name_UKV_HHUK=Gold Rollercoaster
badge_desc_ACH_TagB15=Catch me if you can! Been caught %limit% times on this level.
badge_desc_ACH_TagB14=Catch me if you can! Been caught %limit% times on this level.
badge_desc_ACH_TagB13=Catch me if you can! Been caught %limit% times on this level.
badge_name_SNW_HHSG=Hall of Fame: SnowStorm
badge_desc_ACH_TagB12=Catch me if you can! Been caught %limit% times on this level.
badge_desc_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked12=Lock %limit% tiles.
badge_desc_ACH_TagB19=Catch me if you can! Been caught %limit% times on this level.
badge_name_Z70=Realm Dwarf
badge_desc_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked13=Lock %limit% tiles.
badge_desc_ACH_TagB18=Catch me if you can! Been caught %limit% times on this level.
badge_desc_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked10=Lock %limit% tiles.
badge_desc_ACH_TagB17=Catch me if you can! Been caught %limit% times on this level.
badge_desc_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked11=Lock %limit% tiles.
badge_desc_ACH_TagB16=Catch me if you can! Been caught %limit% times on this level.
badge_name_Z74=Realm Wizard
badge_name_Z73=Warrior of the Dark Lord
badge_name_Z72=Realm Horse Lord
badge_name_Z71=Orc of the Dark Lord
badge_name_Z66=Charlie Girl Chic Competitor
badge_name_Z67=Myth Bunnies Badge
badge_desc_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked19=Lock %limit% tiles.
badge_name_Z64=Habbo Beta Lab Rat Grey
badge_desc_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked18=Lock %limit% tiles.
badge_name_Z65=Charlie's Best Friend
badge_desc_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked17=Lock %limit% tiles.
badge_desc_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked16=Lock %limit% tiles.
badge_desc_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked15=Lock %limit% tiles.
badge_name_Z68=The Dark Lord's Wraiths
badge_desc_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked14=Lock %limit% tiles.
badge_desc_70S=Thanks for supporting Fushiku's team!
badge_name_Z69=Realm Elf
badge_desc_fb_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked20=%realname% has been having fun playing Battle Banzai in Habbo, and earned an achievement!
badge_name_WAR_HHSG=Warchild Peace
badge_name_al_ACH_FireworksCharger=Firestarter %roman%
badge_desc_ACH_PetRespectReceiver10_HHCA=Have someone scratch your pet at least 750 times to earn this badge.
badge_desc_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked20=Lock %limit% tiles.
badge_name_NEA_HHSG=Neon Mirrorball (Bronze)
badge_desc_AU025=Thanks for joining the group!
badge_desc_AU024=Thanks for taking part in Rock the Schools 2011!
badge_desc_HW09F_HHAU=Ghost Hunter Winner
badge_desc_UK080_HHUK=I won the Bling Cribs! competition. February 2010.
badge_desc_AU023=Thanks for your National Compliments Day compliment!
badge_desc_AU022=Group Member 2011
badge_name_ACH_GiftGiver6_HHCA=Stinking rich
badge_desc_Z72_HHUK=The Rohirrim, horse lord fighter
badge_name_ACH_GiftGiver9_HHCA=Rolling in it
badge_desc_CAA_HHCA=Ontario Provincial Police, InfoBus
badge_name_BE2_HHUK=Valued BETA tester
badge_name_JF2_HHUK=Japanese Sushi
badge_desc_AU019=Generator Rex Group Member
badge_desc_Z41_HHUK=HABWrecked Ducks Fan 2009
badge_desc_AU016=Providence team member!
badge_desc_AU015=Channel [V] Group Member
badge_desc_AU014=OZ Artist 2010
badge_desc_AU013=Thanks for coming to the Elemagika Movie Event!
badge_desc_AU012=Thanks for entering!
badge_desc_AU011=Rolling In It Winner
badge_desc_AU010=payclick Group Member
badge_desc_AU007=Surf Sho Room Competition
badge_desc_AU006=Habbofest 2010
badge_desc_SF4_HHSG=Given to the navigators of the space crews who has at least 3 Team Points during the deep space exploration of the Habborella 3000.
badge_desc_AU008=An education in Rock & Roll
badge_desc_EC2_HHCA=I completed the Day 1 Nature Quest! Loving the Earth, April 09
badge_desc_DK8=Exclusively for Habbos who have proven that they're the top runway designers during Fashion Forward week 2009.
badge_desc_DK6=Camp Rock Winner 2008
badge_desc_DK5=Camp Rock Winner 2008
badge_desc_EHR_HHCA=I switched off my lights for Earth Hour, March 09.
badge_desc_DK2=St Patrick's Day 2011!
badge_name_US8_HHAU=Slobs Supporter
badge_name_Z39_HHUK=Hotel For Dogs Maze Winner
badge_desc_AU000=SOSO 09 Comp Winner
badge_desc_AU001=SOSO Web Warrior
badge_desc_VA5_HHCA=I got hitched during Valentines 08
badge_desc_AU002=Habbo's 5th Birthday Group Member
badge_name_HC3_HHSG=HC III
badge_desc_AU003=Habbo's 5th Birthday Comp Winner
badge_desc_AU004=I solved the Prezzie Quest, Xmas 09
badge_desc_AU005=Habbofest '10 Competition Winner
badge_desc_TWIV1=Level 1 Volturi Badge
badge_desc_ACH_PetRespectGiver10_HHCA=Scratch anyone's pet at least 350 times to earn this badge.
badge_name_ACH_GiftReceiver5_HHCA=Respect me
badge_desc_DJ1=Given to Habbos who answered 6-10 questions correctly in the Nokia DJ-XXXtreme Challenge.
badge_desc_DJ3=Given to Habbos who answered 16-20 questions correctly in the Nokia DJ-XXXtreme Challenge.
badge_desc_DJ2=Given to Habbos who answered 11-15 questions correctly in the Nokia DJ-XXXtreme Challenge.
badge_desc_EC2_HHAU=Love the Earth 09
badge_desc_TWIV3=Level 3 Volturi Badge
badge_desc_HX6_HHAU=X Safety (G)
badge_desc_TWIV2=Level 2 Volturi Badge
badge_name_Z58_HHUK=Museum Security
badge_desc_VA5_HHAU=Valentines Campaign 08
badge_name_fb_ACH_RoomDecoHoleFurniCount=%realname% is a star Architect %roman%
badge_name_Z11_HHUK=HBB Contestant
badge_name_EAS03_HHSG=Flower Power 3
badge_desc_ACH_Login1_HHCA=Level 1 - For logging in 5 days in a row. Try it if you dare. Worth 50 pixels.
badge_desc_EHR_HHAU=Lights out for Earth Hour
badge_name_VA5_HHAU=Shotgun Wedding
badge_name_LC8_HHUK=Bensalem Crab
badge_name_HC3_HHUK=HC Club membership III
badge_name_TWIC3_HHAU=Level 3 Cullens Badge
badge_desc_fb_ACH_SkateBoardJump=%realname% earned an achievement for doing some great jumps on their skateboard
badge_name_U05_HHSG=Flaming Wheels
badge_name_AC6_HHUK=The Angry Spirit Ape
badge_desc_SCU02=You found treasure at the bottom of the ocean!
badge_desc_SCU01=You found treasure at the bottom of the ocean! 
badge_desc_FR005_HHUK=I read the Hotel Happenings Newsletter, every Tuesday! Do you?
badge_desc_SCU03=You found treasure at the bottom of the ocean!
badge_name_UK042_HHUK=Ice Quest Task Winner
badge_name_LC8_HHSG=Crab Badge Lvl 3
badge_desc_HW09B_HHUK=Awarded to everyone who had their spooky story featured. Habboween 2009.
badge_name_JFF=Jeffoo's Foo Fighters
badge_name_CAL_HHCA=Turkey Gobbler
badge_desc_ACC_HHSG=Given to warriors who have successfully defended the honour of to the Simian Tribe during the 2009 Lost Tribes trials.
badge_name_SGN_HHSG=Habbo Journo
badge_name_fb_ACH_Student1=%realname%'s been travelling around the Hotel
badge_name_SFA_HHSG=Security - Level 1
badge_desc_Z04_HHUK=Earth week competition winner.
US2_badge_name=EyeToy: Play 2 Air Guitar (Guitar)
badge_name_IT029_HHCA=Fan of Spring
badge_name_SMC_HHCA=Master Chef
badge_desc_UK052_HHUK=Got home safely in the Justin Case quest
badge_name_HW09E_HHAU=Habboween 09 Ghost Badge
badge_desc_fb_ACH_SummerQuestCompleted=%realname% has completed a daily quest!
badge_name_U05_HHUK=Habbo Raceway Course
badge_desc_WH3_HHSG=Habboween 2006
badge_desc_DN4=Roadtrip USA 5 Points 2008.
badge_desc_DN5=You represented the Greasers during the Diner Race.
badge_desc_DN2=You represented the Jocks during the Diner Race.
badge_desc_DN3=You represented the Geeks during the Diner Race.
badge_name_SB5_HHUK=Habbo Hood Small Flame
badge_desc_DN1=You were a part of the winning Diner Race team.
badge_name_JF2=Sushi Master
badge_name_ACH_NewUserBadgeReceiver=Friendship Bracelet %roman%
badge_name_DKA_HHUK=Habbo County E Fame Winner
badge_desc_RLX01=Attended an event or game at Habbo Relax.
badge_desc_RLX03=You know kung fu? I know feng shui.
badge_desc_RLX02=Found enlightenment through friendship.
badge_name_BE1_HHUK=Official BETA tester
badge_name_SFA_HHUK=SCI FI Guard Lvl 1
badge_desc_DE013_HHUK=I logged in on Christmas Day and gave feedback for next year! December 2009.
badge_desc_SF4_HHUK=SCI FI Navigator Lvl 1
badge_desc_fb_ACH_EsA4=%realname% froze %limit% players and got a Habbo Achievement!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_EsA3=%realname% froze %limit% players and got a Habbo Achievement!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_EsA2=%realname% froze %limit% players and got a Habbo Achievement!
badge_desc_ACH_FireworksCharger=For charging %limit% Pixels into Firework Furni.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_EsA1=%realname% froze %limit% players and got a Habbo Achievement!
badge_desc_DKA=Given to special Habbos who set trends, not follow them during Fashion Forward 2009.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_EsA8=%realname% froze %limit% players and got a Habbo Achievement!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_EsA7=%realname% froze %limit% players and got a Habbo Achievement!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_EsA6=%realname% froze %limit% players and got a Habbo Achievement!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_EsA5=%realname% froze %limit% players and got a Habbo Achievement!
badge_desc_DK9=For Habbos who are ready to skyrocket to fame during Fashion Forward week 2009.
badge_desc_HX6_HHCA=Member of the former safety team.
badge_name_HOT_HHAU=Hot Badge
badge_desc_fb_ACH_EsA9=%realname% froze %limit% players and got a Habbo Achievement!
badge_desc_ACH_TagA6=There's enough room for you on my %limit% patches Ice Rink.
badge_desc_ACH_TagA7=There's enough room for you on my %limit% patches Ice Rink.
badge_desc_ACH_TagA8=There's enough room for you on my %limit% patches Ice Rink.
badge_desc_ACH_TagA9=There's enough room for you on my %limit% patches Ice Rink.
badge_desc_DS0=Astronaut of the Habbo Space Explore 06
badge_desc_ACH_TagA2=There's enough room for you on my %limit% patches Ice Rink.
badge_desc_ACH_TagA3=There's enough room for you on my %limit% patches Ice Rink.
badge_desc_ACH_TagA4=There's enough room for you on my %limit% patches Ice Rink.
badge_desc_ACH_TagA5=There's enough room for you on my %limit% patches Ice Rink.
badge_desc_SF2_HHCA=I was a Level 2 Captain in Space, July 09
badge_desc_DS6=Astronaut of the Habbo Space Explore 06
badge_desc_DS5=Astronaut of the Habbo Space Explore 06
badge_desc_ACH_TagB2=Catch me if you can! Been caught %limit% times on this level.
badge_desc_ACH_TagB1=Catch me if you can! Been caught %limit% times on this level.
badge_desc_DS7=Astronaut of the Habbo Space Explore 06
badge_desc_DS2=Astronaut of the Habbo Space Explore 06
badge_desc_DS1=Astronaut of the Habbo Space Explore 06
badge_desc_DS4=Astronaut of the Habbo Space Explore 06
badge_desc_DS3=Astronaut of the Habbo Space Explore 06
badge_name_Z59_HHUK=History Buff
badge_desc_Z09_HHUK=Competition winner at the Habbo Underage Festival 2008.
badge_name_ACH_TraderPass1=Trading pass I
badge_desc_AWSM1_HHSG=Thumbs Up
badge_name_EC3_HHUK=EASTER 2009 - quests
badge_desc_ACH_TagA1=There's enough room for you on my %limit% patches Ice Rink.
badge_desc_LC1_HHSG=The Leviathan
badge_desc_ACH_GiftReceiver9_HHCA=For giving 366 gifts. Worth 100 pixels.
badge_desc_DRA03=I hold the wit of the Dragon - my knowledge is superior!
badge_desc_DRA02=I carry the loyalty of Dragons within me - Friendship is gold!
badge_desc_DRA01=I carry the spirit of the Dragon within me - I cannot be beat!
badge_desc_ACH_PetRespectReceiver5_HHCA=Have someone scratch your pet at least 70 times to earn this badge.
badge_desc_HW09B_HHSG=Keyboard Badge
badge_name_CY1_HHCA=Tao Level 1
badge_name_DK6_HHUK=Camp Rock Guitar Green
badge_name_Z06_HHUK=Bronze Graffiti
badge_desc_GLA_HHCA=Sorry. This Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_name_SF002_HHAU=Space Juice Badge
badge_name_EC3_HHSG=Nature Tree 2
badge_desc_W25=WrestleMania 09
badge_desc_WH3_HHUK=Habboween competition /event winner.
badge_desc_ACH_TagC1=Show time on ice %limit% minutes on this level.
badge_desc_ACH_TagC2=Show time on ice %limit% minutes on this level.
badge_desc_ACH_TagC3=Show time on ice %limit% minutes on this level.
badge_desc_DSX=Astronaut of the Habbo Space Explore 06
badge_name_SFG_HHSG=Scientist Level 1
badge_name_Z64_HHAU=Beta Lab Rat
badge_desc_ACH_TagB8=Catch me if you can! Been caught %limit% times on this level.
badge_desc_ACH_TagB7=Catch me if you can! Been caught %limit% times on this level.
badge_desc_DT1=Bill's board Gallery (Replacement)
badge_desc_XMAS2_HHSG=Christmas Bauble 3
badge_desc_ACH_TagB9=Catch me if you can! Been caught %limit% times on this level.
badge_desc_ACH_TagB4=Catch me if you can! Been caught %limit% times on this level.
badge_desc_ACH_TagB3=Catch me if you can! Been caught %limit% times on this level.
badge_desc_ACH_TagB6=Catch me if you can! Been caught %limit% times on this level.
badge_name_OL1_HHCA=Habbolympics Gold
badge_desc_ACH_TagB5=Catch me if you can! Been caught %limit% times on this level.
badge_desc_DU3=Bronzed and beautiful, just like me!
badge_name_HHL=Habbo Hockey League
badge_name_SU2_HHUK=Medium Tiki Mana
badge_name_BR015=The Movies Badge
badge_name_BR011=Golden Palace
badge_name_BR012=Silver Palace
badge_name_BR013=Bronze Palace
badge_desc_DU2=Silvery and shimmering, just like me!
badge_desc_DU1=Shiny and golden, just like me!
badge_name_SF8_HHUK=SCI FI Engineer Lvl 2
badge_desc_ACH_TagC9=Show time on ice %limit% minutes on this level
badge_desc_ACH_TagC8=Show time on ice %limit% minutes on this level.
badge_desc_ACH_TagC7=Show time on ice %limit% minutes on this level.
badge_desc_UK039_HHUK=I make a polar bear really happy! December 2009.
badge_desc_ACH_TagC6=Show time on ice %limit% minutes on this level.
badge_desc_ACH_TagC5=Show time on ice %limit% minutes on this level.
badge_name_Z64_HHCA=Lab Rat
badge_desc_ACH_TagC4=Show time on ice %limit% minutes on this level.
badge_name_HJ6=Harakuju Lovers Lil' Angel
badge_name_UK018_HHUK=Habboween Event Champion
badge_name_HJ4=Harajuku Love
badge_name_HJ5=Harajuku Quest Music
badge_name_HJ2=Harajuku Lovers G
badge_desc_HOT_HHSG=Hot Badge
badge_name_HJ3=Harajuku lovers baby
badge_name_HJ1=Hungry Jack's Badge
badge_name_OL1_HHAU=Habbolympics Gold
badge_desc_HW09D_HHAU=Pixelated Proof Winner
badge_desc_UK073_HHUK=Habbo Raceway Carrot Cup Grand Prix Winner 2010.
badge_name_XM4_HHSG=Xmas 2006
badge_name_ACH_PetLevelUp10=Pet Whisperer X
badge_name_HX6_HHSG=X Safety (G)
badge_name_SU2_HHSG=Mana Level 2
badge_name_SF8_HHSG=Engineer Level 2
badge_desc_EXE_HHAU=Suits vs Slobs 08
badge_desc_HOT_HHUK=Hottest Habbo Award
badge_name_HW09E_HHCA=Hween Ghosthunter
badge_name_HC5=HC Club membership  V
badge_desc_UK136=Group Member
badge_desc_UK137=Donkey Kong Country Returns Group Member
badge_name_HC3=HC Club membership III
badge_desc_UK138=I went bananas for Donkey Kong!
badge_name_OL3_HHSG=Habbolympics Bronze
badge_name_HC4=HC Club membership IV
badge_desc_UK139=I found the 0800 Reverse Urban Hangout!
badge_desc_UK132=I found Whit & Wisty! - Witch & Wizard: The Gift
badge_desc_UK133=I found Whit & Wisty! - Witch & Wizard: The Gift
badge_desc_UK134=Fight against the brutal regime
badge_desc_UK135=Time for some Wand-erful spells
badge_desc_HW09D_HHCA=I caught the paranormal on film.... Habboween 09.
badge_desc_UK130=I went for Personality
badge_desc_UK131=Beans was the winner of the Rango poll!
badge_name_BR045=Expert Caroller
badge_desc_SU3_HHUK=Lvl3 Tiki Competition winner. Highest award. Summer 2008.
badge_desc_ACH_ValentinesQuestCompleted7=I solved 11 Valentine quests!
badge_desc_ACH_ValentinesQuestCompleted8=I solved 13 Valentine quests!
badge_name_AC6_HHCA=The Angry Ape
badge_desc_ACH_ValentinesQuestCompleted5=I solved 7 Valentine quests!
badge_desc_ACH_ValentinesQuestCompleted6=I solved 9 Valentine quests!
badge_desc_ACH_ValentinesQuestCompleted3=I solved 3 Valentine quests!
badge_name_HX6_HHUK=Habbo eXpert
badge_desc_ACH_ValentinesQuestCompleted4=I solved 5 Valentine quests!
badge_desc_ACH_ValentinesQuestCompleted1=I solved a Valentine quest!
badge_desc_ACH_ValentinesQuestCompleted2=I solved 2 Valentine quests!
badge_desc_ACH_ValentinesQuestCompleted9=I solved 15 Valentine quests!
badge_desc_UK129=I went for looks!
badge_name_XM4_HHUK=Xmas Tree
badge_desc_UK127=I completed the quest!
badge_desc_UK128=Amass your crew, a war is brewing
badge_desc_UK125=Pokémon White Version
badge_desc_UK126=Pokémon Black Version
badge_desc_UK123=Wind it up and watch it fly
badge_desc_UK124=I helped Blob find colour!
badge_desc_CAC_HHCA=My room is so cool it got featured!
badge_desc_UK121=Strangers don't last long here!
badge_desc_UK122=I got Rango out of the desert
badge_desc_UK120=I am a Justin Bieber fan!
badge_name_BR056=Soap Opera Scribe
badge_name_BR058=Pet Trainer
badge_name_UK066_HHUK='1* Restaurant/Diner'
badge_desc_NI5_HHUK=Winner in the Frederic Santini Comp - Mythology. Sep 09.
badge_desc_NL008=A big thanks for getting us 50,000 Fans!
badge_desc_UK119=Kung Fu Panda 2 visited Habbo December 2010
badge_desc_HX7_HHUK=Gold Tech eXpert
badge_desc_UK118=Kung Fu Panda 2 visited Habbo December 2010
badge_name_HF2=Habbo World Cup
badge_name_HF1=Bend it
badge_desc_NL002=Awarded to Habbos who helped in the search for the security cat, Kitty, during the Habbo heatwave of 2010.
badge_desc_VA5_HHSG=The One Ring - for Habbos who married on the Habborella in '08, or were matchmade during Valentine's '09.
badge_desc_UK110=Touch and type your way around Habbo.
badge_desc_UK111=Take action together against bullying!
badge_desc_UK112=A big thanks from Ed and Omar for catching all the Capri-Sun pouches!
badge_name_HC3_HHAU=HC III
badge_desc_UK113=I can tell some stories, just like Gulliver!
badge_desc_UK114=I found the wheat, so Gulliver didn't go hungry!
badge_name_OL3_HHUK=Habbolympic Bronze
badge_desc_UK115=I helped build comfortable furni for Gulliver!
badge_desc_UK116=Watch your favourite films at Vue TeenScreen
badge_desc_UK117=No Credit. No Problem. Stay connected with 0800 Reverse
badge_name_fb_ACH_FreezePlayer=%realname% is a Freeze Player %roman%
badge_desc_SU3_HHSG=Awarded to the most powerful Shamans of the Tikitoa Tribe, during Summer 2008.
badge_name_BR026=Rock On
badge_desc_Z59_HHUK=Master of the history quest
badge_desc_EXE_HHCA=I was there for Business Week, May 08.
badge_desc_UK109=I successful completed the first Nokia Maze Challenge
badge_desc_UK108=Member of the Nokia X3 group
badge_desc_UK107=You can really move on the dance floor!
badge_name_HG1=X Games
badge_desc_UK101=It's juicy!
badge_desc_UK102=It's juicy!
badge_desc_al_ACH_RoomDecoFloor=Add %limit% floor patterns to your rooms.
badge_desc_UK100=It's juicy!
badge_desc_UK105=You joined the group and helped The Last Airbender
badge_name_HF7=Habbofest 07
badge_desc_UK106=Awarded to everyone that correctly completed the 0800 Reverse Quest August 2010.
badge_name_HF8=Habbofest 08
badge_desc_UK103=It's juicy!
badge_name_HF9=Habbofest '09
badge_desc_UK104=I mastered Percy Jackson's Mount Olympus quiz!
badge_name_HC3_HHCA=HC Club membership III
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GiftGiver4=%realname% has given gifts in Habbo, and earned an achievement.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GiftGiver3=%realname% has given gifts in Habbo, and earned an achievement.
badge_desc_Z48_HHUK=I showed the strength of a Bionicle glatorian!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GiftGiver6=%realname% has given gifts in Habbo, and earned an achievement.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GiftGiver5=%realname% has given gifts in Habbo, and earned an achievement.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GiftGiver2=%realname% has given gifts in Habbo, and earned an achievement.
badge_desc_horse=I was one of the first Habbos to adopt a horse!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GiftGiver1=%realname% just gave a gift in Habbo.
badge_name_SFA_HHCA=Security Officer - Level 1
badge_desc_ACH_GiftGiver6=For giving %limit% gifts.
badge_desc_ACH_GiftGiver7=For giving %limit% gifts.
badge_desc_ACH_GiftGiver8=For giving %limit% gifts.
badge_desc_ACH_GiftGiver9=For giving %limit% gifts.
badge_desc_ACH_GiftGiver1=For giving a gift.
badge_desc_SG4_HHSG=Nike 'Born From Obsession' campaign
badge_desc_ACH_GiftGiver3=For giving %limit%  gifts.
badge_desc_ACH_GiftGiver2=For giving %limit% gifts.
badge_desc_ACH_GiftGiver5=For giving %limit% gifts.
badge_desc_ACH_GiftGiver4=For giving %limit% gifts.
badge_name_HOP03_HHSG=Bronze Habbolympics Medail
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GiftGiver7=%realname% has given gifts in Habbo, and earned an achievement.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GiftGiver8=%realname% has given gifts in Habbo, and earned an achievement.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GiftGiver9=%realname% has given gifts in Habbo, and earned an achievement.
badge_desc_UK162=Supporting ChildLine and Anti-bullying week
badge_desc_UK161="She is a bad kitty"
badge_desc_UK160="All I need….are the boots"
badge_desc_HX6_HHSG=X Safety (G)
badge_name_Z05_HHSG=Habbo X Memorial
badge_desc_UD1=Dag or Not Campaign 07
badge_name_ACH_GiftGiver10=Wealthy X
badge_desc_USK_HHCA=I went around the World with Puffin and Teetoo, 08!
badge_desc_UK152=I am a Leaderboard advert creator!
badge_desc_UK151=I completed the This is Abuse quest!
badge_desc_UK150=I answered both This is Abuse research polls
badge_name_AC6_HHSG=The Angry Ape
badge_desc_UK157=I answered the FRANK quiz correctly!
badge_desc_UK156=You can contact FRANK at any time by website, phone, text and email
badge_desc_UK155=I could easily pass as a princess
badge_desc_UK154=I could never pass as a princess
badge_desc_UK158=ChildLine Birthday
badge_desc_HX6_HHUK=Gold Safety eXpert
badge_desc_TWIV1_HHCA=The Twilight Saga: New Moon, November 2009
badge_name_UK068_HHUK='3* Restaurant/Diner'
badge_name_SFA_HHAU=Security Badge
badge_name_HQ001_HHAU=Kitchen Survivor
badge_name_HW09E_HHSG=Ghost Badge
badge_name_EC3_HHAU=Nature Quest 2
badge_desc_UK140=Group Member
badge_name_SUM05=Bringing Sexy Back Badge
badge_desc_UK142=SoundGirl group member and I "Dont Know Why"
badge_desc_UK141=I made it through the life quest
badge_desc_UK144=I know all about Augmented Reality Games and the 3DS camera
badge_name_SUM01=Heat Wave Badge 2011
badge_desc_UK143=I know all about StreetPass
badge_desc_UK146=I answered the Sims 3 Pets quiz correctly!
badge_desc_UK145=I know all about The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
badge_name_SUM04=Habbo Heat Wave 2011
badge_desc_UK147=I found the lost pets!
badge_desc_UK149=Food for my cross breed pet!
badge_name_SMC_HHSG=Toque (Chef's Hat)
badge_desc_TWIV1_HHAU=Twilight: New Moon Quest 3 Winner
badge_desc_VA8_HHAU=Valentines 09
badge_name_SNW_HHUK=SnowStorm HOF
badge_name_ACH_GiftReceiver2=Like me a bit more II
badge_name_ACH_GiftReceiver3=Cherish me III
badge_name_ACH_GiftReceiver1=Greet me I
badge_name_ACH_GiftReceiver6=Donate me VI
badge_name_ACH_GiftReceiver7=Value me VII
badge_name_ACH_GiftReceiver4=Adore me IV
badge_name_ACH_GiftReceiver5=Respect me V
badge_name_ACH_GiftReceiver8=Be wild about me VIII
badge_name_ACH_GiftReceiver9=Be hooked on me IX
badge_desc_EAB=Awarded to winners of Easter (Island) Espionage competitions (bunny supporters).
badge_name_Z74_HHUK=Realm Wizard
badge_name_ACH_AvatarLooks1=Looks that Kill I
badge_desc_PUR01=I am an Expert Pura-licious Room Builder and Challenge Winner
badge_desc_EAR=Awarded to winners of Easter (Island) Espionage competitions (bear supporters).
badge_name_LC6_HHSG=Crab Badge Lvl 1
badge_name_X1105=Xmas Fashion
badge_desc_FBLL0=Created an epic gaming room!
badge_desc_FBLL2=Scored a goal for Habbo.com!
badge_desc_FBLL5=I've got the loudest 'GOOOAAAAAL!'
badge_desc_FBLL4=A Habbo Football expert!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_snowBoardBuild=%realname% has a cool snowboarding hill. Check it out!
badge_desc_ACH_TagB20=Catch me if you can! Been caught %limit% times on this level.
badge_name_HM1=Habbo Mall Designer Badge
badge_desc_AC9_HHSG=Awarded to Habbos who have proved that they are a loyal and stalwart member of the Simian Tribe during the 2009 Lost Tribes competition.
badge_desc_ACH_MGM3_HHCA=Level 3 - For creating your own fellowship - party of 4. For inviting one real life friend to Habbo. Worth 60 pixels.
badge_name_EC3_HHCA=Nature Quest Day 2
badge_desc_SF2_HHUK=SCI FI Captain Lvl 2
badge_desc_CL2_HHUK=Idea Agency Silver brief winner!
badge_desc_EC2=You earned this Badge for completing the Nature Quest Day 1 (April 2009)
badge_desc_EC3=You earned this Badge for completing the Nature Quest Day 2 (April 2009)
badge_desc_EC1=The Green Scene Campaign
badge_desc_EC4=You earned this Badge for completing the Nature Quest Day 3 (April 2009)
badge_desc_EC5=This badge was given to those who gave a friend a Gift Tree (April 2009)
badge_desc_VA8_HHCA=I am part of Habbo's Most Glamourous Couple! Bollywood Valentine's, 09
badge_desc_AC9_HHUK=Simians Lvl 2 - Lost Tribe
badge_name_Z05_HHUK=Habbo X Medal
badge_name_Z48_HHUK=Bionicle Kick Wars Winner
badge_name_HOP03_HHUK=Habbolympics 2010 - Bronze Badge
badge_name_UKL_HHUK=Fantastic4 Silver
badge_name_HQ008_HHSG=Team Hansel
badge_desc_SF2_HHSG=Given to the captain of the space crews who has at least 10 Team Points during the exploration of the Habborella 3000.
badge_name_HO1=Olympic Champion
badge_name_SFG_HHCA=Science Officer - Level 1
badge_desc_fb_ACH_PetLover9=%realname%'s got %limit% pets in Habbo. What a zoo!
badge_desc_UKZ=Fashion Designer
badge_desc_fb_ACH_PetLover7=%realname%'s got %limit% pets in Habbo. What a zoo!
badge_desc_UKY=Genius Award
badge_desc_fb_ACH_PetLover8=%realname%'s got %limit% pets in Habbo. What a zoo!
badge_desc_UKX=I am a Newsie journalist.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_PetLover5=%realname%'s got %limit% pets in Habbo. What a zoo!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_PetLover6=%realname%'s got %limit% pets in Habbo. What a zoo!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_PetLover3=%realname%'s got %limit% pets in Habbo. What a zoo!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_PetLover4=%realname%'s got %limit% pets in Habbo. What a zoo!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_PetLover1=%realname% got their first pet in Habbo. And how cute it is!
badge_name_HOP03=Habbolympics Bronze Medal
badge_desc_fb_ACH_PetLover2=%realname%'s got %limit% pets in Habbo. What a zoo!
badge_desc_CL3_HHUK=Idea Agency Golden brief winner!
badge_name_OL1_HHSG=Habbolympics Gold
badge_name_HOP02=Habbolympics Silver Medal
badge_name_UKW_HHUK=Silver Rollercoaster
badge_name_HOP01=Habbolympics Gold Medal
badge_desc_UKJ=Sign of Wood badge
badge_desc_UKK=Bronze Fan4 badge
badge_desc_OL1_HHUK=Awarded to members of the 1st Habbolympic team 2008.
badge_desc_UKH=Sign of Stone badge
badge_desc_ACH_AIPerformanceVote6_HHCA=Level 6- For gathering 200 votes on stage. Worth 40 pixels.
badge_desc_UKI=Sign of Water badge
badge_desc_UKN=HAFTAs badge
badge_name_SFG_HHAU=Scientist Badge
badge_name_Z64_HHSG=Lab Rat
badge_desc_UKO=Habbo Seekers
badge_desc_UKL=Silver Fan4 badge
badge_desc_UKM=Gold Fan4 badge
badge_desc_UKR=ST Head Girl
badge_desc_UKP=ST Perfect
badge_desc_UKQ=ST Head Boy
badge_desc_UKV=Gold Theme Park
badge_desc_UKW=Silver Theme Park
badge_desc_UKT=I have a sweet tooth!
badge_desc_UKU=Clown Theme Park
badge_desc_UK9=Japanese Campaign 07
badge_name_XM4_HHAU=Christmas Badge
badge_desc_ACH_TagC19=Show time on ice %limit% minutes on this level.
badge_desc_ACH_TagC18=Show time on ice %limit% minutes on this level.
badge_desc_ACH_TagC17=Show time on ice %limit% minutes on this level.
badge_desc_ACH_TagC16=Show time on ice %limit% minutes on this level.
badge_desc_ACH_TagC15=Show time on ice %limit% minutes on this level.
badge_desc_UKA=Battle of the Resorts Summer 2007
badge_desc_ACH_TagC14=Show time on ice %limit% minutes on this level.
badge_desc_ACH_TagC13=Show time on ice %limit% minutes on this level.
badge_desc_UKC=Let your opinions be heard.
badge_desc_ACH_TagC12=Show time on ice %limit% minutes on this level.
badge_name_Z63_HHAU=Beta Lab Rat
badge_name_Z70_HHUK=Realm Dwarf
badge_desc_ACH_TagC11=Show time on ice %limit% minutes on this level.
badge_desc_UKE=Sign of Bronze badge
badge_desc_ACH_TagC10=Show time on ice %limit% minutes on this level.
badge_name_HX8=X Game (G)
badge_desc_UKG=Sign of Fire badge
badge_desc_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence3_HHCA=Level 3 - spending total of 8 hours in hotel. Worth 20 pixels.
badge_name_HX9=X Leader
badge_desc_UKF=Sign of Iron badge
badge_desc_SF6_HHUK=SCI FI Navigator Lvl 3
badge_name_HX7=X Tech (G)
badge_name_SU2_HHCA=Tiki Mask
badge_name_HX6=X Safety (G)
badge_name_HX5=X Host (G)
badge_name_HX4=X Game Std
badge_name_HX3=X Tech Std
badge_name_HX2=X Safety Std
badge_name_HX1=X Host Std
badge_desc_UK4=Habbo Council
badge_desc_UK5=Habbo Submited Articles
badge_desc_UK6=Gallery Badge
badge_desc_UK7=Quest Guild Badge
badge_name_CAH_HHCA=Stock Badge
badge_desc_HOT_HHAU=Hot or Cool Campaign
badge_name_SF8_HHCA=Engineer - Level 2
badge_name_HX6_HHCA=Safety X
badge_desc_ACH_TagC20=Show time on ice %limit% minutes on this level.
badge_desc_EHR=Given to those who participated in any Earth Hour event!
badge_desc_DK009_HHCA=I swore allegiance to the Boar, March 2010
badge_desc_UKBD1=9th Birthday Badge
badge_name_CNY02_HHCA=Tiger Expert
badge_name_Z64_HHUK=Official BETA tester
badge_desc_OL1_HHSG=Habbolympics Gold
badge_name_OL3_HHAU=Habbolympics Bronze
badge_name_ACH_PetRespectReceiver6_HHCA=My pets get all the love V
badge_desc_Z64_HHUK=Helped shape the new Habbo June 2009
badge_name_XM4_HHCA=Xmas 06
badge_name_fb_ACH_AIPerformanceVote1=%realname% is a star!
badge_name_fb_ACH_AIPerformanceVote2=%realname% is a star!
badge_name_fb_ACH_AIPerformanceVote3=%realname% is a star!
badge_name_AP2_HHUK=Official HABprentice Designer 2009
badge_name_fb_ACH_AIPerformanceVote4=%realname% is a star!
badge_name_fb_ACH_AIPerformanceVote5=%realname% is a star!
badge_name_fb_ACH_AIPerformanceVote6=%realname% is a star!
badge_name_fb_ACH_AIPerformanceVote7=%realname% is a star!
badge_name_fb_ACH_AIPerformanceVote8=%realname% is a star!
badge_desc_UKW_HHUK=Theme Park team competition winner. 2008
badge_name_SU2_HHAU=Mana 2
badge_name_fb_ACH_AIPerformanceVote9=%realname% is a star!
badge_name_HX6_HHAU=Gold Habbo X Safety
badge_desc_ACH_RegistrationDuration9_HHCA=Level 9 - For true Habbos who have been members of the community for 4 years. Worth 200 pixels.
badge_desc_SF6_HHSG=Given to the navigator of the winning space team during the exploration of Habborella 3000
badge_name_HX4_HHSG=X Game Std
badge_name_FBLL2=World Cup Goalie
badge_name_fb_ACH_BattleBallQuestCompleted3=%realname% is Battle Banzai Beginner III
badge_name_fb_ACH_BattleBallQuestCompleted2=%realname% is Battle Banzai Beginner II
badge_name_FBLL0=World Cup Trophy
badge_name_fb_ACH_BattleBallQuestCompleted1=%realname% is Battle Banzai Beginner I
badge_desc_HOT_HHCA=Cause I'm HOT to trot! Hot'or'Cool, Summer 09.
badge_name_fb_ACH_BattleBallQuestCompleted6=%realname% is Battle Banzai Veteran
badge_name_fb_ACH_BattleBallQuestCompleted7=%realname% is Battle Banzai Master
badge_name_fb_ACH_BattleBallQuestCompleted4=%realname% is Battle Banzai Novice
badge_name_fb_ACH_BattleBallQuestCompleted5=%realname% is Battle Banzai Adept
badge_name_fb_ACH_BattleBallQuestCompleted8=%realname% is Battle Banzai Guru
badge_desc_ACH_GamePlayed10=For playing and winning Snow Storm or the game of Battle Ball %limit% times.
badge_name_fb_ACH_BattleBallQuestCompleted9=%realname% is Battle Banzai Hero
badge_desc_ACH_SkateBoardJump=For doing %limit% jumps on your skateboard
badge_name_al_ACH_Spr=Rooms liked by staff %roman%
badge_name_FBLL5=Fireball Goal Badge
badge_name_FBLL4=Football Lesson Ribbon
badge_name_OL3_HHCA=Habbolympics Bronze
badge_desc_EXE_HHSG=This Habbo certainly knows what's the hottest byword for 2010. They're veritable vocabulary wizards!
badge_desc_CL1_HHUK=Idea Agency brief runner-up!
badge_desc_HOP02_HHAU=Team Snow Queens - Winter Habbolympics 2010
badge_name_HX4_HHUK=Habbo eXpert
badge_name_ACH_PetRespectGiver1_HHCA=I like your pet!
badge_name_HWB=Vampire Badge
badge_name_OL1_HHUK=Habbolympic Gold
badge_name_UK073_HHUK=Carrot Cup 2010
badge_name_Z63_HHCA=Elite Lab Rat
badge_name_HW1=Habbowood 2007 Director
badge_desc_CAC_HHUK=Landscape Room Winner 2008.
badge_desc_HQ006_HHCA=Fighting crime in Habbo, Oct 09.
badge_name_HW09E_HHUK=Spooky Tour
badge_desc_BR013=Restoring Alhambra to its former glory, Jan 2010
badge_desc_BR015=The ultimate movie fan!
badge_name_ACH_Motto1_HHCA=Master of Words
badge_name_HUG=Free Hugs Day 2009
badge_name_ZZZ=Badge Test
badge_desc_UK08_HHUK=2/3 of the Click Clever, Click Safe Code
badge_name_Z68_HHUK=The Dark Lord's Wraiths
badge_desc_SU3_HHCA=I Tikied with Teetoo and Puffin in RangiRangi 08!
badge_desc_BR012=Restoring Alhambra to its former glory, Jan 2010
badge_desc_BR011=Restoring Alhambra to its former glory, Jan 2010
badge_desc_USP=The Prom of the Dead King and Queen hold this badge proudly.
badge_desc_SU3_HHAU=Tikitoa Campaign 08
badge_desc_USQ=You were infected at the Prom of the Dead.
badge_desc_USR=You have been cured and are no longer a Prom of the Dead Zombie.
badge_desc_UST=Level 5
badge_desc_USU=Just like Mom used to make. Mmm, tastes like burning.
badge_desc_USV=The Symbol of a true Hero (2009)
badge_desc_USW=You get this Pickle Badge for winning an event during the Beach Bunny 2 - Revenge of the Cheeps campaign - April 2009
badge_desc_HOP02_HHCA=Member of the Silver team, Habbolympics 2010
badge_desc_USX=You earned this badge for completing the Beach Bunny 2: ROTC Quest. go RICE KRISPY TREATS!!! (4/2009)
badge_desc_USY=Awarded to the King and Queen of the 2009 Habbo Prom
badge_desc_USZ=Seventeen Fitness Challenge
badge_name_Z05_HHCA=X Memorial
badge_desc_fb_ACH_RespectEarned1=%realname% got respect for the first time in Habbo, and got an achivement.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_RespectEarned2=%realname% got respect in Habbo, and got an achivement.
badge_desc_ACH_RoomEntry7_HHCA=Level 7 - For hanging out in 120 Guest Rooms  that you do not own .Gold digger. 20 pixels.
badge_desc_BR026=Habbofest Red Carpet Owner
badge_desc_XM9_HHCA=I trekked into the unknown, Xmas 08.
badge_name_HQ001_HHSG=Steel Chef Badge
badge_desc_US2=EyeToy: Play 2 Air Guitar (Guitar)
badge_desc_US0=I spoke my mind in a Seventeen Magazine poll.
badge_desc_US6=NBC Olympics Badge
badge_name_HQ008_HHAU=Franz Supporter
badge_desc_US7=Seventeen Fashion
badge_desc_fb_ACH_RespectEarned4=%realname% got respect in Habbo, and got an achivement.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_RespectEarned3=%realname% got respect in Habbo, and got an achivement.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_RespectEarned6=%realname% got respect in Habbo, and got an achivement.
badge_desc_US8=Toilet Marathon
badge_desc_fb_ACH_RespectEarned5=%realname% got respect in Habbo, and got an achivement.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_RespectEarned8=%realname% got respect in Habbo, and got an achivement.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_RespectEarned7=%realname% got respect in Habbo, and got an achivement.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_RespectEarned9=%realname% got respect in Habbo, and got an achivement.
badge_desc_VA5_HHUK=Awarded to paired Habbos during Valentine's each year.
badge_desc_USB=You sure like those Red Adidas sneakers!
badge_desc_USA=You sure like those Blue Adidas sneakers!
badge_desc_USG=You show support to Mr. Sinister.
badge_desc_USF=You show support to Larry.
badge_desc_XM9_HHAU=SnoSho Room Comp
badge_desc_USE=You show support to Smilla.
badge_desc_USK=I went around the World with Puffin and Teetoo, 08!
badge_desc_TWIC2=Level 2 Cullens Badge
badge_desc_USJ=WWE Rocks!
badge_desc_TWIC1=Level 1 Cullens Badge
badge_desc_USI=You took part in the Habbo Royal Rumble in 2008.
badge_desc_USH=You show support to Santa.3000.
badge_desc_USO=You love Little Dogs.
badge_desc_USN=You love Big Dogs.
badge_desc_ACH_RegistrationDuration5_HHCA=Level 5 - For true Habbos who have been members of the community for 24 weeks. Worth 160 pixels.
badge_desc_USM=There truly is No Way Out!
badge_desc_USL=The year of the Rat!
badge_desc_TWIC3=Level 3 Cullens Badge
badge_desc_fb_ACH_EsA10=%realname% froze %limit% players and got a Habbo Achievement!
badge_name_MDMWW=Mega Deal Badge
badge_desc_fb_ACH_EsA11=%realname% froze %limit% players and got a Habbo Achievement!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_EsA12=%realname% froze %limit% players and got a Habbo Achievement!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_EsA13=%realname% froze %limit% players and got a Habbo Achievement!
badge_desc_BR045=Winner of the 2011 Habbo Holiday Music Video!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_EsA14=%realname% froze %limit% players and got a Habbo Achievement!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_EsA15=%realname% froze %limit% players and got a Habbo Achievement!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_EsA16=%realname% froze %limit% players and got a Habbo Achievement!
badge_desc_HOP03_HHAU=Team Officials - Winter Habbolympics 2010
badge_desc_fb_ACH_EsA17=%realname% froze %limit% players and got a Habbo Achievement!
badge_desc_HX7_HHSG=X Tech (G)
badge_desc_ACH_VipClub1_HHCA=For joining the VIP Club.
badge_name_ACH_Login4_HHCA=High Roller
badge_name_fb_ACH_MusicCollector=%realname% is now a Level %roman% Music Collector!sc
badge_name_ACH_PetRespectReceiver8_HHCA=My pets get all the love VII
badge_desc_fb_ACH_EsA19=%realname% froze %limit% players and got a Habbo Achievement!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_EsA18=%realname% froze %limit% players and got a Habbo Achievement!
badge_name_SG001_HHSG=Party Hat
badge_desc_BR056=Vampire Hospital Head Writer. November 2011
badge_desc_XMAS0=Win a Holiday 2009 Game or Event
badge_desc_EUR01=Your pick made it all the way to the finals!
badge_desc_EUR02=Your pick made it all the way to the finals!
badge_desc_EUR03=You picked Azerbaijan as the winning group!
badge_desc_poop1=You're full of it!
badge_desc_XMAS2=Holidays Moments 2009 winner!
badge_desc_XMAS1=You found the culprit who let the Pig into the Hotel. Dec 2009
badge_desc_fb_ACH_EsA20=%realname% has frozen 20000 players in FREEZE! Insane!
badge_desc_XM6_HHSG=Xmas '07 - Santa3000's badge
badge_name_Z05_HHAU=Habbo X Commemorative
badge_desc_TWIV1_HHSG=This Habbo manages to survive the dangerous quest at the heart of the Volturi stronghold.
badge_desc_BR058=I know how NOT to train a pet! Aug 2010
badge_desc_MH1_HHAU=Monsters of Habbo 07
badge_desc_Z64_HHSG=This Habbo helped test Habbo Beta. A grey whiskery face in the crowd...
badge_desc_VA8_HHSG=For Habbos who have achieved the highest order of love during Valentines 2009. Just one look and you'll fall for this Habbo.
badge_desc_HOP03_HHCA=Member of the Bronze team, Habbolympics 2010
badge_name_XMAS1_HHSG=Christmas Bauble 2
badge_desc_ACH_Login9_HHCA=Level 9 - For logging in 90 days in a row. Extraordinary. Worth 200 pixels.
badge_desc_BR071=I support 1Goal. Education for all.
badge_desc_BR075=Thanks for coming to the Say No To Retros InfoBus session!
badge_desc_AC3_HHAU=Habbo's 5th Birthday Comp Winner
badge_name_CNY02_HHSG=Tiger's Claw 2
badge_desc_TWIV1_HHUK=Level 1 Badge awarded to trivia quest winners in Volturi's world. November 2009.
badge_desc_ACH_PetFeeding10=Give your pets at least %limit%  points of food to earn this badge.
badge_desc_VA8_HHUK=For making a winning Bollywood Movie. 2009.
badge_name_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence6_HHCA=Online time VI
badge_name_DE012_HHUK=Christmas Cracker!
badge_name_ACH_ValentinesBadgeReceived2=Friendship Bracelet %roman%
badge_name_ACH_ValentinesBadgeReceived3=Friendship Bracelet %roman%
badge_name_ACH_ValentinesBadgeReceived4=Friendship Bracelet %roman%
badge_name_ACH_ValentinesBadgeReceived5=Friendship Bracelet %roman%
badge_name_HQ001_HHUK=Kitchen Survivor
badge_name_ACH_ValentinesBadgeReceived1=Friendship Bracelet %roman%
badge_desc_HQ004_HHAU=Bang Bang You're Dead 2010
badge_desc_ESD=I celebrated Habbo Canada's 4th birthday in May of 2008!
badge_name_ACH_ValentinesBadgeReceived9=Friendship Bracelet %roman%
badge_name_ACH_ValentinesBadgeReceived8=Friendship Bracelet %roman%
badge_name_ACH_ValentinesBadgeReceived7=Friendship Bracelet %roman%
badge_name_ACH_ValentinesBadgeReceived6=Friendship Bracelet %roman%
badge_desc_MH1_HHCA=Monsters of Habbo Fest 07
badge_name_HQ008_HHCA=Supporting Franz
badge_desc_ACH_RegistrationDuration6_HHCA=Level 6 - For true Habbos who have been members of the community for a year. Worth 200 pixels.
badge_desc_ESX=Voted and Won in HBB 2011
badge_desc_ESW=I am a member of the Habbo Movie Maker Guild!
badge_name_HX5_HHUK=Habbo eXpert
badge_name_CAC_HHCA=Featured Room
badge_name_ACH_GamePlayed3_HHCA=Battle Royal III
badge_desc_WH7_HHCA=Evil Zombies are upon us! Habboween 08
badge_name_UK057_HHUK=Hotel Happenings Article Badge
badge_name_NO84=In Memory
badge_name_XXX_HHSG=Habbo X
badge_name_VA010_HHCA=Catching Cheaters
badge_desc_XM1_HHAU=Christmas Campaign 05
badge_desc_WH7_HHAU=Habboween 08 Comp Winner
badge_name_ACH_RoomDecoFurniCount=Room Builder %roman%
badge_name_TC3_HHCA=SS Top Scorer
badge_desc_HQ004_HHSG=Police Chief
badge_name_Z73_HHUK=Warrior of the Dark Lord
badge_name_fb_ACH_RoomEntry10=%realname%'s been travelling around the Hotel
badge_desc_DESP1=Winner of the Despicable Den room comp!
badge_desc_JKR="wanna see a magic trick?"
badge_desc_DESP2=A little Minion up to no good!
badge_name_TC3_HHAU=SnowStorm Badge
badge_desc_XM1_HHCA=It's all about Rasta Claus!
badge_name_DS2_HHSG=DS Robot
badge_desc_HC3_HHCA=Level 3 - For 24 months of Habbo Club membership. Worth 300 pixels.
badge_name_LBB_HHAU=LBB Gang
badge_name_PB1=Black Team Supporter
badge_desc_HQ004_HHUK=Awarded to the top CSI Detectives. October 2009.
badge_desc_SF5_HHCA=I was a Level 2 Navigator in Space, July 09
badge_name_PB2=Pink Team Supporter
badge_desc_TWIV2_HHAU=Twilight: New Moon Week 3 Winner
badge_desc_CO5_HHSG=Country 2
badge_name_AU004_HHAU=Christmas '09
badge_desc_KIR_HHCA=Keeping Habbo Real and Scam free!
badge_desc_HC3_HHAU=Level 3 - 24 months membership. Gives you 300 pixels.
badge_name_VA010_HHAU=Split Up Badge
badge_name_AU004_HHCA=Holiday Quest
badge_desc_Z40_HHUK=I celebrated Habbo UK's 8th birthday, 17/1/2009
badge_name_CY2_HHCA=Tao Level 2
badge_name_LBB_HHCA=Queen of Habboween
badge_name_XXX_HHUK=Habbo eXpert
badge_name_SFD_HHAU=Medical Badge
badge_desc_fb_ACH_SkateBoardSlide=%realname% earned an achievement for doing some sizzling slides on their skateboard
badge_desc_SB5_HHAU=Ultimate Streets of Bobba 08
badge_name_UK037_HHUK=Britney Fan
badge_name_ACH_RoomDecoWallpaper=Wall Designer %roman%
badge_name_DT1_HHUK=The Gallery
badge_name_KO2_HHSG=Koala Eucalyptus
badge_name_AC4_HHCA=The Soaring Eagle
badge_desc_JF1=Which side were you on? Samurai or Ninja?
badge_desc_TWIQ3_HHAU=Habbo's Biggest New Moon Fan
badge_desc_JF5=Habbo Ninja 08
badge_desc_JF4=Habbo Ninja 08
badge_desc_JF3=Habbo Ninja 08
badge_desc_JF2=I had Sushi with Kitsune and Tanuki, Ninja Style 08!
badge_name_SF9_HHCA=Engineer - Level 3
badge_name_UKH_HHUK=Stone Sign
badge_name_Z63_HHSG=Lab Rat Plus
badge_desc_JFF=Given to those who supported Jeffoo in The Streets of Bobba.
badge_desc_SFE_HHCA=I was a Level 2 Medical Officer in Space, July 09
badge_desc_ACH_FreezePowerUp=For collecting %limit% Freeze power-ups.
badge_desc_ACH_FreezePlayer=For playing Freeze.
badge_name_UK094_HHUK=St Patrick's Day Quest
badge_desc_RUN09_HHSG=This Habbo loves everything couture -from the latest designers or the coolest clothes. Runway 2010.
badge_desc_HQ007_HHSG=Love men with dark skin, balding, and smells like a fish? Then Herbert's perfect for you!
badge_desc_ACH_RespectGiven1_HHCA=For giving respect 100 times. Worth 20 pixels.
badge_desc_WD0_HHSG=Given to the happy Habbos who are ready to tie the knot during the Wedding of the Century. Also, it's a good napkin holder.
badge_desc_TWIQ3_HHCA=Habbo's Biggest New Moon Fan, 09
badge_name_Z63_HHUK=Valued BETA tester
badge_desc_CO5_HHUK=Owner of a Yukka Tree Hill Village.
ACH_PetLover9_badge_name=Pet Lover IX
badge_desc_NEB_HHUK=HMF:Neon Fan Club Winner
badge_name_VA013_HHAU=Bling Badge
badge_desc_ACH_PetRespectReceiver8_HHCA=Have someone scratch your pet at least 300 times to earn this badge.
badge_desc_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked4=Lock %limit% tiles.
badge_desc_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked3=Lock %limit% tiles.
badge_desc_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked2=Lock %limit% tiles.
badge_desc_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked1=Lock %limit% tiles.
badge_desc_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked8=Lock %limit% tiles.
badge_desc_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked7=Lock %limit% tiles.
badge_desc_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked6=Lock %limit% tiles.
badge_desc_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked5=Lock %limit% tiles.
badge_desc_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked9=Lock %limit% tiles.
badge_desc_KH2_HHCA=I won a Kappa Habbo Gamma competition
badge_desc_UK009_HHUK=Completed the first NHS quest and has 1/3 stars
badge_desc_ACH_PetRespectGiver7_HHCA=Scratch anyone's pet at least 110 times to earn this badge.
badge_name_ACH_RoomEntry4_HHCA=Day tripper
badge_name_UK003_HHUK=Star 1
badge_desc_UK013_HHUK=Finalist of Habbo Big Brother 2009.
badge_name_NL008=50,000 Fans Badge
badge_desc_ACH_RoomEntry1=For hanging out in %limit% guest rooms that you do not own. Tourist.
badge_desc_ACH_RoomEntry3=For hanging out in %limit% guest rooms that you do not own. Freeloader.
badge_desc_ACH_RoomEntry2=For hanging out in %limit% guest rooms that you do not own. Moocher.
badge_desc_BGW2 =A gift from the Big Wave!
badge_desc_ACH_RoomEntry9=For hanging out in %limit% guest rooms that you do not own. Spaceman.
badge_desc_ACH_RoomEntry8=For hanging out in %limit% guest rooms that you do not own. Orion.
badge_desc_ACH_RoomEntry5=For hanging out in %limit% guest rooms that you do not own. Globetrotter.
badge_desc_ACH_RoomEntry4=For hanging out in %limit% guest rooms that you do not own. Backpacker.
badge_desc_ACH_RoomEntry7=For hanging out in %limit% guest rooms  that you do not own .Gold digger.
badge_desc_ACH_RoomEntry6=For hanging out in %limit% guest rooms that you do not own. Out of towner.
badge_name_fb_ACH_GamePlayed9=%realname% is a winner!
badge_name_ACH_VipClub1_HHCA=VIP Member
badge_name_UK014_HHUK=HBB 09 Contestant
badge_name_ACH_PetLover1_HHCA=Can I Keep Him?
badge_name_fb_ACH_GamePlayed4=%realname% is a winner!
badge_name_fb_ACH_GamePlayed3=%realname% is a winner!
badge_name_fb_ACH_GamePlayed2=%realname% is a winner!
badge_name_NL002=Lost Kitty Badge
badge_name_fb_ACH_GamePlayed1=%realname% is a winner!
badge_name_50S_HHUK=MUZU VJ
badge_desc_UK8_HHUK=NSPCC campaign badge. Stop Bullying. Full stop.
badge_name_fb_ACH_GamePlayed8=%realname% is a winner!
badge_name_fb_ACH_GamePlayed7=%realname% is a winner!
badge_name_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence9_HHCA=Online time IX
badge_name_fb_ACH_GamePlayed6=%realname% is a winner!
badge_name_fb_ACH_GamePlayed5=%realname% is a winner!
badge_name_PN1=Pixel Ninja
badge_desc_bbbh1=I saw the end of Old Habbo!
badge_desc_EHR00=I'm pledging to help the earth beyond the hour! Earth Hour 2011
badge_desc_EHR02=I'm pledging to help the earth beyond the hour! Earth Hour 2011
badge_desc_bbbh2=We'll miss you Big Hand!
badge_desc_EHR01=Me and my friends help spread awareness in support of Earth Hour!
badge_desc_ACH_BadMonkeyLevelUp=Train your Lost Monkey up at least %limit% level to earn this badge.
badge_desc_DN5_HHSG=Awarded to faithful supporters of the Greasers, during the great Diner Races of 2008.
badge_desc_SGN_HHSG=Published Habbo journalists and authors wear this distinguished badge. Also good for swatting flies.
badge_desc_Z45_HHUK=HAFTAS Winner 2007
badge_desc_ACH_TraderPass1=Without a trading pass you can't trade: you have to have an account that is 1 day old and you have to verify your email.
badge_desc_ICEA2_HHUK=Winner of the Love Game or the Dino Race
badge_desc_UKA_HHUK=Battle of the Resorts Summer 2007
badge_name_TC3_HHUK=SnowStorm Champ
badge_name_DS3_HHAU=Clone Comp Winner
badge_desc_EC4_HHUK=Trying to make Habbo a greener place
badge_name_UK069_HHUK=Creative Genius!
badge_name_fb_ACH_SummerQuestCompleted=%realname% is Shell Collector %roman%
badge_desc_SB5_HHUK=Selected member of a Habbo Hood Group. September 2008
badge_desc_BBBH1_HHCA=Forever remembering the fall of old Habbo, Nov 09
badge_desc_WH7_HHSG=Interesting specimens of the virus which infected Habbo during Habboween 2008
badge_name_TC3_HHSG=Snow Storm
badge_desc_fb_ACH_RoomDecoFurniTypeCount=%realname% has some cool furni in their room. Check it out!
badge_desc_ACH_GamePlayed5_HHCA=Sorry. This Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_desc_GM2_HHCA=Email Verification Campaign
badge_name_PR1=Green Pirate
badge_name_PR3=Treasure Chest
badge_name_PR2=Blue Pirate
badge_name_NEI_HHSG=Flamingo Badge
badge_desc_BBBH1_HHAU=I saw the end of Old Habbo
badge_name_CO1_HHSG=Country 1
badge_name_ESD_HHCA=Happy 4th Birthday!
badge_desc_NLD_HHSG=Trax Silver
badges_tab_title=My badges
badge_name_AC4_HHSG=The Mighty Eagle
badge_name_ACH_SnowWarTotalScore=SnowStorm level %roman%
badge_desc_CO5_HHCA=I embraced the Country in Habbo, May 2009
badge_name_ACH_RoomEntry2_HHCA=Running Room Raider
badge_desc_SF5_HHSG=Navigator Level 2
badge_desc_SFC_HHUK=SCI FI Guard Lvl 3
badge_desc_HC3_HHSG=Habbo club 3
badge_name_al_ACH_RbTagC=Roller Derby Raider  %roman%
badge_name_al_ACH_RbTagB=Speed Skater %roman%
badge_name_al_ACH_RbTagA=Rink Builder %roman%
badge_name_ACH_Xm10QuestCompleted1=Snowflake collector I
badge_name_ACH_Xm10QuestCompleted3=Snowflake collector III
badge_name_ACH_Xm10QuestCompleted2=Snowflake collector II
badge_name_ACH_Xm10QuestCompleted5=Snowflake collector V
badge_desc_Z15_HHUK=My Spy Family quest 1 winner.
badge_name_ACH_Xm10QuestCompleted4=Snowflake collector IV
badge_name_ACH_Xm10QuestCompleted7=Snowflake collector VII
badge_name_ACH_Xm10QuestCompleted6=Snowflake collector VI
badge_name_EXE_HHAU=Executive Supporter
badge_name_ACH_Xm10QuestCompleted9=Snowflake collector IX
badge_name_NEI_HHUK=HMF: Neon Club Winner
badge_name_ACH_Xm10QuestCompleted8=Snowflake collector VIII
badge_name_POP=Safety Survey Badge
selected_badges=Currently wearing:
badge_desc_DN5_HHUK=Roadtrip USA 10 Points 2008.
badge_name_ACH_PetRespectGiver10_HHCA=I've shared my love
badge_name_AC4_HHUK=The Spirit Eagle
badge_desc_SB5_HHSG=USOB Muscle
badge_desc_SF5_HHUK=SCI FI Navigator Lvl 2
badge_desc_SHB_HHSG=Dragon Badge
badge_name_CAC_HHUK=Landscape Expert
badge_name_CY2_HHSG=Yin & Yang Badge (Level 2)
badge_desc_hwn28=You braved the Hellbound Hotel, a warrior with no equal!
badge_desc_SFC_HHSG=Security Officer Level 3
badge_name_RUN09_HHAU=Habbo Runway
badge_desc_ACH_GiftGiver9_HHCA=For giving 366 gifts. Worth 100 pixels.
badge_name_ACH_GiftGiver5_HHCA=Made of money
badge_name_EXE_HHCA=Executive Pen
badge_name_UK051_HHUK=Bronze Santa Hat
badge_name_US0L_HHCA=Best Director
badge_desc_HQ007_HHCA=Because Hans is the better brother!
badge_name_SF9_HHSG=Engineer Level 3
badge_name_UK094_HHCA=St. Patrick's Day
badge_desc_ACH_GamePlayed10_HHCA=Sorry. This Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_desc_ACH_PetRespectGiver4=Scratch anyone's pet at least %limit% times to earn this badge.
badge_desc_ACH_PetRespectGiver3=Scratch anyone's pet at least %limit% times to earn this badge.
badge_name_ACH_PetFeeding2_HHCA=They're eating all my credits!
badge_desc_ACH_PetRespectGiver6=Scratch anyone's pet at least %limit% times to earn this badge.
badge_desc_ACH_PetRespectGiver5=Scratch anyone's pet at least %limit% times to earn this badge.
badge_desc_ACH_PetRespectGiver2=Scratch anyone's pet at least %limit% times to earn this badge.
badge_desc_ACH_PetRespectGiver1=Scratch anyone's pet at least %limit% times to earn this badge.
badge_name_CY2_HHUK=Low Yin Yang
badge_desc_ACH_PetRespectGiver8=Scratch anyone's pet at least %limit% times to earn this badge.
badge_desc_ACH_PetRespectGiver7=Scratch anyone's pet at least %limit% times to earn this badge.
badge_desc_ACH_PetRespectGiver9=Scratch anyone's pet at least %limit% times to earn this badge.
badge_name_fb_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked12=Battle Banzai tile locker!
badge_name_fb_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked11=Battle Banzai tile locker!
badge_name_fb_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked14=Battle Banzai tile locker!
badge_name_fb_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked13=Battle Banzai tile locker!
badge_name_fb_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked10=Battle Banzai tile locker!
badge_desc_Z66_HHUK=Entered an ultimate sleepover room to Charlie
badge_name_ACH_PetRespectGiver7_HHCA=Pet lover III
badge_name_fb_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked19=Battle Banzai tile locker!
badge_desc_HQ007_HHAU=Brother vs. Brother 2010
badge_name_fb_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked16=Battle Banzai tile locker!
badge_name_fb_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked15=Battle Banzai tile locker!
badge_name_fb_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked18=Battle Banzai tile locker!
badge_name_fb_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked17=Battle Banzai tile locker!
badge_name_UK071_HHUK=Dino Cup 2010
badge_desc_fb_ACH_RespectEarned10=%realname% reached the highest level of Respect in Habbo.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_PetLover10=%realname%'s got %limit% pets in Habbo. What a zoo!
badge_desc_HC3_HHUK=Level 3 - For 24 months of Habbo Club membership. Worth 300 pixels.
badge_name_fb_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked20=%realname% reached the highest level on Battle Banzai player achievement!
badge_desc_TWIV2_HHCA=The Twilight Saga: New Moon, November 2009
badge_name_VA013_HHSG=Sparkly Diamond
badge_desc_ACH_PetFeeding6_HHCA=Give your pets at least 12600 points of food to earn this badge.
ACH_PetLover7_badge_name=Pet Lover VII
badge_name_HBA_HHAU=Gold badge
badge_desc_UK006_HHUK=A true ChildLine ambassador
badge_desc_ACH_PetRespectGiver6_HHCA=Scratch anyone's pet at least 70 times to earn this badge.
badge_name_HQ006_HHCA=Crime Fighter
badge_name_WD1_HHSG=Wedding Ring
badge_name_HJ3_HHUK=Designed Gwen Stefani an outfit with Harajuku Lovers
badge_desc_UK048_HHUK=My screenie/alt was featured at Christmas! December 2009.
badge_name_ICEA3=Baby Dino
badge_name_ICEA2=Ice Age 3 DVD Winner
badge_name_HBA_HHCA=Super Hobba
badge_name_UKA_HHUK=Summer Resort
badge_desc_SFL_HHSG=Given to Habbos who were chosen as part of the royal entourage of Prince Chuck when he fetched Princess Milla after 700 years of separation.
badge_name_RUN09_HHCA=Habbo Runway
badge_name_fb_ACH_TagC5=%realname% is the Ice Ice Baby V
badge_name_fb_ACH_TagC6=%realname% is the Ice Ice Baby VI
badge_name_fb_ACH_TagC7=%realname% is the Ice Ice Baby VII
badge_name_fb_ACH_TagC8=%realname% is the Ice Ice Baby VIII
badge_name_fb_ACH_TagC9=%realname% is the Ice Ice Baby IX
badge_name_fb_ACH_FreezeQuestCompleted5=%realname% is Freeze Adept
badge_name_fb_ACH_FreezeQuestCompleted4=%realname% is Freeze Novice
badge_desc_WH7_HHUK=Awarded to competition winners during Habboween 2008.
badge_name_fb_ACH_FreezeQuestCompleted7=%realname% is Freeze Master
badge_name_fb_ACH_FreezeQuestCompleted6=%realname% is Freeze Veteran
badge_name_SF9_HHUK=SCI FI Engineer Lvl 3
badge_name_fb_ACH_FreezeQuestCompleted9=%realname% is Freeze Hero
badge_name_fb_ACH_TagC1=%realname% is the Ice Ice Baby I
badge_name_fb_ACH_FreezeQuestCompleted8=%realname% is Freeze Guru
badge_name_fb_ACH_TagC2=%realname% is the Ice Ice Baby II
badge_name_fb_ACH_TagC3=%realname% is the Ice Ice Baby III
badge_name_fb_ACH_TagC4=%realname% is the Ice Ice Baby IV
badge_desc_ACH_BasicClub3_HHCA=For 24 months of Habbo Club Membership.
badge_name_ACH_Student1_HHCA=Habbo Student
badge_name_PHF=Philippine Flag
badge_name_HX5_HHSG=X Host (G)
badge_desc_EC4_HHSG=This Habbo's so green they're practically chlorophyll! Given out during Love the Earth 2009.
badge_name_fb_ACH_FreezeQuestCompleted1=%realname% is Freeze Beginner I
badge_name_fb_ACH_FreezeQuestCompleted2=%realname% is Freeze Beginner II
badge_name_fb_ACH_FreezeQuestCompleted3=%realname% is Freeze Beginner III
badge_desc_KO2=*nom nom nom
badge_name_ACA_HHAU=Eagle Badge
badge_name_UK050_HHUK=Silver Santa Hat
badge_name_ACH_RespectEarned2_HHCA=Been respected 6 times.
badge_desc_Z17_HHUK=Hairspray The Musical talent show competition winner! 2008
badge_desc_KO1=What a cute little critter!
badge_name_NEI_HHAU=Flamingo Badge
badge_desc_ACH_MGM1_HHCA=Level 1 - For creating your own fellowship - party of 2. For inviting one real life friend to Habbo. Worth 50 pixels.
badge_desc_Z28_HHUK=Awarded to The Insiders poll and quest winners. October 2008.
badge_desc_NWB_HHSG=Silver Hobba badge
badge_desc_WH2_HHCA=Habboween 06
badge_desc_BBBH1_HHUK=Awarded to all who paid tribute to the Big Hand. November 2009.
badge_desc_GLA_HHSG=Sorry, this Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_desc_HM1_HHUK=Built a room for the Habbo Mall 2009
badge_name_MDMWW_HHSG=Deal Maker
badge_name_NWB=Newbie Hobba
badge_desc_WH2_HHAU=Habboween Campaign 06
badge_desc_VA1_HHUK=Awarded to the two superlove champions Valentine's 2006.
badge_name_DS3_HHSG=DS 01001001
badge_desc_Z42_HHUK=HABWrecked Otters Fan 2009
badge_desc_UKX_HHUK=Winner at the St Trinian's Quiz competiton 2008.
badge_name_fb_ACH_TagA6=Get your skates on %realname%'s  Ice Rink! VI
badge_name_HC1_HHSG=HC I
badge_name_fb_ACH_TagA5=Get your skates on %realname%'s  Ice Rink! V
badge_name_fb_ACH_TagA4=Get your skates on %realname%'s  Ice Rink! IV
badge_name_fb_ACH_TagA3=Get your skates on %realname%'s Ice Rink! III
badge_desc_ACH_Student1=For being guided by a Habbo Guide and confused no more.
badge_desc_NWB_HHUK=Hobbas were volunteer moderators.
badge_name_fb_ACH_TagA9=Get your skates on %realname%'s Ice Rink! IX
badge_name_fb_ACH_TagA8=Get your skates on %realname%'s Ice Rink! VIII
badge_desc_fb_ACH_RespectGiven1=%realname% has given respect to %limit% users in Habbo.
badge_name_fb_ACH_TagA7=Get your skates on %realname%'s Ice Rink VII
badge_name_HC2_HHCA=HC Club membership II
badge_desc_GLA_HHUK=Level 1 - The speedy one - Sorry. This Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_name_RUN10=Design Studio
badge_name_fb_ACH_TagA2=Get your skates on %realname%'s Ice Rink! II
badge_name_fb_ACH_TagA1=Get your skates on %realname%'s Ice Rink! I 
badge_desc_ACH_PetLover7_HHCA=Own a total of 35 pets to earn this badge.
badge_name_MDMWW_HHUK=Wacky Weekend
badge_name_NZB=NZ Group Member
badge_name_UK062_HHUK=Demi-god Poseidon
badge_name_RUN08=Winning Catwalk Director
badge_name_fb_ACH_TagB5=%realname% is the Speed Skater V
badge_name_RUN07=Level 2 Designer Badge
badge_name_fb_ACH_TagB4=%realname% is the Speed Skater IV
badge_desc_ACH_BasicClub5=For %limit% months of Habbo Club membership.
badge_name_RUN06=Catwalk Director
badge_name_fb_ACH_TagB7=%realname% is the Speed Skater VII
badge_desc_LC1_HHCA=I found the lost city of Bensalem, Jan 09
badge_name_RUN05=Pure Style
badge_name_fb_ACH_TagB6=%realname% is the Speed Skater VI
badge_desc_ACH_BasicClub3=For %limit% months of Habbo Club membership.
badge_name_fb_ACH_TagB9=%realname% is the Speed Skater IX
badge_desc_ACH_BasicClub4=For %limit% months of Habbo Club membership.
badge_name_fb_ACH_TagB8=%realname% is the Speed Skater VIII
badge_desc_ACH_BasicClub1=For joining the Habbo Club.
badge_desc_ACH_BasicClub2=For %limit% months of Habbo Club membership.
badge_name_RUN09=Habbo Runway
badge_name_RUN04=Style Badge
badge_name_fb_ACH_TagB1=%realname% is a Speed Skater I
badge_name_RUN03=Designer Diva 3
badge_name_RUN02=US Runway Winner
badge_name_fb_ACH_TagB3=%realname% is the Speed Skater III
badge_name_ACA_HHCA=Tribe Eagle - Elite Member
badge_name_RUN01=US Runway Finalist
badge_name_fb_ACH_TagB2=%realname% is the Speed Skater II
badge_desc_SFG_HHCA=I was a Level 1 Science Officer in Space, July 09
badge_desc_UK085_HHUK=Awarded for taking part in a Safety Competition.
badge_desc_KIR=Keep It Real badge
badge_name_KO1_HHUK=Koala Face
badge_desc_fb_ACH_RoomEntry10=%realname% visited %limit% rooms in Habbo, and got an achievement.
badge_name_DU1_HHSG=Gold Habbolympian
badge_name_ACH_RoomDecoFurniTypeCount=Furni Collector %roman%
badge_desc_AWSM3=This Habbo is certainly great at making their friends do stuff for them, like join a video competition. Good times!
badge_desc_SFG_HHAU=Space Explore '09
badge_desc_AWSM1=Most Thumbs Up Trophies Received 2010
badge_desc_ACH_PetLover10=Own  %limit% pets to earn this badge.
badge_name_HC2_HHAU=HC II
badge_desc_NEB_HHAU=Habbofest '09 Event Organiser
badge_desc_VA1_HHSG=Worn by the Superlove Agents during Valentine's 2006 'Superlove Agent Invasion' campaign.
badge_desc_DT1_HHUK=Awarded to winning Billboard Designs.
badge_desc_ACH_NotesReceived=I've received %limit% notes in my rooms!
badge_desc_BBBH1_HHSG=This Habbo saw the end of Old Habbo, and the end of an era. *sniff*
badge_name_ACH_PetRespectGiver10=I've shared my love X
badge_name_KO1_HHSG=The Koala
badge_name_DU1_HHUK=Gold Habbowealth
badge_name_FR005_HHUK=Hotel Happenings Fan
badge_desc_RA4_HHUK=I bought the Rare Beanstalk. March 2010.
badge_name_HQ006_HHUK=Urban CSI Bronze
badge_desc_ACH_BasicClub2_HHCA=For 12 months of Habbo Club Membership.
badge_name_Z43_HHUK=HABWrecked Contestant 2009
badge_desc_fb_ACH_TagB1=%realname% is faster than a speeding puck but has been caught again! Oh noes!
badge_name_fb_ACH_RoomDecoFurniCount=%realname% is Room Builder %roman%
badge_desc_fb_ACH_TagA5=%realname% is inviting you to join to get your skates on!
badge_name_SFD_HHUK=SCI FI Medic Lvl 1
badge_desc_fb_ACH_TagA6=%realname% is inviting you to join to get your skates on!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_TagA7=%realname% is inviting you to join to get your skates on!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_TagA8=%realname% is inviting you to join to get your skates on!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_TagA1=%realname% is inviting you to join to get your skates on!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_TagA2=%realname% is inviting you to join to get your skates on!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_TagA3=%realname% is inviting you to join to get your skates on!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_TagA4=%realname% is inviting you to join to get your skates on!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_TagA9=%realname% is inviting you to join to get your skates on!
badge_desc_BGWV6=Daily Competition Winner
badge_desc_TWIV2_HHSG=Volturi Arms 2
badge_desc_BGWV7=The Sunburnt One Winner
badge_desc_fb_ACH_TagC2=%realname% has been showing off his/her moves on ice for %limit% minutes.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_TagC1=%realname% has been showing off his/her moves on ice for %limit% minutes.
badge_name_ANN01=Anna Badge
badge_desc_fb_ACH_TagB8=%realname% is faster than a speeding puck but has been caught again! Oh noes!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_TagB9=%realname% is faster than a speeding puck but has been caught again! Oh noes!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_TagB6=%realname% is faster than a speeding puck but has been caught again! Oh noes!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_TagB7=%realname% is faster than a speeding puck but has been caught again! Oh noes!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_TagB4=%realname% is faster than a speeding puck but has been caught again! Oh noes!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_TagB5=%realname% is faster than a speeding puck but has been caught again! Oh noes!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_TagB2=%realname% is faster than a speeding puck but has been caught again! Oh noes!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_TagB3=%realname% is faster than a speeding puck but has been caught again! Oh noes!
badge_name_SB5_HHSG=USOB Muscle
badge_desc_ACH_AIPerformanceVote1_HHCA=Level 1- For gathering a vote on stage. Worth 20 pixels.
badge_desc_KH2=The real Habbo fraternity.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_TagC3=%realname% has been showing off his/her moves on ice for %limit% minutes.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_TagC4=%realname% has been showing off his/her moves on ice for %limit% minutes.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_TagC5=%realname% has been showing off his/her moves on ice for %limit% minutes.
badge_name_SFD_HHSG=Medic Level 1
badge_desc_fb_ACH_TagC6=%realname% has been showing off his/her moves on ice for %limit% minutes.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_TagC7=%realname% has been showing off his/her moves on ice for %limit% minutes.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_TagC8=%realname% has been showing off his/her moves on ice for %limit% minutes.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_TagC9=%realname% has been showing off his/her moves on ice for %limit% minutes.
badge_name_EXE_HHSG=Fountain Pen Badge
badge_desc_TWIV2_HHUK=Level 2 Badge awarded to competition winners in Volturi's world. November 2009.
badge_desc_BGWV1=Big Wave Room Competition Winner
badge_desc_BGWV0=Big Wave Swimming With Sharks Quest
badge_desc_BGWV5=Big Wave Facebook Competition Winner
badge_desc_HQ001_HHUK=Kitchen Survivor Competition winner. September 2009.
badge_desc_ACH_GamePlayed6_HHCA=Sorry. This Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_desc_CAD_HHCA=I helped capture the Sasquatch in the hunt of 08!
badge_name_Z13_HHUK=HBB Runner Up
badge_name_HC1_HHUK=HC Club membership I
badge_desc_HHL_HHCA=I play in the Habbo Hockey League!
badge_desc_EAS04_HHSG=Gardener Badge
badge_desc_fb_ACH_RoomDecoFloor=%realname% has added a cool floor to their room. Check it out!
badge_desc_NEG_HHSG=Hospitality Badge
badge_name_ACH_RespectGiven1_HHCA=Nice as pie!
badge_name_UK091_HHUK=Official Contestant
badge_desc_fb_ACH_NewUserBadgeReceiver=%realname% has received %limit% Friendship Bracelet(s).
badge_name_HF2_HHAU=Habbo World Cup
badge_desc_HQ001_HHSG=Steel Chef Badge
badge_desc_ACH_Xmas11QuestCompleted=For completing %limit% Xmas quests in 2011
badge_desc_ACH_PetLover3_HHCA=Own a total of 5 pets to earn this badge.
badge_desc_EC4_HHCA=I completed the Day 3 Nature Quest! Loving the Earth, April 09
badge_name_SF001_HHSG=Test Tube
badge_name_fb_ACH_SkateBoardJump=%realname% is Skateboard Jumper %roman%
badge_desc_1goal=Education for all.
badge_desc_SFL_HHAU=Cryogenic Campaign '09
badge_desc_UK061_HHUK=Won Percy Jackson's kick war
badge_desc_Z47_HHUK=I showed the guile of a Bionicle glatorian!
badge_name_FRG_HHUK=Ultimate Bobba Champ
badge_desc_EC4_HHAU=Love the Earth 09
badge_name_UK002_HHUK=Habbo Mall Cop
badge_desc_LC6_HHSG=For the deep-sea detectives who have uncovered the mysteries surrounding the Lost City.
badge_desc_ACH_GamePlayerExperience20=Gather %limit% victory points.
badge_desc_ACH_PetRespectGiver1_HHCA=Scratch anyone's pet at least 1 times to earn this badge.
badge_name_ACH_PetLover7=Pet shop keeper VII
badge_name_ACH_PetLover6=Pet shop keeper VI
badge_name_bbbh2=Brotherhood of the Hand
badge_name_HX3_HHSG=X Tech Std
badge_name_ACH_PetLover9=My herd is bigger than yours IX
badge_name_USM_HHAU=WWE Badge
badge_name_ACH_PetLover8=Pet shop keeper VIII
badge_name_ACH_PetLover3=I'll soon have a kennel III
badge_desc_KIR_HHUK=Keep It Real competition winner. Don't forget to keep it 100% Habbo!
badge_name_ACH_PetLover2=I'll soon have a kennel II
badge_name_ACH_PetLover5=Pet shop keeper V
badge_name_bbbh1=Old Habbo Memorial Badge
badge_name_ACH_PetLover4=I'll soon have a kennel IV
badge_desc_GM4_HHCA=Email Verification Campaign
badge_desc_ACH_GamePlayerExperience12=Gather %limit%  victory points.
badge_desc_ACH_GamePlayerExperience11=Gather %limit% victory points.
badge_desc_ACH_GamePlayerExperience14=Gather %limit% victory points.
badge_desc_ACH_GamePlayerExperience13=Gather %limit%  victory points.
badge_desc_al_ACH_ValentinesQuestCompleted=Complete %limit% Heart quests.
badge_desc_ACH_GamePlayerExperience16=Gather %limit% victory points.
badge_name_VA014_HHSG=Super Crush
badge_desc_ACH_GamePlayerExperience15=Gather %limit% victory points.
badge_desc_ACH_GamePlayerExperience18=Gather %limit% victory points.
badge_desc_ACH_GamePlayerExperience17=Gather %limit% victory points.
badge_name_ACH_PetRespectGiver4=Scratch scratch! IV
badge_name_ACH_PetRespectGiver3=Pat pat! III
badge_name_ACH_PetLover1=Can I Keep Him? I
badge_name_ACH_PetRespectGiver2=Scratch my back and I'll scratch yours II
badge_name_ACH_PetRespectGiver1=I like your pet! I
badge_name_ACH_PetRespectGiver8=Pet lover VIII
badge_desc_NWB_HHCA=Newbie Hobba
badge_name_ACH_PetRespectGiver7=Pet lover VII
badge_name_ACH_PetRespectGiver6=Pet lover VI
badge_desc_ACH_GamePlayerExperience10=Gather %limit% victory points.
badge_name_ACH_PetRespectGiver5=Pet lover V
badge_name_VA1_HHUK=Superlove Heart
badge_name_ACH_PetRespectGiver9=Pet lover IX
badge_name_HC2_HHUK=HC Club membership II
badge_desc_WH2_HHSG=Given to all winners of Habboween competitions, October 2005.
badge_desc_ACH_GamePlayerExperience19=Gather %limit% victory points.
badge_name_ACA_HHSG=The Avian Champion
badge_name_VA010_HHSG=Bubbly Bling
badge_name_WAR_HHAU=Peace Badge
badge_desc_XM1_HHUK=Rasta Santa was awarded during Christmas 2005. He visited the hotel December 2006.
badge_desc_ACH_AIPerformanceVote7_HHCA=Level 7- For gathering 200 votes on stage. Worth 40 pixels.
badge_name_OL1=HabbOlympics Gold
badge_name_OL2=HabbOlympics Silver
badge_name_XXX_HHCA=Habbo X
badge_name_OL3=HabbOlympics Bronze
badge_name_ACH_RoomDecoFloor=Floor Designer %roman%
badge_desc_JF5_HHCA=Habbo Ninja 08
badge_name_HX3_HHUK=Habbo eXpert
badge_name_HC1_HHAU=HC I
badge_desc_Z23_HHUK=You have reached LEVEL2. October 2008.
badge_name_XXX_HHAU=Habbo Experts
badge_desc_LBB=Habboween, October 07
badge_name_VA1_HHSG=Superlove Agent
badge_desc_LAT=Advice session '09
badge_desc_WH2_HHUK=Habboween competition /event winner.
badge_name_HC2_HHSG=HC II
badge_name_HC1_HHCA=HC Club membership I
badge_desc_ACH_RespectEarned5_HHCA=Level 5 - For earning respect a further 100 times. Worth 100 pixels.
badge_desc_VA1_HHAU=Valentines Campaign 06
badge_desc_UK025_HHUK=Awarded to 1,000 winners of the Habboween Quest. October 2009.
badge_name_DU1_HHCA=Gold Medal
badge_name_UK090_HHUK=Friend of Night Fury
badge_name_fb_ACH_RespectGiven1=Nice as a pie
badge_name_ACH_HHCA=Mysterious Badge
badge_desc_UKX_HHCA=I am a Newsie journalist.
badge_desc_SFG_HHSG=Given to the science officers of the space crews who has at least 3 Team Points during the deep space exploration of the Habborella 3000.
badge_name_fb_ACH_GiftReceiver10=%realname% just got a gift!
ACH_PetLover6_badge_name=Pet Lover VI
badge_desc_NEB_HHSG=Awarded to the second place winner of the Super Club competitions during the Neon Campaign 2008.
badge_name_fb_ACH_EsA10=%realname% has played a game of FREEZE!
badge_name_fb_ACH_EsA11=%realname% has played a game of FREEZE!
badge_desc_UK059_HHUK=My submission to the Hotel Happenings newsie was bronze rated!
badge_name_DS2_HHAU=Megamecha Comp Winner
badge_desc_VA1_HHCA=Valentine's 07
badge_desc_NWB_HHAU=Newbie Hobba badge
badge_name_fb_ACH_EsA15=%realname% has played a game of FREEZE!
badge_name_fb_ACH_EsA14=%realname% has played a game of FREEZE!
badge_name_fb_ACH_EsA13=%realname% has played a game of FREEZE!
badge_desc_KIR_HHSG=Keep It Real campaign
badge_name_fb_ACH_EsA12=%realname% has played a game of FREEZE!
badge_name_fb_ACH_EsA19=%realname% has played a game of FREEZE!
badge_name_fb_ACH_EsA18=%realname% has played a game of FREEZE!
badge_name_fb_ACH_EsA17=%realname% has played a game of FREEZE!
badge_name_fb_ACH_EsA16=%realname% has played a game of FREEZE!
badge_desc_Z57_HHUK=Attended the Smithsonian Centre launch - May 2009
badge_name_fb_ACH_EsA20=Ultimate FREEZE! winner!
badge_desc_UK029_HHUK=Competition winner in the bullyproof moment in Habbo, November 2009.
badge_desc_ACH_EsA9=Freeze %limit% Habbos to earn this badge!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_TraderPass1=%realname% is now a trusted member of the Habbo community
badge_desc_ACH_EsA8=Freeze %limit% Habbos to earn this badge!
badge_desc_SFG_HHUK=SCI FI Scientist Lvl 1
badge_desc_ACH_EsA1=Freeze %limit% Habbos to earn this badge!
badge_desc_ACH_EsA2=Freeze %limit% Habbos to earn this badge!
badge_desc_ACH_EsA3=Freeze %limit% Habbos to earn this badge!
badge_desc_ACH_EsA4=Freeze %limit% Habbos to earn this badge!
badge_desc_ACH_EsA5=Freeze %limit% Habbos to earn this badge!
badge_desc_ACH_EsA6=Freeze %limit% Habbos to earn this badge!
badge_desc_ACH_EsA7=Freeze %limit% Habbos to earn this badge!
badge_desc_Z26_HHCA=Prom King
badge_desc_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence8_HHCA=Level 8 - spending total of 576 hours in hotel. Worth 20 pixels.
badge_desc_TWIQ3_HHSG=Exclusively for the ultimate New Moon fan.
badge_desc_RA4_HHSG=Given to Habbos who survived the journey to see the legendary Beanstalk. Not afraid of heights.
badge_desc_ACH_PetLover2_HHCA=Own a total of 3 pets to earn this badge.
badge_name_U0004=Ideas Agent
badge_desc_JF2_HHCA=I had Sushi with Kitsune and Tanuki, Ninja Style 08!
badge_name_fb_ACH_MusicPlayer=%realname% is now a Level %roman% Music Player!
badge_desc_NEB_HHCA=Dance Crew Finalist '08
badge_name_EAS01_HHSG=Flower Power 1
badge_name_FR033=Prison Break Badge
badge_name_BR011_HHCA=Golden Palace
badge_desc_RUN09_HHAU=Habbo Runway 2010
badge_name_Z56_HHUK=The Buzz Brain of Habbo
badge_name_SFD_HHCA=Medical Officer - Level 1
badge_desc_UKG_HHUK=Dark is Rising sign of fire. 2007.
badge_desc_RUN09_HHCA=Moving the Habbo fashion industry forward! May 2010.
badge_name_ACH_Graduate1=The Graduate I
badge_name_EHR00=FLICK OFF
badge_desc_SF8_HHCA=I was a Level 2 Engineer in Space, July 09
badge_name_EHR01=Earth Hour Candle
badge_name_EHR02=FLICK OFF
badge_desc_JF2_HHAU=Japanese Campaign 08
badge_desc_WD0_HHCA=With these rings, I was wed! June 09.
badge_desc_SMR04=You made it to the Cool Off room!
badge_desc_SMR02=Thanks for entering!
badge_name_SB5_HHAU=Flaming Skulls 1
badge_desc_SMR01=The Habstep voter!
badge_desc_HQ001_HHCA=I am a certified Chef under ChefPiers of the Hotel Kitchen, Kitchen Survivor 09
badge_desc_TC1_HHUK=BattleBall Challenge involved being in the top 20 highscores for 15 weeks in a row!
badge_name_ACH_RespectEarned1_HHCA=Been respected once.
badge_desc_EAS04_HHAU=Competition Winner Easter 2010
badge_desc_KR1=Keep It Real Campaign 08
badge_desc_ACH_GiftReceiver4_HHCA=For receiving 26 gifts. Worth 10 pixels.
badge_name_ACA_HHUK=Birdies Lvl 3 - Lost Tribe
badge_desc_USL_HHCA=Chinese New Year 2008
badge_name_U01_HHUK=Idea Agency competition runner-up!
badge_desc_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence6_HHCA=Level 6 - spending total of 144 hours in hotel. Worth 20 pixels.
badge_desc_HQ001_HHAU=Kitchen Survivor Competition Finalist
badge_name_XM5_HHSG=Xmas '07 - Smilla
badge_desc_EAS04_HHCA=Baby, I will make your garden grow! Easter 2010
badge_desc_NEG_HHCA=I am a Spring Break party machine! March 2010
badge_name_ACH_PetLevelUp1_HHCA=My pet knows a trick!
badge_desc_TC1_HHSG=Battle Ball
badge_name_FR005=Events Host
badge_desc_TWIQ3_HHUK=Level 3 Badge awarded to the Jacob grand final winner. November 2009.
badge_name_MB2_HHUK=Madball Yellow Card
badge_name_Z49_HHUK=Bionicle Quiz Winner
badge_desc_WH5_HHCA=Monsters of Habbo Fest 07
badge_desc_al_ACH_RoomDecoFurniCount=Build a room with %limit% more items of Furni.
badge_name_FR019=Construction Badge
badge_name_USOW=Standing Ovation Dance Off
badge_desc_HF8=Habbofest 08 Winner
badge_name_XM2_HHSG=Bling Badge
badge_name_HX3_HHAU=Habbo X Tech
badge_desc_HF9=Habbofest '09 group member
badge_name_SF5_HHCA=Navigator - Level 2
badge_desc_HF1=Habbo Soccer World Cup 06
badge_desc_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence7_HHCA=Level 7 - spending total of 288 hours in hotel. Worth 20 pixels.
badge_desc_HF2=Habbo World Cup
badge_desc_HF7=HabboFest 07 Winner
badge_name_FRT_HHUK=Raceway Champ
badge_desc_USG_HHCA=Xmas 2007
badge_desc_MS6_HHSG=Evil Overlord
badge_name_HW09A_HHUK=Spooky Activity
badge_desc_SU1_HHCA=I Tikied with Teetoo and Puffin in RangiRangi 08!
badge_name_BOT_HHAU=Bot Badge
badge_desc_COL_HHSG=Cool Badge
badge_desc_ACH_GiftGiver7_HHCA=For giving 146 gifts. Worth 30 pixels.
badge_desc_ACH_RespectEarned7_HHCA=Level 7 - For earning respect a further 200 times. Worth 200 pixels.
badge_name_ACB_HHSG=The Teuthida Champion
badge_desc_fb_ACH_RoomDecoFurniCount=%realname% has built a cool room. Check it out!
badge_name_fb_ACH_EsA2=%realname% has played a game of FREEZE!
badge_name_HC5_HHCA=HC Club membership  V
badge_desc_PB2_HHUK=Runway Design Studio winner. April 2010.
badge_name_fb_ACH_EsA1=%realname% won a game of FREEZE!
badge_name_fb_ACH_EsA4=%realname% has played a game of FREEZE!
badge_name_fb_ACH_EsA3=%realname% has played a game of FREEZE!
badge_name_fb_ACH_EsA6=%realname% has played a game of FREEZE!
badge_name_fb_ACH_EsA5=%realname% has played a game of FREEZE!
badge_name_fb_ACH_EsA8=%realname% has played a game of FREEZE!
badge_name_fb_ACH_EsA7=%realname% has played a game of FREEZE!
badge_name_fb_ACH_EsA9=%realname% has played a game of FREEZE!
badge_name_PIR_HHCA=Habbo Buccaneer
badge_desc_fb_ACH_Xm10QuestCompleted10=%realname% has collected %limit% Snowflakes.
badge_name_GA1_HHSG=Games Badge
badge_name_EC5_HHUK=Official Habbo Tree-Planter
badge_name_XM2_HHUK=Xmas Elf
badge_name_MYF=Malaysian Flag
badge_name_HW09A_HHSG=Alien Badge
badge_desc_HC5=For %limit% months of Habbo Club membership.
badge_desc_HC3=For %limit% months of Habbo Club membership.
badge_desc_HC4=For %limit%  months of Habbo Club membership.
badge_desc_HC1=For joining the Habbo Club.
badge_name_HC5_HHAU=HC V
badge_desc_HC2=For %limit% months of Habbo Club membership.
badge_desc_COL_HHUK=Coolest Habbo Award
badge_desc_SU1_HHAU=Tikitoa Campaign 08
badge_desc_SF1_HHCA=I was a Level 1 Captain in Space, July 09
badge_name_SFB_HHUK=SCI FI Guard Lvl 2
badge_desc_HJ5=Winner of the Harajuku Lovers quest
badge_desc_UKE_HHUK=Dark is Rising sign of bronze. 2007.
badge_desc_HJ4=Member of the Cool Japan Quiz winning team
badge_name_ACH_GiftReceiver9_HHCA=Be hooked on me
badge_desc_HJ6=Attended the Harajuku Lovers Hub launch party!
badge_desc_DS5_HHSG=Santini Bobba Trial Bobbarians 2006
badge_desc_ACH_GiftReceiver2_HHCA=For receiving 6 gifts. Worth 10 pixels.
badge_desc_AC5_HHUK=Used the inner Spirit Squid to find the Lost Tribe of Bensalem
badge_desc_ACH_name1_HHCA=Thanks for selecting your Habbo name after registering.
badge_name_ACH_PetFeeding9_HHCA=They're eating all my credits!
badge_name_VA1_HHCA=Love Cruise
badge_desc_XM8_HHSG=Xmas '07 - Bob's badge
badge_name_Z40_HHUK=Habbo UK is 8!
badge_name_VA1_HHAU=Superlove Badge
badge_name_AR2_HHCA=Scimitar Snake
badge_desc_CAI_HHCA=Yearbook 09
badge_desc_HJ2=I'm an official Harajuku Lovers girl
badge_desc_HJ3=Harajuku Lovers Baby
badge_desc_HJ1=The burgers are better
badge_desc_ACH_PetRespectGiver9_HHCA=Scratch anyone's pet at least 250 times to earn this badge.
badge_desc_ACH_AIPerformanceVote8_HHCA=Level 8- For gathering 300 votes on stage. Worth 60 pixels.
badge_name_AR2_HHAU=Sword Badge
badge_desc_AC5_HHSG=Given to those who have completed the Vision Quest and named the Squid as their spirit animal.
badge_desc_SB4_HHUK=Furnihilists gang member on the Streets Of Bobba September 2006.
badge_desc_HHL=I play in the Habbo Hockey League!
badge_name_fb_ACH_TraderPass1=Trade Pass
badge_name_ACH_RespectEarned8=80% Respected Habbo VIII
badge_name_ACH_RespectEarned9=90% Respected Habbo IX
badge_name_ACH_RespectEarned4=40% Respected Habbo IV
badge_name_ACH_RespectEarned5=50% Respected Habbo V
badge_name_ACH_RespectEarned6=60% Respected Habbo VI
badge_name_ACH_RespectEarned7=70% Respected Habbo VII
badge_desc_HG1=X Games
badge_name_ACH_RespectEarned1=10% Respected Habbo I
badge_name_ACH_RespectEarned2=20% Respected Habbo II
badge_name_ACH_RespectEarned3=30% Respected Habbo III
badge_name_HX3_HHCA=Tech X
badge_desc_SF9_HHSG=Given to the engineer of the winning space team during the exploration of Habborella 3000
badge_desc_Z67_HHSG=Given to winners of the Myth Bunnies safety campaign. These Habbos can separate fact from fiction.
badge_desc_LC8_HHCA=For exploring the Lost City of Bensalem, March 09
badge_desc_OILED=I protested against the BP Oil Spill of 2010!
badge_name_SG009=SG Cherry Credit 6
badge_name_SG008=SG Cherry Credit 5
badge_desc_HC2_HHUK=Level 2 - For 12 months of Habbo Club membership.  Worth 200 pixels.
badge_desc_SF9_HHCA=I was a Level 3 Engineer in Space, July 09
badge_desc_MMC_HHCA=Much Music Staff
badge_name_SG005=SG Cherry Credit 2
badge_name_SG004=SG Cherry Credit
badge_name_SG007=SG Cherry Credit 4
badge_name_SG006=SG Cherry Credit 3
badge_name_SG001=SG 5th Birthday1
badge_desc_UKU_HHUK=Theme Park entertainment winner. 2008
badge_name_SG003=SG Habbo Job Fair
badge_name_SG002=SG 5th Birthday2
badge_desc_U04_HHUK=Habbo Raceway champion of champions 2009.
badge_desc_TC1_HHAU=BattleBall Badge
badge_desc_WH5_HHSG=Given to winners of Music Junkie Groups and Music Junkie Alt competition.
badge_name_MT3=MTV Bronze Record
badge_name_MT2=MTV Silver Record
badge_name_MT1=MTV Gold Record
badge_desc_UKN_HHUK=Awarded to winners of the 2007 HAFTAs where rooms were built based on films.
badge_desc_Z67_HHUK=Awarded to Myth Bunny winners. March 2010.
badge_desc_U03_HHUK=Idea Agency Golden brief winner!
badge_name_ACH_snowBoardBuild=Snowboarding Builder %roman%
badge_desc_TC1_HHCA=I was a Battle Ball top scorer!
badge_name_ACH_Login2_HHCA=Preferred Guest
badge_desc_AF1_HHUK=You got pranked on April Fools Day 2009
badge_name_SG018=Honour IP
badge_desc_AR1_HHUK=Alhambra Prize Winner 2008
badge_name_ACH_EmailVerification1=True You I
badge_name_HJ4_HHUK=Harajuku Lovers Love
badge_desc_UKB_HHUK=Murder mystery play writing competition winner 2007.
badge_name_MS4=Evil Overlord's Apprentice
badge_name_MS6=Brain Freeze
badge_desc_U04_HHSG=For Habbos who enjoy the speedier side of life. Given to winners of the Habbo Races competitions.
badge_desc_Z14_HHUK=My Spy Family quest 2 winner.
badge_desc_SF8_HHUK=SCI FI Engineer Lvl 2
badge_desc_WH5_HHUK=Musically gifted Habbo!
badge_desc_UK047_HHUK=My festive video was featured at Christmas! December 2009.
badge_name_Z22_HHUK=IGOR HELMET
badge_name_MB2_HHCA=Yellow Card
badge_name_HQ007_HHAU=Hans Supporter
badge_desc_MMC_HHAU=Much Music
badge_desc_ACA_HHAU=Vision Quest '09
badge_desc_ACA_HHCA=I am an Elite Member of Tribe Eagle, June 09
badge_name_EC5_HHSG=Tree Planter
badge_name_CO2_HHSG=Country 2
badge_desc_CUB00=The Cubie Color War 2011
badge_desc_CUB01=The Cubie Color War 2011
badge_desc_SF8_HHSG=Given to the engineers of the space crews who has at least 10 Team Points during the exploration of the Habborella 3000.
badge_desc_NOL01=My cabin is holiday castle - Welcome! Xmas 2011.
badge_desc_SF1_HHAU=Space Explore '09
badge_name_SFB_HHSG=Security Level 2
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GiftGiver10=%realname% has given gifts in Habbo, and earned an achievement.
badge_desc_ACH_RoomEntry3_HHCA=Level 3 - For hanging out in another 30 guest rooms that you do not own. Worth 15 pixels.
badge_desc_RUN01_HHCA=I was selected one of 15 CA Fashion Designers for Habbo Runway 2010.
badge_desc_HC2_HHSG=Level 2 - For 12 months of Habbo Club membership. Gives you 200 Pixels.
badge_name_SFC_HHCA=Security Officer - Level 3
badge_name_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence10_HHCA=Online time X
badge_name_UKT_HHCA=Cotton Candy
badge_name_EAS01_HHCA=Flower Love
badge_desc_ACH_RbTagC=For rollerblading for %limit% minutes.
badge_desc_ACH_RbTagA=My roller rink has %limit% tiles! Oh yeah!
badge_desc_ACH_RbTagB=Catch me if you can! Been caught %limit% times!
badge_name_UKD_HHUK=Adventure Story
badge_desc_Z35_HHUK=Friday's Official Friend
badge_desc_RUN01_HHAU=Fashion Design Comp Finalist
badge_name_DN2_HHAU=Jocks Team Member
badge_desc_USJ_HHAU=WWE Logo
badge_name_MMC=Much Music badge
badge_name_ACH_NotesReceived=Swamped By Stickies Level %roman%
badge_desc_AR1_HHSG=Awarded to winners of Alhambra competitions.
badge_name_DS5_HHSG=DS Bobba
badge_name_ACH_HappyHour1_HHCA=Happy Hour
badge_desc_AF1_HHSG='Dynamic Badges'? O hai, you got pranked! Happy April Fools 2009!
badge_desc_ACH_GiftGiver4_HHCA=For giving 26 gifts. Worth 10 pixels
badge_name_ACB_HHCA=Tribe Squid - Elite Member
badge_name_ACH_PetRespectGiver3_HHCA=Pat pat!
badge_desc_HUG=Someone gave me a hug! <3
badge_desc_ZZZ=Badge Test
badge_desc_BOT_HHAU=The hard working robots of Habbo!
badge_name_ACH_GameAuthorExperience7=Game Arcade owner VII
badge_name_UK005_HHUK=Star 3
badge_name_ACH_PetFeeding10=They're eating all my credits! X
badge_name_ACH_GameAuthorExperience6=Game Arcade owner VI
badge_name_ACH_GameAuthorExperience5=Game Arcade owner V
badge_name_ACH_GameAuthorExperience4=Game Arcade owner IV
badge_name_ACH_GameAuthorExperience3=Game Arcade owner III
badge_name_ACH_GameAuthorExperience2=Game Arcade owner II
badge_name_ACH_GameAuthorExperience1=Game Arcade owner I
badge_desc_ACH_PetFeeding1_HHCA=Give your pets at least 200 points of food to earn this badge.
badge_name_TWIV3_HHAU=Level 3 Volturi Badge
badge_name_Z84_HHUK=Alhambra Competition Winner
badge_name_TWIV3_HHCA=Ultimate Volturi
badge_name_ACH_GameAuthorExperience8=Game Arcade owner VIII
badge_name_ACH_GameAuthorExperience9=Game Arcade owner IX
badge_name_KO1_HHCA=Koala Badge
badge_name_ACB_HHAU=Squid Badge
badge_name_NO2=Aslan's Army Finalist
badge_desc_HW1=Earned for being a Top 10 Habbowood Director in 2007
badge_desc_fb_ACH_RoomDecoWallpaper=%realname% has set a cool wallpaper to his room. Check it out!
badge_desc_HW09A=Had a featured game/event for Habboween 2009
badge_desc_HW09C=Won the video competition from Habboween 2009
badge_desc_CY1_HHCA=Dragon Court Apprentice, CNY 09.
badge_desc_HW09B=I write about the paranormal.... Habboween 09.
badge_name_AR2_HHUK=Alhambra Sword
badge_desc_HW09E=Won a competition during Habboween 2009
badge_desc_HW09D=Screenshot Entry chosen for Habboween 2009
badge_name_HW09A_HHCA=Haunted Home Owner
badge_desc_HW09G=Participated in an Official Habbo Fansite Habboween competition.
badge_desc_HW09F=Helped the gravedigger during Habboween 2009
badge_desc_GLJ_HHCA=Sorry. This Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_desc_HW09H=Participated in an Official Habbo Fansite Habboween competition.
badge_desc_T079=Badge Doesn't Work
badge_desc_ACH_GiftReceiver6_HHCA=For receiving 86 gifts. Worth 20 pixels.
badge_desc_BOT_HHCA=I am an automated (ro)bot on Habbo.ca. Try talking to me!
badge_desc_ACH_ValentinesQuestCompleted=For %limit% Heart quests completed on this level.
badge_desc_GLJ_HHAU=Sorry. This Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_name_NLD=Silver Trax
badge_name_NLE=Gold Trax
badge_desc_ACH_ValentinesBadgeReceived=For collecting %limit% Friend Bracelet Badges from other players.
badge_name_NLC=Bronze Trax
badge_name_GA1_HHCA=Golden Gamer
badge_name_XMAS2_HHCA=Holiday Moments
badge_name_AR2_HHSG=Scimitar Snake
badge_desc_ACH_RegistrationDuration4_HHCA=Level 4 - For true Habbos who have been members of the community for 16 weeks. Worth 120 pixels.
badge_name_NI5=Gold Rush - Mythology
badge_name_HC4_HHUK=HC Club membership IV
badge_name_HQ005_HHSG=Senior Inspector
badge_name_GA1_HHAU=Games Badge
badge_name_XMAS2_HHAU=Bauble Badge
badge_name_FAN_HHSG=Fansite Badge
badge_name_BOT_HHUK=Habbo Bot
badge_name_UKFB1=Facebook Badge
badge_name_HW09A_HHAU=Habboween 09 Alien Badge
badge_name_fb_ACH_BattleBallPlayer=%realname% has played %limit% games of Battle Banzai and is a BB Barbarian %roman%!
badge_desc_Z67_HHAU=Safety Campaign 2010
badge_desc_fb_ACH_PetRespectGiver1=%realname% has been scratching pets in Habbo and earned an Achievement.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_PetRespectGiver2=%realname% has been scratching pets in Habbo and earned an Achievement.
badge_desc_HWB=Habboween Comp Winners
badge_desc_fb_ACH_PetRespectGiver3=%realname% has been scratching pets in Habbo and earned an Achievement.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_PetRespectGiver4=%realname% has been scratching pets in Habbo and earned an Achievement.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_PetRespectGiver5=%realname% has been scratching pets in Habbo and earned an Achievement.
badge_desc_Z67_HHCA=Safety Expert
badge_desc_fb_ACH_PetRespectGiver6=%realname% has been scratching pets in Habbo and earned an Achievement.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_PetRespectGiver7=%realname% has been scratching pets in Habbo and earned an Achievement.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_PetRespectGiver8=%realname% has been scratching pets in Habbo and earned an Achievement.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_PetRespectGiver9=%realname% has been scratching pets in Habbo and earned an Achievement.
badge_desc_FRE_HHUK=Winner in the Frederic Santini Comp - Prehistoric. Sep 09.
badge_name_WAA00=Waasa Fan!
badge_desc_HX1=X Host Std
badge_desc_HX4=X Game Std
badge_desc_DU3_HHAU=Commonwealth 06
badge_desc_HX5=X Host (G)
badge_desc_HX2=X Safety Std
badge_desc_HX3=X Tech Std
badge_desc_HX8=X Game (G)
badge_desc_HX9=X Leader
badge_desc_HX6=X Safety (G)
badge_desc_HX7=X Tech (G)
badge_name_FAN_HHUK=Official Fansite Staff
badge_desc_Z13_HHUK=Runner Up of Habbo Big Brother series1 in July 2008.
badge_name_HJ2_HHUK=Harajuku Lovers G
badge_name_HX2_HHUK=Habbo eXpert
badge_name_fb_ACH_FreezePowerUp=%realname% is a Freeze Power-Up Collector %roman% !
badge_name_BOT_HHSG=Habbo Bot
badge_name_KO1_HHAU=Koala Badge
badge_desc_AC5_HHCA=My spirit animal is calm, peaceful, and goes with the flow
badge_name_NEB=Neon Silver Disco Ball
badge_name_US09=Habbo Intern
badge_name_NEA=Bronze Disco Ball
badge_desc_Z05_HHAU=For previous Habbo Xs
badge_name_US08=HSS Habbenger
badge_name_US07=Seventeen Magazine 6 (2009)
badge_name_US06=Seventeen Magazine 4 (2009)
badge_name_NEF=Golden Microphone
badge_name_US05=Seventeen Magazine 2 (2009)
badge_name_NEE=Neon Silver Microphone
badge_name_US04=Seventeen Magazine 3 (2009)
badge_name_NED=Neon Bronze Microphone
badge_name_US03=Seventeen Magazine 5 (2009)
badge_name_NEC=Gold Disco Ball
badge_name_US02=Alhambra 2.0 Winner
badge_name_NEJ=Good Times
badge_desc_Z44_HHUK=HABWrecked Overall Winner 2009
badge_name_US01=Crazy Carl Level 2
badge_name_NEI=Neon Party Flamingo
badge_name_US00=Crazy Carl Level 1
badge_name_NEH=Neon Nightclub Loudspeaker
badge_name_fb_ACH_RoomDecoFloor=%realname% is Floor Designer %roman%
badge_name_NEG=Party Machine
badge_desc_ACH_GameAuthorExperience20=You've gathered %limit% points in your game rooms!
badge_desc_STU01=Award winning producer for HBC Advertising. November 2011.
badge_desc_STU05=I am a fan of the Habbo Broadcasting Channel. November 2011.
badge_desc_STU06=Award Winning TV Show Producer! Creating the shows you cannot live without. November 2011.
badge_desc_STU07=Producing the TV shows you love to watch! November 2011.
badge_desc_STU08=Passionate producer of quality TV! November 2011.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_TagC14=%realname% has been showing off his/her moves on ice for %limit% minutes.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_TagC15=%realname% has been showing off his/her moves on ice for %limit% minutes.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_TagC12=%realname% has been showing off his/her moves on ice for %limit% minutes.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_TagC13=%realname% has been showing off his/her moves on ice for %limit% minutes.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_TagC10=%realname% has been showing off his/her moves on ice for %limit% minutes.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_TagC11=%realname% has been showing off his/her moves on ice for %limit% minutes.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_RbTagA=%realname% is inviting you to get your skates on!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_RbTagB=%realname% is faster than a speeding bullet but has been caught again! Oh noes!
badge_desc_ACH_RespectEarned6_HHCA=Level 6 - For earning respect a further 200 times. Worth 200 pixels.
badge_desc_DN4_HHUK=Roadtrip USA 5 Points 2008.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_RbTagC=%realname% has been showing off his/her moves for %limit% minutes.
badge_desc_HO1=I aced the medal count, Vancouver Olympics 2010
badge_desc_fb_ACH_TagC18=%realname% has been showing off his/her moves on ice for %limit% minutes.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_TagC19=%realname% has been showing off his/her moves on ice for %limit% minutes.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_TagC16=%realname% has been showing off his/her moves on ice for %limit% minutes.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_TagC17=%realname% has been showing off his/her moves on ice for %limit% minutes.
badge_desc_CO2_HHCA=I embraced the Country in Habbo, May 2009
badge_name_HQ005_HHUK=Urban CSI Silver
badge_desc_Z21_HHUK=You have reached LEVEL3. October 2008.
badge_name_NCD=NCD Badge
badge_desc_fb_ACH_TagC20=%realname% has been showing off his/her moves on ice for %limit% minutes.
badge_name_HC4_HHSG=HC IV
badge_desc_BE2_HHUK=Helped shape the new Habbo June 2009
badge_name_US0Z=Homepage of the Month
badge_desc_ACH_GameAuthorExperience17=You've gathered %limit% points in your game rooms!
badge_name_US0S=Habbo.com Relaunch Badge
badge_desc_ACH_GameAuthorExperience18=You've gathered %limit% points in your game rooms!
badge_desc_HM1=Winner of a Habbo Mall room competition.
badge_name_US0R=Zombie Badge
badge_desc_ACH_GameAuthorExperience19=You've gathered %limit% points in your game rooms!
badge_name_US0U=Prom FTW
badge_name_US0T=24 Hour Party People
badge_name_US0W=Dance Off Badge
badge_name_US0V=Morp FTW
badge_name_US0Y=Group of the Month
badge_name_US0X=Think Fraud Badge
badge_name_US0K=Habbo NASCAR Racing Badge
badge_desc_ACH_GameAuthorExperience10=You've gathered %limit% points in your game rooms!
badge_name_US0J=Pitch Black Watch
badge_desc_ACH_GameAuthorExperience11=You've gathered %limit% points in your game rooms!
badge_name_US0M=Twilight at Target Badge
badge_desc_ACH_GameAuthorExperience12=You've gathered %limit% points in your game rooms!
badge_name_US0L=The Directors Badge
badge_name_NDG=The Nudge
badge_desc_ACH_GameAuthorExperience13=You've gathered %limit% points in your game rooms!
badge_name_US0O=Perdido Beach Badge
badge_desc_ACH_GameAuthorExperience14=You've gathered %limit% points in your game rooms!
badge_name_US0N=LIES: A Gone Novel
badge_desc_ACH_GameAuthorExperience15=You've gathered %limit% points in your game rooms!
badge_name_US0Q=8 Bit Trip Badge
badge_desc_ACH_GameAuthorExperience16=You've gathered %limit% points in your game rooms!
badge_name_US0P=Time Traveling Hat
badge_name_US0B=Camp Habbo Games Badge
badge_name_US0C=Camp Habbo Investigation Badge
badge_name_US0D=Camp Habbo Punisher
badge_name_US0F=Habbo.com 5th Birthday
badge_desc_DS7_HHAU=Space Explore Campaign
badge_name_US0G=Pirate Day Plunderer
badge_name_US0H=Pirate Day Master Shipwright
badge_name_US0I=Pirate Day Cannon Blast
badge_desc_SF9_HHUK=SCI FI Engineer Lvl 3
badge_name_fb_ACH_RoomDecoWallpaper=%realname% is Wall Designer %roman%
badge_name_US0A=RewardTV Badge
badge_name_ACH_FreezePlayer=Freeze Player  %roman%
badge_desc_HC2_HHAU=Level 2 - 12 months membership. Gives you 200 pixels.
badge_name_fb_ACH_BattleBallQuestCompleted10=%realname% is Battle Banzai Overlord
badge_desc_MTV01_HHSG=This Habbo's a fan of the 2009 MTV Europe Music Awards!
badge_desc_RUN01_HHSG=This Habbo's well on his way to becoming a fashion legend! Runway 2010.
badge_name_EC5_HHCA=Tree Planter
badge_name_CO2_HHCA=Country Lovin'
badge_desc_DK5_HHUK=Camp Rock Winner 2008
badge_desc_UK015_HHUK=Dream it. Earn it. Live it on Habbo
badge_desc_BGW4=A gift from the Big Wave!
badge_name_UKT_HHUK=Candy Floss
badge_desc_BGW6=Daily Competition Winner
badge_desc_BGW3=A gift from the Big Wave!
badge_desc_LC7_HHAU=Lost City campaign 09
badge_name_UK052_HHUK=0800 Reverse
badge_desc_UK019_HHUK=Awarded to Frankenstein Quest winners. October 2009.
badge_desc_AP3_HHUK=A winner or runner-up in the HABprentice: Designer Edition tasks
badge_name_EC5_HHAU=Tree Planter
badge_desc_HOT=One Hot Habbo - Hot/Cool 2009
badge_desc_FRT_HHUK=Raceway 2010 Champion of Champions,
badge_desc_MTV01_HHUK=Member of the MTV EMA 2009 Group.
badge_desc_XMAS1_HHCA=Host with the most, December 09
badge_name_al_ACH_RoomDecoFurniCount=Room Builder %roman%
badge_name_DN2_HHSG=Diner Jock
badge_desc_HC2_HHCA=Level 2 - For 12 months of Habbo Club membership. Worth 200 pixels.
badge_name_TWIQ2_HHUK=New Moon Badge: Jacob
badge_desc_HC5_HHUK=Level 5 - For 48 months of Habbo Club membership. Worth 500 pixels.
badge_desc_SFC_HHCA=I was a Level 3 Security Officer in Space, July 09
badge_name_UK039_HHUK=Beware Of The Bear!
badge_name_ACH_Name1_HHCA=New Identity
badge_name_ACH_ValentinesQuestCompleted=%realname% completed a Heart Quest.
badge_name_ACH_RegistrationDuration8_HHCA=80 % True Habbo
badge_name_ICEA3_HHUK=Baby Dino
badge_desc_AC7_HHSG=Awarded to Habbos who have proved that they are a loyal and stalwart member of the Avian Tribe during the 2009 Lost Tribes competition.
badge_name_XMAS2_HHSG=Chrismtas Bauble 3
badge_desc_DN5_HHCA=I took the test and yes, I am a Greaser! Diner 08.
badge_desc_SF002_HHUK=Awarded to those that helped Artie with his Sci Fi Bar. September 2009
badge_name_U02_HHUK=Idea Agency competition winner!
badge_desc_GLJ_HHSG=Sorry, this Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_desc_NEF_HHSG=For the first prize winner of Habbo's Got Talent final competition during the Neon Campaign 2008.
badge_desc_RUN04_HHUK=Awarded to winners of the Perfect Look game. Runway April 2010.
badge_name_fb_ACH_VipClub5=%realname% is a long time member of the Habbo VIP Club!
badge_name_fb_ACH_PetLevelUp10=%realname% is a Pet Whisperer.
badge_name_fb_ACH_VipClub4=%realname% is a long time member of the Habbo VIP Club!
badge_name_fb_ACH_VipClub3=%realname% is a long time member of the Habbo VIP Club!
badge_name_fb_ACH_VipClub2=%realname% is a long time member of the Habbo VIP Club!
badge_name_fb_ACH_VipClub1=%realname% just joined the Habbo VIP Club!
badge_desc_CY1_HHSG=Chinese New Year 2009. For Habbos who are searching for balance.
badge_name_DS5_HHAU=Bobbarians Comp Winner
badge_desc_BOT_HHSG=This tireless staff member's here to help answer your questions and serve you, as long as you ask right!
badge_desc_HC5_HHSG=Level 5 - For 48 months of Habbo Club membership. Gives you 500 Pixels.
badge_name_GWA_HHAU=Love the Earth
badge_name_TWIQ2_HHSG=Quileute Tattoo 2
badge_name_ACH_RoomDecoHoleFurniCount=Room Architect %roman%
badge_name_ACH_Login8=Rotten Tomato VIII
badge_name_ACH_Login9=Habbo Stayer IX
badge_name_USK_HHCA=Around the World
badge_name_DN2_HHUK=Blue Fuel Flag
badge_desc_DE002_HHCA=Keeping the memories alive. Habbo CA Memory Newsie, April 2010
badge_name_ACH_RoomEntry10=Pilgrim X
badge_name_ACH_Login5=A Piece Of The Furniture V
badge_name_ACH_Login4=High Roller IV
badge_name_ACH_Login7=Space dust on your shoes VII
badge_name_ACH_Login6=Covered With Moss VI
badge_desc_DS3_HHAU=Space Explore Campaign
badge_name_ACH_Login1=Traveller I
badge_name_ACH_Login3=Frequent Resident III
badge_desc_GLJ_HHUK=Level 10 - The old and wise one - loyal, with a heart of gold. Sorry. This Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_name_ACH_Login2=Preferred Guest II
badge_desc_BR013_HHCA=Restoring Alhambra to its former glory, Jan 2010
badge_desc_RUN04_HHSG=This Habbo transformed from an ugly duckling to a gorgeous swan. Runway 2010.
badge_name_ACH_RegistrationDuration5_HHCA=50 % True Habbo
badge_name_SB7_HHSG=USOB Lieutenant
badge_desc_ACH_ValentinesQuestCompleted10=I solved all 16 Valentine quests!
badge_desc_ACH_GiftGiver1_HHCA=For giving a gift. Worth 5 pixels.
badge_name_HQ005_HHCA=Titanium Crime Fighter
badge_name_FAN_HHCA=Fansite Badge
badge_desc_DS3_HHCA=Astronaut of the Habbo Space Explore 06
badge_desc_ACH_Login1=For logging in %limit% days in a row. Rad!
badge_desc_ACH_Login5=For logging in %limit% days in a row. Amazing.
badge_desc_ACH_Login4=For logging in %limit% days in a row. High 5!
badge_desc_ACH_Login3=For logging in %limit% days in a row. Nice one!
badge_name_LTU=La Trobe University
badge_desc_ACH_Login2=For logging in %limit% days in a row. Wow!
badge_desc_ACH_Login9=For logging in %limit% days in a row. Extraordinary.
badge_desc_ACH_Login8=For logging in %limit% days in a row. Sensational.
badge_desc_ACH_Login7=For logging in %limit% days in a row. Awesome.
badge_desc_ACH_Login6=For logging in %limit% days in a row. Phenomenal.
badge_name_fb_ACH_BasicClub1=%realname% just joined the Habbo Club!
badge_name_fb_ACH_BasicClub3=%realname% is long-time Habbo Club member
badge_name_fb_ACH_BasicClub2=%realname% is long-time Habbo Club member
badge_name_fb_ACH_BasicClub5=%realname% is long-time Habbo Club member
badge_name_fb_ACH_BasicClub4=%realname% is long-time Habbo Club member
badge_name_MB1_HHUK=Madball Red Card
badge_desc_CO2_HHSG=Country 2
badge_desc_ACB_HHAU=Vision Quest '09
badge_name_SB7_HHUK=Habbo Hood Big Flame
badge_desc_DN5_HHAU=Diner Campaign 08
badge_desc_fb_ACH_RoomDecoLandscape=%realname% has added a cool landscape to their room. Check it out!
badge_desc_ACH_PetFeeding10_HHCA=Give your pets at least 204600 points of food to earn this badge.
badge_name_FAN_HHAU=Official Fansite
badge_desc_AC7_HHUK=Birdies Lvl 2 - Lost Tribe
badge_desc_UKC_HHUK=Habbo submitted news stories.
badge_desc_UK072_HHUK=Habbo Raceway Throne Cup Grand Prix Winner 2010.
badge_desc_ACB_HHCA=I am an Elite Member of Tribe Squid, June 09
badge_desc_ACH_BasicClub5_HHCA=For 48 months of Habbo Club Membership.
badge_desc_UKM_HHUK=Fantastic Four Gold Medallion. 2007.
badge_desc_BOT_HHUK=I'm an automated worker at Habbo Hotel.
badge_name_ESW_HHCA=Movie Director
badge_name_HBA_HHUK=Gold Hobba
badge_desc_OL3_HHSG=Habbolympics Bronze
badge_name_RUN09_HHSG=Runway Badge
badge_name_HX5_HHCA=Host X
badge_desc_fb_ACH_MusicCollector=%realname% has purchased %limit% songs in Habbo.
badge_name_UK076_HHUK=Anti-Zirkonian Fighter
badge_desc_ACH_Login3_HHCA=Level 3 - For logging in 15 days in a row. Nice one! Worth 120 pixels.
badge_name_fb_ACH_PetFeeding10=%realname%'s pet's tummies are full
badge_name_HC4_HHCA=HC Club membership IV
badge_desc_GLC_HHCA=Sorry. This Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_desc_YAK=Grey Dragon
badge_desc_GLC_HHAU=Sorry. This Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_desc_DU3_HHCA=Bronzed and beautiful, just like me!
badge_name_HBA_HHSG=Hobba badge
badge_name_IT111=Happy Thanksgiving 2011
badge_name_EAS04=Professional Gardner Badge
badge_name_EAS03=Flower Patch Badge
badge_name_EAS02=Flower Power 2
badge_name_EAS01=Flower Power Badge
badge_name_ACH_PetFeeding10_HHCA=They're eating all my credits!
badge_name_HC4_HHAU=HC IV
badge_name_EAS07=Rabbit Catcher
badge_name_EAS06=Mushroom Challenge
badge_name_EAS05=Path of the Bunnies
badge_name_Z30_HHUK=Pumpkin Design
badge_name_CNY01_HHSG=Tiger's Claw 1
badge_name_HX5_HHAU=Gold Habbo X Host
badge_name_UK025_HHUK=Exorcist Quest
badge_name_UK033_HHUK=Music Mogul
badge_desc_HC4_HHAU=Level 4 - 36 months membership. Gives you 400 pixels.
badge_desc_Z33_HHUK=Play Director and Reviewer extraordinaire
badge_desc_HC4_HHCA=Level 4 - For 36 months of Habbo Club membership. Worth 400 pixels.
badge_name_GWA_HHCA=Global Warming
badge_desc_SU1_HHUK=Lvl1 Tiki Competition winner. Lowest award. Summer 2008.
badge_desc_SFK_HHAU=Habbofest 08
badge_name_fb_ACH_Login10=%realname% is a Habbo regular
badge_name_ACH_VipClub3=VIP member III
badge_name_ACH_VipClub2=VIP member II
badge_name_ACH_VipClub5=VIP member V
badge_name_fb_ACH_GameAuthorExperience1=Popular game host!
badge_name_ACH_VipClub4=VIP member IV
badge_name_fb_ACH_GameAuthorExperience2=Popular game host!
badge_name_CNY01_HHUK=CNY 2010
badge_name_fb_ACH_GameAuthorExperience7=Popular game host!
badge_name_fb_ACH_GameAuthorExperience8=Popular game host!
badge_name_fb_ACH_GameAuthorExperience9=Popular game host!
badge_name_fb_ACH_GameAuthorExperience3=Popular game host!
badge_name_fb_ACH_GameAuthorExperience4=Popular game host!
badge_name_fb_ACH_GameAuthorExperience5=Popular game host!
badge_name_fb_ACH_GameAuthorExperience6=Popular game host!
badge_name_IT120=Hannibal's Right Hand
badge_desc_ACH_Spr=For getting %limit% of your rooms picked up by Staff.
badge_name_ACH_VipClub1=VIP member I
badge_name_ACH_AvatarTags1_HHCA=5 words of wisdom
badge_desc_OL3_HHUK=Awarded to members of the 3rd Habbolympic team 2008.
badge_name_ACH_GamePlayed1_HHCA=Battle Royal I
badge_desc_UK026_HHUK=Winner of the Habboween Frights, Camera, Action! competition. October 2009.
badge_name_Z27_HHCA=I was crowned Habbo CA Prom Queen of 2009!
badge_desc_LC7_HHSG=For the ocean adventurers who have participated in expeditions to the Lost City.
badge_name_CO4_HHUK=YTH Prize Winner
badge_name_CAK_HHCA=The Maple Leaf
badge_desc_SF1_HHSG=Given to the captain of the space crews who has at least 3 Team Points during the deep space exploration of the Habborella 3000.
badge_name_HOSP0=Habbo Doctors Badge
badge_name_HOSP1=Dr. McFlirt Diagnosis
badge_name_HOSP2=I.N. Jection Diagnosis
badge_name_RA10=Voodoo Badge
badge_name_HC5_HHSG=HC V
badge_desc_ACH_PetRespectReceiver1_HHCA=Have someone scratch your pet at least 3 times to earn this badge.
badge_name_ACH_GamePlayerExperience9=Player  IX
badge_name_ACH_GamePlayerExperience8=Player VIII
badge_name_ACH_GamePlayerExperience7=Player  VII
badge_name_ACH_GamePlayerExperience6=Player VI
badge_desc_AC7_HHCA=I am  a member of Tribe Eagle, June 09
badge_name_ACH_GamePlayerExperience5=Player  V
badge_name_ACH_GamePlayerExperience4=Player  IV
badge_name_ACH_GamePlayerExperience3=Player III
badge_name_ACH_GamePlayerExperience2=Player II
badge_name_ACH_GamePlayerExperience1=Player I
badge_name_ACH_RespectGiven1=Nice as pie! I
badge_desc_MS6_HHCA=I defrosted Gingerly's brain and saved the Habbo Prom 09!
badge_name_CO4_HHSG=Farmer's Badge Lvl 1
badge_desc_SF1_HHUK=SCI FI Captain Lvl 1
badge_name_UK087_HHUK=Gold Safety Badge
badge_desc_COL_HHCA=Cause I'm a COOL cat! Hot'or'Cool, Summer 09.
badge_desc_WAA00=The Haunting of Waasa Quiz 2011
badge_desc_ST2_HHUK=You need Science and Maths skills for this job!
badge_desc_ACH_PetFeeding4_HHCA=Give your pets at least 3000 points of food to earn this badge.
achievements_desc=Achievements are tasks that you can do in Habbo Hotel. For each Achievement you receive a badge and some pixels.
badge_name_fb_ACH_GiftGiver9=Super gifter!
badge_name_fb_ACH_GiftGiver7=Super gifter!
badge_name_fb_ACH_GiftGiver8=Super gifter!
badge_name_fb_ACH_GiftGiver5=Super gifter!
badge_desc_COL_HHAU=Hot or Cool Campaign
badge_name_fb_ACH_GiftGiver6=Super gifter!
badge_name_fb_ACH_GiftGiver3=Super gifter!
badge_name_fb_ACH_GiftGiver4=Super gifter!
badge_name_fb_ACH_GiftGiver1=Super gifter!
badge_name_fb_ACH_GiftGiver2=Super gifter!
badge_name_ACH_GiftReceiver7_HHCA=Value me
badge_desc_MS6_HHAU=Villains 'R' Us '09
badge_name_SF5_HHSG=Navigator Level 2
badge_desc_fb_ACH_MusicPlayer=%realname% has played %limit% minutes of music on his jukebox in Habbo!
badge_desc_SU1_HHSG=Awarded to fledgling Shamans of the Tikitoa Tribe, during Summer 2008.
badge_name_TWIQ2_HHAU=Level 2 Quileute Badge
badge_desc_Z84=I won a competition during the Alhambra Weekend! January 2010.
UKX=CA Newsie
badge_desc_ADM_HHAU=Habbo.com Staff member
badge_desc_Z85=I joined the Dance Crew!
badge_name_UK067_HHUK='2* Restaurant/Diner'
badge_desc_CAE_HHCA=Never forget! Remembrance Day.
badge_desc_DS3_HHSG=Given to Habbos who won a competition during Donnie Santini's Space Explore in Planet of the Clones.
badge_name_JFF_HHAU=Electronica Band
RU1_badge_desc=A gold star for you!
badge_desc_Z68=Eye of Sauron
badge_desc_ACB_HHSG=Given to warriors who have successfully defended the honour of the Teuthida Tribe during the 2009 Lost Tribes trials.
badge_desc_Z66=Charlie Girl entrants
badge_desc_Z67=Safety Expert
badge_desc_Z64=Given to all original members of the Habbo Beta group.
badge_desc_Z65=Charlie Girl Winner
badge_desc_Z63=Given to those in the Beta group that have contributed to the testing.
badge_desc_Z60=NATM2 Golden Tablet
badge_name_CO3_HHSG=Country 3
badge_name_HQ007_HHCA=Supporting Hans
badge_desc_SF002_HHAU=September Collectible Campaign '09
badge_name_ACH_PetLover7_HHCA=Pet shop keeper III
badge_name_MH2=Producer 666
badge_desc_UKP_HHUK=Winner of the St Trinians perfect prefect competition.
badge_desc_Z77=HARD2BEAT Records Competition Winner
badge_desc_Z78=Ice Age 3 Quest
badge_name_HC5_HHUK=HC Club membership  V
badge_desc_Z76=Got hitched July '09
badge_name_PB2_HHUK=Design Studio
badge_desc_COC04=Having a hoot at the Coco Resort!
badge_desc_ACH_EmailVerification1=For activating your email address. Thanks!
badge_desc_COC02=Thanks for sending us your resort activity! 
badge_desc_Z41=HabWrecked DUCK Supporter
badge_desc_ACH_RespectGiven1=For giving respect %limit% times.
badge_desc_Z40=Habbo UK 8th Birthday
badge_desc_Z43=Habwrecked 2009 Contestant
badge_desc_Z42=HabWrecked OTTER Supporter
badge_desc_Z45=HAFTA 2007 NEW
badge_desc_Z44=Habwrecked 2009 Champion
badge_desc_Z47=Lego Bionicle quest
badge_desc_Z46=HAFTAs 2009
badge_desc_Z49=Lego Bionicle Quiz
badge_desc_Z48=Lego Bionicle Kick Warz
badge_desc_fb_ACH_TagB19=%realname% is faster than a speeding puck but has been caught again! Oh noes!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_TagB17=%realname% is faster than a speeding puck but has been caught again! Oh noes!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_TagB18=%realname% is faster than a speeding puck but has been caught again! Oh noes!
badge_desc_LC8_HHUK=Bensalem Crab
badge_desc_SFE_HHUK=SCI FI Medic Lvl 2
badge_desc_DU3_HHUK=Habbowealth Games 2005.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_TagB11=%realname% is faster than a speeding puck but has been caught again! Oh noes!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_TagB12=%realname% is faster than a speeding puck but has been caught again! Oh noes!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_TagB10=%realname% is faster than a speeding puck but has been caught again! Oh noes!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_TagB15=%realname% is faster than a speeding puck but has been caught again! Oh noes!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_TagB16=%realname% is faster than a speeding puck but has been caught again! Oh noes!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_TagB13=%realname% is faster than a speeding puck but has been caught again! Oh noes!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_TagB14=%realname% is faster than a speeding puck but has been caught again! Oh noes!
badge_name_HQ007_HHSG=Team Herbert
badge_desc_Z51=Zac Efron Badge
badge_name_MB1=Madball Red Card
badge_desc_Z58=NATM Larry Daley
badge_name_MB2=Madball Yellow Card
badge_desc_Z57=NATM Museum
badge_name_CAJ_HHCA=Happy 5th B-Day!
badge_desc_Z56=BuzzBrain of Habbo
badge_desc_Z59=NATM History Quest
badge_desc_OL3_HHCA=My Team won the BRONZE medal of Habbolympics 08!
badge_desc_OL3_HHAU=Habbolympics Campaign 08
badge_desc_Z21=You have reached LEVEL3. October 2008.
badge_desc_Z20=You have reached LEVEL5. October 2008.
badge_desc_Z27=Prom Queen 09
badge_desc_Z26=Prom King 09
badge_desc_Z29=Awarded to The Insiders prank competition winners. October 2008.
badge_desc_Z28=Awarded to The Insiders poll and quest winners. October 2008.
badge_name_ACH_GiftGiver2_HHCA=Well heeled
badge_desc_Z23=You have reached LEVEL2. October 2008.
badge_desc_Z22=You have reached LEVEL6. October 2008.
badge_name_SFC_HHSG=Security Level 3
badge_desc_Z25=You have reached LEVEL1. October 2008.
badge_desc_Z24=Official evil scientist! Maximum level. October 2008.
badge_desc_LC8_HHSG=For the deep-sea detectives who have uncovered the mysteries surrounding the Lost City.
badge_name_MDI=The Joe Badge
badge_desc_UKK_HHUK=Fantastic Four Bronze Medallion. 2007.
badge_desc_DU3_HHSG=Given to the third-placed Habbo during the Habbolympics 2006 & 2007. Also given out for various other Habbolympic competitions.
badge_desc_ACH_RoomDecoHoleFurniCount=For adding %limit% holes to my room.
badge_desc_Z32=I took a stand against knife crime
badge_desc_Z31=Official Habbo Music Festival Artist
badge_desc_FFLL7=Proud supporter of the Habbo World Cup.
badge_desc_Z30=Awarded to all winners and runners up of the pumpkin design competition. October 2008.
badge_desc_FFLL8=Looked into the future and predicted the outcome of a World Cup game!
badge_desc_Z39=Completed the Hotel For Dogs quest
badge_name_MD1=Meet Dave Quiz
badge_desc_Z38=Hotel For Dogs Design Comp 09
badge_name_MD2=Meet Dave Body
badge_desc_Z37=Hotel For Dogs Design Comp 09
badge_desc_Z36=Hotel For Dogs Design Comp 09
badge_desc_Z35=Completed the Hotel For Dogs Mega Maze
badge_desc_Z33=Play Director and Reviewer extraordinaire
badge_name_UK001_HHUK=Habbo Big Brother Press
badge_desc_SAF05=A champion of safety! Day 5 of 5. November 2011.
badge_desc_SAF04=A champion of safety! Day 4 of 5. November 2011.
badge_desc_SAF03=A champion of safety! Day 3 of 5. November 2011.
badge_desc_SAF02=A champion of safety! Day 2 of 5. November 2011.
badge_desc_Z09=Competition winner at the Habbo Underage Festival 2008.
badge_desc_SAF01=A champion of safety! Day 1 of 5. November 2011.
badge_desc_Z08=2nd place in the Step Up 2 The Streets dance competition.
badge_name_Z27_HHUK=Road Trip Queen
badge_desc_ACH_NotesLeft=I have left %limit% notes!
badge_desc_AR1_HHCA=Alhambra 08, the badge of a Magic World!
badge_desc_Z01=I was spotted in the Weekly Newsletter
badge_desc_Z03=Earth week competition winner.
badge_desc_Z04=Earth week competition winner.
badge_desc_Z05=Ex-experts but still here to help!
badge_desc_Z06=3rd place in the Step Up 2 The Streets dance competition.
badge_name_SFC_HHUK=SCI FI Guard Lvl 3
badge_desc_Z07=1st place in the Step Up 2 The Streets dance competition.
badge_name_ACH_PetFeeding1_HHCA=They're eating all my credits!
badge_name_TOR01=Top 5 Turtle Down Winner
badge_name_Z16_HHUK=Newspaper Affair
badge_desc_Z19=You have reached LEVEL4. October 2008.
badge_name_TOR02=Turtle Down Winner
badge_name_UK3_HHUK=Frank Bus
badge_name_SF5_HHUK=SCI FI Navigator Lvl 2
badge_desc_AF1_HHCA=I am such a fool! I received this foolish badge on April 1st, 09 :P
badge_desc_SF7_HHCA=I was a Level 1 Engineer in Space, July 09
badge_desc_Z13=Runner Up of Habbo Big Brother series1 in July 2008.
badge_desc_Z14=My Spy Family quest 2 winner.
badge_desc_Z11=Contestant of Habbo Big Brother series1 in July 2008.
badge_desc_Z12=Winner of Habbo Big Brother series1 in July 2008.
badge_desc_Z17=Hairspray The Musical talent show competition winner! 2008
badge_desc_ACA_HHUK=Birdies Lvl 3 - Lost Tribe
badge_desc_Z18=Against cervical cancer campaign supporter.
badge_desc_Z15=My Spy Family quest 1 winner.
badge_desc_Z16=My Spy Family quest 3 winner.
badge_desc_AR1_HHAU=Alhambra 08 Campaign
badge_desc_Z10=Competition winner at the Habbo Underage Festival 2008.
badge_desc_HC4_HHSG=Level 4 - For 36 months of Habbo Club membership. Gives you 400 Pixels.
badge_name_ACH_VipClub4_HHCA=VIP Member
badge_desc_SF7_HHAU=Space Explore '09
badge_desc_fb_ACH_TagB20=%realname% is faster than a speeding puck but has been caught again! Oh noes!
badge_desc_IT6=This Habbo pledges to uphold peace and to encourage tolerance towards all Habbos.
badge_name_ACH_RespectEarned5_HHCA=Been respected 166 times.
badge_desc_IT8=Habbofest 08
badge_name_ACH_PetRespectGiver8_HHCA=Pet lover IV
badge_desc_IT2=Juicy Fruit Beach Party 07
badge_name_UK080_HHUK=Bling Cribs! Winner
badge_desc_IT3=Silver Cup
badge_desc_IT4=Bronze Cup
badge_name_ACH_BattleBallWinner=Battle Banzai Star %roman%
badge_desc_NYR09=A Habbo of the Year winner from 2010!
badge_desc_NYR08=A Habbo of the Year winner from 2010!
badge_desc_NYR07=A Habbo of the Year winner from 2010!
badge_desc_NYR06=A Habbo of the Year winner from 2010!
badge_desc_NYR05=A Habbo of the Year winner from 2010!
badge_desc_NYR03=Winner of the NYE Outfit Comp 2010
badge_name_UK058_HHUK=Hotel Happenings Article Badge
badge_desc_NYR00=One of the top 20 from the 2010 Fireworks show!
badge_name_NEF_HHSG=Neon Entertainer (Gold)
badge_desc_rts22=Created a perfect Hideout for their school group!
badge_name_UKR_HHUK=St Trinian's Head Girl
badge_desc_SFE_HHSG=Given to the medics of the space crews who has at least 10 Team Points during the exploration of the Habborella 3000.
badge_desc_ACH_BattleBallQuestCompleted=For completing %limit% Battle Ball quests.
badge_desc_HC4_HHUK=Level 4 - For 36 months of Habbo Club membership. Worth 400 pixels.
badge_desc_ACA_HHSG=Given to warriors who have successfully defended the honour of the Avian Tribe during the 2009 Lost Tribes trials.
badge_desc_ACMI=Group member 2010
badge_name_SFB_HHCA=Security Officer - Level 2
badge_name_U06_HHUK=Habbo Raceway GP
badge_name_UK065=Cooking Up A Storm - Critic Badge
badge_name_UK067=Habbo Food Review - 2 Star Badge
badge_name_UK066=Habbo Food Review - 1 Star Badge
badge_desc_UK065_HHUK=Je sais que sur le bien manger. January 2010.
badge_name_UK069=Cooking Up A Storm - Save Slice Of Life
badge_name_UK068=Habbo Food Review - 3 Star Badge
badge_name_UK070=Golden Duck Badge
badge_name_UK071=Dino Cup Raceway
badge_name_UK072=Throne Cup Grand Prix
badge_name_UK073=Raceway Carrot Cup 2010
badge_name_UK074=Youth in Revolt 1
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GameAuthorExperience20=%realname% earned an achievement for having a popular game room in Habbo.
badge_name_TLB=SG Habbo Revamp
badge_desc_CY2_HHUK=Awarded to owners of trials that MeiLing defeated. CNY 2009
badge_desc_WD006=Here comes the bride...
badge_name_WD2_HHSG=Wedding Bells
badge_desc_ACH_MGM5_HHCA=Level 5 - For creating your own fellowship - party of 8. For inviting two more real life friends to Habbo. Worth 140 pixels.
badge_name_UK078=Member of The Flock
badge_name_UK076=Aliens in the Attic
badge_name_UK075=Youth in Revolt 2
badge_name_ACH_Student1=Habbo Student I
badge_name_fb_ACH_Xm10QuestCompleted10=%realname% is a Snowflake collector
badge_desc_KO1_HHAU=Australia Campaign 08
badge_name_UK079=Member of The Flock
badge_name_UK080=Habbo Bling Cribs
badge_name_UK081=Flag it
badge_name_UK084=Hotel Happenings Article Badge Video
badge_name_UK085=Safety Campaign Bronze
badge_name_UK082=Block it
badge_name_UK083=Zip it
US2_badge_desc=EyeToy: Play 2 Air Guitar (Guitar)
badge_desc_GM3_HHCA=Email Verification Campaign
badge_desc_GLH_HHCA=Sorry. This Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_desc_JF1_HHCA=I hung out with Kitsune and Tanuki, Ninja Style 08!
badge_name_COC02=Coco Coordinator
badge_desc_UK045_HHUK=My advert to Save The Piglets impressed the Hotel Management so much I won this Badge! January 2010.
badge_name_UK087=Safety Campaign Gold
badge_name_UK086=Safety Campaign Silver
badge_name_UK089=HTTYD Race
badge_name_UK088=HTTYD - Creative
badge_name_UK093=Habwrecked 2010 Team Whale
badge_name_UK094=St. Patrick's Day
badge_name_UK095=Alvin dvd
badge_name_UK096=Habwrecked '10 Winner
badge_name_U02=Childline Silver
badge_name_U01=Childline Green
badge_name_UK090=HTTYD - Quest
badge_name_UK091=Habwrecked 2010 Team Jellyfish
badge_name_UK092=Habwrecked 2010 Team Shark
badge_desc_CY2_HHSG=Yin & Yang Badge (Level 2)
badge_name_SHA_HHUK=Superhobba badge
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GameAuthorExperience12=%realname% earned an achievement for having a popular game room in Habbo.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GameAuthorExperience13=%realname% earned an achievement for having a popular game room in Habbo.
badge_name_fb_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence10=%realname% is a Habbo regular
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GameAuthorExperience10=%realname% earned an achievement for having a popular game room in Habbo.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GameAuthorExperience11=%realname% earned an achievement for having a popular game room in Habbo.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GameAuthorExperience16=%realname% earned an achievement for having a popular game room in Habbo.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GameAuthorExperience17=%realname% earned an achievement for having a popular game room in Habbo.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GameAuthorExperience14=%realname% earned an achievement for having a popular game room in Habbo.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GameAuthorExperience15=%realname% earned an achievement for having a popular game room in Habbo.
badge_desc_JF1_HHAU=Japanese Campaign 08
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GameAuthorExperience18=%realname% earned an achievement for having a popular game room in Habbo.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GameAuthorExperience19=%realname% earned an achievement for having a popular game room in Habbo.
badge_name_PIG01_HHSG=Boar of Baskerville
badge_desc_GLH_HHAU=Sorry. This Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_name_UK099=Capri-Sun Hook Badge
badge_name_UK098=Habwrecked '10 Videos
badge_name_UK097=Habwrecked '10 General
badge_desc_KO1_HHCA=Celebrating the Koala in Habbo
badge_name_fb_ACH_RbTagB=%realname% is a Speed Skater Level %roman%!
badge_name_fb_ACH_RbTagC=%realname% is a true Roller Derby Raider Level %roman%!
badge_name_fb_ACH_RbTagA=%realname%'s Roller rink is now Level %roman%. Check it out!
badge_desc_GLC_HHUK=Level 3 - The one who will not let you sink under pressure. Sorry. This Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_desc_ACH_RespectEarned4_HHCA=Level 4 - For earning respect a further 50 times. Worth 50 pixels.
badge_desc_UK079_HHCA=Friend of Maximum Ride
badge_name_ACH_EsA1=FREEZE Fighter I
badge_desc_Z65_HHUK=Charlie Girl Chic Sleepover competition winner
badge_name_ACH_EsA5=FREEZE Fighter V
badge_name_ACH_EsA4=FREEZE Fighter IV
badge_name_ACH_EsA3=FREEZE Fighter III
badge_name_ACH_EsA2=FREEZE Fighter II
badge_name_ACH_EsA9=FREEZE Fighter IX
badge_name_KO2_HHCA=Eucalyptus Badge
badge_name_ACH_EsA8=FREEZE Fighter VIII
badge_name_ACH_EsA7=FREEZE Fighter VII
badge_name_ACH_EsA6=FREEZE Fighter VI
badge_desc_ACH_RoomEntry9_HHCA=Level 9 - For hanging out in 160 Guest Rooms  that you do not own. Spaceman. Worth 30 pixels.
badge_desc_GLF_HHSG=Sorry, this Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_name_U04=Habbo 500 Race Winner
badge_name_U03=Idea Agency Golden brief winner!
badge_name_U06=Sparkplug Roberts Fan
badge_name_U05=SpeedDemon Fan
badge_desc_KO2_HHAU=Australia Campaign 08
badge_desc_NWB=Newbie Hobba
badge_name_ACH_RoomDecoLandscape=Landscape Designer %roman%
badge_desc_GLC_HHSG=Sorry, this Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_desc_ACH_Login10_HHCA=Level 10 - For logging in 100 days in a row. Breathtaking. Worth 200 pixels.
badge_desc_NZB=Joined official NZ group
badge_name_KO2_HHAU=Eucalypt Badge
badge_desc_1goal_HHSG=I believe everyone should have the chance to go to school, and the 1Goal campaign can help make that happen.
badge_name_ACH_PetFeeding5_HHCA=They're eating all my credits!
badge_desc_UKR_HHUK=Winner of St Trinians Head Girl competition.
badge_name_SB7_HHAU=Flaming Skulls 3
badge_desc_GLF_HHUK=Level 6 - The hunter - stalks down the answers.  Sorry. This Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_name_UK078_HHCA=Member of The Flock
badge_name_fb_ACH_ValentinesBadgeReceived=Valentine Friend Bracelet %roman%
badge_name_ACH_PetRespectReceiver1_HHCA=Someone likes my pet
badge_desc_UKI_HHUK=Dark is Rising sign of water. 2007.
badge_desc_UK060_HHUK=Member of the Habbo FRS Feb 2010
badge_name_EAS04_HHCA=Garden Show Host
badge_desc_ACH_GamePlayed1_HHCA=Sorry. This Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_desc_GLB_HHAU=Sorry. This Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_name_UK031_HHUK=Alvin and the Chipmunks
badge_name_HX9_HHUK=Habbo eXpert
badge_desc_SB2_HHUK=Bobbaschi gang member on the Streets Of Bobba September 2006.
badge_name_EAS04_HHAU=Gardener's Badge
badge_desc_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence4_HHCA=Level 4 - spending total of 16 hours in hotel. Worth 20 pixels.
badge_name_ACH_RegistrationDuration2_HHCA=20 % True Habbo
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GamePlayerExperience6=%realname% has won again in Habbo, and has gained Victory Points.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GamePlayerExperience5=%realname% has won again in Habbo, and has gained Victory Points.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GamePlayerExperience4=%realname% has won again in Habbo, and has gained Victory Points.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GamePlayerExperience3=%realname% has won again in Habbo, and has gained Victory Points.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GamePlayerExperience2=%realname% has won again in Habbo, and has gained Victory Points.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GamePlayerExperience1=%realname% won for for a first time, and has gained Victory Points in Habbo!
badge_name_XMAS0_HHCA=Holiday Gamer
badge_desc_VA010_HHAU=Valentines 2010
badge_desc_al_ACH_RoomDecoLandscape=Add %limit% landscapes to your rooms.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GamePlayerExperience9=%realname% has won again in Habbo, and has gained Victory Points.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GamePlayerExperience7=%realname% has won again in Habbo, and has gained Victory Points.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GamePlayerExperience8=%realname% has won again in Habbo, and has gained Victory Points.
badge_desc_GLB_HHCA=Sorry. This Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_name_SF7_HHAU=Engineer Badge
badge_name_VA012_HHAU=Cheaters Competition
badge_desc_HJ3_HHUK=Harajuku Lovers Baby
badge_name_XM9_HHSG=Snowball Badge
badge_desc_VA010_HHCA=The Heartbreak Hotel Project, February 2010
badge_name_DRA02=Friend of the Dragon
badge_name_DRA01=Dragon Quester
badge_name_fb_ACH_TagA10=Get your skates on %realname%'s  Ice Rink! X
badge_desc_UK033_HHUK=I contributed to the Official HMA Song. December 2009.
badge_name_ACH_PetFeeding4_HHCA=They're eating all my credits!
badge_name_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence1_HHCA=Online time I
badge_desc_CAG_HHCA=I got it on the card, the Habbo scratch card... Jan 09.
badge_name_XM9_HHUK=Arctic Snowballers!
badge_name_UK013_HHUK=HBB 09 Runner Up
badge_desc_USOW=Standing Ovation Dance Comp Winner!
badge_desc_TLB_HHSG=Awarded to Habbos who are ready to fix anything - whether it's the hotel or the clogged drainpipe.
badge_desc_ACH_AIPerformanceVote10_HHCA=Level 10- For gathering 300 votes on stage. Worth 200 pixels.
badge_desc_HC5_HHCA=Level 5 - For 48 months of Habbo Club membership. Worth 500 pixels.
badge_name_UK046_HHCA=Best In Show
badge_name_HX9_HHSG=X Leader
badge_name_RLX01_HHAU=Relax Badge
badge_desc_HX4_HHAU=X Game Std
badge_desc_fb_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked9=%realname% has been having fun playing Battle Banzai in Habbo, and earned an achievement!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked8=%realname% has been having fun playing Battle Banzai in Habbo, and earned an achievement!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked7=%realname% has been having fun playing Battle Banzai in Habbo, and earned an achievement!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked6=%realname% has been having fun playing Battle Banzai in Habbo, and earned an achievement!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked1=%realname% has been having fun playing Battle Banzai in Habbo, and earned an achievement!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked5=%realname% has been having fun playing Battle Banzai in Habbo, and earned an achievement!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked4=%realname% has been having fun playing Battle Banzai in Habbo, and earned an achievement!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked3=%realname% has been having fun playing Battle Banzai in Habbo, and earned an achievement!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked2=%realname% has been having fun playing Battle Banzai in Habbo, and earned an achievement!
badge_desc_HX4_HHCA=Member of the former safety team.
badge_name_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence3_HHCA=Online time III
badge_desc_HC5_HHAU=Level 5 - 48 months membership. Gives you 500 pixels.
badge_desc_XMAS0_HHCA=I got Holiday game! Dec 09
badge_name_SHA_HHSG=SuperHobba badge
badge_desc_DU1_HHSG=Given to the grand winner of the Habbolympics during 2006 & 2007.
badge_desc_DE127=I can predict the hits like no one else!
badge_name_WH7_HHUK=Virus Blood
badge_name_SFH_HHCA=Science Officer - Level 2
badge_name_WD2_HHCA=Wedding Bells
badge_desc_RLX01_HHUK=Awarded to all winners of Habbo Relax Competitions September 2009.
badge_name_UK070_HHUK=Duck Cup 2010
badge_desc_NLE=Trax Competition Winner
badge_desc_NLD=Trax Competition Winner
badge_name_PIG01_HHCA=Boar of Baskerville
badge_desc_NLC=Trax Competition Winner
badge_name_UK046_HHUK=Woof Woof!
badge_name_WH7_HHSG=Virus Clipboard Blood
badge_desc_AP2_HHUK=The HABprentice: Design Edition Boardroom Table Member
badge_desc_DE156=I ploughed through the course victoriously! December 2011.
badge_desc_XM3_HHCA=Where are all the other reindeer?
badge_desc_NEC_HHAU=Habbofest '09 Overall Winner
badge_desc_RLX01_HHSG=Zen Student
badge_desc_XM3_HHAU=Christmas Comp Winner 07
badge_name_BGWV1=Buoy Badge
badge_name_BGWV0=Jaws Badge
badge_name_BGWV5=Beach Bum Badge
badge_name_BGWV7=Sunburn Badge
badge_name_PIG01_HHAU=Boar of Baskerville
badge_name_BGWV6=Big Wave Badge
badge_desc_KO1_HHSG=Koala Koala
badge_name_ACH_Xmas11QuestCompleted=Xmas Quester 2011 %roman%
badge_desc_UK074_HHUK=You are an aspiring novelist, love classic prose, overly nice and polite to your elders.
badge_desc_NO2=Prince Caspian Competition 08
badge_name_VA011_HHAU=Smooch Badge
badge_desc_GLF_HHCA=Sorry. This Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_desc_NEC_HHCA=Member of Habbo Canada's Best Dance Crew '08!
badge_desc_ACH_RespectEarned1_HHCA=Level 1 - For earning respect your first time. Worth 20 pixels.
badge_name_XM8_HHSG=Xmas - Bob
badge_desc_KO1_HHUK=For creating the perfect Koala habitat. November 2008.
badge_name_fb_ACH_PetRespectReceiver1=Someone's been scratching %realname%'s pets
badge_desc_GLF_HHAU=Sorry. This Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_name_fb_ACH_PetRespectReceiver6=Someone's been scratching %realname%'s pets
badge_name_fb_ACH_PetRespectReceiver7=Someone's been scratching %realname%'s pets
badge_desc_ACH_RespectEarned9_HHCA=Level 9 - For earning respect a further 200 times. Worth 200 pixels.
badge_desc_KO2_HHSG=Koala Eucalyptus
badge_name_fb_ACH_PetRespectReceiver8=Someone's been scratching %realname%'s pets
badge_name_fb_ACH_PetRespectReceiver9=Someone's been scratching %realname%'s pets
badge_name_fb_ACH_PetRespectReceiver2=Someone's been scratching %realname%'s pets
badge_name_fb_ACH_PetRespectReceiver3=Someone's been scratching %realname%'s pets
badge_name_fb_ACH_PetRespectReceiver4=Someone's been scratching %realname%'s pets
badge_name_fb_ACH_PetRespectReceiver5=Someone's been scratching %realname%'s pets
badge_name_neja1=Chosen question
badge_desc_HW09C_HHCA=I caught the paranormal on tape.... Habboween 09.
badge_name_MRG04=Habbo Australia
badge_name_MRG05=Habbo SG
badge_name_MRG02=Habbo USA
badge_name_MRG03=Habbo UK
badge_name_MRG00=Friendship Bracelet
badge_name_MRG01=Habbo Canada
badge_name_VA011_HHCA=Daily Crush
badge_name_horse=Wyld Stallion
badge_desc_NI5=Gold Rush - Mythology
badge_desc_ACH_RoomEntry6_HHCA=Level 6 - For hanging out in 80 Guest Rooms  that you do not own. Out of towner. Worth 20 pixels.
badge_name_Z01_HHUK=Habbo Model
badge_desc_Z19_HHUK=You have reached LEVEL4. October 2008.
badge_name_ACH_RegistrationDuration7_HHCA=70 % True Habbo
badge_name_ACH_PetLevelUp10_HHCA=Pet Whisperer
badge_name_ACH_GiftGiver4_HHCA=Well off
badge_name_AC8_HHCA=Tribe Squid
badge_name_al_ACH_NotesReceived=Swamped By Stickies Level %roman%
badge_desc_UKJ_HHUK=Dark is Rising sign of wood. 2007.
badge_desc_AC8_HHUK=Squidies Lvl 2 - Lost Tribe
badge_name_TC1=Battle Ball Champ
badge_name_TC2=Wobble Squabble Champ
badge_desc_CNY03_HHCA=I'm a Tiger, Hear me Roar! CNY 2010
badge_name_UK117=0800 Reverse
badge_name_UK116=Vue TeenScreen
badge_name_TC3=Snow Storm Champ
badge_name_UK119=Master Shifu's Badge of Honour
badge_name_UK118=Po's Awesomeness Badge
badge_name_UK113=Gullivers "Big Foot" badge
badge_name_UK112=Capri-Sun Limited Edition Badge
badge_name_UK115=Gulliver's "Build It Big" badge
badge_name_UK114=Gulliver’s Travels "Happy Face" badge
badge_name_UK111=ChildLine Anti-Bullying Badge
badge_name_UK110=Nokia X3 group badge
badge_name_EAS04_HHSG=Gardener Badge
badge_name_UK109=Nokia Maze Challenge 1
badge_name_UK108=Touch and Type
badge_name_UK107=Street Dance 3D
badge_name_UK106=0800 Reverse Quest
badge_name_UK105=Last Airbender
badge_name_UK104=Lightning Thief
badge_name_UK103=Capri-Sun Sheriff Badge
badge_name_UK102=Capri-Sun Padlock Badge
badge_name_UK101=Capri-Sun Net Badge
badge_name_UK100=Capri-Sun Key Badge
badge_desc_KO2_HHCA=Koala competition winner
badge_name_UK140=The Sims 3 Generations
badge_name_FRE_HHUK=Prehistoric World
badge_desc_Z75_HHUK=A protector of the Realm
badge_name_UK139=0800 Reverse
badge_name_UK138=Donkey Kong Exclusive
badge_name_UK131=Rango: Beans Badge
badge_name_UK135=Wizards of Waverly Place
badge_name_UK134=Witch & Wizard:The Gift
badge_name_UK137=Donkey Kong
badge_name_UK136=0800 Reverse: Mobile to Mobile
badge_desc_UK093_HHUK=Member of the Killer Whale team (Habwrecked 2010)
badge_desc_UK079_HHUK=Friend of Maximum Ride
badge_name_UK128=Tomorrow When The War Began
badge_name_UK127=The Sims Medieval
badge_desc_HW09C_HHAU=Movie Testimonial Winner
badge_name_UK122=Rangos Safe!
badge_name_UK121=Rango Group Member
badge_name_TEO=The Emo Oranges
badge_name_UK120=Bieber Fever
badge_name_TLB_HHSG=The Handyman
badge_name_UK126=Pokémon Black Version
badge_name_UK125=Pokémon White Version
badge_desc_CNY03_HHAU=Chinese New Year 2010
badge_name_UK124=de Blob 2 Badge
badge_name_UK123=Rango's toy fish
badge_desc_WH4_HHUK=Habboween competition /event winner.
badge_name_UK162=I Love Me
badge_name_UK161=Kitty Softpaws
badge_name_UK156=Talk to FRANK
badge_name_UK157=FRANK Question Mark
badge_name_UK158=ChildLine Birthday
badge_name_UK152=This is Abuse 'Speaker' badge
badge_name_UK154=Monte Carlo
badge_name_UK155=Monte Carlo
badge_name_HF1_HHCA=Golden Shoe
badge_name_THA=The Habbo Awards
badge_name_UK151=This is Abuse 'Speak Out' badge
badge_name_UK150=This is Abuse 'Hand' badge
badge_name_SHA_HHCA=Super Hobba
badge_desc_UKY_HHUK=Awarded to Quest Guild members. You must submit a Quest to enter the guild.
badge_name_UK147=The Sims 3 Pets 'Dog Collar' badge
badge_name_UK145=Nintendo 3DS Gold badge
badge_name_UK146=The Sims 3 Pets 'Eaten Fish' badge
badge_name_TLB_HHUK=Raceway Course
badge_name_UK143=Nintendo 3DS Bronze badge
badge_name_UK144=Nintendo 3DS Silver badge
badge_name_UK141=The Sims 3 Generations
badge_name_UK149=The Sims 3 Pets 'Dog Bone' badge
badge_desc_SG001=SG 5th Birthday1
badge_desc_SG005=SG Cherry Credit 2
badge_desc_SG004=SG Cherry Credit
badge_desc_SG003=SG Habbo Job Fair
badge_desc_SG002=SG 5th Birthday2
badge_desc_SG008=SG Cherry Credit 5
badge_desc_SG009=SG Cherry Credit 6
badge_desc_SG006=SG Cherry Credit 3
badge_desc_SG007=SG Cherry Credit 4
badge_desc_HX4_HHSG=X Game Std
badge_desc_DU1_HHUK=Habbowealth Games 2005.
badge_desc_SG018=Honour Intellectual Property (IP) by supporting originality and making a stand against piracy today!
badge_name_ACH_NotesLeft=Stickie scribbler Level %roman%
badge_name_SHA_HHAU=do not use
badge_name_HM1_HHUK=Mall Builder
badge_name_HF1_HHAU=Golden Shoe
badge_desc_PB1=Pink vs Black Campaign 07
badge_desc_PB2=Pink vs Black Campaign 07
badge_desc_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence2_HHCA=Level 2 - spending total of 3 hours in hotel. Worth 20 pixels.
badge_desc_DU1_HHAU=Commonwealth 06
badge_name_fb_ACH_PetRespectGiver1=You scratch my pet and I'll scratch yours
badge_name_fb_ACH_PetRespectGiver4=You scratch my pet and I'll scratch yours
badge_name_fb_ACH_PetRespectGiver5=You scratch my pet and I'll scratch yours
badge_name_fb_ACH_PetRespectGiver2=You scratch my pet and I'll scratch yours
badge_desc_RA3_HHSG=Given to Habbos who have managed to coax the Beanstalk to grow in their gardens.
badge_name_fb_ACH_PetRespectGiver3=You scratch my pet and I'll scratch yours
badge_desc_TWIC3_HHCA=Habbo's Biggest New Moon Fan, 09
badge_name_ACH_RegistrationDuration9_HHCA=90 % True Habbo
badge_name_fb_ACH_ValentinesQuestCompleted=Heart Collector %roman%
badge_desc_DSX_HHCA=Astronaut of the Habbo Space Explore 06
badge_name_fb_ACH_HappyHour1=Happy Hour!
badge_desc_UK077_HHUK=Took the TeenLifeCheck 2010
badge_name_VA3_HHUK=Habborella Cruise
badge_desc_UKZ_HHUK=Awarded to fashion designers during Fashion Week 2008.
badge_desc_CAH_HHCA=For successful entrepreneurs!
badge_name_AU015=OZ Artist 2010
badge_name_TWIV2_HHUK=New Moon Badge: Volturi
badge_name_AU016=Generator Rex - Battle of the E.V.O.s
badge_name_XMA_HHSG=Snow Smiley Badge
badge_name_AU019=Generator Rex Badge
badge_name_ACH_Spr=Rooms liked by staff %roman%
badge_name_AU010=payclick Badge
badge_name_AU011=payclick Clicking Badge
badge_name_AU012=Paddle Pop Competition Winner
badge_name_AU013=Paddle Pop Event Badge
badge_name_AU014=Channel [V] Competition Winner
badge_name_RUN08_HHSG=Model Behaviour 3
badge_desc_DU1_HHCA=Shiny and golden, just like me!
badge_desc_HJ4_HHUK=Member of the Cool Japan Quiz winning team
badge_name_Z47_HHUK=Bionicle Quest Winner
badge_desc_TWIC3_HHAU=Habbo's Biggest New Moon Fan
badge_name_AU021=YAP Ambassador 2011
badge_desc_HX4_HHUK=Game eXpert
badge_name_AU024=Logitech Rock the Schools
badge_name_AP1=The HABprentice Finalist
badge_name_AU025=Girlfriend Group Member
badge_name_AP2=Official HABprentice Designer 2009
badge_name_AU022=Boost Mobile Surf Sho
badge_name_AU023=Girlfriend NCD Badge 2011
badge_desc_ACH_VipClub3_HHCA=For 24 months of VIP Club Membership.
badge_desc_ACH_Graduate1=For completing your confusing Habbo newbie experience.
badge_name_fb_ACH_PetRespectGiver7=You scratch my pet and I'll scratch yours
badge_name_UK045_HHUK=Leg Of Pork?
badge_name_fb_ACH_PetRespectGiver6=You scratch my pet and I'll scratch yours
badge_name_fb_ACH_PetRespectGiver9=You scratch my pet and I'll scratch yours
badge_name_fb_ACH_PetRespectGiver8=You scratch my pet and I'll scratch yours
badge_desc_HF1_HHUK=I was a member of the Habbo Dream Team 2006!
badge_name_ACH_RoomEntry2=Running Room Raider II
badge_name_ACH_RoomEntry3=Ultimate Room Raider III
badge_name_ACH_RoomEntry4=Day tripper IV
badge_desc_ACH_GiftGiver8_HHCA=For giving 236 gifts. Worth 90 pixels.
badge_name_ACH_RoomEntry5=Vacationer V
badge_desc_ACH_Login4_HHCA=Level 4 - For logging in 28 days in a row. High 5! Worth 150 pixels.
badge_name_HX8_HHAU=Gold Habbo X Game
badge_name_RA3_HHAU=Beanstalk Badge
badge_name_ACH_RoomEntry1=Room Raider I
badge_desc_ACH_PetLevelUp2_HHCA=Train your pets up at least 5 levels to earn this badge.
badge_name_HWD07=Best Director Prediction
badge_name_UK026_HHUK=Frights, Camera, Action!
badge_name_HWD08=Best Picture Prediction
badge_desc_UK069_HHUK=Advertising is my future, after helping Tom & Sammy relaunch the Slice Of Life with funky advertising! January 2010.
badge_name_HWD05=Best Sup. Actress Prediction
badge_name_ACH_RoomEntry7=Traveler VII
badge_name_HWD06=Best Animated Film Prediction
badge_name_ACH_RoomEntry6=House Guest VI
badge_name_HWD03=Best Actress Prediction
badge_name_ACH_RoomEntry9=Habitué IX
badge_name_HWD04=Best Sup. Actor Prediction
badge_name_ACH_RoomEntry8=Sightseer VIII
badge_name_HWN25=Room Raider
badge_name_HWN24=Fashion Freak
badge_name_HWN29=The Habboween Horror Story
badge_desc_NEC_HHUK=Official HMF:Neon Best New Artist Supporter
badge_name_HWN27=Costume Pro
badge_name_HWN28=Hellbound Warrior
badge_name_AC8_HHSG=The Teuthida Tribal Badge
badge_desc_Z68_HHUK=He sees all, and I search for him
badge_name_HJ6_HHUK=Harajuku Lovers Lil' Angel
badge_name_HX8_HHCA=Game X
badge_name_AR2=Scimitar Snake
badge_name_AR1=The Genie
badge_name_NEC_HHUK=HMF Golden Glitterball
badge_name_BTB_HHUK=BattleBall HOF
badge_name_SNW=Snow Storm Hall of Fame
badge_name_XMA_HHUK=Part Snowman
badge_name_HWN30=The Habboween Horror Movie
badge_name_SF7_HHUK=SCI FI Engineer Lvl 1
badge_name_HWN31=Mastering Evil's Mind
badge_name_HWN32=Hellhound Tamer
badge_name_SOS=SOSO Badge
badge_name_RA3_HHCA=Gigantic Beanstalk
badge_desc_SFA_HHUK=SCI FI Guard Lvl 1
badge_name_AU5=Birthday Badge
badge_name_AU4=Afro Quacks
badge_name_VA011_HHSG=Kiss 'n Tell
badge_name_AU1=Rock on!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GiftReceiver3=%realname% has gotten %limit% gifts in Habbo - pretty awesome.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GiftReceiver4=%realname% has gotten %limit% gifts in Habbo - pretty awesome.
badge_name_AU3=Pixelmason's Union
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GiftReceiver1=%realname% got the first ever gift in Habbo.
badge_name_AU2=Blue Bohos
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GiftReceiver2=%realname% has gotten %limit% gifts in Habbo - pretty awesome.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GiftReceiver7=%realname% has gotten %limit% gifts in Habbo - pretty awesome.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GiftReceiver8=%realname% has gotten %limit% gifts in Habbo - pretty awesome.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GiftReceiver5=%realname% has gotten %limit% gifts in Habbo - pretty awesome.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GiftReceiver6=%realname% has gotten %limit% gifts in Habbo - pretty awesome.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GiftReceiver9=%realname% has gotten %limit% gifts in Habbo - pretty awesome.
badge_name_AC8_HHUK=Squidies Lvl 2 - Lost Tribe
badge_name_AUB=AU Group Member
badge_desc_NEC_HHSG=Awarded to the first place winner of the Super Club competitions during the Neon Campaign 2008.
badge_desc_DSX_HHAU=Space Explore Campaign
badge_desc_Z02_HHCA=The Earth is burning up, do something! Earth Hour, 2010
badge_name_BTB_HHSG=Hall of Fame: BattleBall
badge_name_HWD00=Habbowood Director Badge
badge_name_HWD02=Best Actor Prediction
badge_name_HWD01=Movie Lover Badge
badge_desc_XM3_HHUK=Reindeer Vs Elf Christmas 2005
badge_name_Z31_HHUK=HMF: Neon Artist
badge_name_SMC=Top Chef
badge_name_SF7_HHSG=Engineer - Level 1
badge_desc_HOSP0=Winner of the Pimp My Hospital room comp!
badge_name_BBBH1_HHSG=Goodbye Big Hand
badge_desc_HOSP1=A medical mystery in the Habbo Hospital
badge_name_RUN07_HHSG=Model Behaviour 2
badge_desc_HOSP2=A medical mystery in the Habbo Hospital
badge_name_SU1=Tiki Level 1
badge_name_ACH_AIPerformanceVote1_HHCA=Unknown Star
badge_name_SU3=Tiki Level 3
badge_desc_ACH_RoomEntry8_HHCA=Level 8 - For hanging out in 140 Guest Rooms  that you do not own. Orion. Worth 30 pixels.
badge_name_SU2=Tiki Level 2
badge_name_AC3_HHUK=Bensalem Tribe Member
badge_desc_Z05_HHUK=Habbo eXperts were volunteer helpers between 2006 and 2008.
badge_name_STA=Sound The Alarm
badge_name_EC4_HHAU=Nature Quest 3
badge_desc_50S_HHUK=Winner of the MUZU VJ Playlist competition. Enter now at /groups/MUZU
badge_desc_Z31_HHUK=Official Habbo Music Festival Artist
badge_name_AF1=April Fool!
badge_name_DU3_HHAU=Bronze Duck
badge_name_ST4=STEM Cosmetics
badge_name_fb_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked5=Battle Banzai tile locker!
badge_name_ST3=STEM Energy
badge_name_fb_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked4=Battle Banzai tile locker!
badge_name_ST2=STEM Digital Designer
badge_name_fb_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked7=Battle Banzai tile locker!
badge_name_ST1=STEM Sound Eng
badge_name_fb_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked6=Battle Banzai tile locker!
badge_name_fb_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked9=Battle Banzai tile locker!
badge_name_fb_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked8=Battle Banzai tile locker!
badge_name_ST6=STEM climate
badge_name_ST5=STEM Sports
badge_name_HX7_HHUK=Habbo eXpert
badge_desc_MB1_HHCA=Madball 08
badge_desc_DS5_HHAU=Space Explore Campaign
badge_name_EC4_HHCA=Nature Quest Day 3
badge_name_ACH_BattleBallQuestCompleted9=Battle Banzai Hero
badge_name_ACH_BattleBallQuestCompleted7=Battle Banzai Master
badge_name_ACH_BattleBallQuestCompleted8=Battle Banzai Guru
badge_name_ACH_BattleBallQuestCompleted5=Battle Banzai Adept
badge_name_ACH_BattleBallQuestCompleted6=Battle Banzai Veteran
badge_name_ACH_BattleBallQuestCompleted3=Battle Banzai Beginner III
badge_name_ACH_BattleBallQuestCompleted4=Battle Banzai Novice
badge_name_ACH_BattleBallQuestCompleted1=Battle Banzai Beginner I
badge_name_ACH_BattleBallQuestCompleted2=Battle Banzai Beginner II
badge_name_HWN06=The Lovers Quest
badge_name_HWN05=Death Quest
badge_name_AI6=Make Over Comp. Winner
badge_desc_RU3_HHAU=Safety campaign January '09
badge_name_HWN08=Magician Badge
badge_name_AI5=Habbo Fansites
badge_name_HWN07=Luck Quiz Badge
badge_name_AI4=Habbo American Idol Winner
badge_name_HWN02=Blue Voodoo Doll - Luck
badge_name_AI3=Habbo American Idol Top 12
badge_name_HWN01=Red Voodoo Doll - Love
badge_name_AI2=Press Badge
badge_name_HWN04=The Moon Quest
badge_name_AI1=Hollywood Guru
badge_name_HWN03=Voodoo Competition Winner
badge_name_AI0=Music Guru
badge_desc_Z05_HHSG=Habbo X Memorial
badge_desc_PHF=Philippine Flag
badge_name_HWN00=Green Voodoo Doll - Curse
badge_name_USL_HHCA=Year of the Rat
badge_name_SS2=SnoSho 09
badge_name_DU3_HHCA=Bronze Medal
badge_name_HWN09=Star Tarot Badge
badge_name_HWN19=Freaky Fashion
badge_desc_DS5_HHCA=Astronaut of the Habbo Space Explore 06
badge_name_ACH_PetLevelUp6_HHCA=My pets know a trick or two
badge_name_HWN11=Primo Badge Designer
badge_name_Z01_HHCA=Room of the Month
badge_desc_RU3_HHCA=Let's Talk About Bobba, 09
badge_desc_SFA_HHSG=Security Officer Level 1
badge_desc_ANN01=Thanks for taking the Anna Personality Test!
badge_desc_CNY03_HHSG=Tiger's Claw 3
badge_name_HX7_HHSG=X Tech (G)
badge_desc_RUN06=Need a Runway Show done? I'm your Habbo! May 2010
badge_desc_RUN05=Style is my name. Fashion is my game. Runway 2010
badge_desc_RUN04=Habbo Runway 2010
badge_desc_RUN03=Designer Diva 3
badge_desc_RUN02=Winner of the Habbo Runway competition for USA. May 2010.
badge_name_RUN08_HHCA=Winning Catwalk Director
badge_desc_UKQ_HHUK=Winner of St Trinians Head Boy competition.
badge_desc_RUN01=I was selected one of 15 US Fashion Designers for Habbo Runway 2010.
badge_desc_ACH_MGM9_HHCA=Level 9 - For creating your own fellowship - party of 16. For inviting two more real life friends to Habbo. Worth 180 pixels.
badge_desc_FRI01=Friday the 13th Superstition Quiz Winner!
badge_desc_VIP_HHAU=Habbo VIP Guests
badge_desc_al_ACH_Spr=Get %limit% of your rooms picked up by Staff.
badge_desc_HX2_HHCA=Member of the former safety team.
badge_name_WH5_HHCA=Heavy Metal Guitar
badge_desc_al_ACH_RoomDecoFurniTypeCount=Build a room with %limit% more items of Furni.
badge_desc_RUN10=Runway Design Studio winner. April 2010.
badge_desc_ACH_PetFeeding3_HHCA=Give your pets at least 1400 points of food to earn this badge.
badge_desc_VIP_HHCA=A Very Important Person!
badge_name_HWB_HHUK=Evil Smile
badge_name_AU001=SOSO WW
badge_name_AU000=SOSO 09
badge_name_AU003=5th Birthday Winner's Badge
badge_name_AU002=5th Birthday Badge
badge_desc_HX2_HHAU=X Safety Std
badge_name_AU009=YAP Ambassador 2010
badge_name_XMB_HHAU=Snowman Badge
badge_name_AU008=Rock the Schools 2010
badge_name_BBBH2_HHCA=Brotherhood of Hand
badge_name_AU005=Habbofest 2010
badge_desc_RUN07=Runway Competition - 2nd Place
badge_name_AU004=Prezzie Expert
badge_desc_RUN08=I was voted best Runway Show director of Habbo, May 2010.
badge_name_AU007=Boost Mobile Surf Sho 2010
badge_desc_RUN09=Moving the Habbo fashion industry forward! May 2010.
badge_name_AU006=The Ultimate Tribute Band
badge_desc_NEA_HHSG=Awarded to the third place winner of the Super Club competitions during the Neon Campaign 2008.
badge_name_Z69_HHUK=Realm Elf
badge_name_TWIV1_HHCA=Volturi Quest
badge_name_RUN07_HHUK=Fashion Blog
badge_name_AM6=Jigoku Shoujo Kikuri Flower
badge_desc_UK057_HHUK=My submission to the Hotel Happenings newsie was gold rated!
badge_name_BBBH1_HHUK=Farewell Big Hand
badge_name_AM4=Jigoku Shoujo Death Mark
badge_name_WH6_HHCA=Diagnosis Slime
badge_name_AM5=Jigoku Shoujo Enma Ai Eye
badge_name_AM3=Jigoku Shoujo Kikuri
badge_name_AM2=Jigoku Shoujo Straw Doll
badge_name_AM1=Jigoku Shoujo Butterfly
badge_name_ACH_MGM10=Prom X
badge_name_ACH_MGM5_HHCA=Slumber Party
badge_name_fb_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked3=Battle Banzai tile locker!
badge_name_fb_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked2=Battle Banzai tile locker!
badge_name_fb_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked1=%realname% just played his first game of Battle Banzai!
badge_name_fb_ACH_RoomDecoLandscape=%realname% is a Landscape Designer %roman%
badge_name_HQ009_HHSG=Team Brothers
badge_desc_ACH_Xm10QuestCompleted9=For %limit% Snowflake quests completed on this level.
badge_desc_ACH_Xm10QuestCompleted8=For %limit% Snowflake quests completed on this level.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_PetRespectReceiver10=And boy are the pets happy! %realname% also got an Achievement for it - woot!
badge_name_BBBH2_HHAU=Brotherhood of the Hand
badge_desc_SFF_HHCA=I was a Level 3 Medical Officer in Space, July 09
badge_name_HF1_HHUK=Golden Football Boot
badge_desc_ACH_Xm10QuestCompleted1=For %limit% Snowflake quests completed on this level.
badge_desc_ACH_Xm10QuestCompleted2=For %limit% Snowflake quests completed on this level.
badge_name_TWIV1_HHAU=Level 1 Volturi Badge
badge_desc_ACH_Xm10QuestCompleted3=For %limit% Snowflake quests completed on this level.
badge_name_WH6_HHAU=Goo Diagnosis Badge
badge_desc_ACH_Xm10QuestCompleted4=For %limit% Snowflake quests completed on this level.
badge_desc_ACH_Xm10QuestCompleted5=For %limit% Snowflake quests completed on this level.
badge_desc_ACH_Xm10QuestCompleted6=For %limit% Snowflake quests completed on this level.
badge_desc_ACH_Xm10QuestCompleted7=For %limit% Snowflake quests completed on this level.
badge_desc_ACH_AvatarLooks1_HHCA=For finally putting some fresh clothes on. Worth 50 pixels.
badge_desc_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence1_HHCA=Level 1 - spending total of 1 hour in hotel. Worth 30 pixels.
badge_name_ACH_GameAuthorExperience20=Game Arcade owner XX
badge_name_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence7_HHCA=Online time VII
badge_desc_UK042_HHUK=I proved I have a kind heart, and gave generously. December 2009.
badge_name_ACH_GameAuthorExperience19=Game Arcade owner XIX
badge_name_fb_ACH_PetFeeding9=%realname%'s pet's tummies are full
badge_name_BTB_HHAU=BattleBall Commemorative
badge_name_al_ACH_RoomDecoFurniTypeCount=Furni Collector %roman%
badge_desc_GLH_HHSG=Sorry, this Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_name_SHB_HHSG=Dragon Badge
badge_desc_TWIC3_HHSG=Exclusively for the ultimate New Moon fan.
badge_name_JF3_HHCA=Red Dragon
badge_desc_DSX_HHUK=Roadtrip USA Room Winner 2008.
badge_desc_CY2_HHCA=Dragon Court Protégé, CNY 09.
badge_desc_XXX_HHSG=eXperienced Habbos who served as guides for new Habbos.
badge_desc_VA9_HHCA=A Bollywood Valentine's, 09
badge_desc_Z16_HHUK=My Spy Family quest 3 winner.
badge_name_fb_ACH_PetFeeding2=%realname%'s pet's tummies are full
badge_name_fb_ACH_PetFeeding1=%realname%'s pet's tummies are full
badge_name_fb_ACH_PetFeeding4=%realname%'s pet's tummies are full
badge_desc_UK082_HHUK=3/3 of the Click Clever, Click Safe Code
badge_name_fb_ACH_PetFeeding3=%realname%'s pet's tummies are full
badge_name_fb_ACH_PetFeeding6=%realname%'s pet's tummies are full
badge_name_fb_ACH_PetFeeding5=%realname%'s pet's tummies are full
badge_name_fb_ACH_PetFeeding8=%realname%'s pet's tummies are full
badge_name_fb_ACH_PetFeeding7=%realname%'s pet's tummies are full
badge_name_WH5_HHUK=Purple Guitar
badge_desc_UK002_HHUK=Paul Blart: Mall Cop quiz winner
badge_name_XMA_HHCA=Happy Snowball
badge_desc_Z07_HHUK=1st place in the Step Up 2 The Streets dance competition.
badge_name_TWIC2_HHAU=Level 2 Cullens Badge
badge_desc_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence5_HHCA=Level 5 - spending total of 48 hours in hotel. Worth 20 pixels.
badge_desc_ACH_HappyHour1=For spending a Happy moment in Habbo! Log in during Happy Hour to receive this achievement.
badge_desc_ACH_RoomEntry5_HHCA=Level 5 - For hanging out in 60 Guest Rooms  that you do not own. Globetrotter.Worth 15 pixels.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_Xm10QuestCompleted7=%realname% has collected %limit% Snowflakes.
badge_name_RUN08_HHAU=Level 3 Designer Badge
badge_desc_fb_ACH_Xm10QuestCompleted8=%realname% has collected %limit% Snowflakes.
badge_desc_UK003_HHUK=Completed the first NHS quest and has 1/3 stars.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_Xm10QuestCompleted9=%realname% has collected %limit% Snowflakes.
badge_desc_XXX_HHUK=Habbo eXperts are experienced Habbos who answer your questions on Habbo.
badge_desc_Z43_HHUK=HABWrecked Contestant 2009
badge_name_UK095_HHUK=Alvin's Guitar Finder
badge_desc_fb_ACH_Xm10QuestCompleted4=%realname% has collected %limit% Snowflakes.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_Xm10QuestCompleted3=%realname% has collected %limit% Snowflakes.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_Xm10QuestCompleted6=%realname% has collected %limit% Snowflakes.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_Xm10QuestCompleted5=%realname% has collected %limit% Snowflakes.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_Xm10QuestCompleted2=%realname% has collected %limit% Snowflakes.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_Xm10QuestCompleted1=%realname% has collected %limit% Snowflakes.
badge_name_RA3_HHSG=Beanstalk Rare
badge_desc_ACH_RespectEarned3_HHCA=Level 3 - For earning respect a further 10 times. Worth 20 pixels.
badge_name_HX8_HHSG=X Game (G)
badge_name_fb_ACH_PetRespectReceiver10=Someone's been scratching %realname%'s pets
badge_name_NO032=Crystal Creation Badge
badge_desc_HF1_HHCA=Habbo Soccer World Cup 06
badge_name_ACH_FreezeWinner=Freeze Winner  %roman%
badge_desc_OL2=Your strength was proven to earn you this Silver Badge.
badge_desc_OL1=Your strength was proven to earn you this Gold Badge.
badge_desc_SFA_HHCA=I was a Level 1 Security Officer in Space, July 09
badge_desc_OL3=Your strength was proven to earn you this Bronze Badge.
badge_name_HX7_HHAU=Gold Habbo X Tech
badge_name_AC6=Angry Ape Animal Spirit
badge_name_AC7=Lost Tribe Avian Level 2
badge_name_AC8=Lost Tribe Mariners Level 2 Badge
badge_name_AC9=Lost Tribe Sapiens Level 2 Badge
badge_name_AC2=Ancient Fire Green
badge_name_AC3=Ancient Fire Blue
badge_name_AC4=Eagle Animal Spirit
badge_desc_HF1_HHAU=Habbaroos Soccer Campaign
badge_name_NO047=Just For Fun
badge_name_AC5=Squid Animal Spirit
badge_name_AC1=Ancient Fire Red
badge_name_UK049_HHUK=Gold Santa Hat
badge_name_ACC=Lost Tribe Sapiens Level 3 Badge
badge_name_ACB=Lost Tribe Mariners Level 3 Badge
badge_desc_1goal_HHAU=Education For All!
badge_name_HX8_HHUK=Habbo eXpert
badge_name_ACA=Lost Tribe Avians Level 3 Badge
badge_name_SF7_HHCA=Engineer - Level 1
badge_desc_MB1_HHUK=Overall champions of Habbo Madball 2008.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_RoomEntry6=%realname% visited %limit% rooms in Habbo, and got an achievement.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_RoomEntry5=%realname% visited %limit% rooms in Habbo, and got an achievement.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_RoomEntry8=%realname% visited %limit% rooms in Habbo, and got an achievement.
badge_name_ACH_GameAuthorExperience10=Game Arcade owner X
badge_desc_fb_ACH_RoomEntry7=%realname% visited %limit% rooms in Habbo, and got an achievement.
badge_desc_DSX_HHSG=Given to the first 20 Habbos to submit all-correct answers for Donnie Santini's Monolith Quest.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_RoomEntry9=%realname% visited %limit% rooms in Habbo, and got an achievement.
badge_name_ACH_GameAuthorExperience15=Game Arcade owner XV
badge_desc_GLH_HHUK=Level 8 - The friendly one - kind and always there. Sorry. This Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_name_ACH_GameAuthorExperience16=Game Arcade owner XVI
badge_name_ACH_GameAuthorExperience17=Game Arcade owner XVII
badge_name_ACH_GameAuthorExperience18=Game Arcade owner XVIII
badge_desc_HQ005_HHUK=Awarded to the runner up CSI Detectives. October 2009.
badge_name_ACH_GameAuthorExperience11=Game Arcade owner XI
badge_desc_fb_ACH_RoomEntry2=%realname% visited %limit% rooms in Habbo, and got an achievement.
badge_name_ACH_GameAuthorExperience12=Game Arcade owner XII
badge_desc_fb_ACH_RoomEntry1=%realname% visited %limit% rooms in Habbo, and got an achievement.
badge_name_ACH_GameAuthorExperience13=Game Arcade owner XIII
badge_desc_fb_ACH_RoomEntry4=%realname% visited %limit% rooms in Habbo, and got an achievement.
badge_name_ACH_GameAuthorExperience14=Game Arcade owner XIV
badge_desc_fb_ACH_RoomEntry3=%realname% visited %limit% rooms in Habbo, and got an achievement.
badge_name_BTB_HHCA=BB Hall of Fame
badge_name_ADM=Hotel Staff
badge_name_ACH_PetRespectReceiver4_HHCA=My pets get all the love III
badge_name_Z12_HHUK=HBB Champion
badge_desc_RU3_HHUK=SafeSid Competition Winner
badge_name_NO070=Safety Expert
badge_desc_fb_ACH_FreezeWinner=%realname% is a Freeze champion!
badge_desc_EXH_HHCA=Hobba Service Medal
badge_name_AR1_HHAU=Jinn Genie
badge_name_RLX01_HHUK=Relax Comp Winner
badge_name_EC4_HHSG=Nature Level 3
badge_desc_fb_ACH_PetLevelUp10=%realname%'s pets are trained to the max in Habbo.
badge_name_VA2_HHCA=I LOVE U
badge_desc_BE1_HHUK=Helped shape the new Habbo June 2009
badge_desc_HQ005_HHSG=This Habbo is almost there, if not for their girth and inability to climb stairs. They're very good at stakeouts.
badge_name_ACH_MusicPlayer=Music Player Level %roman%
badge_name_WH6_HHUK=Virus Ooze
badge_name_ACH_AvatarLooks1_HHCA=Looks that Kill
badge_desc_RU3_HHSG=Let's Talk About Bobba safety champion!
badge_name_VA2_HHAU=Valentines Badge
badge_name_XMAS0_HHSG=Christmas Bauble 1
badge_name_HX7_HHCA=Tech X
badge_name_VA012_HHSG=Splitsville Badge
badge_name_EC4_HHUK=HabboSphere Contributor
badge_name_SB7=Ultimate Streets of Bobba Lieutenant
badge_name_AP1_HHUK=The HABprentice Finalist
badge_desc_IT120=Helped the Master Chef
badge_name_DU3_HHSG=Bronze Habbolympian
badge_desc_SFA_HHAU=Space Explore '09
badge_name_NEC_HHSG=Neon Mirrorball (Gold)
badge_desc_Z05_HHCA=Honouring the Xes of Habbo CA
badge_name_SB1=Bouncing Queens
badge_name_SB5=Ultimate Streets of Bobba Muscle
badge_name_SB6=Ultimate Streets of Bobba Elite
badge_name_HQ009_HHCA=Mansion Builder
badge_desc_GM1_HHCA=Email Verification Campaign
badge_desc_SFF_HHUK=SCI FI Medic Lvl 3
badge_name_SGF=Singapore Flag
badge_name_SGD=detective/spy themed badge
badge_name_SGB=Shohoku Jersey Badge
badge_name_SGC=SG Camera
badge_name_SGA=Slam Dunk  Basketball
badge_name_PUR01=Pura Extraordinaire
badge_name_WH5_HHSG=Heavy Metal Guitar
badge_name_SG9=Habbo Awards Badge
badge_name_SG8=WobbSquab - Bronze
badge_name_SG7=WobbSquab - Silver
badge_name_SG6=WobbSquab - Gold
badge_name_SG5=Hip Hop Band
badge_name_SG4=test for Elkah
badge_name_SG3=Gold Habbo of the Month
badge_name_SG2=Silver Habbo of the Month
badge_name_SG1=test for Elkah
badge_name_SFM=Frozen Ice Princess
badge_name_SFL=Frozen Ice Prince
badge_name_SFK=Special Forces Kedo
badge_name_DU3_HHUK=Bronze Habbowealth
badge_desc_PIG01=For helping solve the disappearance of Penelope the Pig.
badge_name_SHA=Super Hobba
badge_name_U03_HHUK=Idea Agency competition winner!
badge_name_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked20=Lord of the tiles XX
badge_desc_HX2_HHSG=X Safety Std
badge_name_HX9_HHCA=X Leader
badge_name_SGQ=SG Quill
badge_name_SGR=I <3 Mom!
badge_name_TWIV1_HHUK=New Moon Badge: Volturi
badge_name_XMB_HHSG=Snowman Badge
badge_name_SGN=PP Commemorative Badge
badge_name_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked18=Lord of the tiles XVIII
badge_name_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked19=Lord of the tiles XIX
badge_name_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked16=Lord of the tiles XVI
badge_name_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked17=Lord of the tiles XVII
badge_name_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked14=Lord of the tiles XIV
badge_name_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked15=Lord of the tiles XV
badge_name_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked12=Lord of the tiles XII
badge_desc_SFF_HHSG=Medic Level 3
badge_name_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked13=Lord of the tiles XIII
badge_name_VA3_HHSG=Love Cruise
badge_name_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked10=Lord of the tiles X
badge_desc_ACH_PetLevelUp10_HHCA=Train your pets up at least 320 levels to earn this badge.
badge_desc_ACH_PetFeeding8_HHCA=Give your pets at least 51000 points of food to earn this badge.
badge_name_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked11=Lord of the tiles XI
badge_name_CL3_HHUK=Idea Agency competition winner!
badge_name_RLX01_HHSG=Zen Student
badge_name_HQ009_HHAU=Brother vs. Brother
badge_name_HX9_HHAU=Habbo X Team Leader
badge_desc_CAG_HHUK=Winner in the Frederic Santini Comp - Atlantis. Sep 09.
badge_name_SFC=Security Officer Level 3
badge_name_SFD=Medical Officer Level 1
badge_name_SFE=Medical Officer Level 2
badge_name_SFF=Medical Officer Level 3
badge_name_ACH_SkateBoardSlide=Skateboard Slider %roman%
badge_desc_TWIC3_HHUK=Level 3 Badge awarded to the Cullens grand final winner. November 2009.
badge_name_SFG=Science Officer Level 1
badge_name_SFH=Science Officer Level 2
badge_name_SFI=Science Officer Level 3
badge_name_ACH_PetRespectReceiver9=My pets get all the love IX
badge_name_ACH_PetRespectReceiver7=My pets get all the love VII
badge_name_SFA=Security Officer Level 1
badge_name_ACH_PetRespectReceiver8=My pets get all the love VIII
badge_name_SFB=Security Officer Level 2
badge_name_ACH_PetRespectReceiver6=My pets get all the love VI
badge_name_SF4=Navigator Level 1
badge_name_ACH_PetRespectReceiver5=My pets get all the love V
badge_name_SF3=Captain Level 3
badge_name_ACH_PetRespectReceiver4=My pets get all the love IV
badge_desc_HX2_HHUK=Safety eXpert
badge_name_SF6=Navigator Level 3
badge_name_ACH_PetRespectReceiver3=My pets get all the love III
badge_name_SF5=Navigator Level 2
badge_name_ACH_PetRespectReceiver2=My pets get all the love II
badge_name_SF8=Engineer Level 2
badge_name_ACH_PetRespectReceiver1=Someone likes my pet I
badge_name_SF7=Engineer Level 1
badge_name_SF9=Engineer Level 3
badge_desc_SB3_HHUK=Shabbolins gang member on the Streets Of Bobba September 2006.
badge_name_TWIV1_HHSG=Volturi Arms 1
badge_name_WH6_HHSG=Virus Clipboard (Goo)
badge_name_SF2=Captain Level 2
badge_name_SF1=Captain Level 1
badge_name_EC2_HHCA=Nature Quest Day 1
badge_desc_MRG00_HHUK=Friendship Bracelet
badge_name_RM1=The List
badge_name_RM2=The List
badge_name_CO5_HHCA=Country Lovin'
badge_name_RM0=The List
badge_name_CHF_HHCA=Chef Boyardee
badge_desc_MDMWW_HHSG=This Habbo's a whiz at creating Habbo deals. Just don't go up against them when you're playing Monopoly.
badge_name_TC2_HHAU=Wobble Squabble Badge
badge_name_ACH_Login9_HHCA=Habbo Stayer
badge_name_AF1_HHCA=April Fools
badge_desc_UK037_HHUK=Awarded to Britney Spears Birthday comp winners, December 2009.
badge_desc_VA4_HHCA=I was a Habborella Bachelor/Bachelorette
badge_desc_PET07=I <3 my CHICK!
badge_desc_HQ005_HHCA=Streetsmart and fearless, reporting from the mean streets of Habbo, Oct 09
badge_desc_PET06=Got myself one of the first frogs!
badge_desc_PET05=I own the Rare Tree Frog
badge_desc_BR015_HHAU=Habbo Film Awards 2010
badge_desc_FRZ06=Safety Wipeout Badge of Honour - for conquering the Safety Wipeout Challenge. November 2011.
badge_desc_PET03=Don't mess with my Spider, it was here first!
badge_desc_PET01=My Lion was one of the first Lions in the Hotel!
badge_desc_PET02=My Rhino was one of the first Rhinos in the Hotel!
badge_desc_al_ACH_RbTagC=You need to show off for another %limit% minutes to get to the next level.
badge_desc_al_ACH_RbTagB=You need to get caught %limit% times to reach the next level.
badge_desc_al_ACH_RbTagA=You need to build a bigger rink with %limit% tiles in.
badge_desc_DN1_HHAU=Diner Campaign 08
badge_desc_SFI_HHCA=I was a Level 3 Science Officer in Space, July 09
badge_name_UK2_HHUK=Always Salon Champ
badge_name_Z76_HHUK=My Precious
badge_desc_ACH_PetLover10_HHCA=Own a total of 75 pets to earn this badge.
badge_name_SFM_HHCA=Space Hero
badge_desc_PET10=Dude! My Turtle rules.... totally.
badge_desc_PET11=Dude... My RARE Turtle is totally awesome!
badge_desc_YAK_HHUK=Awarded for competitions during Japanese Sushi campaign.
badge_desc_PET12=Keeper of the Habbo Dragons.
badge_desc_PET13=Rider of the rare Ambrosia Dragon.
badge_name_Z14_HHUK=Briefcase Affair
badge_desc_CO3_HHSG=Country 3
badge_name_ACH_AIPerformanceVote2_HHCA=Hidden Talent
badge_name_BTB=Battleball Hall of Fame
badge_desc_IT111=I've got so much to be thankful for! 
badge_name_RM4=The List
badge_name_RM3=The List
badge_name_ACH_GiftReceiver3_HHCA=Cherish me
badge_desc_VA4_HHAU=Valentines Campaign 08
badge_desc_fb_ACH_RoomDecoHosting=People spend a lot of time in cool rooms of %realname%
badge_desc_HQ009_HHSG=We don't want Herbert and Hansel to fight. All we need is love, brotherly love, love is all we need.
badge_name_ACH_GamePlayed9_HHCA=Battle Royal IX
badge_desc_XM5_HHSG=Xmas '07 - Smilla's badge
badge_desc_DS0_HHSG=Awarded to Habbos who gained 6 or more Habbo Points during November 2006.
badge_desc_ACH_PetRespectReceiver4_HHCA=Have someone scratch your pet at least 40 times to earn this badge.
badge_name_UKBD1=Habbo UK is 9!
badge_desc_ACH_HHCA=Thanks for selecting your Habbo name after registering.
badge_desc_SUM01=Winner of a Summer 2011 competition!
badge_desc_Z30_HHUK=Awarded to all winners and runners up of the pumpkin design competition. October 2008.
badge_desc_SUM05=Habbo Heat Wave YouTube Competition 2011
badge_desc_SB6_HHSG=Awarded for Streets of Bobba 2008, this badge is the mark of the 'middle management' of each gang.
badge_desc_SUM04=Life Guard Crew Winner
badge_desc_Z11_HHUK=Contestant of Habbo Big Brother series1 in July 2008.
badge_desc_XMA_HHSG=Awarded as a prize to Habbos who took part in the frosty fun of selected Xmas 2008 competitions.
badge_desc_HW09E_HHCA=I hunted down the ghosts ...Habboween 09.
badge_name_fb_ACH_Xm10QuestCompleted9=%realname% is a Snowflake collector
badge_desc_XXX_HHCA=Habbo eXpert
badge_name_fb_ACH_Xm10QuestCompleted6=%realname% is a Snowflake collector
badge_name_CL2_HHUK=Idea Agency competition winner!
badge_name_fb_ACH_Xm10QuestCompleted5=%realname% is a Snowflake collector
badge_name_fb_ACH_Xm10QuestCompleted8=%realname% is a Snowflake collector
badge_desc_BR015_HHCA=I would rock the red carpet! Habbo Academy 2010
badge_name_fb_ACH_Xm10QuestCompleted7=%realname% is a Snowflake collector
badge_name_fb_ACH_Xm10QuestCompleted2=%realname% is a Snowflake collector
badge_name_fb_ACH_Xm10QuestCompleted1=%realname% is a Snowflake collector
badge_name_fb_ACH_Xm10QuestCompleted4=%realname% is a Snowflake collector
badge_name_fb_ACH_Xm10QuestCompleted3=%realname% is a Snowflake collector
badge_desc_ACH_RegistrationDuration10=Be a member of the community for %limit% days.
badge_desc_FRZ03=Freeze YouTube Competition 2010
badge_name_ACH_VipClub2_HHCA=VIP Member
badge_desc_Z01_HHUK=Habbo Fashion Week 2008 competition winner.
badge_desc_HW09E_HHAU=Competition Winner
badge_name_YAK_HHUK=Black Dragon
badge_desc_XMA_HHUK=Penguin Competition winner 2008!
badge_desc_XXX_HHAU=Habbo X
badge_desc_SMC_HHSG=Awarded to winners of the Foodies and Friends competitions.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_ValentinesBadgeReceived=%realname% has received %limit% badges for the Valentine Friend Bracelet.
badge_name_fb_ACH_FreezeWinner=%realname% is a Freeze Winner %roman%!
badge_name_Z33_HHUK=It Doesn't Have To Happen
badge_desc_Z77_HHUK=Winner of a Celebrity Visit competition from HARD2BEAT Records.
badge_desc_DN3_HHAU=Diner Campaign 08
badge_name_RU1=Patriot Star
badge_name_C06=Wheat Badge
badge_name_VA3_HHAU=Habborella Winner
badge_name_RU3=NoBobba Badge
badge_name_RTS=Rock The Schools
badge_name_NLD_HHSG=Trax Silver
badge_name_TWIV2_HHAU=Level 2 Volturi Badge
badge_name_ACH_PetLover8_HHCA=Pet shop keeper IV
badge_name_RS9=Rock the Schools
badge_name_NWB_HHCA=Newbie Hobba
badge_desc_ICEA3_HHUK=Attended the Ice Age 3 DVD room launch
badge_desc_TWIQ1_HHUK=Level 1 Badge awarded to trivia quest winners in Jacob's world. November 2009.
badge_name_VA3_HHCA=I LOVE U
badge_desc_GLG_HHCA=Sorry. This Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_desc_SFM_HHSG=This Habbo is fit to entertain royalty, as demonstrated during Princess Milla's visit from the Froggerton galaxy.
badge_name_SF6_HHCA=Navigator - Level 3
badge_name_NWB_HHAU=Silver badge
badge_desc_TWIQ1_HHSG=This Habbo's running in a wolf pack with their own tribe.
badge_desc_HX8_HHUK=Gold Game eXpert
badge_desc_ACH_RespectEarned2_HHCA=Level 2 - For earning respect a further 5 times. Worth 20 pixels.
badge_desc_NEH_HHCA=Best Night Club Flyer, Neon 08!
badge_desc_DN3_HHCA=I took the test and yes, I am a Nerd! Diner 08.
badge_desc_RA5_HHSG=Have you figured out what this weird crystal thing is? 'Cos we haven't got a clue yet.
badge_desc_RUN05_HHSG=This Habbo doesn't follow trends - they set them. Runway 2010.
badge_desc_BOU01=For adding a touch of style to Habbo
badge_desc_BOU02=Winning model in the Boutique Photo-shoot competition
badge_desc_BOU03=I was featured on the Habbo Fashion Billboard for Best Style!
badge_desc_BOU04=For showing that I've got the Pogo Mogo Mojo!
badge_desc_BOU06=My team was a runner up in the Boutique Boulevard competition
badge_desc_BOU07=Winner of the 2011 Boutique Boulevard. 
badge_desc_GLK_HHSG=Wolf Guides - The pack leaders of the Guides, these Habbos are the go-to people for questions about Guides!
badge_desc_GLG_HHAU=Sorry. This Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_desc_U01_HHUK=Idea Agency brief runner-up!
badge_desc_JF2_HHUK=Awarded to everyone who opened a Sushi Parlour that was visited and endorsed by Kitsune. 2008
badge_desc_BOU10=I designed Kitano's first outfit.
badge_desc_HX8_HHSG=X Game (G)
badge_desc_MB1=You are the ultimate fan!
badge_desc_MB2=You alone are the #1 ultimate soccer fan.
badge_name_ACH_ValentinesBadgeReceived=%realname% got a Valentine Friend Bracelet Badge!
badge_name_AR1_HHUK=Alhambra Genie
badge_name_ACH_GiftGiver1_HHCA=Nice one
badge_desc_RUN05_HHUK=My Style Photo, Runway Winner April 2010
badge_desc_RA5_HHUK=I bought the Rare Crystal Patch. May 2010.
badge_name_TWIC1=Cullens Badge Lv 1
badge_name_TWIC2=Cullens Badge Lv 2
badge_name_TWIC3=Cullens Badge Lv 3
badge_name_NEC_HHCA=Golden Discoball
badge_desc_ACH_PetRespectReceiver7_HHCA=Have someone scratch your pet at least 200 times to earn this badge.
badge_name_S10=AMK Badge
badge_desc_EXH_HHUK=Hobba volunteer mod until 2006.
badge_desc_ACH_PetRespectGiver4_HHCA=Scratch anyone's pet at least 20 times to earn this badge.
badge_desc_ACH_PetLover9_HHCA=Own a total of 60 pets to earn this badge.
badge_name_UK081_HHUK=Flag it
badge_desc_ACH_GiftGiver2_HHCA=For giving 6 gifts. Worth 10 pixels.
badge_name_RR9=WWE Badge
badge_name_EC2_HHAU=Nature Quest 1
badge_desc_ACH_RoomEntry2_HHCA=Level 2 - For hanging out in another 15 guest rooms that you do not own. Worth 10 pixels.
badge_desc_MD1=Meet Dave Head
badge_desc_ACH_GiftReceiver5_HHCA=For receiving 46 gifts. Worth 15 pixels
badge_desc_MD2=Meet Dave Body
badge_desc_MDMWW_HHUK=Awarded to everyone that had their room transformed into a Wacky Weekend Mega Deal. September 2009.
badge_desc_GLK_HHUK=Level X - The eXperienced one with the knowledge to show the way.
badge_desc_BBBH2=Winner of the Big Hand Memorial video competition. We'll miss you Big Hand!
badge_desc_BBBH1=I saw the end of Old Habbo!
badge_name_NEC_HHAU=Gold Disco Ball
badge_desc_SFI_HHSG=Scientist Level 3
badge_name_CUB00=Pink Cubie Supporter
badge_desc_LBB_HHAU=SOB 07 Winner
badge_name_CUB01=Blue Cubie Supporter
badge_desc_LC8=Winner of Investigate the Crash Site and/or Treasure of The Guardians
badge_desc_LC7=For winning The Lost City Room Competition and/or the Infinite Treasure Hunt Game. March 2009
badge_desc_LC6=For winning one of The Lost City events. March 2009
badge_desc_Z56_HHUK=I've got the biggest brain in all of Habbo!
badge_desc_LC3=Reward for completing Secret of Lemuria Quest
badge_desc_LC1=Reward for completing the Bensalem Quest!
badge_name_HQ004_HHUK=Urban CSI Gold
badge_name_YAK_HHCA=Grey Dragon
badge_desc_HX5_HHUK=Gold Host eXpert
badge_desc_ACH_PetFeeding2_HHCA=Give your pets at least 600 points of food to earn this badge.
badge_name_AF1_HHSG=April Fools 2009
badge_desc_YAK_HHCA=I am a Ninja
badge_desc_Z02_HHUK=Earth week competition winner.
badge_name_AF1_HHUK=April Fools Day 2009
badge_desc_HQ009_HHCA=I helped build Franz's luxury apartment, January 10.
badge_name_ACH_EsA20=FREEZE Fighter XX
badge_desc_LE2=Blow it up skyhigh! For Habbo's Power Miners.
badge_desc_LE1=Habbos who helped the Lego Power Miners investigate Habbo received this banana to keep them going.
badge_name_HQ004_HHSG=Police Chief
badge_name_BE1=Official BETA tester
badge_desc_ACH_MusicPlayer=For playing %limit% minutes of music on your jukebox!
badge_name_UK027_HHUK=Guy Fawkes Quest
badge_desc_HX5_HHSG=X Host (G)
badge_name_ACH_GamePlayed5_HHCA=Battle Royal V
badge_desc_HQ009_HHAU=Competition Winner!
badge_name_SFM_HHSG=Cryo Badge
badge_desc_HOR5=I was able to decipher the horses mad ramblings...
badge_name_al_ACH_MusicPlayer=Music Player Level %roman%
badge_desc_ICEA3=Attended the Ice Age 3 DVD room launch
badge_desc_ICEA2=Winner of the Love Game or the Dino Race
badge_desc_MRG00_HHAU=Friendship Bracelet
badge_desc_Z10_HHUK=Competition winner at the Habbo Underage Festival 2008.
badge_desc_TWIQ1_HHAU=Twilight: New Moon Quest 2 Winner
badge_desc_JF2_HHSG=Awarded to winners of Kitsune's Sushi Parlour Competitions.
badge_desc_Z01_HHCA=My room was voted best room of the month.
badge_desc_TC2_HHUK=Wobble Squabble Challenge involved being in the top 20 highscores for 15 weeks in a row!
badge_desc_HW09E_HHUK=Awarded to everyone who had their spooky tour story or room featured. Habboween 2009.
badge_desc_XMA_HHCA=I hosted a Holiday Party, Xmas 08!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_Login8=%realname% has visited Habbo for %limit% days in a row
badge_desc_fb_ACH_Login7=%realname% has visited Habbo for %limit% days in a row
badge_desc_fb_ACH_Login9=%realname% has visited Habbo for %limit% days in a row
badge_desc_fb_ACH_Login4=%realname% has visited Habbo for %limit% days in a row
badge_desc_fb_ACH_Login3=%realname% has visited Habbo for %limit% days in a row
badge_desc_fb_ACH_Login6=%realname% has visited Habbo for %limit% days in a row
badge_desc_fb_ACH_Login5=%realname% has visited Habbo for %limit% days in a row
badge_desc_fb_ACH_Login2=%realname% has visited Habbo for %limit% days in a row
badge_desc_fb_ACH_Login1=%realname% has visited Habbo for %limit% days in a row
badge_desc_RA3_HHAU=Beanstalk Quest Winner 2010
badge_name_XM7_HHSG=Xmas '07 - Archibald
badge_desc_LBB_HHCA=Habboween, October 07
badge_desc_HW09E_HHSG=This badge is awarded to Habbos who have exhibited the ability to see ghosts, like the one that's right behind you...
badge_desc_RA3_HHCA=I am proud owner of the Beanstalk Rare, March 2010
badge_desc_ACH_GiftGiver5_HHCA=For giving 46 gifts. Worth 15 pixels.
badge_desc_UKD_HHUK=Adventure Story competition winner 2007.
badge_desc_ACH_ValentinesBadgeReceived1=ValentinesBadgeReceived1 desc
badge_desc_fb_ACH_AIPerformanceVote10=%realname% earned an Achievement for a performance competition in Habbo!
badge_desc_SFM_HHCA=On a space quest for PrincessHabbeia, August 09
badge_desc_ACH_ValentinesBadgeReceived3=ValentinesBadgeReceived3 desc
badge_desc_ACH_ValentinesBadgeReceived2=ValentinesBadgeReceived2 desc
badge_desc_DK035=My Xmas Greeting card was one of the winners! Xmas 2011
badge_name_NWB_HHSG=Silver Hobba badge
badge_desc_ACH_ValentinesBadgeReceived9=ValentinesBadgeReceived9 desc
badge_desc_DN3_HHSG=Awarded to faithful supporters of the Geeks, during the great Diner Races of 2008.
badge_desc_GLK_HHCA=Special Level Helper
badge_desc_ACH_ValentinesBadgeReceived8=ValentinesBadgeReceived8 desc
badge_desc_ACH_GiftReceiver8_HHCA=For giving 236 gifts. Worth 90 pixels.
badge_desc_ACH_ValentinesBadgeReceived5=ValentinesBadgeReceived5 desc
badge_desc_ACH_ValentinesBadgeReceived4=ValentinesBadgeReceived4 desc
badge_desc_ACH_ValentinesBadgeReceived7=ValentinesBadgeReceived7 desc
badge_desc_ACH_ValentinesBadgeReceived6=ValentinesBadgeReceived6 desc
badge_desc_RA5_HHAU=Owner since 2010
badge_desc_TWIC1_HHUK=Level 1 Badge awarded to trivia quest winners in Cullen's world. November 2009.
badge_name_ACH_RbTagC=Roller Derby Raider  %roman%
badge_name_ACH_RbTagB=Speed Skater %roman%
badge_name_ACH_RbTagA=Rink Builder %roman%
badge_desc_GLG_HHSG=Sorry, this Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_name_RTS01=The BHF's
badge_name_RTS02=The GN0RKS
badge_name_UK019_HHUK=Frankenstein Quest
badge_name_RTS05=Golden Graduation Badge
badge_name_RTS06=Pop Quiz Badge #1
badge_name_RTS03=The Habcats
badge_name_SF4_HHSG=Navigator - Level 1
badge_name_RTS04=The Punks
badge_desc_DK041=Made it till the end of the never ending skate course!
badge_name_UKK_HHUK=Fantastic4 Bronze
badge_desc_SFD_HHAU=Space Explore '09
badge_name_WH1_HHUK=Evil Eye
badge_desc_CAK_HHCA=Proud to be Canadian, eh!
badge_desc_SMC_HHCA=I am a Culinary Artisan!
badge_name_ACH_PetRespectReceiver3_HHCA=My pets get all the love II
badge_desc_SFM_HHAU=Cryogenic Campaign '09
badge_name_RE2=Reach Out! Winner
badge_name_RE1=Reach Out! Staff
badge_desc_SFD_HHCA=I was a Level 1 Medical Officer in Space, July 09
badge_desc_RA5_HHCA=I purchased a Rare Crystal Patch in May 2010
badge_desc_TC2_HHSG=Given to the top Wobble Squabblers for the Astro competition.
badge_desc_DN3_HHUK=Roadtrip USA 15 Points 2008.
badge_name_ACH_PetFeeding2=They're eating all my credits! II
badge_name_fb_ACH_RoomEntry8=%realname%'s been travelling around the Hotel
badge_name_ACH_PetFeeding3=They're eating all my credits! III
badge_name_fb_ACH_RoomEntry7=%realname%'s been travelling around the Hotel
badge_name_ACH_PetFeeding4=They're eating all my credits! IV
badge_desc_TWIC1_HHSG=This Habbo won in the New Moon quest during Bella's birthday.
badge_name_ACH_PetFeeding5=They're eating all my credits! V
badge_name_fb_ACH_RoomEntry9=%realname%'s been travelling around the Hotel
badge_name_fb_ACH_RoomEntry4=%realname%'s been travelling around the Hotel
badge_name_fb_ACH_RoomEntry3=%realname%'s been travelling around the Hotel
badge_name_fb_ACH_RoomEntry6=%realname%'s been travelling around the Hotel
badge_name_ACH_PetFeeding1=They're eating all my credits! I
badge_name_fb_ACH_RoomEntry5=%realname%'s been travelling around the Hotel
badge_desc_IT079=Completed the Wassa Ship Race Challenge 2011!
badge_desc_TWIQ1_HHCA=The Twilight Saga: New Moon, November 2009
badge_desc_GLK_HHAU=Wolf Badge
badge_name_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence2_HHCA=Online time II
badge_name_TWIV2_HHSG=Volturi Arms 2
badge_desc_JF3_HHCA=Habbo Ninja 08
badge_name_SF4_HHUK=SCI FI Navigator Lvl 1
badge_name_fb_ACH_RoomEntry1=%realname%'s been travelling around the Hotel
badge_name_fb_ACH_RoomEntry2=%realname%'s been travelling around the Hotel
badge_name_ACH_PetFeeding9=They're eating all my credits! IX
badge_name_ACH_PetFeeding8=They're eating all my credits! VIII
badge_name_ACH_PetFeeding7=They're eating all my credits! VII
badge_name_ACH_PetFeeding6=They're eating all my credits! VI
badge_name_TWIV2=Volturi Badge Lv 2
badge_name_TWIV3=Volturi Badge Lv 3
badge_desc_RUN05_HHCA=Style is my name. Fashion is my game. Runway 2010
badge_name_TWIV1=Volturi Badge Lv 1
badge_desc_NEH_HHSG=For loose-lipped Habbos who participated in club promotions and PR during Neon Campaign 2008.
badge_desc_SB6_HHAU=Ultimate Streets of Bobba 08
badge_desc_US0G_HHCA=A pirate I was meant to be!, Sept '09
badge_desc_SG5_HHSG=HW Diamond
badge_desc_HX8_HHCA=Member of the former safety team.
badge_name_BBBH1_HHAU=The Big Ola '09
badge_name_UST_HHSG=Room Of The Week
badge_name_ACH_EsA19=FREEZE Fighter XIX
badge_name_ACH_EsA17=FREEZE Fighter XVII
badge_name_ACH_EsA18=FREEZE Fighter XVIII
badge_name_ICEA2_HHUK=Ice Age 3 DVD Winner
badge_name_ACH_EsA11=FREEZE Fighter XI
badge_name_ACH_EsA12=FREEZE Fighter XII
badge_desc_AR2_HHSG=Scimitar Snake
badge_desc_DK007=Thanks for participating in Earth Hour 2010!
badge_name_ACH_EsA10=FREEZE Fighter X
badge_name_ACH_EsA15=FREEZE Fighter XV
badge_name_ACH_EsA16=FREEZE Fighter XVI
badge_name_ACH_EsA13=FREEZE Fighter XIII
badge_name_ACH_EsA14=FREEZE Fighter XIV
badge_name_RA5=Crystal Patch Badge
badge_name_Z36_HHUK=Hotel For Dogs 1* Resort Owner
badge_name_RA6=Iron Maiden Badge
badge_name_RA3=Beanstalk Mystery Badge
badge_name_RA4=Giant Beanstalk Badge
badge_name_ACH_RegistrationDuration3_HHCA=30 % True Habbo
badge_desc_HX8_HHAU=X Game (G)
badge_name_TWIQ3=Wolfpack Badge Lv 3
badge_desc_DK009=I swore allegiance to the Boar, March 2010
badge_name_RTS07=Pop Quiz Badge #2
badge_name_RTS08=Pop Quiz Badge #3
badge_name_TWIQ2=Wolfpack Badge Lv 2
badge_name_TWIQ1=Wolfpack Badge Lv 1
badge_name_BR015_HHSG=Popcorn Badge
badge_name_RA7=Gargoyle Badge
badge_name_WH1_HHSG=Evil Eye
badge_name_RTS25=Not In Use
badge_desc_AR2_HHUK=Alhambra Prize Winner 2008
badge_name_RTS18=Glee Club Member
badge_name_BBBH1_HHCA=Remembering Old Habbo
badge_desc_IT029=Winner of the Facebook Spring Photo Comp!
badge_desc_UKL_HHUK=Fantastic Four Silver Medallion. 2007.
badge_desc_HX5_HHCA=Member of the former safety team.
badge_name_Z03_HHUK=Stop Pollution
badge_desc_Z84_HHUK=I won a competition during the Alhambra Weekend! January 2010.
badge_name_HQ004_HHAU=Crime Fighter Badge
badge_desc_UKV_HHUK=Theme Park team competition champion. 2008
badge_desc_CHF_HHCA=Culinary expert!
badge_desc_AR2_HHAU=Alhambra 08 Campaign
badge_name_BNZI0=Maguro Gang Member
badge_name_BNZI2=Kohada Gang Member
badge_name_BNZI1=Wasabi Gang Member
badge_name_AWSM3=Under My Thumb
badge_name_AWSM1=Thumbs Up Badge
badge_name_RUN01_HHAU=Bronze Habbo Runway
badge_desc_RLX01_HHAU=Habbo Relax Campaign '09
badge_name_CY3=Tao Level 3
badge_name_CY2=Tao Level 2
badge_name_RUN04_HHSG=Makeover Badge
badge_name_CY1=Tao Level 1
badge_name_ACH_RegistrationDuration4_HHCA=40 % True Habbo
badge_name_ACH_PetLover10=Zoo Keeper X
badge_name_UKZ_HHUK=Fashion Designer
badge_name_UK059_HHUK=Hotel Happenings Article Badge
badge_name_UKO_HHUK=Habbo Seeker
badge_name_ACH_PetLevelUp7_HHCA=Animal trainer I
badge_desc_fb_ACH_RoomDecoHoleFurniCount=%realname% has a cool room. Check it out!
badge_name_RUN04_HHUK=Perfect Look
badge_name_RUN01_HHCA=CA Runway Finalist
badge_name_LC1_HHCA=The Leviathan
badge_name_ACH_GiftReceiver6_HHCA=Donate me
badge_desc_GLG_HHUK=Level 7 - The strong one - the one you can depend on. Sorry. This Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_name_TWIQ1_HHSG=Quileute Tattoo 1
badge_name_BNZI6=Maguro HQ Builder
badge_name_BNZI5=Tamago HQ Builder
badge_name_BNZI4=Kohada HQ Builder
badge_name_NWB_HHUK=Silver Hobba
badge_name_BNZI3=Tamago Gang Member
badge_name_BNZI9=Banzai Director
badge_name_BNZI8=Battle Banzai Champion!
badge_name_BNZI7=Wasabi HQ Builder
badge_name_WH7_HHCA=Diagnosis X
badge_name_KIR_HHCA=Keep it Real!
badge_desc_WH1_HHCA=Habboween 06
badge_name_SF001_HHCA=Test-Tube Badge
badge_name_SMR04=Firewalking Badge 2011
badge_desc_HX5_HHAU=X Host (G)
badge_name_SMR01=Crank Up The Tunage 2011
badge_name_UK9_HHUK=Japanese Statue
badge_name_ACH_PetRespectReceiver5_HHCA=My pets get all the love IV
badge_name_SMR02=The Look of Lei Badge
badge_desc_UK071_HHUK=Habbo Raceway Dino Cup Grand Prix Winner 2010.
badge_desc_MYF=This Habbo's from Malaysia, the land of the Petronas Twin Towers and nasi lemak.
badge_desc_STR01=I lit up the sky for November 5th 2011
badge_name_CO3=Wheat Level 3
badge_name_CO2=Wheat Level 2
badge_name_CO1=Wheat Level 1
badge_name_DS1_HHUK=Grey Pixel Warrior
badge_name_AU1_HHCA=Rock on!
badge_name_CO6=Wheat Level 3
badge_name_CNV=SG Carnival Campaign
badge_name_CO4=Wheat Level 1
badge_name_CO5=Wheat Level 2
badge_name_DU2_HHSG=Silver Habbolympian
badge_desc_MH2_HHCA=Monsters of Habbo Fest 07
badge_name_AU1_HHAU=Black Bobbas
badge_desc_ACH_RoomEntry10=For hanging out in %limit% guest rooms that you do not own. Time traveler.
badge_name_CN2=Chinese New Year
badge_name_SCU02=Tropical Fish Badge
badge_name_SCU01=Scuba Diving Duck
badge_desc_WH1_HHAU=Habboween Campaign 06
badge_desc_TWIC1_HHCA=The Twilight Saga: New Moon, November 2009
badge_desc_ACH_PetFeeding9_HHCA=Give your pets at least 102200 points of food to earn this badge.
badge_name_SCU03=Treasure Chest Badge
badge_name_WD0_HHSG=Engagement Ring
badge_desc_GLE_HHAU=Sorry. This Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_desc_VA7_HHSG=For Habbos who have achieved the middle rank of love during Valentines 2009. Love 'em or hate 'em.
badge_desc_US03=Seventeen Magazine Poll - Blue
badge_desc_US02=Alhambra 2.0 Competition Winner
badge_desc_US01=Runner-Up - Scavenger Hunter 2009
badge_desc_US00=Amateur Scavenger Hunter - 2009
badge_desc_US07=Seventeen Magazine Fansite Event - Green
badge_desc_US06=Seventeen Magazine Poll - Aqua
badge_desc_US05=Seventeen Magazine Poll - Orange
badge_desc_US04=Seventeen Magazine Poll - Red
badge_name_DS1_HHSG=DS Supernovae
badge_desc_US09=Official Habbo Intern
badge_desc_US08=Winning Crew - HSS FUSE Space Race 2009
badge_name_WH8_HHAU=Cure Badge
badge_name_al_ACH_ValentinesQuestCompleted=Heart Collector %roman%
badge_name_SF4_HHCA=Navigator - Level 1
badge_name_DE002_HHCA=Memory Keeper
badge_name_DU2_HHUK=Silver Habbowealth
badge_name_WH8_HHCA=The Pill
badge_name_SF4_HHAU=Navigator Badge
badge_name_ACH_Xm10QuestCompleted10=Snowflake collector X
badge_name_TWIQ1_HHUK=New Moon Badge: Jacob
badge_name_Z72_HHUK=Realm Horse Lord
badge_name_UK4_HHUK=Habbo Council
badge_desc_VA7_HHUK=For making a really good Bollywood Movie. 2009.
badge_desc_al_ACH_NotesReceived=You need to receive %limit% more notes in your rooms from other users to level up.
badge_desc_NEI=For participating in the Neon Party poll from November 2008
badge_desc_NEJ=I got the Spring Break balance, chilling and partying! March 2010
badge_name_WH1_HHCA=Evil Eye
badge_name_Z26_HHCA=I was crowned Habbo CA Prom King of 2009!
badge_desc_US0X=Think Fraud Campaign 2010
badge_desc_US0Y=Group of the Month Winner
badge_desc_US0Z=Homepage of the Month Winner
badge_desc_US0T=Competition Winner 2010
badge_desc_SFI_HHUK=SCI FI Scientist Lvl 3
badge_desc_US0U=Take me to Prom, baby! Prom vs. Morp, 2010
badge_desc_US0V=Different is always better! Prom vs. Morp 2010
badge_desc_US0W=Winner of the Standing Ovation Dance Comp!
badge_desc_US0P=An 8 Bit Trip literary master!
badge_desc_US0Q=Successfully recreated a Time Machine!
badge_desc_US0R=Solved the Zombie Chasers Quiz!
badge_name_DS6_HHAU=Universum Comp Winner
badge_desc_US0S=We Heart Habbo.com!
badge_name_TC2_HHSG=Wobble Squabble
badge_desc_US0M=Given out to those who know their New Moon trivia (2010)
badge_desc_NEF=Golden Microphone
badge_desc_US0L=Winner of the 2010 Habbo Film Festival!
badge_desc_NEE=For participating in the Neon Party Competition - November 2008
badge_desc_US0O=Perdido Beach Badge
badge_desc_NEH=Nightclub Advertising art competition winner!
badge_desc_US0N=Became a member of the LIES group!
badge_desc_NEG=I am a Spring Break party machine! March 2010
badge_desc_US0I=Winner of Flag/Tattoo Competition 2009
badge_desc_NEB=Neon Silver Disco Ball
badge_desc_US0H=Winner of Ship Building Competition 2009
badge_desc_NEA=Habbofest '09 Runner Up
badge_desc_US0K=Earned for knowing their NASCAR knowledge!
badge_desc_NED=For participating in the Neon Party Competition - November 2008
badge_desc_US0J=You took the Pitch Black trivial challenge and won. December 2009
badge_desc_NEC=For winning an official Trax competition.
badge_desc_US0D=Helped decide the fate of a criminal.
badge_desc_US0G=Winner of Pirate Day Event 2009
badge_desc_US0F=Got this badge for making the 5th Birthday group your favorite at 3:30pm PT on 9/1/09
badge_desc_ACH_GamePlayed7_HHCA=Sorry. This Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_desc_US0A=It seems that RewardTV is/was your favorite group!
badge_desc_US0C=Solved the Camp Habbo mystery.
badge_desc_US0B=Winner of a game at Camp Habbo 2009
badge_desc_SFB_HHCA=I was a Level 2 Security Officer in Space, July 09
badge_desc_AR2_HHCA=Alhambra 08, the badge of a Magic World!
badge_desc_TWIC1_HHAU=Twilight: New Moon Quest 1 Winner
badge_desc_NDG=Thanks for being a Reach Out group member!
badge_desc_GLE_HHCA=Sorry. This Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GameAuthorExperience9=%realname% earned an achievement for having a popular game room in Habbo.
badge_name_VA18=Lonely Hearts Badge
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GameAuthorExperience1=%realname% earned an achievement for having a popular game room in Habbo.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GameAuthorExperience2=%realname% earned an achievement for having a popular game room in Habbo.
badge_name_TC2_HHUK=Wobble Squabble Champ
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GameAuthorExperience3=%realname% earned an achievement for having a popular game room in Habbo.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GameAuthorExperience4=%realname% earned an achievement for having a popular game room in Habbo.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GameAuthorExperience5=%realname% earned an achievement for having a popular game room in Habbo.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GameAuthorExperience6=%realname% earned an achievement for having a popular game room in Habbo.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GameAuthorExperience7=%realname% earned an achievement for having a popular game room in Habbo.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GameAuthorExperience8=%realname% earned an achievement for having a popular game room in Habbo.
badge_name_WH1_HHAU=Habboween Eye
badge_name_CL2=Idea Agency competition winner!
badge_desc_NCD=National Compliments Day '09
badge_name_CL1=Idea Agency competition runner-up!
badge_name_CL3=Idea Agency competition winner!
badge_desc_DN1_HHUK=Diner Room Winner 2008.
badge_desc_ACH_RegistrationDuration7_HHCA=Level 7 - For true Habbos who have been members of the community for 2 years. Worth 200 pixels.
badge_name_UK078_HHUK=Member of The Flock
badge_desc_HOR05=I was able to decipher the horses mad ramblings...
badge_desc_HOR03=Winner of the competition
badge_desc_HOR02=My Stable will blow your horse's mind!
badge_desc_HOR01=Equestrian Film Maker of the finest sort.
badge_desc_SW1_HHCA=My attic is bewitched!
badge_desc_MDMWW_HHAU=Furni pack creator
badge_name_fb_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence2=%realname% is a Habbo regular
badge_name_fb_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence1=%realname% is a Habbo regular
badge_name_fb_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence4=%realname% is a Habbo regular
badge_name_fb_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence3=%realname% is a Habbo regular
badge_name_CO5_HHUK=YTH Village Owner
badge_desc_HOR13=I dung good!
badge_desc_MH2=Monsters of Habbo Fest 07
badge_desc_HOR08=Skills in horse health care
badge_desc_MH1=Monsters of Habbo Fest 07
badge_desc_HOR09=I taught the horses how to speak
badge_name_fb_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence5=%realname% is a Habbo regular
badge_desc_VA4_HHSG=Habborella Crew
badge_name_fb_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence6=%realname% is a Habbo regular
badge_name_fb_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence7=%realname% is a Habbo regular
badge_name_fb_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence8=%realname% is a Habbo regular
badge_name_fb_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence9=%realname% is a Habbo regular
badge_name_PX0=Golden Pixel
badge_name_PX1=Diamond Pixel
badge_desc_NEI_HHSG=Flamingo Badge
badge_name_PX2=Holy Carp!
badge_name_PX3=Onyx Pixel
badge_name_PX4=Collective Pixel
badge_name_PX5=HB Lead Pencil
badge_name_UK008_HHUK=Flint's Meatballs
badge_desc_SW1_HHAU=Spiderwick Comp Winner 08
badge_name_EC2_HHUK=Melting Ice Caps Survivor
badge_desc_MDI=MDIS Coffee
badge_name_SG5_HHSG=HW Diamond
badge_name_CO5_HHSG=Country 2
badge_desc_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence10_HHCA=Level 10 - spending total of 2304 hours in hotel. Worth 20 pixels.
badge_name_CI1=Cotton Candy
badge_name_CI2=Circus Balloons
badge_desc_MDMWW_HHCA=My room design made for the perfect Mega Deal, September 09
badge_name_CHF=Chef Boyardee
badge_desc_Z49_HHUK=I showed the intelligence of a Bionicle glatorian!
badge_desc_ACH_PetLover6_HHCA=Own a total of 25 pets to earn this badge.
badge_desc_DN1_HHSG=Awarded to winning room designers in the Diner Dash competition, during the great Diner face-off of 2008.
badge_desc_ACH_PetLover4_HHCA=Own a total of 10 pets to earn this badge.
badge_desc_VA4_HHUK=Habborella cruise ship staff Valentine's 2008.
badge_name_CAL=Happy Thanksgiving!
badge_name_CAK=Canadian I am
badge_desc_NEI_HHUK=HMF:Neon Epic Party Winner
badge_name_CAJ=Habbo CA 5 Years
badge_name_TWIQ1_HHCA=Wolfpack Quest
badge_name_CAH=Executive Quest 2010
badge_name_CAG=Scratch it!
badge_name_RUN01_HHSG=Designer Diva 1
badge_desc_ACH_GiftReceiver3_HHCA=For receiving 14 gifts. Worth 10 pixels.
badge_name_CAD=Sasquatch Catcher
badge_name_CAE=Lest We Forget
badge_desc_fb_ACH_VipClub5=%realname%'s been a member for %limit% months, pretty cool.
badge_name_UK092_HHUK=Official Contestant
badge_name_CAC=CA Featured Room
badge_desc_fb_ACH_VipClub2=%realname%'s been a member for %limit% months, pretty cool.
badge_name_CAA=InfoBus Personnel
badge_desc_fb_ACH_VipClub1=%realname% is now ejoying the luxury VIP life in Habbo, with greater selection of clothing than ever before.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_VipClub4=%realname%'s been a member for %limit% months, pretty cool.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_VipClub3=%realname%'s been a member for %limit% months, pretty cool.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_FreezePowerUp=%realname% is a powered up Freeze Warrior!
badge_name_TWIQ1_HHAU=Level 1 Quileute Badge
badge_desc_BR015_HHSG=This Habbo's movie memory is astounding! Definitely the perfect pixel to take to the cinemas.
badge_desc_WH1_HHUK=Habboween competition /event winner.
badge_name_LC1_HHSG=The Leviathan
badge_desc_ACH_Login6_HHCA=Level 6 - For logging in 60 days in a row. Phenomenal. Worth 200 pixels.
badge_desc_JF1_HHSG=Awarded to winners of Kitsune's Sushi Parlour Competitions.
badge_desc_HWD04=Predicted the best supporting actor from the 2011 awards!
badge_desc_al_ACH_MusicPlayer=You need to play %limit% more minutes of music in Habbo, so get grooving!
badge_desc_HWD03=Predicted the best actress from the 2011 awards!
badge_desc_HWD02=Predicted the best actor from the 2011 awards!
badge_desc_HWD01=Created a winning video trailer from Habbowood 2011.
badge_name_PT1=Poptarts Chocolate/Vanilla
badge_desc_HWD00=Produced an epic Habbowood show from 2011
badge_name_PT2=Poptarts StrawBlueberry
badge_desc_HWD08=Predicted the best picture from the 2011 awards!
badge_desc_HWD07=Predicted the best director from the 2011 awards!
badge_desc_HWD06=Predicted the best animated film of the 2011 awards!
badge_desc_HWD05=Predicted the best supporting actress from the 2011 awards!
badge_desc_MOM01=Mother's Day Tattoo, 2011.
badge_desc_DS0_HHAU=Space Explore Campaign
badge_desc_WH1_HHSG=Given to winners during the Habboween 2006 campaign.
badge_name_ACH_PetRespectReceiver2_HHCA=My pets get all the love I
badge_desc_JF1_HHUK=Awarded to everyone who had a room featured in the Oriental Express. October 2009.
badge_name_ACH_PetLevelUp9=Animal trainer IX
badge_desc_DS0_HHCA=Astronaut of the Habbo Space Explore 06
badge_name_HW09H=Habboween 09 Treat Badge
badge_name_HW09G=Habboween 09 Trick Badge
badge_name_ACH_PetLevelUp5=My pets know some tricks V
badge_name_HW09F=Habboween 09 Investigation
badge_name_ACH_PetLevelUp6=My pets know a trick or two VI
badge_name_HW09E=Habboween 09 Ghost
badge_name_ACH_PetLevelUp7=Animal trainer VII
badge_name_HW09D=Habboween 09 Security
badge_name_ACH_PetLevelUp8=Animal trainer VIII
badge_name_HW09C=Habboween 09 Camera
badge_name_ACH_PetLevelUp1=My pet knows a trick! I
badge_name_HW09B=Habboween 09 Keyboard
badge_name_ACH_PetLevelUp2=My pet knows a trick or two! II
badge_name_HW09A=Habboween 09 Alien
badge_name_ACH_PetLevelUp3=I play with pets III
badge_name_ACH_PetLevelUp4=My pet is tougher than yours IV
badge_name_WD0_HHCA=Wedding Rings
badge_desc_ACH_NewUserBadgeReceiver=For collecting %limit% Friendship Bracelets from other players.
badge_desc_ST6_HHUK=You need Science and Maths skills for this job!
badge_name_DU2_HHAU=Silver Duck
badge_name_Z60_HHUK=The Golden Tablet
badge_desc_VA7_HHCA=A Bollywood Valentine's, 09
badge_name_fb_ACH_MGM3=%realname% is popular
badge_name_fb_ACH_MGM4=%realname% is popular
badge_name_fb_ACH_MGM5=%realname% is popular
badge_name_fb_ACH_MGM6=%realname% is popular
badge_name_DU2_HHCA=Silver Medal
badge_name_fb_ACH_MGM1=%realname% is popular
badge_name_fb_ACH_MGM2=%realname% is popular
badge_name_ACH_GiftReceiver4_HHCA=Adore me
badge_name_fb_ACH_MGM7=%realname% is popular
badge_name_fb_ACH_MGM8=%realname% is popular
badge_name_fb_ACH_MGM9=%realname% is popular
badge_desc_ACH_RoomDecoLandscape=For adding %limit% landscapes to my rooms.
badge_name_ACH_VipClub3_HHCA=VIP Member
badge_name_SF6_HHSG=Navigator Level 3
badge_name_1goal_HHAU=1Goal Badge
badge_name_ACH_PetLover4_HHCA=I'll soon have a kennel III
badge_name_UK096_HHUK=Habwrecked 2010
badge_desc_ACH_AIPerformanceVote4_HHCA=Level 4- For gathering 100 votes on stage. Worth 20 pixels.
badge_name_fb_ACH_GiftReceiver6=%realname% just got a gift!
badge_name_fb_ACH_GiftReceiver5=%realname% just got a gift!
badge_name_fb_ACH_GiftReceiver4=%realname% just got a gift!
badge_name_fb_ACH_GiftReceiver3=%realname% just got a gift!
badge_name_fb_ACH_GiftReceiver9=%realname% just got a gift!
badge_name_fb_ACH_GiftReceiver8=%realname% just got a gift!
badge_name_fb_ACH_GiftReceiver7=%realname% just got a gift!
badge_name_WH7_HHAU=Blood Diagnosis Badge
badge_name_Z26_HHUK=Road Trip King
badge_name_ACH_Login10=Phoenix X
badge_name_fb_ACH_GiftReceiver1=%realname% just got a gift!
badge_name_fb_ACH_GiftReceiver2=%realname% just got a gift!
badge_name_DS1_HHAU=Omni Comp Winner
badge_name_SF6_HHUK=SCI FI Navigator Lvl 3
badge_name_EC2_HHSG=Nature Level 1
badge_desc_Z51_HHUK=Winner of a 17 Again competition
badge_desc_CAL_HHCA=I burned off my Thanksgiving dinner, Oct 09!
badge_desc_MT2=Awarded to Habbos who correctly predicted 4-6 winners of the MTV Asia Awards 2008.
badge_name_TC2_HHCA=WS Top Scorer
badge_desc_MT1=Awarded to the Habbo who correctly predicted 7 out of 8 winners of the MTV Asia Awards 2008.
badge_desc_DN1_HHCA=I Dined in Habbo, summer 08
badge_desc_MT3=Awarded to Habbos who correctly predicted 1-3 winners of the MTV Asia Awards 2008.
badge_desc_GLB_HHUK=Level 2 - The loving one - Sorry. This Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_desc_SFB_HHUK=SCI FI Guard Lvl 2
badge_name_Z65_HHUK=Charlie's Best Friend
badge_name_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked1=Lord of the tiles I
badge_name_DS6_HHSG=Space Shuttle
badge_name_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked2=Lord of the tiles II
badge_desc_BR011_HHCA=Restoring Alhambra to its former glory, Jan 2010
badge_desc_VA010_HHSG=For tipsy Habbos who get love drunk a lot.
badge_name_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked5=Lord of the tiles V
badge_name_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked6=Lord of the tiles VI
badge_name_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked3=Lord of the tiles III
badge_name_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked4=Lord of the tiles IV
badge_desc_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence2=For spending total of %limit% min. in hotel.
badge_name_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked9=Lord of the tiles IX
badge_desc_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence3=For spending total of %limit% min. in hotel.
badge_name_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked8=Lord of the tiles VIII
badge_name_ACH_BattleBallTilesLocked7=Lord of the tiles VII
badge_desc_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence1=For spending total of %limit% min. in hotel.
badge_desc_GLE_HHUK=Level 5 - The clever one - is swift of thought and foot. Sorry. This Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_name_Z09_HHUK=Underage Festival
badge_name_ACH_PetRespectGiver5_HHCA=Pet lover I
badge_desc_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence8=For spending total of %limit% min. in hotel.
badge_desc_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence9=For spending total of %limit% min. in hotel.
badge_desc_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence6=For spending total of %limit% min. in hotel.
badge_desc_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence7=For spending total of %limit% min. in hotel.
badge_desc_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence4=For spending total of %limit% min. in hotel.
badge_desc_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence5=For spending total of %limit% min. in hotel.
badge_name_ACH_RegistrationDuration10=100% True Habbo X
badge_name_ACH_GamePlayed2=Battle Royal II
badge_name_ACH_GamePlayed3=Battle Royal III
badge_name_ACH_GamePlayed4=Battle Royal IV
badge_desc_SG003_HHSG=This Habbo's ready to rise up the ranks of white-collar workers and show everyone who's the boss.
badge_name_ACH_GamePlayed5=Battle Royal V
badge_name_ACH_GamePlayed1=Battle Royal I
badge_desc_GLB_HHSG=Sorry, this Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_desc_SFB_HHSG=Given to the security officers of the space crews who has at least 10 Team Points during the exploration of the Habborella 3000.
badge_name_fb_ACH_SnowWarTotalScore=%realname% is on level %roman% in SnowStorm Shuffle
badge_desc_GLE_HHSG=Sorry, this Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_desc_MS6=I defrosted Gingerly's brain and saved the Habbo Prom 09!
badge_desc_XMAS0_HHSG=Christmas Bauble 1
badge_desc_MS4=Apprentice Evil Overlord
badge_name_ACH_GamePlayed9=Battle Royal IX
badge_name_ACH_GamePlayed8=Battle Royal VIII
badge_name_ACH_GamePlayed7=Battle Royal VII
badge_name_ACH_GamePlayed6=Battle Royal VI
badge_desc_XM7_HHSG=Xmas - Archibald
badge_desc_fb_ACH_Student1=%realname% visited %limit% rooms in Habbo, and got an achievement.
badge_desc_SMC=Winner of the Master Chef competition in 2007.
badge_desc_DS1_HHSG=DS Fame
badge_name_DN2=Diner Race - Jocks
badge_desc_HO1_HHUK=I'm a finalist in the 2009 Habbo Awards. (Temporary Badge)
badge_name_DN3=Diner Race - Geeks
badge_name_DN4=Road Trip Pink Flag
badge_name_DN5=Diner Race - Greasers
badge_desc_AC7=You have achieved a Warriors status in your tribe
badge_desc_AC6=You are now a member of The Sapiens Tribe!!
badge_name_DN1=Diner Race Winner
badge_desc_AC5=You are now a member of The Mariners Tribe!!
badge_desc_AC4=You are now a member of The Avian Tribe!
badge_desc_AC9=You have achieved a Warriors status in your tribe
badge_desc_AC8=You have achieved a Warriors status in your tribe
badge_name_50S=50's Badge
badge_desc_ACC=You have achieved a Chiefs status in your tribe
badge_desc_ACB=You have achieved a Chiefs status in your tribe
badge_desc_ACA=You have achieved a Chiefs status in your tribe
badge_name_DK009_HHCA=The Boar Alliance
badge_desc_ADM=Habbo.com Staff member
badge_name_SU1_HHAU=Mana 1
badge_desc_BBBH2_HHAU=The Big Ola competition winner
badge_name_DE156=SKI or DIE
badge_desc_MDMWW=Mega Deal room winners badge Sept./Oct 2009
badge_name_HO1_HHUK=Habbo Awards Finalist
badge_desc_Z22_HHUK=You have reached LEVEL6. October 2008.
badge_name_ACC_HHSG=The Simian Champion
badge_name_UKE_HHUK=Bronze Sign
badge_desc_TWIC2_HHCA=The Twilight Saga: New Moon, November 2009
badge_desc_HO1_HHSG=Habbolympics Cup
badge_name_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence4_HHCA=Online time IV
badge_name_DKA=Mega Star Badge
badge_desc_SNW=To show that you are a true master of Snow Storm.
badge_name_UK7_HHUK=Quest Builder
badge_desc_TWIC2_HHAU=Twilight: New Moon Week 1 Winner
badge_name_ACH_PetFeeding8_HHCA=They're eating all my credits!
badge_desc_AC1=You've passed the trial by fire.  Welcome to the tribe!
badge_desc_AC2=You've passed the trial by fire.  Welcome to the tribe!
badge_desc_AC3=You've passed the trial by fire.  Welcome to the tribe!
badge_name_RAR03=The Picasso
badge_name_RAR04=The Great Golden
badge_name_WBL_HHAU=Wobble Squabble Hall of Fame
badge_name_RAR01=Pink Spectre
badge_desc_SOS=Interstitial Design Finalists
badge_desc_SG001_HHSG=Party Hat
badge_name_RAR02=Blushing Toad
badge_name_ HWN09=Star Tarot Badge
badge_name_HO1_HHSG=Habbolympics Cup
badge_name_WBL_HHCA=WS Hall of Fame
badge_name_SG002_HHSG=Birthday Cake
badge_desc_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence10=For spending total of %limit% min. in hotel.
badge_name_DE127=Hit List Wonder
badge_name_XM1_HHAU=Rasta.Santa Supporter
badge_name_YAP=YAP Ambassador
badge_desc_WD1_HHSG=Wedding Ring
badge_name_DK007=Earth Hour
badge_name_DK009=The Boar Alliance
badge_name_YAK=Grey Dragon
badge_name_ACH_AvatarTags1=5 words of wisdom I
badge_desc_DS1_HHUK=Warriors Vs Elementals 2007.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GamePlayerExperience10=%realname% has won again in Habbo, and has gained Victory Points.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GamePlayerExperience11=%realname% has won again in Habbo, and has gained Victory Points.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GamePlayerExperience14=%realname% has won again in Habbo, and has gained Victory Points.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GamePlayerExperience15=%realname% has won again in Habbo, and has gained Victory Points.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GamePlayerExperience12=%realname% has won again in Habbo, and has gained Victory Points.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GamePlayerExperience13=%realname% has won again in Habbo, and has gained Victory Points.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GamePlayerExperience18=%realname% has won again in Habbo, and has gained Victory Points.
badge_desc_RUN06_HHCA=Need a Runway Show done? I'm your Habbo! May 2010
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GamePlayerExperience19=%realname% has won again in Habbo, and has gained Victory Points.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GamePlayerExperience16=%realname% has won again in Habbo, and has gained Victory Points.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GamePlayerExperience17=%realname% has won again in Habbo, and has gained Victory Points.
badge_name_PIG01=Boar of Baskerville Badge
badge_desc_Z03_HHUK=Earth week competition winner.
badge_name_NY124=Happy 2012!
badge_name_TC1_HHCA=BB Top Scorer
badge_name_UK012_HHUK=HBB 09 Winner
badge_name_TC1_HHAU=BattleBall Badge
badge_desc_RUN06_HHAU=Runway Competition - 3rd Place
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GamePlayerExperience20=%realname% came, saw and conquered, and reached the highest level in the Game Experience Achievement.
badge_desc_GRR_HHUK=The Gorillaz visited Habbo in 2005!
badge_name_SF2_HHCA=Captain - Level 2
badge_name_ AU012=Paddle Pop Competition Winner
badge_desc_ACH_MGM2_HHCA=Level 2 - For creating your own fellowship - party of 3. For inviting one real life friend to Habbo. Worth 55 pixels.
badge_desc_ACH_GamePlayed3_HHCA=Sorry. This Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_name_HW1_HHUK=Habbowood Director
badge_desc_SNW_HHAU=SnowStorm Hall of Fame
badge_name_ACH_GiftReceiver10_HHCA=Want to go out with me?
badge_name_VA4_HHSG=Valentines '08 Habborella Crew
badge_desc_UK038_HHUK=Member of the St Trinians School and gold finder
badge_name_UK034_HHUK=I Love Music
badge_name_Z77_HHUK=HARD2BEAT Glowstick
badge_desc_SF2=HSS Fuse 2009 - Rank 2
badge_desc_SF1=HSS Fuse 2009 - Rank 1
badge_name_DSX_HHUK=Tourist Expert
badge_desc_SF4=HSS Fuse 2009 - Rank 1
badge_desc_SF3=HSS Fuse 2009 - Rank 3
badge_desc_SNW_HHCA=I was one of the top 25 all time SnowStorm players!
badge_desc_SF5=HSS Fuse 2009 - Rank 2
badge_desc_AM1=Awarded to winners of Animax Girl from Hell competitions.
badge_desc_SF6=HSS Fuse 2009 - Rank 3
badge_name_EUR03=Eurovision Grand Final
badge_desc_SF7=HSS Fuse 2009 - Rank 1
badge_name_EUR02=Eurovision Semi Final 2
badge_desc_SF8=HSS Fuse 2009 - Rank2
badge_name_EUR01=Eurovision Semi Final 1
badge_desc_AM4=Awarded to winners of the Horror Anime Set Design competition.
badge_desc_SF9=HSS Fuse 2009 - Rank 3
badge_desc_AM5=Awarded to Habbos who attended the Horror Anime Masquerade and chose Enma Ai as their messenger.
badge_desc_AM2=Awarded to winners of the Tooomb of Dooom room design competition.
badge_desc_AM3=Awarded to winners of the Girl from Hell pop quizzes.
badge_desc_AM6=Awarded to Habbos who attended the Horror Anime Masquerade and chose Kikuri as their messenger.
badge_name_SFF_HHSG=Medic Level 3
badge_desc_SFA=HSS Fuse 2009 - Rank 1
badge_name_UK086_HHUK=Silver Safety Badge
badge_desc_SFB=HSS Fuse 2009 - Rank 2
badge_desc_SFC=HSS Fuse 2009 - Rank 3
badge_desc_SFD=HSS Fuse 2009 - Rank 1
badge_name_CY3_HHSG=Yin & Yang Badge Level 3
badge_desc_fb_ACH_PetRespectReceiver5=And boy are the pets happy! %realname% also got an Achievement for it - woot!
badge_desc_SFL=Entertainer for the Princess - Cryogenic 2009
badge_desc_fb_ACH_PetRespectReceiver4=And boy are the pets happy! %realname% also got an Achievement for it - woot!
badge_desc_SFK=Given to those who supported Kedo in The Streets of Bobba.
badge_name_DT1=The Gallery
badge_desc_fb_ACH_PetRespectReceiver7=And boy are the pets happy! %realname% also got an Achievement for it - woot!
badge_desc_HF2_HHAU=Habbaroos Soccer Campaign
badge_desc_SF3_HHUK=Awarded to Sci-Fi Captains. Roger that! August 2009.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_PetRespectReceiver6=And boy are the pets happy! %realname% also got an Achievement for it - woot!
badge_desc_SFI=HSS Fuse 2009 - Rank 3
badge_desc_fb_ACH_PetRespectReceiver1=And boy are the pets happy! %realname% also got an Achievement for it - woot!
badge_desc_SFH=HSS Fuse 2009 - Rank 2
badge_desc_SFG=HSS Fuse 2009 - Rank 1
badge_desc_fb_ACH_PetRespectReceiver3=And boy are the pets happy! %realname% also got an Achievement for it - woot!
badge_desc_SFF=HSS Fuse 2009 - Rank 3
badge_desc_fb_ACH_PetRespectReceiver2=And boy are the pets happy! %realname% also got an Achievement for it - woot!
badge_desc_SFE=HSS Fuse 2009 - Rank 2
badge_desc_SG5=Habbofest 08
badge_desc_SG4=test for Elkah
badge_name_NEJ_HHCA=Good Times
badge_desc_SG3=Given to the Habbo in first place as Habbo of the Month. Assigned at the end of each month.
badge_desc_SG2=Given to the Habbo in second place on the Habbo Points Chart. Assigned at the end of each month.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_PetRespectReceiver9=And boy are the pets happy! %realname% also got an Achievement for it - woot!
badge_desc_SG1=test for Elkah
badge_desc_fb_ACH_PetRespectReceiver8=And boy are the pets happy! %realname% also got an Achievement for it - woot!
badge_desc_HX3_HHSG=X Tech Std
badge_desc_SFM=Entertainer for the Princess - Cryogenic 2009
badge_name_CNV_HHSG=Carnival Krewe
badge_name_VA4_HHUK=Habborella Crew
badge_name_ACH_GiftReceiver8_HHCA=Be wild about me
badge_desc_SG8=Wobble Squabble Champion Badge
badge_desc_SG9=Given to winners of the Habbo Awards held in January '07 and '08.
badge_desc_SG6=Wobble Squabble Champion Badge
badge_desc_SG7=Wobble Squabble Champion Badge
badge_desc_SGD=SG Detective
badge_desc_SGB=Awarded to weekly winners of Animax Slam Dunk Trivia Challenge. There are a total of 100 of these in Habbo!
badge_desc_SGC=Habbo photographers and artists capture a slice of pixel life. Those whose work is published are awarded this!
badge_desc_AC4_HHSG=Given to those who have completed the Vision Quest and named the Eagle as their spirit animal.
badge_desc_SGA=Awarded to weekly winners of the Animax Slam Dunk BattleBall: Rebound! Challenge. Only 30 of these exist!
badge_name_Z15_HHUK=Evil Bot Affair
badge_name_DU2=Silver Medal
badge_name_DU1=Gold Medal
badge_name_DU3=Bronze Medal
badge_desc_SGF=This Habbo's from Singapore, the land of the Merlion and chicken rice.
badge_desc_SGR=Happy Mother's Day!
badge_desc_SGU=Given to winners of selected Create2010 competitions
badge_desc_SGN=Pixel Press Group Member
badge_desc_SGQ=This very rare badge is worn by the elite of published Habbo journalists and writers.
badge_name_UKC_HHUK=Habbo Journalist
badge_desc_SHA=Super Hobba
badge_desc_SHB=Chinese New Year 2009
badge_desc_HX3_HHUK=Tech eXpert
badge_desc_SF3_HHSG=Given to the captain of the winning space team during the exploration of Habborella 3000
badge_name_CY3_HHUK=High Yin Yang
badge_desc_AC4_HHUK=Used the inner Spirit Eagle to find the Lost Tribe of Bensalem
badge_desc_NEI_HHCA=I'm taking life easy during Spring Break! March 2010
badge_name_ACH_RoomDecoHosting=Room Host %roman%
badge_name_SG003_HHSG=Briefcase Badge
badge_name_DE013_HHUK=Christmas Day Badge
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GamePlayed10=%realname% won the highest level gamer achievement in Habbo.
badge_name_ACH_FreezePowerUp=Freeze Power-Upper(er?)  %roman%
badge_desc_AI5=Winner of an American idol Fansite related event.
badge_desc_AI4=For winning the Habbo American Idol competition. (May 2009)
badge_desc_AI3=For making the Top 12 in the Habbo American Idol competition. (May 2009)
badge_desc_AI2=Winner of an American Idol Press Comp
badge_desc_XM4_HHUK=Awarded to everyone who visited Habbo during December 2006. Happy Christmas!
badge_desc_AI6=Winner of the American Idol Make Over competition. (March 2009)
badge_desc_SB2=Bobbaschi gang member on the Streets Of Bobba September 2006.
badge_desc_SB1=Bouncing Queens gang member on the Streets Of Bobba September 2006.
badge_desc_SB4=Furnihilists gang member on the Streets Of Bobba September 2006.
badge_desc_SB3=Shabbolins gang member on the Streets Of Bobba September 2006.
badge_desc_AI1=Winner of an American Idol Hollywood related competition (2009)
badge_desc_SB6=You proved you were Elite in the Ultimate Streets of Bobba games.
badge_desc_AI0=Winner of an American Idol Music related competition (2009)
badge_desc_SB5=You earned this badge showing your Muscle in the Ultimate Streets of Bobba games.
badge_name_MH1_HHAU=Guitar Badge
badge_desc_SB7=You were a part of "The Mob" that ruled the Ultimate Streets of Bobba!
badge_name_XXX=Habbo X
badge_name_HOT_HHUK=Hottest Habbo Award
badge_name_DN5_HHUK=Red Fuel Flag
badge_desc_UK5_HHUK=Habbo comic creator. Comics were displayed on the homepage for 2 weeks during 2007.
badge_desc_ACH_AvatarLooks1=For changing your look for the first time.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_PetLevelUp6=%realname%'s pets are leveling up nicely.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_PetLevelUp7=%realname%'s pets are leveling up nicely.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_PetLevelUp8=%realname%'s pets are leveling up nicely.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_PetLevelUp9=%realname%'s pets are leveling up nicely.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_PetLevelUp2=%realname%'s pets are leveling up nicely.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_PetLevelUp3=%realname%'s pets are leveling up nicely.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_PetLevelUp4=%realname%'s pets are leveling up nicely.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_PetLevelUp5=%realname%'s pets are leveling up nicely.
badge_desc_AF1=I am such a fool! I received this foolish badge on April 1st, 09 :P
badge_desc_fb_ACH_PetLevelUp1=%realname% teached a pet a trick, and got an achivement in Habbo.
badge_name_RA5_HHAU=Rare Crystal Patch
badge_name_UK038_HHUK=St Trinians Alumni
badge_name_SAF04=Safety Jeopardy IV
badge_desc_UK091_HHUK=Member of the Jellyfish team (Habwrecked 2010)
badge_name_SAF05=Safety Jeopardy V
badge_name_SAF02=Safety Jeopardy II
badge_name_SAF03=Safety Jeopardy III
badge_name_SAF01=Safety Jeopardy I
badge_desc_BBBH2_HHCA=I saw the end of Old Habbo, Nov 09
badge_name_SU1_HHCA=Tiki Frown
badge_desc_NEI_HHAU=Club Hopper Competition Winner 08
badge_name_SFF_HHUK=SCI FI Medic Lvl 3
badge_name_GNO_HHSG=Garden Gnome
badge_desc_ACH_GamePlayed2_HHCA=Sorry. This Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_name_RA5_HHCA=Crystal Patch
badge_desc_CNY02_HHCA=I'm an Expert, Hear me Roar! CNY 2010
badge_desc_XM4_HHSG=Given to Habbos who were active within the hotel during December 2006.
badge_desc_ACH_PetRespectReceiver10=Have someone scratch your pet at least %limit% times to earn this badge.
badge_name_UK043_HHUK=Ice Quest Task Winner
badge_name_ACH_RoomDecoHoleFurniCountRoom=Room Architect %roman%
badge_name_WD006=Royal Wedding Badge 2011
badge_desc_TWIC2_HHUK=Level 2 Badge awarded to competition winners in Cullen's world. November 2009.
badge_desc_DS1_HHCA=Astronaut of the Habbo Space Explore 06
badge_name_RUN02_HHSG=Designer Diva 2
badge_name_FAS01=Fashion Police 2011
badge_name_NEG_HHCA=Party Machine
badge_name_FAS03=What NOT To Wear Winner
badge_name_FAS02=Staff Fashion Winner
badge_name_FAS04=Fashion Police 2011
badge_name_DN3_HHSG=Diner Geek
badge_name_DN5_HHSG=Diner Greaser
badge_desc_DS1_HHAU=Space Explore Campaign
badge_name_HO1_HHCA=Canada 2010
badge_name_Z66_HHUK=Charlie Girl Chic Competitor
badge_name_SB1_HHUK=Bouncing Queens
badge_desc_TWIC2_HHSG=Given to Habbos who are intent on proving their love for Edward and the Cullen clan.
badge_name_XMC=Quest Tree of 2008
badge_name_XMA=Happy Snowball
badge_name_XMB=Mr. Frosty
badge_desc_Z73_HHUK=Fights for the Dark Lord of the Realm
badge_name_XM9=Snowball of DOOM
badge_name_XM8=Bob Winner
badge_name_XM7=Mr Sinister Winner
badge_name_XM6=Santa 3.000 Winner
badge_name_DN3_HHUK=Green Fuel Flag
badge_name_XM5=Smilla Winner
badge_name_XM4=Xmas 2006
badge_name_XM3=Reindeer Badge
badge_name_XM1=Rasta Claus
badge_name_HOL03=Black Art Badge
badge_desc_GWA_HHCA=Global Warming Awareness 08
badge_desc_USF_HHCA=Xmas 2007
badge_desc_DS4_HHAU=Space Explore Campaign
badge_desc_XM9_HHSG=Snowball Badge
badge_desc_GRR_HHCA=Gorillaz Tour
badge_name_TWIQ3_HHAU=Level 3 Quileute Badge
badge_name_HOL02=Black Hole Experience 2011
badge_desc_DS4_HHCA=Astronaut of the Habbo Space Explore 06
badge_name_ACH_BattleBallPlayer=Battle Ball Player %roman%
badge_name_BR013_HHCA=Bronze Palace
badge_name_Z42_HHUK=Team Otters Supporter
badge_desc_ACH_PetRespectReceiver6_HHCA=Have someone scratch your pet at least 120 times to earn this badge.
badge_name_WH8_HHSG=Virus Pill
badge_name_ACH_MusicCollector=Music Collector Level %roman%
badge_name_TWIQ3_HHCA=Ultimate Wolf Pack
badge_desc_SG002_HHSG=Birthday Cake
badge_name_al_ACH_RoomDecoWallpaper=Wall Designer %roman%
badge_desc_XM9_HHUK=For Arctic Maze survivors!
badge_desc_HUG_HHSG=Free Hugs
badge_desc_RAR01=I found the very Rare Pet Spider. I pretty much rule.
badge_desc_RAR02=I found the very Rare Pet Frog. I pretty much rule.
badge_desc_RAR03=I found the very Rare Pet Turtle. I pretty much rule.
badge_desc_RAR04=I found the very Rare Golden Dragon. I'm pretty much awesome.
badge_desc_UK004_HHUK=Completed the first NHS quest and has 2/3 stars
badge_name_SF2_HHSG=Captain Level 2
badge_desc_RUN06_HHSG=Model Behaviour 1
badge_desc_GWA_HHAU=Ecosystem room comp winner
badge_desc_Z27_HHUK=Road Trip USA Queen badge winner. Awarded to anyone who exchanged 25 Fuel Points. 2008
badge_name_BBBH1=Old Habbo Memorial Badge
badge_name_WH8_HHUK=HABBOTICS Pharm.
badge_name_BBBH2=Brotherhood of the Hand
badge_name_UK035_HHUK=Habbo Music Academy
badge_name_ACH_RespectEarned8_HHCA=Been respected 766 times.
badge_desc_UK9_HHUK=Japanese quest winner 2007.
badge_name_SF2_HHUK=SCI FI Captain Lvl 2
badge_desc_SNW_HHSG=Hall of Fame: SnowStorm
badge_desc_HX3_HHAU=X Tech Std
badge_name_NEJ_HHSG=Drinks Badge
badge_name_ACH_PetFeeding3_HHCA=They're eating all my credits!
badge_desc_RU1=Star Badge
badge_desc_RU3=This badge comes from the NoBobba Safety campaign from January 2009
badge_desc_RTS=Rock The Schools Comp 08
badge_name_ACH_GamePlayed7_HHCA=Battle Royal VII
badge_desc_RS9=RTS 09
badge_name_SFF_HHCA=Medical Officer - Level 3
badge_name_KIR_HHSG=Keep It Real
badge_name_ACH_Login3_HHCA=Frequent Resident
badge_name_HOP01_HHSG=Gold Habbolympics Medal
badge_name_VA4_HHCA=Habborella Crew
badge_name_CY3_HHAU=Yin and Yang
badge_desc_SNW_HHUK=Hall of Fame member. Awarded to the top 25 SnowStorm players.
badge_desc_UK2_HHUK=The sole champion of the Always Salon in 2006.
badge_desc_Z38_HHUK=Hotel For Dogs 3* Resort Owner
badge_name_NEJ_HHUK=Flynn500 Winner
badge_desc_EAS01_HHCA=For the LOVE of Flowers! Easter 2010
badge_desc_HX1_HHAU=X Host Std
badge_name_KIR_HHUK=Keep It Real
badge_name_KH2_HHCA=Kappa Habbo Gamma
badge_desc_HX3_HHCA=Member of the former safety team.
badge_desc_ACH_FreezeWinner=For winning at Freeze
badge_name_HOP01_HHUK=Habbolympics 2010 - Gold Badge
badge_name_CY3_HHCA=Tao Level 3
badge_name_UKJ_HHUK=Wood Sign
badge_name_ACH_FireworksCharger=Firestarter %roman%
badge_desc_ACH_PetLover5_HHCA=Own a total of 15 pets to earn this badge.
badge_desc_HOP01_HHUK=Habbolympics 2010 - Gold Badge
badge_desc_HC1_HHUK=Level 1 - For joining the Habbo Club. Worth 100 pixels.
badge_desc_CNY02=Year of the Tiger Room Comp Winner
badge_desc_CNY03=Solved the Year of the Tiger Quest.
badge_desc_CNY01=Faced their inner Tiger at a Chinese New Year game.
badge_desc_S10=Given to Habbos who participated in Chinese New Year events and competitions during CNY 2007.
badge_desc_ACH_PetRespectGiver5_HHCA=Scratch anyone's pet at least 40 times to earn this badge.
badge_name_DK2=Pub(lic) Crawl Cider
badge_name_DK6=Camp Rock Guitar Green
badge_name_DK5=Camp Rock Guitar Blue
badge_desc_fb_ACH_PetFeeding10=%realname% has been nice an feeding his pets in Habbo.
badge_name_DK9=Rising Star
badge_name_RA5_HHUK=Rare Crystal
badge_desc_SF3_HHCA=I was a Level 3 Captain in Space, July 09
badge_name_fb_ACH_AIPerformanceVote10=%realname% is a superstar!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_BattleBallPlayer=%realname% is a Battle Banzai Barbarian!
badge_name_DJ1=DJ XXXtreme - Grin
badge_desc_HOP01_HHSG=Given to members of the Cool Cats team, who won first place in the 2010 Winter Habbolympics.
badge_name_SU1_HHUK=Low Tiki Mana
badge_name_DJ3=DJ XXXtreme - XXX Bling
badge_name_DJ2=DJ XXXtreme - MP3 Player
badge_desc_GLD_HHAU=Sorry. This Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_name_XMAS2=Gold Holiday Ornament
badge_desc_UKT_HHUK=Theme Park creative competition winner. 2008
badge_name_XMAS1=Silver Holiday Ornament
badge_name_XMAS0=Bronze Holiday Ornament
badge_desc_XM4_HHCA=Celebrate the Holidays with this 2006 Xmas badge.
badge_desc_RR9=Royal Rumble 09
badge_desc_fb_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence10=%realname% has spent %limit% minutes in Habbo.
badge_desc_HC1_HHSG=Level 1 - For joining the Habbo Club. Gives you 100 Pixels.
badge_name_RA5_HHSG=Crystal Patch
badge_name_VA4_HHAU=Habborella Staff
badge_name_SF000=Sciece Experiment
badge_name_SF001=Astro Bar Badge
badge_name_SF002=Space Bar Designer
badge_name_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence5_HHCA=Online time V
badge_desc_U02_HHUK=Idea Agency Silver brief winner!
badge_desc_CNY05=It's the year of the metal Rabbit. CNY 2011.
badge_desc_CNY04=Mastering the art of Feng Shui, Feb 2010
badge_desc_CNY06=Designing Rabbits for the new year! CNY 2011
badge_name_SU1_HHSG=Mana Level 1
badge_desc_CNY08=Winner! Chinese New Year 2011
badge_desc_GLD_HHCA=Sorry. This Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_name_fb_ACH_Login3=%realname% is a Habbo regular
badge_name_fb_ACH_Login4=%realname% is a Habbo regular
badge_name_fb_ACH_Login1=%realname% is a Habbo regular
badge_name_fb_ACH_Login2=%realname% is a Habbo regular
badge_desc_SF002=Winner of the Space Bar room competition.
badge_desc_SF001=Helped rename a forgotten Bar in space.
badge_desc_SF000=This Habbo certainly knows his way around Bunsen burners and test tubes!
badge_name_USV01=Pyramid Trial Badge
badge_name_BR015_HHCA=Movie Lover
badge_name_fb_ACH_Login8=%realname% is a Habbo regular
badge_name_fb_ACH_Login7=%realname% is a Habbo regular
badge_name_fb_ACH_Login6=%realname% is a Habbo regular
badge_name_fb_ACH_Login5=%realname% is a Habbo regular
badge_name_fb_ACH_Login9=%realname% is a Habbo regular
badge_name_ACH_SummerQuestCompleted=Shell Collector %roman%
badge_desc_ESD_HHCA=I celebrated Habbo Canada's 4th birthday in May of 2008!
badge_desc_LC3_HHSG=Awarded to Habbos who discovered the mysterious mystery in Lemuria Island.
badge_name_DN5_HHAU=Greasers Team Member
badge_name_RUN02_HHCA=Canadian Runway Winner
badge_desc_WH6_HHSG=Interesting specimens of the virus which infected Habbo during Habboween 2008
badge_desc_EC5_HHUK=Loved The Earth and bought a tree for a friend
badge_name_ACH_GamePlayed2_HHCA=Battle Royal II
badge_desc_GNO_HHSG=Garden Gnome ambassadors - Habbos who have been particularly helpful and welcoming to the Garden Gnomes!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_FreezePlayer=%realname% is a Freeze Ice Warrior!
badge_desc_XM4_HHAU=Christmas 06
badge_desc_ACH_GiftReceiver10_HHCA=For receiving 566 gifts. Worth 200 pixels.
badge_desc_U06=This badge shows that you are a Sparkplug Roberts supporter.
badge_desc_U05=This badge shows that you are a SpeedDemon supporter.
badge_desc_U02=Idea Agency Silver brief winner!
badge_desc_ACH_Name1=Thanks for selecting your Habbo name after registering.
badge_desc_U01=Idea Agency brief runner-up!
badge_desc_U04=All winners from a Habbo 500 daily event earned this badge.
badge_desc_U03=Idea Agency Golden brief winner!
badge_name_NEG_HHSG=Hospitality Badge
badge_desc_fb_ACH_PetFeeding1=%realname% has been nice an feeding his pets in Habbo.
badge_desc_VA013_HHAU=Valentines 2010
badge_desc_fb_ACH_PetFeeding2=%realname% has been nice an feeding his pets in Habbo.
badge_desc_DK6_HHUK=Camp Rock Winner 2008
badge_name_BR015_HHAU=The Webbies
badge_desc_fb_ACH_PetFeeding5=%realname% has been nice an feeding his pets in Habbo.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_PetFeeding6=%realname% has been nice an feeding his pets in Habbo.
badge_desc_EC5_HHSG=I planted a tree for a friend during Love the Earth. Did you?
badge_name_RUN02_HHAU=Silver Habbo Runway
badge_desc_fb_ACH_PetFeeding3=%realname% has been nice an feeding his pets in Habbo.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_PetFeeding4=%realname% has been nice an feeding his pets in Habbo.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_PetFeeding9=%realname% has been nice an feeding his pets in Habbo.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_PetFeeding7=%realname% has been nice an feeding his pets in Habbo.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_PetFeeding8=%realname% has been nice an feeding his pets in Habbo.
badge_desc_UKT_HHCA=I have a sweet tooth!
badge_desc_ACH_PetLover1_HHCA=Own 1 pet to earn this badge.
badge_name_BR075=Say No To Retros!
badge_desc_WH6_HHUK=Awarded to competition winners during Habboween 2008.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_PetRespectGiver10=%realname% has been scratching pets in Habbo and earned an Achievement.
badge_desc_UK063_HHUK=Found the Bolt of Zeus for Percy Jackson
badge_desc_TC2_HHCA=I am a Wobble Squabble top scorer!
badge_desc_SFD_HHSG=Given to the medics of the space crews who has at least 3 Team Points during the deep space exploration of the Habborella 3000.
badge_desc_ACH_RoomDecoFloor=For adding %limit% floor patterns to my rooms.
badge_name_ACH_RegistrationDuration1=10 % True Habbo I
badge_desc_HUG_HHCA=A friend gave me a HUG for Free Hugs Day 09!
badge_name_ACH_RegistrationDuration4=40 % True Habbo IV
badge_name_ESD=Happy 4th Birthday!
badge_name_ACH_RegistrationDuration5=50 % True Habbo V
badge_name_ACH_RegistrationDuration2=20 % True Habbo II
badge_name_ACH_RegistrationDuration3=30 % True Habbo III
badge_name_ACH_RegistrationDuration8=80 % True Habbo VIII
badge_name_ACH_RegistrationDuration9=90 % True Habbo IX
badge_name_ACH_RegistrationDuration6=60 % True Habbo VI
badge_desc_HUB_HHSG=For official Infobus partners
badge_name_ACH_RegistrationDuration7=70 % True Habbo VII
badge_desc_UK049_HHUK=I helped revive Santa's broken heart and miserable mood in time for Christmas. December 2009.
badge_name_fb_ACH_FireworksCharger=%realname% is Firestarter %roman%
badge_name_DN3_HHAU=Squares Team Member
badge_desc_ST5_HHUK=You need Science and Maths skills for this job!
badge_desc_Z76_HHUK=The One Ring to rule all other Realm builders
badge_name_HQ009=Childhood Quest Badge
badge_desc_USH_HHCA=Xmas 2007
badge_name_HQ006=Crime Scene Level 1
badge_name_HQ005=Crime Scene Level 2
badge_name_HQ008=Franz Badge
badge_name_HQ007=Hans Badge
badge_name_HQ002=Kitchen Survivor Level 1
badge_name_ESW=Movie Director
badge_name_HQ001=Kitchen Survivor Level 2
badge_name_HQ004=Crime Scene Level 3
badge_name_HQ003=Kitchen Survivor Level 3
badge_name_ESX=Habbo Big Brother
badge_name_DSX_HHAU=Santini Winner
badge_name_ACH_ValentinesQuestCompleted7=Valentine Level 7
badge_name_ACH_ValentinesQuestCompleted8=Valentine Level 8
badge_desc_ACH_RoomEntry10_HHCA=Level 10 - For hanging out in 200 Guest Rooms that you do not own. Time traveler. Worth 40 pixels.
badge_name_ACH_ValentinesQuestCompleted9=Valentine Level 9
badge_name_MMC_HHAU=Much Music
badge_desc_TLB=SG Habbo Revamp
badge_desc_GA1_HHSG=Games Badge
badge_name_SB6_HHSG=USOB Elite
badge_desc_TC2_HHAU=Wobble Squabble Badge
badge_desc_LC3_HHUK=Completed the quest of Lemuria 02/09
badge_name_ACH_ValentinesQuestCompleted3=Valentine Level 3
badge_desc_ACH_PetFeeding3=Give your pets at least %limit% points of food to earn this badge.
badge_name_ACH_ValentinesQuestCompleted4=Valentine Level 4
badge_desc_ACH_PetFeeding2=Give your pets at least %limit% points of food to earn this badge.
badge_name_ACH_ValentinesQuestCompleted5=Valentine Level 5
badge_desc_ACH_PetFeeding1=Give your pets at least %limit% points of food to earn this badge.
badge_name_ACH_ValentinesQuestCompleted6=Valentine Level 6
badge_desc_MTV01=MTV EMA '09 Group Member
badge_desc_ACH_PetFeeding7=Give your pets at least %limit% points of food to earn this badge.
badge_desc_ACH_PetFeeding6=Give your pets at least %limit% points of food to earn this badge.
badge_name_ACH_ValentinesQuestCompleted1=Valentine Level 1
badge_desc_ACH_PetFeeding5=Give your pets at least %limit% points of food to earn this badge.
badge_name_ACH_ValentinesQuestCompleted2=Valentine Level 2
badge_desc_ACH_PetFeeding4=Give your pets at least %limit% points of food to earn this badge.
badge_desc_ACH_PetFeeding9=Give your pets at least %limit% points of food to earn this badge.
badge_desc_ACH_PetFeeding8=Give your pets at least %limit%  points of food to earn this badge.
badge_desc_ACH_PetLevelUp3_HHCA=Train your pets up at least 10 levels to earn this badge.
badge_name_MMC_HHCA=Much Music
badge_desc_HQ003_HHSG=Gold Chef Badge
badge_name_EVB=Every Body '09
badge_desc_fb_ACH_NotesLeft=%realname% has left %limit% notes in Habbo.
badge_desc_GRR_HHAU=Gorillaz Comp Winners
badge_desc_EAS01_HHSG=Flower Power 1
badge_name_UK089_HHUK=Tribe Champion
badge_desc_ACH_RegistrationDuration8_HHCA=Level 8 - For true Habbos who have been members of the community for 3 years. Worth 200 pixels.
badge_desc_HW09A_HHSG=Alien Badge
badge_desc_ACH_PetLover8_HHCA=Own a total of 45 pets to earn this badge.
badge_desc_AU004_HHAU=Group page member
badge_name_NED_HHSG=Entertainment Badge - Bronze
badge_name_WTM=WTMi poll
badge_desc_al_ACH_RoomDecoWallpaper=Add %limit% wallpapers to your rooms.
badge_desc_ACH_GameAuthorExperience1=You've gathered %limit% points in your game rooms!
badge_desc_SFD_HHUK=SCI FI Medic Lvl 1
badge_desc_ACH_RespectEarned10=For earning respect %limit% times.
badge_name_WIRD0=Wired Tutorial Master
badge_name_EXB=Executive Pen
badge_name_WIRD1=Wired With Friends
badge_name_TWIC1_HHUK=New Moon Badge: Cullens
badge_name_EXH=For loyal service on Habbo.ca!
badge_name_EXE=Executive Badge
badge_name_Z38_HHUK=Hotel For Dogs 3* Resort Owner
badge_desc_UK067_HHUK=My diner was rated 2* by the Undercover Eater! January 2010.
badge_name_NYR09=Best Friend of 2010
badge_desc_MTV10=Music rocks my life! MTV EMA 2010.
badge_name_NYR05=Hottest Guy of 2010
badge_name_NYR06=Best Room Builder of 2010
badge_name_NYR07=Most Fashionable of 2010
badge_name_NYR08=Hottest Girl of 2010
badge_name_UK065_HHUK=Food Critic
badge_name_NYR03=BOOM BOOM Badge!
badge_desc_ACH_GameAuthorExperience7=You've gathered %limit% points in your game rooms!
badge_desc_ACH_GameAuthorExperience6=You've gathered %limit% points in your game rooms!
badge_name_NYR00=Fireworks Show Winner
badge_desc_ACH_GameAuthorExperience9=You've gathered %limit% points in your game rooms!
badge_desc_HW09A_HHUK=Awarded to everyone who had their spooky activity featured. Habboween 2009.
badge_desc_THA=Habbo Awards '09 Nominee
badge_desc_ACH_GameAuthorExperience8=You've gathered %limit% points in your game rooms!
badge_desc_ACH_GameAuthorExperience3=You've gathered %limit% points in your game rooms!
badge_desc_ACH_GameAuthorExperience2=You've gathered %limit% points in your game rooms!
badge_desc_ACH_GameAuthorExperience5=You've gathered %limit% points in your game rooms!
badge_desc_ACH_GameAuthorExperience4=You've gathered %limit% points in your game rooms!
badge_desc_ HWN09=For Habboween 2010 Group Members
badge_name_ACH_PetRespectGiver2_HHCA=Scratch my back and I'll scratch yours
badge_desc_HJ2_HHUK=I'm an official Harajuku Lovers girl
badge_name_SF3_HHCA=Captain - Level 3
badge_name_OILED=Ocean Support Badge
badge_name_ACH_MGM1_HHCA=Baby Shower
badge_desc_ACH_AIPerformanceVote10=Gather %limit% votes.
badge_name_TWIC1_HHSG=Cullen Crest 1
badge_desc_HC1_HHAU=Level 1 - For joining Habbo Club. Gives you 100 pixels.
badge_name_UKQ_HHUK=St Trinian's Head Boy
badge_desc_ACH_Login5_HHCA=Level 5 - For logging in 35 days in a row. Amazing. Worth 200 pixels.
badge_desc_HC1_HHCA=Level 1 - For joining the Habbo Club. Worth 100 pixels.
badge_desc_TEO=Given to those who supported iomegadrive in The Streets of Bobba.
badge_name_UK009_HHUK=Star 1
badge_desc_HOP01_HHAU=Team Boarders - Winter Habbolympics 2010
badge_desc_FAN_HHCA=Official Fansite Administrator
badge_desc_TC3=Snow Storm Champ
badge_desc_TC2=Wobble Squabble Champ
badge_desc_TC1=Battle Ball Champ
badge_desc_AU004_HHCA=I solved the Prezzie Quest, Xmas 09
badge_name_SFK_HHAU=Alternate Band
badge_name_DS0_HHSG=DS Academy
badge_desc_HOP01_HHCA=Member of the Gold team, Habbolympics 2010
badge_desc_FAN_HHAU=Official Fansite Staff
badge_name_ACH_PetLover10_HHCA=Zoo keeper
badge_name_ACC_HHAU=Ape Badge
badge_name_UK060_HHUK=Habbo Fire & Rescue Service Member
badge_name_Z37_HHUK=Hotel For Dogs 2* Resort Owner
badge_name_UK072_HHUK=Throne Cup 2010
badge_desc_LC3_HHCA=I solved the mystery of Lemuria, Feb 09!
badge_desc_WH6_HHCA=I am Dr Goo, I will be treating you today. Habboween 08
badge_name_MDMWW_HHCA=Mega Deal Designer
badge_name_UKX_HHUK=St Trinian's Quiz
badge_name_ACH_VipClub5_HHCA=VIP Member
badge_desc_ACH_PetRespectReceiver9_HHCA=Have someone scratch your pet at least 500 times to earn this badge.
badge_name_ACC_HHCA=Tribe Ape - Elite Member
badge_desc_WH6_HHAU=Habboween 08 Event Winner
badge_desc_GNO_HHAU=Garden Party Winners 08
badge_desc_MD1_HHUK=Awarded to winners of the Meet Dave quiz competition. 2008.
badge_desc_HO1_HHCA=I aced the medal count, Vancouver Olympics 2010
badge_desc_al_ACH_MusicCollector=You need to purchase %limit% more songs to level up.
badge_name_ACH_AIPerformanceVote10=Notorious X
badge_name_TC1_HHUK=BattleBall Champ
badge_desc_ACH_VipClub4_HHCA=For 36 months of VIP Club Membership.
badge_name_ACH_GiftGiver1=Nice one I
badge_name_ACH_GiftGiver2=Well heeled II
badge_name_ACH_GiftGiver3=Prosperous III
badge_name_ACH_GiftGiver4=Well off IV
badge_name_ACH_GiftGiver5=Made of money V
badge_name_ACH_GiftGiver6=Stinking rich VI
badge_name_ACH_GiftGiver7=Loaded VII
badge_name_ACH_GiftGiver8=Generous one VIII
badge_name_ACH_GiftGiver9=Rolling in it IX
badge_name_fb_ACH_NotesReceived=%realname% is now Swamped By Stickies Level %roman%
badge_name_UKN_HHUK=HAFTAs Award
badge_name_EC5=Love The Earth Tree Planter
badge_name_EC4=Love The Earth Lvl 3
badge_desc_ACH_RegistrationDuration3_HHCA=Level 3 - For true Habbos who have been members of the community for 8 weeks. Worth 90 pixels.
badge_name_EC3=Love The Earth Lvl 2
badge_name_EC2=Love The Earth Lvl 1
badge_name_EC1=Eco Warrior
badge_desc_UK035_HHUK=I support the Habbo Music Academy. November 2009.
badge_name_ACH_RoomEntry3_HHCA=Ultimate Room Raider
badge_name_al_ACH_RbBunnyTag=Bunny Run field builder %roman%
badge_desc_FAS01=Member of the top 20 scoring teams!
badge_name_UK007_HHUK=Skulduggery Pleasant's Asst.
badge_desc_FAS04=YouTube Competition Winner!
badge_desc_FAS03=Fashion Police 2011
badge_name_DSX_HHSG=DS Red Alert
badge_desc_FAS02=Created a fashion style for Habbo Staff
badge_name_ACH_MGM3_HHCA=Block party
badge_name_EAR=Easter Bear
badge_desc_VA013_HHSG=Watch out! This Habbo is definitely a player in the dating game. Valentines' 2010.
badge_name_TC1_HHSG=BattleBall: Rebound
badge_desc_WTM_HHUK=Way too much information!
badge_desc_ACH_RoomDecoHosting=Other Habbos have spent %limit% minutes in your rooms!
badge_desc_SB1_HHUK=Bouncing Queens gang member on the Streets Of Bobba September 2006.
badge_name_EAB=Easter Bunny
badge_desc_EAS01=Helped solve the Will it Bloom Quest
badge_desc_EAS02=This Habbo's ready to learn how to make their thumbs green. Easter 2010.
badge_desc_VA012_HHCA=The Heartbreak Hotel Project, February 2010
badge_desc_GA1_HHAU=Monthly Games Top Scorer
badge_desc_EAS07=I tracked down the Rabbit in his hole!
badge_desc_EAS03=A top-notch Habbo garden designer
badge_desc_EAS04=Winner of the Extreme Garden Makeover video competition
badge_desc_EAS05=I conquered the Path of the Bunnies!
badge_desc_EAS06=I conquered the Mushroom Challenge!
badge_name_MDMWW_HHAU=Mega Deal Madness
badge_desc_GA1_HHCA=You're looking at a hardcore gamer, baby!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_Xmas11QuestCompleted=%realname% has completed an X-Mas 11 quest!
badge_name_UKM_HHUK=Fantastic4 Gold
badge_name_UKY_HHUK=Quest Guild
badge_desc_Z20_HHUK=You have reached LEVEL5. October 2008.
badge_desc_IT029_HHCA=I am a fan and I helped spring along on Facebook! April 2010
badge_desc_CAJ_HHCA=Celebrating the Sweetest Smelling Hotel in the world!
badge_desc_DS6_HHCA=Astronaut of the Habbo Space Explore 06
badge_name_BR130=Bonnie Blonde Safety Pro
badge_name_WD4=Celebrate Prom
badge_name_WD3=Slogan Master
badge_name_WD2=Wedding Bell
badge_name_WD1=Wedding Diamond
badge_desc_PX07=I submitted a hair design for the November 2010 StrayPixels theme!
badge_name_WD0=Wedding Rings
badge_desc_PX06=I am the most epic winner of all time. ALL TIME!
badge_name_AWSM1_HHSG=Thumbs Up!
badge_desc_ACH_PetLevelUp1_HHCA=Train your pets up at least 1 level to earn this badge.
badge_name_FRI01=Broken Mirror Badge
badge_desc_HQ003_HHAU=Kitchen Survivor '09 Winner
badge_desc_FAN_HHUK=Official Fansite representative. Check out the Official fansite rooms on the upper floors of the Habbo Mall.
badge_name_GLK_HHUK=Head Guide (Wolf)
badge_desc_Z18_HHUK=Against cervical cancer campaign supporter.
badge_desc_EC3_HHCA=I completed the Day 2 Nature Quest! Loving the Earth, April 09
badge_name_WBL=Wobble Squabble Hall of Fame
badge_name_MMC_HHSG=MuchMusic badge
badge_name_ACH_BasicClub5_HHCA=Habbo Club Member
badge_desc_PX04=brought to you by the number 5.  Which is also how many wins I have.
badge_desc_PX05=On my seventh win the heavens opened up and this magical badge floated down.
badge_desc_HW09A_HHAU=Exorcism Quest Winner
badge_desc_PX02=I won, I actually won ...once
badge_desc_PX03=Three wins!  I own your pixel soul.
badge_name_UKG_HHUK=Fire Sign
badge_desc_PX00=I sent in a theme for StrayPixels and they actually used it.  Suckers.
badge_desc_HOP03=Earned the Bronze Medal for the 2010 Habbolympics
badge_desc_PX01=I won honorable mention and all I got was this... badge.
badge_desc_HOP02=Earned the Silver Medal for the 2010 Habbolympics
badge_desc_HOP01=Earned the Gold Medal for the 2010 Habbolympics
badge_name_ACH_GiftReceiver2_HHCA=Like me a bit more
badge_desc_AC4_HHCA=My spirit animal is freedom-loving, a dreamer and a drifter
badge_desc_EC3_HHAU=Love the Earth 09
badge_name_fb_ACH_RegistrationDuration1=True Habbo
badge_name_fb_ACH_RegistrationDuration2=True Habbo
badge_name_fb_ACH_RegistrationDuration3=True Habbo
badge_name_fb_ACH_RegistrationDuration4=True Habbo
badge_name_fb_ACH_RegistrationDuration5=True Habbo
badge_name_fb_ACH_RegistrationDuration6=True Habbo
badge_name_fb_ACH_RegistrationDuration7=True Habbo
badge_desc_HQ003_HHCA=I was the winner of the Kitchen Survivor Challenge of 2009!
badge_name_fb_ACH_RegistrationDuration8=True Habbo
badge_name_fb_ACH_RegistrationDuration9=True Habbo
badge_desc_TC3_HHUK=SnowStorm Challenge involved being in the top 20 highscores for 15 weeks in a row!
badge_desc_DS6_HHAU=Space Explore Campaign
badge_name_EHR=Earth Hour Badge
badge_desc_SW1=You helped to protect the book and keep it safe.
badge_desc_VA012_HHSG=This Habbo saw the drama and fireworks when Mariah and Fabio broke up. Valentines' 2010.
badge_name_CNY03_HHAU=Year of the Tiger
badge_name_1goal=1Goal Badge
badge_desc_fb_ACH_SnowWarTotalScore=%realname% has gained a new level in SnowStorm Shuffle!
badge_desc_X1105=My Xmas Style was among the hottest! Xmas 2011
badge_name_AC2_HHUK=Bensalem Tribe Member
badge_desc_HW09A_HHCA=My room is haunted...... Habboween 09
badge_name_GNO_HHAU=Gnome Badge
badge_name_MMC_HHUK=Much Music badge
badge_desc_ST3=You need Science and Maths skills for this job!
badge_name_WH7=Blood Diagnosis Badge
badge_desc_ST4=You need Science and Maths skills for this job!
badge_name_WH8=Pill Badge
badge_desc_ST5=You need Science and Maths skills for this job!
badge_name_WH5=Habboween 06 Party Master
badge_desc_ST6=You need Science and Maths skills for this job!
badge_name_WH6=Goo Diagnosis Badge
badge_name_WH3=Habboween 06 Room Designer
badge_name_WH4=Habboween 06 Writer
badge_desc_TC3_HHSG=Given to the top 20 SnowStormers of each month.
badge_name_WH1=Halloween Eyeball
badge_name_XM10D=Coal Badge
badge_desc_X1115=Found the hidden Epic Quiz, Xmas 2011.
badge_name_WH2=Habboween Classic
badge_name_XM10E=Winter City Wonderland Winner
badge_name_XM10C=Epic Christmas Tree Owner
badge_name_XM10A=Season's Greetings
badge_name_HX4_HHCA=Game X
badge_desc_UKFB1=What is this Badge going to be used for?
badge_desc_STA=Sound The Alarm Campaign 08
badge_name_Z21_HHUK=IGOR PINCERS
badge_name_UK004_HHUK=Star 2
badge_desc_SU1=The Tiki gods are greatful.
badge_desc_SU3=The Tiki gods celebrate you!
badge_desc_SU2=The Tiki gods honor you!
badge_desc_CNY02_HHSG=A Tiger Trainee student. Has learned how to paint orange stripes on a cat. Practises good grooming.
badge_desc_SS2=Boost Mobile SnoSho 09
badge_desc_UK066_HHUK=My diner was rated 1* by the Undercover Eater! January 2010.
badge_desc_X1124=I've found the Yeti! Xmas 2011
badge_name_CNY03_HHCA=Ultimate Tiger Expert
badge_name_JF4_HHCA=Blue Dragon
badge_desc_ACH_RespectEarned10_HHCA=Level 10 - For earning respect a further 200 times. Worth 400 pixels.
badge_name_HX4_HHAU=Habbo X Game
badge_desc_HQ006_HHUK=Awarded to the remaining CSI Detectives. October 2009.
badge_desc_ST2=STEM Digital Designer
badge_desc_BBBH2_HHSG=Brotherhood of the Hand
badge_desc_ST1=STEM Sound Eng
badge_name_SF3_HHSG=Captain Level 3
badge_desc_X1130=Made it to the winners lounge, Xmas 2011.
badge_desc_VA011_HHCA=The Heartbreak Hotel Project, February 2010
badge_name_BR012_HHCA=Silver Palace
badge_desc_Z46_HHUK=HAFTAS Winner 2009
badge_name_DS0_HHAU=Academy of Space
badge_desc_VA011_HHAU=Valentines 2010
badge_desc_FAN_HHSG=Fansite Badge
badge_name_EHR_HHSG=Earth Hour
badge_desc_BBBH2_HHUK=Awarded to winners of the 'Big Ola' competition. November 2009.
badge_name_NOL01=Christmas Wreath
badge_name_SF3_HHUK=Sci-Fi Captain Badge
badge_desc_ACH_GiftReceiver10=For receiving %limit% gifts.
badge_name_70S=70's Badge
badge_name_HW09F_HHAU=Habboween 09 Detective Badge
badge_desc_ACH_BattleBallWinner=For winning at Battle Banzai.
badge_desc_SU2_HHAU=Tikitoa Campaign 08
badge_desc_fb_ACH_BattleBallWinner=%realname% is a real Battle Banzai star!
badge_desc_ACH_Motto1=For editing your motto for the first time.
badge_desc_WBL_HHAU=Wobble Squabble Commemorative
badge_name_ACH_TagC13=Ice Ice Baby XIII
badge_desc_CO4_HHSG=Country 1
badge_name_XM3_HHAU=Reindeer Badge
badge_name_ACH_TagC14=Ice Ice Baby XIV
badge_desc_TWIQ2_HHAU=Twilight: New Moon Week 2 Winner
badge_name_ACH_TagC15=Ice Ice Baby XV
badge_name_ACH_TagC16=Ice Ice Baby XVI
badge_name_RA4_HHSG=Beanstalk Seed
badge_desc_VA018=Created a clever personal ad!
badge_name_ACH_TagC10=Ice Ice Baby X
badge_name_ACH_TagC11=Ice Ice Baby XI
badge_desc_VA016=My friends love me!
badge_name_ACH_TagC12=Ice Ice Baby XII
badge_desc_VA017=Competition Winner
badge_desc_VA014=Won the HBH Room Competition Feb. 2010
badge_desc_VA015=Where did this come from?
badge_desc_VA012=The Heartbreak Hotel Project, February 2010
badge_desc_VA013=Won a HBH Live Game (Feb. 2010)
badge_desc_VA010=Got their Cheaters entry posted on the HBH Group Feb. 2010
badge_desc_VA011=The Daily Crush winners from Heartbreak Hotel 2010
badge_desc_SU2_HHCA=I Tikied with Teetoo and Puffin in RangiRangi 08!
badge_name_VA2_HHUK=Valentine Heart
badge_desc_Uk150=I answered both This is Abuse research polls
badge_name_CAG_HHCA=The Fountain
badge_desc_CAL=I burned off my Thanksgiving dinner, Oct 09!
badge_desc_CAK=Proud to be Canadian, eh!
badge_desc_CAJ=Celebrating the Sweetest Smelling Hotel in the world!
badge_desc_CAI=I was featured in the CA Yearbook of 2009.
badge_desc_CAH=Solved the Executive Quest...like a boss!
badge_desc_CAG=I got it on the card, the Habbo scratch card... Jan 09.
badge_desc_CAE=Never forget! Remembrance Day.
badge_desc_CAD=I helped capture the Sasquatch in the hunt of 08!
badge_desc_CAC=My room is so cool it got featured!
badge_desc_UKO_HHUK=Awarded to anyone who successfully collected all Dark Is Rising Badges. 2007
badge_desc_CAA=Ontario Provincial Police, InfoBus
badge_name_ST5_HHUK=Sports Technologist
badge_desc_CO4_HHUK=On the spot prize from the Mayor of Yukka Tree Hill.
badge_name_MS6_HHSG=Evil Overlord
badge_name_RA4_HHUK=Rare Beanstalk
badge_desc_WH8_HHUK=You received the cure to the virus Habboween 2008
badge_desc_UK028_HHUK=Contestant in the Pixel Maze November 2009.
badge_desc_TWIQ2_HHCA=The Twilight Saga: New Moon, November 2009
badge_name_WTM_HHUK=Safe Surfer
badge_desc_WBL_HHCA=Wobble Squabble Hall of Fame, exclusive to top 25 all time WS players!
badge_name_ACH_Login7_HHCA=Space dust on your shoes
badge_name_FR9=Metal Band
badge_name_FR7=Official Auctioneer
badge_desc_WH8_HHSG=Awarded to Habbos who helped solve the Habboween 2008 quest, and who saved the Hotel from Rowena's Curse
badge_name_FRG=Ultimate Bobba Champ
badge_name_FRE=Prehistoric World
badge_desc_CHF=Culinary Expert!
badge_name_RLX02_HHSG=Zen Bull
badge_name_ACH_FreezeQuestCompleted10=Ultimate Freeze Overlord
badge_desc_UK070_HHUK=Habbo Raceway Duck Cup Grand Prix Winner 2010.
badge_desc_CI1=For fun-loving Habbos who participated in the 2009 Circus Games
badge_desc_CI2=For Habbos who love clowning around and participated in the 2009 Circus Games
badge_desc_NEE_HHSG=For the second prize winner of Habbo's Got Talent final competition during the Neon Campaign 2008.
badge_name_fb_ACH_Xmas11QuestCompleted=%realname% is a Xmas 2011 Quester %roman%
badge_name_FRT=Raceway Champ
badge_name_UK036_HHUK=Barking Mad!
badge_name_ACMI=Screen It
badge_name_ACH_TagC20=Ice Ice Baby XX
badge_name_ACH_TagC19=Ice Ice Baby XIX
badge_name_ACH_TagC17=Ice Ice Baby XVII
badge_name_ACH_TagC18=Ice Ice Baby XVIII
badge_name_ACH_Motto1=Master of Words I
badge_desc_WIRD1=Wired Screenshot comp winner!
badge_desc_WIRD0=Won the Wired Youtube video comp!
badge_desc_HQ002_HHAU=Official Kitchen Survivor Position
badge_name_EHR_HHAU=Earth Hour 2009
badge_name_ACH_TraderPass1_HHCA=Trade Pass
badge_desc_SF001_HHCA=I helped save the bar at the end of the universe, Sept '09
badge_desc_CL3=Idea Agency Golden brief winner!
badge_desc_CL2=Idea Agency Silver brief winner!
badge_name_ACH_PetLover3_HHCA=I'll soon have a kennel II
badge_desc_CL1=Idea Agency brief runner-up!
badge_name_WH2_HHAU=Habboween Smile
badge_desc_fb_ACH_HappyHour1=%realname% visited Habbo at a special secret moment!
badge_desc_UK090_HHUK=Official friend of the dragons
badge_desc_EC3_HHUK=EASTER 2009 - quests
badge_name_fb_ACH_GameAuthorExperience20=Popular game host!
badge_name_AC5_HHSG=The Giant Squid
badge_desc_NO84=I stand up against terrorism, remembering victims of the Oslo tragedy July 22 2011
badge_desc_SHA_HHSG=SuperHobba badge
badge_name_ACH_SkateBoardJump=Skateboard Jumper %roman%
badge_name_RUN05_HHCA=Pure Style
badge_name_fb_ACH_TagC20=%realname% is the Ice Ice Baby XX
badge_name_GA1=Golden Gamer
badge_name_Z78_HHUK=Ice Age Quest Winner
badge_desc_ACH_RoomDecoWallpaper=For adding %limit% wallpapers to my rooms.
badge_name_EHR_HHCA=Earth Hour
badge_desc_HQ002_HHCA=I am a certified Sous Chef under ChefPiers of the Hotel Kitchen, Kitchen Survivor 09
badge_name_HX1_HHAU=Habbo X Host
badge_name_HX1_HHCA=X Host
badge_name_VA8_HHAU=Shalimar Badge
badge_name_fb_ACH_TagC11=%realname% is the Ice Ice Baby XI
badge_name_fb_ACH_TagC10=%realname% is the Ice Ice Baby X
badge_desc_ACH_Login2_HHCA=Level 2 - For logging in 8 days in a row. Wow! Worth 80 pixels.
badge_name_fb_ACH_TagC13=%realname% is the Ice Ice Baby XIII
badge_name_fb_ACH_TagC12=%realname% is theIce Ice Baby XII
badge_name_ST4_HHUK=Cosmetics Specialist
badge_name_AC3_HHAU=5th Birthday Winner's Badge
badge_desc_USE_HHCA=Xmas 2007
badge_name_Z57_HHUK=Smithsonian Supporter
badge_desc_TC3_HHAU=SnowStorm Badge
badge_name_fb_ACH_TagC14=%realname% is the Ice Ice Baby XIV
badge_name_fb_ACH_TagC15=%realname% is the Ice Ice Baby XV
badge_name_fb_ACH_TagC16=%realname% is the Ice Ice Baby XVI
badge_name_fb_ACH_TagC17=%realname% is the Ice Ice Baby XVII
badge_name_fb_ACH_TagC18=%realname% is the Ice Ice Baby XVIII
badge_name_fb_ACH_TagC19=%realname% is the Ice Ice Baby XIX
badge_name_UK048_HHUK=Festive Picture Winner
badge_name_fb_ACH_GameAuthorExperience19=Popular game host!
badge_name_fb_ACH_GameAuthorExperience18=Popular game host!
badge_name_fb_ACH_GameAuthorExperience17=Popular game host!
badge_name_fb_ACH_GameAuthorExperience16=Popular game host!
badge_desc_ACH_AvatarTags1_HHCA=For tagging yourself with 5 tags. Use your words wisely. Describe yourself for a wicked match! Worth 50 pixels.
badge_desc_TC3_HHCA=I was a SnowStorm top scorer!
badge_name_fb_ACH_GameAuthorExperience10=Popular game host!
badge_name_fb_ACH_GameAuthorExperience11=Popular game host!
badge_name_fb_ACH_GameAuthorExperience14=Popular game host!
badge_name_CNY03_HHSG=Tiger's Claw 3
badge_name_fb_ACH_GameAuthorExperience15=Popular game host!
badge_name_fb_ACH_GameAuthorExperience12=Popular game host!
badge_name_fb_ACH_GameAuthorExperience13=Popular game host!
badge_name_AC2_HHAU=5th Birthday Badge
badge_desc_RLX03_HHCA=I found my Zen, August 09
badge_name_UK6_HHUK=Billboard Designer
badge_desc_VA012_HHAU=Valentines 2010
badge_name_fb_ACH_snowBoardBuild=%realname% is a Snowboarding Builder %roman%
badge_desc_VA014_HHSG=Awarded to the 11 Habbos who made it to the top of the Heartbreak Hotel Crush Points chart. Definitely crush-worthy.
badge_desc_HQ008_HHSG=Love pale-skinned men and carrot gardens? Then Hansel's your soul mate!
badge_desc_ACH_PetRespectReceiver2_HHCA=Have someone scratch your pet at least 10 times to earn this badge.
badge_desc_UK014_HHUK=Contestant of Habbo Big Brother 2009.
badge_desc_COL=One Cool Habbo - Hot/Cool 2009
badge_name_Z67_HHUK=Myth Bunnies Badge
badge_name_AC2_HHCA=Fire Maze Creator
badge_name_TWIC2_HHSG=Cullen Crest 2
badge_desc_Uk148=Food for my cross breed pet!
badge_name_Z51_HHUK=Zac Efron Fan
badge_name_EGG01=Ochre Egg 
badge_desc_ACH_PetFeeding5_HHCA=Give your pets at least 6200 points of food to earn this badge.
badge_name_EGG02=Pink Egg
badge_desc_CN2=Given to winners of Chinese New Year events and competitions during CNY 2007.
badge_name_UK079_HHCA=Member of The Flock
badge_name_AC9_HHUK=Simians Lvl 2 - Lost Tribe
badge_name_DN4_HHUK=Pink Fuel Flag
badge_desc_DS6_HHSG=Given to Habbos who took part in the Habbo Toy Survey
badge_desc_UKF_HHUK=Dark is Rising sign of iron. 2007.
badge_name_fb_ACH_RegistrationDuration10=True Habbo
badge_desc_SGR_HHCA=Happy Mother's Day!
badge_desc_SHA_HHUK=Superhobba badge
badge_name_AC5_HHUK=The Spirit Squid
badge_name_Z67_HHSG=Myth Bunnies
badge_name_EGG08=The Golden Egg
badge_desc_EC3_HHSG=This Habbo's sunny outlook on eco issues warms our hearts. Given out during Love the Earth 2009.
badge_name_FFLL8=Football Guru Badge
badge_name_W25=WWE Badge
badge_name_EGG06=White Egg
badge_name_EGG05=Green Egg
badge_name_EGG04=Purple Egg
badge_name_EGG03=Turquoise Egg
badge_desc_CO4=Country 2009 - Events - Beginner Farmer
badge_desc_VA18=Created a clever personal ad!
badge_desc_CO5=Country 2009 - Events - So So Farmer
badge_desc_CO2=Country 2009 Events - So So Farmer
badge_desc_CO3=Country 2009 Competitions - Master Farmer
badge_desc_CO1=Country 2009 Events - Beginner Farmer
badge_name_FFLL7=World Cup Jersey
slots_full=5 badges worn!!
badge_name_LC7_HHAU=Crab Badge
badge_name_WH4_HHUK=Smelly Brain
badge_desc_CO6=Country 2009 Competitions - Master Farmer
badge_desc_CNV=SG Carnival Campaign
badge_name_Z25_HHUK=IGOR GOGGLES
badge_desc_NLC_HHSG=Awarded to the 3rd-placed Habbo on the weekly Trax Charts.
badge_name_EGG14=Chicken Dancer
badge_desc_ACH_RegistrationDuration2_HHCA=Level 2 - For true Habbos who have been members of the community for 3 weeks. Worth 60 pixels.
badge_desc_XM2_HHSG=Worn by members of Ram.Bling's team in Christmas 2005.
badge_desc_ACH_RoomDecoFurniTypeCount=For building a room with %limit% different Furnis.
badge_desc_HWB_HHUK=Habboween competition badge.
badge_desc_NO070=Safer Internet Day slogan winner 2011
badge_name_FFF=Fashion Friendly Fighters
badge_desc_SU2_HHSG=Awarded to accomplished Shamans of the Tikitoa Tribe, during Summer 2008.
badge_desc_GLI_HHSG=Sorry, this Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_desc_ACH_PetRespectGiver8_HHCA=Scratch anyone's pet at least 170 times to earn this badge.
badge_name_SB6_HHAU=Flaming Skulls 2
badge_desc_TWIQ2_HHSG=This Habbo's the head of their wolf pack and following in Jacob's furry footsteps.
badge_desc_VIP_HHUK=Celebrity guests and special visitors.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence7=%realname% has spent %limit% minutes in Habbo.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence8=%realname% has spent %limit% minutes in Habbo.
badge_desc_PT2=You are a fan of the StrawBlueberry Poptarts flavor.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence9=%realname% has spent %limit% minutes in Habbo.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence3=%realname% has spent %limit% minutes in Habbo.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence4=%realname% has spent %limit% minutes in Habbo.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence5=%realname% has spent %limit% minutes in Habbo.
badge_desc_PT1=You are a fan of the Chocolate/Vanilla Poptarts flavor.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence6=%realname% has spent %limit% minutes in Habbo.
badge_name_AC9_HHSG=The Simian Tribe
badge_desc_fb_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence1=%realname% has spent %limit% minutes in Habbo.
badge_name_FF2=Fashion Friendly Fighters
badge_desc_fb_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence2=%realname% has spent %limit% minutes in Habbo.
badge_desc_CO1_HHSG=Country 1
badge_name_BBBH2_HHSG=Brotherhood of the Hand
badge_name_NEB_HHSG=Mirrorball - Silver
badge_name_TWIC2_HHUK=New Moon Badge: Cullens
badge_desc_GLI_HHUK=Level 9 - The sharp eyed one - flying to your aid from afar. Sorry. This Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_name_XM3_HHUK=Xmas Reindeer
badge_desc_ACH_SkateBoardSlide=For doing %limit% slides on your skateboard
badge_name_MS6_HHAU=The Brain
badge_name_ACH_PetLevelUp9_HHCA=Animal trainer III
badge_desc_EC5_HHAU=Love the Earth 09
badge_name_ST2_HHUK=Digital Designer
badge_desc_ACH_AIPerformanceVote2_HHCA=Level 2- For gathering 20 votes on stage. Worth 20 pixels.
badge_desc_BOT=I am an automated (ro)bot. Try talking to me!
badge_desc_UK007_HHUK=Official Wizard Detective
badge_desc_BR012_HHCA=Restoring Alhambra to its former glory, Jan 2010
badge_desc_NO032=Winner of the Crystal Cave room comp!
badge_desc_WH8_HHCA=I got rid of the infectious virus, Habboween 08
badge_desc_EC5_HHCA=I planted a tree for my friend in Habbo! Loving the Earth, April 09.
badge_name_NEB_HHUK=Official EPIC Party Host
badge_name_LC3_HHUK=Lemuria Adventurer
badge_desc_ACH_GiftGiver10_HHCA=For giving 566 gifts. Worth 200 pixels.
badge_name_CAI_HHCA=I was voted into the Habbo CA Yearbook of 2009!
badge_desc_PX0=Is it cheese!?  *bites.  Ow.  x1 StrayPixels Winner
badge_name_FAN=Official Fansite
badge_desc_PX1=Sparkly Diamond Pixel.  A Habbos best friend.  x3 StrayPixels Winner
badge_name_rts22=RTS Hideout Winner
badge_name_MS6_HHCA=Brain Freeze
badge_desc_PX6=Something IS fishy around here.   x15 StrayPixels Winner
badge_desc_PX2=Smells fishy...  x5 StrayPixels Winner
badge_desc_PX3=It's like the Gold one.. but better.  x7 StrayPixels Winner
badge_desc_PX4=4 blocks never looked so... square.   x10 StrayPixels Winner
badge_desc_PX5=Not so good for taking tests... but great for showing off.   x15 StrayPixels Winner
badge_desc_OL2_HHAU=Habbolympics Campaign 08
badge_name_HW09F_HHSG=Investigator Badge
badge_name_LC3_HHSG=Lemuria Badge
badge_desc_NO047=To be deleted! Oct 2010
badge_name_SFL_HHSG=Prince Badge
badge_desc_Z39_HHUK=Tracked the scent and made it to the Hotel
badge_desc_SU2_HHUK=Lvl2 Tiki Competition winner. Middle award. Summer 2008.
badge_desc_WH8_HHAU=Habboween Quest 08
badge_desc_OL2_HHCA=My Team won the SILVER medal of Habbolympics 08!
badge_name_ACH_RespectEarned3_HHCA=Been respected 16 times.
badge_name_CO6_HHSG=Farmer's Badge Lvl 3
badge_name_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence8_HHCA=Online time VIII
badge_desc_BTB=To show that you are a true master of Battleball.
badge_name_AC5_HHCA=The Squishy Squid
badge_name_RUN05_HHSG=Style Badge
badge_name_TWIC1_HHAU=Level 1 Cullens Badge
badge_name_ACH_PetLover6_HHCA=Pet shop keeper II
badge_desc_ACH_Xm10QuestCompleted10=For %limit% Snowflake quests completed on this level.
badge_name_CNY06=Silver Rabbit
badge_name_CNY08=It's A Trap!
badge_name_CNY03=Tiger Paw Badge
badge_name_CNY02=Tiger Peace Badge
badge_name_CNY05=Golden Rabbit
badge_name_CNY04=Feng Shui lvl 2
badge_desc_HBA_HHSG=Hobba badge
badge_desc_HQ002_HHSG=Given to the Top 8 finalists of the Kitchen Survivor showdown. These Habbos know how to cook an egg.
badge_name_CNY01=Tiger Claw Badge
badge_desc_SG1_HHSG=Awarded permanently to all Habbos who earn at least 3 Habbo Points in any month.
badge_name_CO6_HHUK=YTH Champion Villager
badge_desc_ACH_PetLevelUp8_HHCA=Train your pets up at least 130 levels to earn this badge.
badge_desc_UK081_HHUK=1/3 of the Click Clever, Click Safe Code
badge_name_STR01=Fireworks Maestro 2011
badge_name_RUN05_HHUK=I Have Style
badge_name_fb_ACH_Spr=%realname% got their room picked up by Staff.
badge_name_U04_HHUK=Champion 2009
badge_desc_fb_ACH_AIPerformanceVote8=%realname% earned an Achievement for a performance competition in Habbo!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_AIPerformanceVote9=%realname% earned an Achievement for a performance competition in Habbo!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_AIPerformanceVote5=%realname% earned an Achievement for a performance competition in Habbo!
badge_name_FRZ06=Safety Wipeout Master
badge_desc_fb_ACH_AIPerformanceVote4=%realname% earned an Achievement for a performance competition in Habbo!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_AIPerformanceVote7=%realname% earned an Achievement for a performance competition in Habbo!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_AIPerformanceVote6=%realname% earned an Achievement for a performance competition in Habbo!
badge_name_FRZ03=Freeze Film Star!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_AIPerformanceVote1=%realname% earned an Achievement for a performance competition in Habbo!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_AIPerformanceVote3=%realname% earned an Achievement for a performance competition in Habbo!
badge_name_FLA=Pink Flamingo
badge_desc_fb_ACH_AIPerformanceVote2=%realname% earned an Achievement for a performance competition in Habbo!
badge_desc_RLX03_HHSG=This badge identifies a Habbo who has attained spiritual enlightenment. They can now draw a circle.
badge_desc_PN1=Design comp winners
badge_name_TWIC1_HHCA=Cullen Quest
badge_name_HOR5=I Speak Horse!
badge_name_Uk150=This is Abuse 'Hand' badge
badge_name_NLE_HHSG=Trax Gold
badge_name_Uk148=The Sims 3 Pets 'Dog Bone' badge
badge_desc_ACH_RoomDecoFurniCount=For building a room with %limit% Furnis.
badge_name_HX1_HHSG=X Host Std
badge_name_Z75_HHUK=Realm Protectors
badge_name_Z10_HHUK=Underage Festival
badge_desc_ACH_RbBunnyTag=My Bunny Run field has %limit% tiles! Oh yeah!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GamePlayed8=%realname% has been playing games in Habbo, and won!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GamePlayed7=%realname% has been playing games in Habbo, and won!
badge_name_U04_HHSG=Checkered Flag
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GamePlayed9=%realname% has been playing games in Habbo, and won!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GamePlayed2=%realname% has been playing games in Habbo, and won!
badge_name_fb_ACH_RoomDecoHosting=%realname% is Room Host %roman%
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GamePlayed1=%realname% has been playing games in Habbo, and won!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GamePlayed4=%realname% has been playing games in Habbo, and won!
badge_name_fb_ACH_PetLover4=%realname%'s got %limit% pets in Habbo
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GamePlayed3=%realname% has been playing games in Habbo, and won!
badge_name_fb_ACH_PetLover3=%realname%'s got %limit% pets in Habbo
badge_name_ACH_MGM1=Baby Shower I
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GamePlayed6=%realname% has been playing games in Habbo, and won!
badge_name_fb_ACH_PetLover2=%realname%'s got %limit% pets in Habbo
badge_desc_fb_ACH_GamePlayed5=%realname% has been playing games in Habbo, and won!
badge_name_fb_ACH_PetLover1=%realname% got their first pet in Habbo
badge_name_ACH_MGM2=Luau II
badge_desc_TWIV3_HHAU=Habbo's Biggest New Moon Fan
badge_name_fb_ACH_PetLover7=%realname%'s got %limit% pets in Habbo
badge_name_ACH_MGM3=Block party III
badge_name_fb_ACH_PetLover8=%realname%'s got %limit% pets in Habbo
badge_name_ACH_MGM4=Dance Party IV
badge_name_fb_ACH_PetLover5=%realname%'s got %limit% pets in Habbo
badge_name_ACH_MGM5=Slumber Party V
badge_name_fb_ACH_PetLover6=%realname%'s got %limit% pets in Habbo
badge_name_ACH_MGM6=Reunion VI
badge_desc_HQ008_HHCA=Because Franz is the better brother!
badge_name_ACH_MGM7=Housewarming VII
badge_name_ACH_MGM8=Ball VIII
badge_desc_ACH_MGM6_HHCA=Level 6 - For creating your own fellowship - party of 10. For inviting two more real life friends to Habbo. Worth 150 pixels.
badge_name_fb_ACH_PetLover9=%realname%'s got %limit% pets in Habbo
badge_name_ACH_MGM9=Fiesta IX
badge_desc_UK096_HHUK=Habwrecked 2010 Survivor. Congratulations.
badge_desc_POP=Received for filling out a Safety survey!
badge_name_UK079_HHUK=Member of The Flock
badge_name_WH4_HHAU=Habboween Brain
badge_name_BBBH2_HHUK=The Brotherhood of the Hand
badge_name_HX1_HHUK=Habbo eXpert
badge_desc_NLE_HHSG=Awarded to the 1st-placed Habbo on the weekly Trax Charts.
badge_desc_TWIV3_HHCA=Habbo's Biggest New Moon Fan, 09
badge_desc_PRE=Habbo Press Members
badge_desc_EGG05=Egg Hunter. You hide it, I'll find it!
badge_name_fb_ACH_GiftGiver10=Super gifter!
badge_desc_EGG06=Egg Hunter. You hide it, I'll find it!
badge_desc_EGG08=I'm such an epic egg.
badge_desc_HQ008_HHAU=Brother vs. Brother 2010
badge_desc_EGG01=Egg Hunter. You hide it, I'll find it! 
badge_name_HQ017=Level 1 Picnic Badge
badge_desc_EGG02=Egg Hunter. You hide it, I'll find it!
badge_name_HQ018=Level 1 Picnic Badge
badge_desc_EGG03=Egg Hunter. You hide it, I'll find it!
badge_name_HQ019=Level 2 Picnic Badge
badge_desc_EGG04=Egg Hunter. You hide it, I'll find it!
badge_name_HQ012=The Ultimate Pet Fight!
badge_name_HQ013=The Ultimate Pet Fight!
badge_name_HQ014=The Ultimate Pet Fight!
badge_desc_RUN08_HHSG=This Habbo's a legend in the fashion world. Runway 2010.
badge_name_HQ011=The Ultimate Pet Fight!
badge_name_HQ010=The Ultimate Pet Fight!
badge_desc_HBA_HHUK=Hobbas were volunteer moderators.
badge_desc_VA2_HHUK=Awarded to competition winners during Valentine's week each year.
badge_desc_XM2_HHUK=Elf Vs Reindeer Christmas 2005
badge_desc_Z32_HHUK=I took a stand against knife crime
badge_desc_EGG14=I can shake my tail feather, alright !
badge_name_VA7=Shalimar Badge of Love 2
badge_name_VA8=Shalimar Badge of Love 3
badge_name_VA9=Shalimar Badge of Love 1
badge_desc_PR2=Pirates Campaign 08
badge_name_VA3=The Love Cruise
badge_desc_PR3=Pirates 08 Campaign Winner
badge_name_VA4=The Cruise Staff
badge_name_HQ023=Shark Fin Badge
badge_name_VA5=Wedding Ring
badge_name_LC7_HHSG=Crab Badge Lvl 2
badge_name_HQ024=Deep Water Challenge 2011
badge_desc_PR1=Pirates Campaign 08
badge_name_VA6=Bolly Badge (Lvl 1)
badge_name_HQ022=Global Architect Room Competition 2011
badge_name_HQ021=Ruler of Dragons
badge_name_HQ020=Level 3 Picnic Badge
badge_name_VA2=Valentine Heart
badge_name_VA1=Valentine Gun Heart
badge_desc_Z36_HHUK=Hotel For Dogs 1* Resort Owner
badge_desc_TOR02=I am the ultimate worldwide Turtle Down winner!
badge_name_RA4_HHAU=Magic Bean Badge
badge_desc_TOR01=Won top 5 in the FB turtle impression photo comp!
badge_name_DESP1=Despicable Me Goggles
badge_desc_ACH_MGM10_HHCA=Level 10 - For creating your own fellowship - party of 18. For inviting two more real life friends to Habbo. Worth 200 pixels.
badge_desc_AC1_HHUK=Initiated through the Totem bases of fire PINK
badge_name_DESP2=Despicable Minion Badge
badge_desc_XM2_HHAU=Christmas Campaign 05
badge_name_TWIQ3_HHUK=New Moon Badge: Jacob
badge_name_Z29_HHUK=Blue Insider
badge_name_AC1_HHCA=Fire Walker
badge_desc_ATW_HHUK=Globetrekker competition winner. Country room is in our Globetrekker Tour Guide 2008.
badge_name_T079=Don't Use!!
badge_name_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence10=Online time X - F5 Tornado
badge_desc_VA2_HHSG=Given to Habbos who won competitions during Valentines 2006 or were holding Valentines events.
badge_desc_ACH_PetLevelUp6=Train your pets up at least %limit% levels to earn this badge.
badge_desc_ACH_PetLevelUp5=Train your pets up at least %limit% levels to earn this badge.
badge_desc_ACH_PetLevelUp4=Train your pets up at least %limit% levels to earn this badge.
badge_desc_ACH_PetLevelUp3=Train your pets up at least %limit% levels to earn this badge.
badge_desc_ACH_PetLevelUp9=Train your pets up at least %limit%  levels to earn this badge.
badge_desc_ACH_PetLevelUp8=Train your pets up at least %limit% levels to earn this badge.
badge_desc_ACH_PetLevelUp7=Train your pets up at least %limit% levels to earn this badge.
badge_desc_ACH_PetLevelUp2=Train your pets up at least %limit% levels to earn this badge.
badge_desc_ACH_PetLevelUp1=Train your pets up at least %limit% level to earn this badge.
badge_desc_UK076_HHUK=Saved Habbo from those Aliens in the Attic
badge_name_EXH_HHCA=Hobba Service Medal
badge_desc_UK008_HHUK=Saved Habbo from a freak weather machine
badge_name_GWA=Global Warming Awareness
badge_name_DE002=Memory Keeper
badge_desc_ACH_SnowWarTotalScore=For getting a total score of %limit% in SnowStorm Shuffle
badge_name_DS7_HHSG=DS Yggdrasil
badge_desc_AC1_HHSG=I passed through the Trial of Fire, and emerged victorious! (And lightly toasted, but that's besides the point.) A warrior initiate of the tribe.
badge_desc_UK044_HHUK=My Ice Kingdom was sub zero. December 2009.
badge_name_TWIQ3_HHSG=Quileute Tattoo 3
badge_name_AC1_HHAU=Lost City 2nd Place
badge_desc_DS4_HHSG=Santini Battle Trail Hypersphere 2006
badge_desc_HX1_HHCA=Member of the former safety team.
badge_name_AC9_HHCA=Tribe Ape
badge_name_XM6_HHSG=Xmas '07 - Santa3000
badge_desc_BTB_HHSG=Top 50 Battleball players of all time!
badge_name_Z45_HHUK=HAFTAS Winner 2007
badge_name_Z67_HHAU=Myth Bunnies
badge_desc_XM2_HHCA=It's all about DJ-Bling!
badge_desc_GLI_HHCA=Sorry. This Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_name_BGW6=Big Wave Badge
badge_desc_CY3_HHCA=Dragon Court Member, CNY 09.
badge_name_BGW4=Sunscreen Level 3
badge_name_BGW3=Sunscreen Level 2
badge_name_BGW2=Sunscreen Level 1
badge_desc_HW09C_HHSG=Video Evidence Badge
badge_desc_RM2=Level 3
badge_desc_RM1=Level 2
badge_desc_RM4=Level 4
badge_desc_RM3=Level 4
badge_name_DS7_HHUK=Green Tea Elemental
badge_desc_OL2_HHSG=Habbolympics Silver
badge_desc_RM0=Level 1
badge_desc_ACH_Motto1_HHCA=For editing your motto! Worth 10 pixels.
badge_name_CO6_HHCA=Country Wheat
badge_desc_BTB_HHUK=Hall of Fame member. Awarded to the top 25 BattleBall players.
badge_desc_UK078_HHUK=Friend of Fang
badge_name_DE014=Xmas 09 - Grubs Up Competition Winners
badge_name_DE013=Xmas 09 - Christmas Day Badge
badge_name_DE012=Xmas 09 - Events Winner Badge
badge_name_DE017=Nokia Maze Challenge Silver Badge
badge_name_DE016=Nokia Maze Challenge Gold Badge
badge_name_fb_ACH_TagB20=%realname% has received the Blades of Glory XX
badge_desc_ST1_HHUK=You need Science and Maths skills for this job!
badge_desc_CY3_HHAU=Chinese New Year 09
badge_name_fb_ACH_RoomDecoFurniTypeCount=%realname% is Furni Collector %roman%
badge_name_HOP02_HHUK=Habbolympics 2010 - Silver Badge
badge_desc_MB2_HHCA=Madball 08
badge_desc_OL2_HHUK=Awarded to members of the 2nd Habbolympic team 2008.
badge_name_ACH_Name1=Habbo Name
badge_name_RLX01=Relax Games Badge
badge_name_RLX03=Zen Paintbrush
badge_name_RLX02=Relax Friends Badge
badge_desc_UK087_HHUK=Awarded to winners in a Safety Competition.
badge_name_HUG_HHSG=Free Hugs
badge_name_ST1_HHUK=Sound Engineer
badge_name_UKP_HHUK=Perfect Prefect
badge_name_CO6_HHAU=Wheat Badge
badge_name_hwn28=Hellbound Warrior
badge_name_USO=Little Dogs
badge_desc_RA7=Rare Iron Maiden 2010
badge_name_USN=Big Dogs
badge_desc_RA6=Maze of Death Quest 2010
badge_name_USQ=Prom of the Dead Zombies
badge_desc_RA5=I purchased a Rare Crystal Patch in 2010
badge_name_USP=Prom of the Dead King and Queen
badge_desc_ACH_AIPerformanceVote9_HHCA=Level 9- For gathering 300 votes on stage. Worth 100 pixels.
badge_desc_RA4=I purchased a Rare Giant Beanstalk in March 2010
badge_name_USS=Prom of the Dead Brains
badge_desc_RA3=Helped in finding the St Pats 2010 Leprechaun.
badge_name_USR=Prom of the Dead Cured
badge_desc_RA2=I am an original owner of the T-Rex Rare - Raawr!
badge_name_USU=Thanksgiving '08
badge_name_UST=The List
badge_desc_UK088_HHUK=Creative hero like Hiccup
badge_name_USG=Xmas Mr. Sinister Badge
badge_name_USF=Xmas Larry Badge
badge_name_USI=Royal Rumble '08
badge_name_fb_ACH_BadMonkeyLevelUp=Lost Monkey Level %roman%
badge_name_USH=Xmas Santa.3000 Badge
badge_name_USK=Around the World
badge_name_USJ=WWE Badge
badge_name_USM=No Way Out
badge_name_USL=Chinese New Year
badge_desc_AC8_HHSG=Awarded to Habbos who have proved that they are a loyal and stalwart member of the Teuthida Tribe during the 2009 Lost Tribes competition.
badge_desc_RLX02_HHCA=I am a master of the Feng Shui Art. Try me! Aug 09
badge_name_USA=Adidas Blue
badge_name_USB=Adidas Red
badge_name_USC=Jets (J)
badge_name_USD=Sharks (S)
badge_name_ACH_RegistrationDuration10_HHCA=100% True Habbo
badge_name_USE=Xmas Smilla Badge
badge_desc_ACH_MGM10=For inviting %limit% real life friends to Habbo.
badge_name_US6=NBC Olympics Badge
badge_name_US7=Seventeen Fashion
badge_desc_U06_HHUK=Winning a Habbo Raceway Grand Prix.
badge_name_US8=Toilet Marathon
badge_desc_HBA_HHAU=Hobba/SuperHobba badge
badge_desc_USD_HHCA=Bring it on: In it to win it!
badge_name_al_ACH_RoomDecoFloor=Floor Designer %roman%
badge_name_al_ACH_ValentinesBadgeReceived=Valentine Friend Bracelet %roman%
badge_desc_BOOM1=Happy April Fools 2011!
badge_name_USX=Revenge of the Cheeps
badge_name_USY=Habbo Prom 2009 Winner
badge_name_USW=Crunchy Pure Evil
badge_name_USZ=Seventeen Fitness Challenge
badge_name_fb_ACH_TagB12=%realname% has received the Blades of Glory XII
badge_name_fb_ACH_TagB11=%realname% has received the Blades of Glory XI
badge_name_fb_ACH_TagB14=%realname% has received the Blades of Glory XIV
badge_name_fb_ACH_TagB13=%realname% has received the Blades of Glory XIII
badge_name_fb_ACH_TagB10=%realname% has received the Blades of Glory X
badge_name_fb_ACH_TagB19=%realname% has received the Blades of Glory XIX
badge_desc_UK031_HHUK=Supported Alvin and the Chipmunks in the Squeakquel bands battle
badge_desc_HW09C_HHUK=Awarded to everyone who had their spooky video featured. Habboween 2009.
badge_name_Z17_HHUK=Hairspray Talent
badge_name_fb_ACH_TagB15=%realname% has received the Blades of Glory XV
badge_name_fb_ACH_TagB16=%realname% has received the Blades of Glory XVI
badge_name_fb_ACH_TagB17=%realname% has received the Blades of Glory XVII
badge_name_fb_ACH_TagB18=%realname% has received the Blades of Glory XVIII
badge_name_HOP02_HHSG=Silver Habbolympics Medal
badge_name_HC2=HC Club membership II
badge_name_HC1=HC Club membership I
badge_name_US2=EyeToy: Play 2 Air Guitar (Guitar)
badge_name_US0=Seventeen Magazine (2009)
badge_name_HBA=Hobba Service Medal
badge_desc_ AU012=Thanks for entering!
badge_desc_NY124=I resolve to make it the best year ever!
badge_name_Z41_HHUK=Team Ducks Supporter
badge_name_PRSN1=Habbo Prison Badge
badge_desc_GLI_HHAU=Sorry. This Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_desc_WH4_HHCA=Habboween 06
badge_desc_RE2=Reach Out! Competition Winners
badge_desc_RE1=Official Reach Out! Staff
badge_desc_TWIV3_HHUK=Level 3 Badge awarded to the Volturi grand final winner. November 2009.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_RegistrationDuration9=%realname%'s been a member of Habbo for %limit% days.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_RegistrationDuration8=%realname%'s been a member of Habbo for %limit% days.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_RegistrationDuration7=%realname%'s been a member of Habbo for %limit% days.
badge_desc_RUN08_HHAU=Runway Competition - 1st Place
badge_desc_WH4_HHAU=Habboween Campaign 06
badge_name_ACH_RbBunnyTag=Bunny Run field builder %roman%
badge_name_SFH_HHUK=SCI FI Scientist Lvl 2
badge_desc_RUN08_HHCA=I was voted best Runway Show director of Habbo, May 2010.
badge_desc_UK068_HHUK=My diner was rated 3* by the Undercover Eater! January 2010.
badge_name_HOP01_HHCA=Gold Medal
badge_name_ACH_ValentinesQuestCompleted10=Valentine Level 10
badge_desc_DS2_HHSG=Given to Habbos who won a competition during Donnie Santini's Space Explore in Planet Alphatronics.
badge_desc_WD2_HHCA=Working the wedding, let me through,  please! Chloé + Reginald, June 09.
badge_desc_UK086_HHUK=Awarded to runners up in a Safety Competition.
badge_desc_ACH_BattleBallPlayer=For playing Battle Banzai.
badge_name_BOOM1=Habbo: Furni Warfare
badge_desc_TWIV3_HHSG=This Habbo's the Ultimate New Moon fan!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_RegistrationDuration1=%realname%'s been a member of Habbo for %limit% days.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_RegistrationDuration2=%realname%'s been a member of Habbo for %limit% days.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_RegistrationDuration3=%realname%'s been a member of Habbo for %limit% days.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_RegistrationDuration4=%realname%'s been a member of Habbo for %limit% days.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_RegistrationDuration5=%realname%'s been a member of Habbo for %limit% days.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_RegistrationDuration6=%realname%'s been a member of Habbo for %limit% days.
badge_name_fb_ACH_NotesLeft=%realname% is now a Level %roman% Stickie scribbler
badge_name_HOP01_HHAU=Gold Medal
badge_desc_TWIQ2_HHUK=Level 2 Badge awarded to competition winners in Jacob's world. November 2009.
badge_desc_C06=Wheat Badge
badge_desc_JF4_HHCA=Habbo Ninja 08
badge_name_SFH_HHSG=Scientist Level 2
badge_desc_VA2_HHCA=Valentine's 07
badge_desc_SB7_HHAU=Ultimate Streets of Bobba 08
badge_name_PX06=StrayPixels Full Pixel
badge_name_UKZ=Fashion Designer
badge_name_PX07=StrayPixels Hair Cube
badge_name_PX04=StrayPixels Diamond
badge_name_PX05=StrayPixels Circuit
badge_name_PX02=StrayPixels Gold
badge_name_DS7_HHAU=Yggdrasil Comp Winner
badge_name_UKV=Gold Rollercoaster
badge_name_PX03=StrayPixels Jade
badge_name_UKW=Silver Rollercoaster
badge_name_PX00=StrayPixels Theme
badge_name_PX01=StrayPixels Honorable Mention
badge_name_UKY=Quest Guild
badge_name_UK045=Pig Pet Badge
badge_name_UKR=St Trinian's Head Girl
badge_name_UK044=Ice Quest Task Winner
badge_name_UKS=Perfect Prefect
badge_name_Z04_HHUK=Save Polar Bears
badge_name_UK043=Ice Quest Task Winner
badge_name_UKT=Cotton Candy
badge_name_UK042=Ice Quest Task Winner
badge_name_UKU=Theme Park Clown
badge_name_UK049=Gold Santa Hat
badge_name_UKN=HAFTAs Award
badge_name_UK048=Festive Picture Winner
badge_name_UKO=Habbo Seeker
badge_name_UK047=Festive Video Winner
badge_name_UKP=Perfect Prefect
badge_name_UK046=Terrier Pet Badge
badge_name_UKQ=St Trinian's Head Boy
badge_desc_VA2_HHAU=Valentines Campaign 07
badge_desc_DE002=Keeping the memories alive. Habbo CA Memory Newsie, April 2010
badge_desc_RUN07_HHUK=Awarded to the winning Runway Fashion Bloggers. April 2010.
badge_name_UK051=Bronze Santa Hat
badge_name_UK052=0800 Reverse
badge_name_UK050=Silver Santa Hat
badge_desc_WBL_HHSG=Top 50 Wobble Squabble players of all time!
badge_name_WBL_HHUK=Wobble Squabble HOF
badge_name_fb_ACH_NewUserBadgeReceiver=%realname% got a Friendship Bracelet Badge!
badge_name_ACH_PetRespectGiver6_HHCA=Pet lover II
badge_name_UK9=Stone Lamp
badge_name_UK6=Billboard Designer
badge_name_UK7=Quest Builder
badge_name_UK4=Habbo Council
badge_name_UK5=Comic Creator
badge_name_UK056=Habbo Awards 2009 Top 3
badge_name_UK2=Always Salon Champ
badge_desc_BTB_HHAU=BattleBall Hall of Fame
badge_name_UK3=Frank Bus
badge_name_UK058=Hotel Happenings Article Badge
badge_name_UK057=Hotel Happenings Article Badge
badge_name_UK059=Hotel Happenings Article Badge
badge_name_EXH_HHUK=Hobba Medal
badge_name_UKM=Fantastic4 Gold
badge_desc_ACH_RespectEarned8_HHCA=Level 8 - For earning respect a further 200 times. Worth 200 pixels.
badge_name_UKL=Fantastic4 Silver
badge_name_UKK=Fantastic4 Bronze
badge_name_UKJ=Wood Sign
badge_name_UK060=Habbo Fire & Rescue Service Member
badge_name_UKI=Water Sign
badge_name_UK061=Demi-god Athena
badge_name_UKH=Stone Sign
badge_name_UK062=Demi-god Poseidon
badge_name_UKG=Fire Sign
badge_name_GF1=Hot or Not
badge_name_UK063=Demi-god Zeus
badge_name_UKF=Iron Sign
badge_name_UKE=Bronze Sign
badge_desc_MB2_HHUK=Competition winners during Habbo Madball 2008.
badge_name_UKD=Adventure Story
badge_name_UKC=SpokesHabbo Badge
badge_name_UKB=Play Writer
badge_desc_HX1_HHUK=Host eXpert
badge_name_UKA=Summer Resort
badge_name_CL1_HHUK=Idea Agency competition runner-up!
badge_name_XM1_HHSG=Rasta Santa
badge_desc_BTB_HHCA=BattleBall Hall of Fame, exclusive to top 25 all time BB players!
badge_name_UK028=Pixel Maze 2009
badge_name_UK027=Guy Fawkes Quest
badge_name_UK026=Frights, Camera, Action!
badge_name_UK025=Exorcist Quest
badge_desc_ACH_PetLevelUp5_HHCA=Train your pets up at least 30 levels to earn this badge.
badge_name_ACH_ValentinesBadgeReceived10=Friendship Bracelet %roman%
badge_desc_USM_HHAU=No Way Out 09
badge_desc_RUN07_HHSG=This Habbo has the perfect eye for fashion design. Runway 2010.
badge_desc_AC1_HHCA=I conquered the Fire Walk Challenge, April 09!
badge_desc_CNV_HHSG=This Habbo's so cool, they lit up the entire parade during Carnival Week. Zzzzssst!
badge_desc_NED_HHSG=For the third prize winner of Habbo's Got Talent final competition during the Neon Campaign 2008.
badge_name_WBL_HHSG=Hall of Fame: Wobble Squabble
badge_name_UK039=Habbo Awards 2009 Top 3
badge_name_UK5_HHUK=Comic Creator
badge_name_UK036=Barking Mad!
badge_name_UK035=Habbo Music Academy
badge_name_UK038=St Trinians Alumni
badge_name_UK037=Britney Fan
badge_name_UK032=Chipettes fan
badge_name_UK031=Chipmunks Fan
badge_name_UK034=I Love Music
badge_name_UK033=Music Mogul
badge_name_UK040=Xmas 09 - Ice Queen Badge
badge_name_ACH_GiftReceiver1_HHCA=Greet me
badge_name_UK041=Xmas 09 - Ice King Badge
badge_desc_AP2=The HABprentice: Design Edition Boardroom Table Member
badge_desc_AP1=The HABprentice Boardroom Table Member
badge_desc_HX1_HHSG=X Host Std
badge_name_UK001=Habbo Big Brother Press
badge_desc_AC1_HHAU=Fire walking - April Collectible
badge_desc_SF001_HHSG=Given to Habbos who helped the Space Bar attract more customers, and had an extra packet of tissue handy.
badge_name_UK004=Star 2
badge_name_UK005=Star 3
badge_name_UK002=Habbo Mall Cop
badge_desc_UK075_HHUK=You are bold, contemptuous of authority and irresistible to women.
badge_name_UK003=Star 1
badge_name_UK008=Flint's Meatballs
badge_name_UK009=Star 1
badge_name_UK006=ChildLine Champion
badge_name_ACH_RegistrationDuration1_HHCA=10 % True Habbo
badge_name_UK007=Skulduggery Pleasant's Asst.
badge_desc_COM4=The Sims 3 Karma Powers Discussion Comp Winner!
badge_desc_COM6=You have good karma!
badge_desc_COM5=You have bad karma!
badge_desc_ACH_PetLevelUp6_HHCA=Train your pets up at least 50 levels to earn this badge.
badge_name_XM1_HHUK=Rasta Santa
badge_name_ACH_PetLover2_HHCA=I'll soon have a kennel I
badge_name_WH2_HHUK=Evil Smile
badge_desc_ACH_RoomEntry4_HHCA=Level 4 - For hanging out in 30 guest rooms that you do not own. Backpacker. Worth 15 pixels.
badge_desc_al_ACH_RoomDecoHosting=Users spent %limit% minutes in your room
badge_name_UK010=NHS HPV 2
badge_name_UK011=NHS HPV 3
badge_name_UK012=HBB 2009 Winner
badge_desc_AR2=Watch out! These snakes bite.
badge_name_UK013=HBB 2009 Runners Up
badge_desc_AR1=From when the Genie took the Hotel to a new and enchanted land.
badge_name_UK014=HBB 2009 Contestant
badge_name_UK018=Habboween 09 - EVENTS WINNER
badge_name_UK019=Habboween 09 - FRANKENSTEIN QUEST
badge_desc_fb_ACH_RegistrationDuration10=%realname%'s been a member of Habbo for %limit% days.
badge_name_VA8_HHUK=Large Shalimar
badge_desc_CY3_HHSG=Yin & Yang Badge (Level 3)
badge_desc_AU3=Streets of Bobba Campaign 07
badge_desc_AU2=Streets of Bobba Campaign 07
badge_name_RLX02_HHCA=Feng Shui Bull
badge_desc_AU5=Habbo AU's 4th Birthday
badge_desc_AU4=Streets of Bobba Campaign 07
badge_desc_AU1=Monsters of Habbo fest 07
badge_desc_ACH_HappyHour1_HHCA=For spending a Happy moment in Habbo! Log in on Happy Hour to receive this achievement. Worth 100 pixels.
badge_desc_AUB=Joined official AU group
badge_desc_UK078_HHCA=Friend of Fang
badge_desc_WBL_HHUK=Hall of Fame member. Awarded to the top 25 Wobble Squabble players.
badge_desc_ATW=ATW Globetrekker Atlas
badge_name_MB1_HHCA=Red Card
badge_desc_NEE_HHCA=I will fill the Talk Show shoes of Oprah! Nov 09.
badge_desc_GLD_HHUK=Level 4 - The digger one - has information you cannot find. Sorry. This Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_desc_Z06_HHUK=3rd place in the Step Up 2 The Streets dance competition.
badge_name_GCB=Gamers Corner
badge_name_ACH_RespectEarned7_HHCA=Been respected 566 times.
badge_desc_CY3_HHUK=Awarded to owners of trials that MeiLing failed. CNY 2009
badge_name_UK063_HHUK=Demi-god Zeus
badge_desc_Z24_HHUK=Official evil scientist! Maximum level. October 2008.
badge_desc_AP1_HHUK=The HABprentice Boardroom Table Member
badge_desc_COM10=I found the 7 lost lords of Narnia!
badge_desc_COM11=Celebrity gossip at its finest!
badge_name_fb_ACH_GamePlayed10=%realname% reached the highest winner achievement!
badge_desc_Z58_HHUK=Official Habbo Museum security guard
badge_name_GNO=Garden Gnome
badge_name_VA8_HHSG=Bolly Badge (Level 3)
badge_name_UD1=Dag or Not
badge_desc_COM15=Tracked down the Spider Queen
badge_desc_COM14=Spider support competition winner! 2011
badge_desc_UK050_HHUK=I helped revive Santa's broken heart and miserable mood in time for Christmas. December 2009.
badge_desc_COM13=Found the Bot I married - Vegas 2011
badge_desc_COM12=One of 100,000 awesome Fans!
badge_desc_COM19=Dogs FTW!
badge_desc_COM18=Placed top 15 in a game design competition. 2011
badge_desc_COM17=I will find your missing Furni!
badge_desc_COM16=Roller Disco-licious Competition Finalist
badge_desc_ACH_EsA17=Freeze %limit% Habbos to earn this badge!
badge_desc_AUW=Winter Meltdown Campaign 08
badge_desc_ACH_EsA18=Freeze %limit% Habbos to earn this badge!
badge_desc_ACH_EsA15=Freeze %limit% Habbos to earn this badge!
badge_desc_ACH_EsA16=Freeze %limit% Habbos to earn this badge!
badge_desc_AC8_HHCA=I am  a member of Tribe Squid, June 09
badge_desc_ACH_EsA13=Freeze %limit% Habbos to earn this badge!
badge_desc_ACH_EsA14=Freeze %limit% Habbos to earn this badge!
badge_desc_ACH_EsA11=Freeze %limit% Habbos to earn this badge!
badge_desc_ACH_EsA12=Freeze %limit% Habbos to earn this badge!
badge_desc_COM00=Sugar Daddies FTW!
badge_name_ST3_HHUK=Energy Analyst
badge_desc_ACH_EsA10=Freeze %limit% Habbos to earn this badge!
badge_desc_COM09=The Chronicles of Narnia: Aslan Badge
badge_desc_COM02=Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam group member!
badge_desc_USC_HHCA=Bring it on: In it to win it!
badge_desc_COM04=The Sims 3 Karma Powers Discussion Comp Winner!
badge_desc_COM03=I was there for Taylor Swift's 'Speak Now' Live release show!
badge_desc_COM06=You have good karma!
badge_desc_COM05=You have bad karma!
badge_desc_COM08=Everyone deserves to be respected for who they are. Speak up for tolerance and love!
badge_desc_RLX02_HHSG=Zen Bull
badge_desc_ACH_EsA19=Freeze %limit% Habbos to earn this badge!
badge_desc_COM07=I am a member of the Society for Global Citizens
badge_desc_COM32=I rock the board -- my way!
badge_desc_COM33=Winner of the Beach Soccer 2011 room comp!
badge_desc_COM30=You made it to the skate park!
badge_desc_COM31=You got every question correct!
badge_desc_ACH_Login8_HHCA=Level 8 - For logging in 80 days in a row. Sensational. Worth 200 pixels.
badge_name_ACH_PetRespectReceiver7_HHCA=My pets get all the love VI
badge_desc_SHA_HHAU=Superhobba badge
badge_desc_UK6_HHUK=Billboard design winner. Billboards were displayed in the Gallery Cafe for 2 weeks during 2007!
badge_desc_COM39=Completed the daily Turtle Quest 2011!
badge_desc_COM38=Saved a baby Turtle!
badge_desc_COM37=Graffiti Competition 2011
badge_desc_COM36=Skaters FTW!
badge_name_ACH_name1_HHCA=Mystery Badge
badge_desc_COM35=Found the big waves in Summer 2011!
badge_desc_COM20=Blacksmith Hero badge - I completed the quest!
badge_name_UKU_HHUK=Theme Park Clown
badge_desc_COM21=Wizard Hero badge - I built a room for the King & Queen
badge_desc_COM22=King Hero badge - I completed The Sims Medieval Quiz
badge_desc_UK030_HHUK=Celebrated the bullyproof moment in Habbo, November 2009.
badge_desc_Z69_HHUK=Friend of the Realm's natural wonders
badge_desc_COM28=I'm a fan of GL!
badge_desc_COM27=I'm a fan of GL!
badge_desc_COM29=Thanks for your entry!
badge_desc_COM24=Your team was selected to compete in Habbovision 2011!
badge_desc_COM23=Your group rocked Habbovision 2011!
badge_desc_COM26=I'm a fan of GL!
badge_desc_COM25=I'm a fan of GL!
badge_desc_SHA_HHCA=Super Hobba
badge_name_MTV01=MTV Badge
badge_desc_COM51=My Friendship Maze Choices. Show me yours!
badge_desc_COM50=My Friendship Maze Choices. Show me yours!
badge_desc_COM55=My Friendship Maze Choices. Show me yours!
badge_desc_COM54=My Friendship Maze Choices. Show me yours!
badge_name_fb_ACH_PetLover10=%realname%'s got %limit% pets in Habbo
badge_desc_COM53=My Friendship Maze Choices. Show me yours!
badge_desc_COM52=My Friendship Maze Choices. Show me yours!
badge_name_ACH_AIPerformanceVote4=Noteworthy IV
badge_desc_COM58=I came, I climbed, I counted. Champion of the Never Ending Stairs 2011.
badge_name_ACH_AIPerformanceVote3=Unique III
badge_name_ACH_AIPerformanceVote2=Hidden Talent II
badge_desc_COM56=My Friendship Maze Choices. Show me yours!
badge_name_ACH_AIPerformanceVote1=Unknown Star I
badge_desc_COM57=My Friendship Maze Choices. Show me yours!
badge_name_ACH_AIPerformanceVote8=Well-known VIII
badge_name_ACH_AIPerformanceVote7=Grand VII
badge_name_ACH_AIPerformanceVote6=Famous VI
badge_name_ACH_AIPerformanceVote5=Influental V
badge_desc_RA10=Rare Voodoo Doll Owner 2010
badge_name_UK077_HHUK=Staying healthy
badge_name_ACH_AIPerformanceVote9=Glorious IX
badge_name_NEH_HHSG=Neon Megaphone
badge_desc_fb_ACH_BasicClub5=%realname% user a Club member and has now access to cool exclusive clothing and gifts.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_BasicClub4=%realname% user a Club member and has now access to cool exclusive clothing and gifts.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_BasicClub3=%realname% user a Club member and has now access to cool exclusive clothing and gifts.
badge_desc_fb_ACH_BasicClub2=%realname% user a Club member and has now access to cool exclusive clothing and gifts.
badge_desc_COM40=Turtle Art/Writing competiton winner 2011!
badge_desc_fb_ACH_BasicClub1=%realname% user a Club member and has now access to cool exclusive clothing and gifts.
badge_desc_COM42=My Friendship Maze Choices. Show me yours!
badge_desc_COM41=I'm a cosmic enigma, watch out...
badge_desc_COM44=My Friendship Maze Choices. Show me yours!
badge_desc_COM43=My Friendship Maze Choices. Show me yours!
badge_desc_COM45=My Friendship Maze Choices. Show me yours!
badge_desc_COM46=My Friendship Maze Choices. Show me yours!
badge_desc_Z25_HHUK=You have reached LEVEL1. October 2008.
badge_desc_COM47=My Friendship Maze Choices. Show me yours!
badge_desc_COM48=My Friendship Maze Choices. Show me yours!
badge_desc_SGR_HHSG=Given to winners of Zen Labyrinth in 2007, and nominated friends of winners.
badge_desc_COM49=My Friendship Maze Choices. Show me yours!
badge_name_ACH_RespectEarned10_HHCA=Been respected 1166 times.
badge_desc_SB7_HHUK=Winner of a Habbo Hood gang competition. September 2008
badge_name_Z67_HHCA=Myth Bunnies Badge
badge_name_GM1=Diamond Jewel
badge_name_GM2=Emerald Jewel
badge_name_GM3=Sapphire Jewel
badge_desc_TLB_HHUK=Raceway Course creator 2010.
badge_name_GM4=Ruby Jewel
badge_name_UK028_HHUK=Pixel Maze 2009
badge_desc_ACH_EsA20=Freeze %limit% Habbos to earn this badge!
badge_desc_ACH_MGM9=For inviting %limit% real life friends to Habbo.
badge_name_DK5_HHUK=Camp Rock Guitar Blue
badge_desc_ACH_MGM8=For inviting %limit% real life friends to Habbo.
badge_desc_DS2_HHAU=Space Explore Campaign
badge_desc_ACH_MGM4=For inviting %limit% real life friends to Habbo.
badge_desc_DE017=Congratulations! You made it through the maze.
badge_desc_ACH_MGM5=For inviting %limit% real life friends to Habbo.
badge_desc_DE016=Congratulations! You made it through the maze.
badge_desc_ACH_MGM6=For inviting %limit% real life friends to Habbo.
badge_desc_ACH_MGM7=For inviting %limit%  real life friends to Habbo.
badge_desc_DE014=Xmas 09 - Grubs Up Competition Winners
badge_name_GLB=Bambi II
badge_name_GLA=Bunny I
badge_desc_ACH_MGM1=For inviting %limit% real life friend to Habbo.
badge_name_GLD=Badger IV
badge_desc_ACH_MGM2=For inviting %limit% real life friend to Habbo.
badge_name_GLC=Otter III
badge_desc_ACH_MGM3=For inviting %limit% real life friend to Habbo.
badge_name_GLF=Lynx VI
badge_desc_ST3_HHUK=You need Science and Maths skills for this job!
badge_name_GLE=Fox V
badge_name_GLH=Bear VIII
badge_name_GLG=Buffalo VII
badge_name_GLJ=Owl X
badge_desc_UKH_HHUK=Dark is Rising sign of stone. 2007.
badge_name_GLI=Eagle IX
badge_name_MTV10=MTV EMA 2010
badge_desc_ACH_Login10=For logging in %limit% days in a row. Breathtaking.
badge_desc_DS2_HHCA=Astronaut of the Habbo Space Explore 06
badge_desc_WD2_HHSG=Given to the members of the wedding agency that planned and executed the Wedding of the Century for Marcel and Chloe.
badge_desc_COM64=I fight evil side by side with Puffin, Habboween 2011.
badge_desc_COM63=I fight evil side by side with Neja, Habboween 2011.
badge_desc_COM66=I was on the winning Team, in support of Kitano and the Serpents of Doom in the battle against Evil. Habboween 2011
badge_desc_COM65=I fight evil side by side with Kitano, Habboween 2011.
badge_desc_COM60=Winning cast and crew for Habbo TV
badge_desc_COM62=Winning pitch writer for Habbo TV
badge_desc_DE012=I won a live event or game this Christmas. December 2009.
badge_desc_COM61=Master at predicting Habbo TV hits!
badge_desc_DE013=I logged in on Christmas Day and gave feedback for next year! December 2009.
badge_desc_Z27_HHCA=Prom Queen
badge_desc_ACH_MGM8_HHCA=Level 8 - For creating your own fellowship - party of 14. For For inviting two more real life friends to Habbo. Worth 170 pixels.
badge_desc_COM67=A member of the order of the Hell Hound Guardians. Inducted Habboween 2011.
badge_desc_SB7_HHSG=Awarded for Streets of Bobba 2008, this badge marks the big guns of each gang attempting to take control of Bobba Street.
badge_desc_ACH_EmailVerification1_HHCA=For activating your email address and for making it easier to return your password. Worth 200 pixels.
nav_venue_sw_lobby_amateur_2/0_desc=Astetta rankempaa lumisotaa.
nav_venue_branded_2/0_desc=Get involved to get your hands on exclusive branded Furni and loads of other great prizes.
nav_venue_sw_lobby_expert_0_name=Snow Marksmen Lobby
nav_venue_chill/0_name=Zen Garden
nav_venue_skylight_lobby_name=Skylight Lobby
nav_venue_bb_lobby_beginner_2/0_desc=Free for today!
nav_venue_bb_lobby_amateur_0/0_desc=Practice your moves here
nav_venue_sw_lobby_intermediate_desc=For the accomplished Snow Stormers.
nav_venue_beauty_salon_general/0_name=GL Magazine Beauty Salon
nav_venue_median_lobby/0_desc=A mean place to hang - with five Room-O-Matics
nav_venue_bb_lobby_amateur_5_name=Amateur Battle Ball 6
nav_venue_bb_arena_3_name=Battle Ball Keskitaso
nav_venue_bb_arena_2_name=Battle Ball Amateur
nav_venue_bb_lobby_intermediate_3_name=Intermediate Battle Ball 4
nav_venue_club_mammoth_name=Club Mammoth
nav_venue_bb_game/0_name=Battle Ball Arena
nav_venue_the_dirty_duck_pub/0_desc=If you have a spare 5 mins take on my Social Media Poll. Thx Grecian9
nav_venue_sw_lobby_free_6/0_desc=Kaikki eritasoiset pelaajat voivat pelata toisiaan vastaan.
nav_venue_chill_name=Zen Garden
nav_venue_bb_lobby_tournament_7_name=Battle Ball Tournament 8
nav_venue_park/0_name=The Park
nav_venue_bb_lobby_beginner_7_name=Beginner Battle Ball 8
nav_venue_ballroom/0_name=What Frock Will Posh Rock?
nav_venue_the_chromide_club/1_name=The Sims 3™ Karma Lounge
nav_venue_sw_lobby_intermediate_2/0_desc=Lumisota sen kuin vain kovenee.
nav_venue_welcome_lounge/0_name=Welcome Lounge
nav_venue_bb_lobby_tournament_3_name=Battle Ball Tournament 4
nav_venue_sw_arena_amateur_name(0)=SnowStorm Amateur
nav_venue_tv_studio_3/0_name=MTV EMA 2010
nav_venue_club_massiva_desc=The club where you can do it all - rock, talk and chill
nav_venue_sw_arena_expert_name(0)=SnowStorm Expertit
nav_venue_sw_lobby_beginner_desc=Yes, get some snowballs and hit the enemy teams. Easy, isn't it?
nav_venue_sw_lobby_amateur_1/0_desc=Astetta rankempaa lumisotaa.
nav_venue_netcafe/0_desc=With giant sized keyboard-furniture, for a unique and really "digital" look!
nav_venue_bb_lobby_beginner_5_name=Beginner Battle Ball 6
nav_venue_rooftop_rumble_ii_name=Rooftop Rumble II
nav_venue_branded_4/0_desc=Talk about what messed up magic you would create! WOWP on the Disney Channel from the 25th April in the UK.
nav_venue_sw_lobby_free_2/0_desc=Kaikki eritasoiset pelaajat voivat pelata toisiaan vastaan.
nav_venue_sw_lobby_expert_1_name=Snow Marksmen Lobby
room.queue.error.na=Sorry, this room is currently locked. Please try again later.
nav_venue_theatredrome_easter_name=Theatredrome Easter
nav_venue_sw_arena_intermediate_name=Playing intermediate game
nav_venue_bb_lobby_amateur_2/0_desc=Battle Ballia amatööreille
nav_venue_orient_name=Dragon's Lair
nav_venue_sw_lobby_free_3/0_desc=Kaikki eritasoiset pelaajat voivat pelata toisiaan vastaan.
nav_venue_bb_lobby_intermediate_2_name=Intermediate Battle Ball 3
nav_venue_sw_lobby_beginner_8_name=Snow Rookies Lobby
nav_venue_sw_arena_expert_name=Playing expert game
nav_venue_sw_lobby_free_1/0_desc=Kaikki eritasoiset pelaajat voivat pelata toisiaan vastaan.
nav_venue_beauty_salon_general_name=Beauty salon
nav_venue_theatredrome/0_desc=Are you ready to rock during this year's tour?
nav_venue_bb_lobby_amateur_7_name=Amateur Battle Ball 8
nav_venue_bb_lobby_amateur_4/0_desc=Battle Ballia amatööreille
nav_venue_gate_park/0_desc=Harmony, symmetry, and beaming lions.
nav_venue_bb_lobby_tournament_11_name=Battle Ball Tournament 12
nav_venue_hotel_kitchen/0_name=The Habbo Kitchen
nav_venue_gate_park/0_name=Peaceful Park
nav_venue_habbo_lido_ii/0_name=The Rio Lido
nav_venue_sw_lobby_intermediate_2_name=Snow Bombardiers Lobby
nav_venue_bb_lobby_amateur_9_name=Amateur Battle Ball 10
nav_venue_sw_lobby_intermediate_4/0_desc=Lumisota sen kuin vain kovenee.
nav_venue_sw_lobby_amateur_2_name=Snow Slingers Lobby
nav_venue_park/0_desc=Keep an eye on your newsfeed for articles about the Infobus and when it opens!
nav_venue_bb_lobby_beginner_12_name=Beginner Battle Ball 13
nav_venue_bb_lobby_beginner_9_name=Beginner Battle Ball 10
nav_venue_bb_lobby_beginner_8_name=Beginner Battle Ball 9
nav_venue_bouncer_room_4_name=Experts Battle Ball Arena
nav_venue_club_massiva/0_name=UDO Lounge
nav_venue_habbo_lido/0_desc=Splish, splash and make a dash in your bathing suits. 
nav_venue_bb_lobby_tournament_6_name=Battle Ball Tournament 7
nav_venue_emperors_name=Emperor's hall
nav_venue_old_skool_name=Old Skool Habbo
nav_venue_club_mammoth/0_desc=Monumental and magnificent.
nav_venue_bb_lobby_beginner_4_name=Beginner Battle Ball 5
nav_venue_tv_studio/0_name=Animax TV
nav_venue_bb_lobby_beginner_3_name=Beginner Battle Ball 4
nav_venue_eric's_eaterie/0_desc=The perfect place to mellow out
nav_venue_space_cafe/0_desc=Hangout for habbonauts
room.queueerror.na=Room queue is not available at the moment.
nav_venue_floatinggarden_name=Tranquility Garden
nav_venue_orient/0_desc=Exotic mystery and danger awaits.
nav_venue_sw_lobby_tournament_3_name=Tournament Lobby
nav_venue_rooftop/0_desc=Hang out on the very top of Habbo Hotel!
nav_venue_branded/0_desc=Come in and check out Paddle Pop Lion in his all new feature movie! Join the adventure NOW!
nav_venue_bb_lobby_beginner_0/0_desc=Learn how to play Battle Ball
nav_venue_bb_lobby_amateur_6_name=Amateur Battle Ball 7
nav_venue_hallway_ii_name=The Promenade
nav_venue_hallway_ii/0_desc=More room to play tag!
nav_venue_basement_lobby_name=Basement Lobby
nav_venue_bb_lobby_tournament_14_name=Battle Ball Tournament 15
nav_venue_sw_lobby_amateur_0_name=Snow Slingers Lobby
nav_venue_branded_4/0_name=The Wizards of Waverly Place Lair
nav_venue_the_dirty_duck_pub/0_name=The Dirty Duck Pub
nav_venue_bb_lobby_expert_3_name=Expert Battle Ball 4
nav_venue_floatinggarden/0_desc=Tranquillity and flowing water, soothes your pixel soul!
nav_venue_sw_lobby_beginner_3_name=Snow Rookies Lobby
nav_venue_hallway/0_desc=Play tag in the Hotel Hallways!
nav_venue_main_lobby/0_name=Main Lobby
nav_venue_club_massiva/1_name=Chill-out Room
nav_venue_sw_lobby_intermediate_1/0_desc=Lumisota sen kuin vain kovenee.
nav_venue_sw_lobby_free_6_name=Free Game Lobby
nav_venue_sun_terrace_name=Sun Terrace
nav_venue_picnic_ii/0_name=The 0800 Reverse Picnic
nav_venue_old_skool/0_name=Old Skool Habbo
nav_venue_bouncer_room_0_name=Battle Ball Competitie Arena
nav_venue_bb_lobby_amateur_4_name=Amateur Battle Ball 5
nav_venue_ice_cafe_name=Ice Cafe
nav_venue_sw_lobby_amateur_6/0_desc=Astetta rankempaa lumisotaa.
nav_venue_club_massiva/2_desc=Shake that thing!
nav_venue_club_massiva/1_desc=Marinate between sets.
nav_venue_sw_lobby_amateur_7_name=Snow Slingers Lobby
nav_venue_tv_studio_3/0_desc=Support your favorite artists! Find the MTV EMAI article to vote for them right now and you could win a Trophy!
nav_venue_sw_lobby_expert_0/0_desc=Todellisille lumisotureille.
nav_venue_sw_lobby_free_7/0_desc=Kaikki eritasoiset pelaajat voivat pelata toisiaan vastaan.
nav_venue_club_massiva_name=Club Massiva
nav_venue_sw_lobby_tournament_5_name=Tournament Lobby
nav_venue_bb_lobby_intermediate_5_name=Intermediate Battle Ball 6
nav_venue_bb_arena_1_name=Battle Ball Aloittelijat
nav_venue_bb_lobby_expert_0_name=Expert Battle Ball 1
nav_venue_sunset_cafe_name=Sunset Cafe
nav_venue_theatredrome_halloween_name=Theatredrome Habboween
nav_venue_bouncer_room_2_name=Gevorderden Battle Ball Arena
nav_venue_bb_lobby_expert_1_name=Expert Battle Ball 2
nav_venue_sw_lobby_tournament_9_name=Tournament Lobby
nav_venue_snowwar_lobby/0_desc=Snow Storm Lobby - Come and be a Snow Stormer!
nav_venue_bb_lobby_tournament_13_name=Battle Ball Tournament 14
nav_venue_bb_lobby_amateur_1/0_desc=Fast Battle Ball games for only 1 ticket!
nav_venue_habbo_lido_name=Habbo Lido Deck I
nav_venue_welcome_lounge_1/0_desc=New? Lost? Get a warm welcome here!
nav_venue_sw_lobby_expert_1/0_desc=Todellisille lumisotureille.
nav_venue_ice_cafe/0_desc=Chill out, drink a Crush and stay cool!
nav_venue_basement_lobby/0_desc=For low level loafing :)
nav_venue_bb_lobby_beginner_13_name=Beginner Battle Ball 14
nav_venue_bb_lobby_tournament_8_name=Battle Ball Tournament 9
nav_venue_the_chromide_club/0_name=The Chromide Club
nav_venue_bb_lobby_beginner_11_name=Beginner Battle Ball 12
nav_venue_$unit.name$/0_desc=Nieuw? Verdwaald? Hier word je warm onthaald
nav_venue_picnic/0_desc=Spread out a picnic rug and relax!
nav_venue_eric's_eaterie_name=Eric's Eaterie
nav_venue_sw_lobby_tournament_2_name=Tournament Lobby
nav_venue_sw_lobby_intermediate_5/0_desc=Lumisota sen kuin vain kovenee.
nav_venue_sw_lobby_beginner_6_name=Snow Rookies Lobby
nav_venue_habbo_lido_ii_name=Habbo Lido Deck II
nav_venue_rooftop_rumble/0_desc=Play Wobble Squabble!
nav_venue_sport_name=The Habbo Gym
nav_venue_bb_lobby_beginner_10_name=Beginner Battle Ball 11
nav_venue_habbo_lido_ii/0_desc=Splish, splash and make a dash in your bathing suits!
nav_venue_sw_arena_amateur_name=Playing amateur game
nav_venue_bb_lobby_intermediate_0/0_desc=Test your Battle Ball skills
nav_venue_sw_lobby_intermediate_3_name=Snow Bombardiers Lobby
nav_venue_bb_lobby_intermediate_1_name=Intermediate Battle Ball 2
nav_venue_the_den/0_name=The Den
nav_venue_library/0_name=The Library
nav_venue_tv_studio_name=Habbo TV Studio
nav_venue_bb_lobby_beginner_6_name=Beginner Battle Ball 7
nav_venue_ice_cafe_ii/0_name=Ice Café
nav_venue_sw_lobby_expert_desc=For the William Tells and Robin Hoods of Snow Storming.
nav_venue_tv_studio/0_desc=Be different!
nav_venue_sw_lobby_intermediate_3/0_desc=Lumisota sen kuin vain kovenee.
nav_venue_skylight_lobby/0_desc=Lift your spirits on the top floor - Room-O-Matics plus water cooler
nav_venue_sw_lobby_free_9_name=Free Game Lobby
nav_venue_theatredrome_xmas/0_desc=Happy Holidays Everyone! Take the stage and perform your best holiday play.
nav_venue_pizzeria/0_desc=Come in and enjoy a nice pizza!
nav_venue_snowwar_lobby_name=Snow Storm Lobby
nav_venue_the_chromide_club_name=The Chromide Club
nav_venue_sw_lobby_amateur_4/0_desc=Astetta rankempaa lumisotaa.
nav_venue_sw_lobby_free_0/0_desc=Fight for your right!
nav_venue_sw_lobby_amateur_6_name=Snow Slingers Lobby
nav_venue_sw_lobby_free_1_name=Free Game Lobby
nav_venue_main_lobby_name=Main Lobby
nav_venue_bb_lobby_amateur_desc=Amateur battle ball!
nav_venue_bb_lobby_amateur_1_name=Amateur Battle Ball 2
nav_venue_sw_lobby_amateur_5/0_desc=Astetta rankempaa lumisotaa.
nav_venue_sw_lobby_amateur_4_name=Snow Slingers Lobby
nav_venue_bb_lobby_expert_1/0_desc=All skill levels can play here!
nav_venue_bb_lobby_tournament_6/0_desc=Pelaa Battle Ballia
nav_venue_sun_terrace/0_name=Sun Terrace
nav_venue_branded_5/0_name=branded room 5
nav_venue_sw_lobby_free_3_name=Free Game Lobby
nav_venue_star_lounge_name=Star Lounge
nav_venue_tearoom/0_name=Chinese Tea Room
nav_venue_bb_lobby_beginner_1_name=Beginner Battle Ball 2
nav_venue_sw_lobby_tournament_6_name=Tournament Lobby
nav_venue_library2/0_name=The Witch & Wizard Library
nav_venue_sunset_cafe/0_name=Sunset Café
nav_venue_sw_lobby_intermediate_1_name=Snow Bombardiers Lobby
nav_venue_sw_lobby_free_desc=Come and play. It's free!
nav_venue_bb_lobby_tournament_0_name=Battle Ball Tournament 1
nav_venue_sw_arena_intermediate_name(0)=SnowStorm Keskitaso
nav_venue_the_den/0_desc=If you have a spare 5 minutes, please fill out this poll on Entertainment!
nav_venue_sun_terrace/0_desc=Sip a cool drink and get a supertan treatment!
nav_venue_habbo_cinema/0_name=Habbo Cinema
nav_venue_bb_lobby_expert_0/0_desc=Experts only!
nav_venue_picnic/0_name=Picnic Area
nav_venue_sw_lobby_intermediate_0_name=Snow Bombardiers Lobby
nav_venue_rooftop_rumble_name=Rooftop Rumble
nav_venue_sw_lobby_amateur_desc=Practice improves a Snow Stormer's aim... Oops, missed!
nav_venue_sw_lobby_amateur_1_name=Snow Slingers Lobby
nav_venue_sw_lobby_beginner_1_name=Snow Rookies Lobby
nav_venue_theatredrome_valentine/0_desc=Serenade your love one in front of a really big bear.
nav_venue_space_cafe_name=Space Cafe
nav_venue_netcafe_name=Net Cafe
nav_venue_sw_lobby_intermediate_0/0_desc=Lumisota sen kuin vain kovenee.
nav_venue_theatredrome/0_name=Logitech Rock the Schools Assembly
nav_venue_rooftop_name=Rooftop Cafe
nav_venue_sw_lobby_amateur_5_name=Snow Slingers Lobby
nav_venue_sw_lobby_intermediate_4_name=Snow Bombardiers Lobby
nav_venue_bb_lobby_expert_desc=Expert battle ball!
nav_venue_bb_lobby_amateur_2_name=Amateur Battle Ball 3
nav_venue_sw_lobby_free_2_name=Free Game Lobby
nav_venue_ballroom_name=Sports Arena
nav_venue_the_den_name=The Den
nav_venue_ice_cafe/0_name=The Crush Ice Café
nav_venue_orient/0_name=House Of Flying Carrots
nav_venue_cafe_ole/0_desc=Organic, healthy and just plain good food and drink at this cafe.
nav_venue_the_dirty_duck_pub_name=The Dirty Duck Pub
nav_venue_sw_lobby_tournament_4_name=Tournament Lobby
nav_venue_pizza/0_desc=Gino and Carlo's palace of perfect pizza.
nav_venue_median_lobby_name=Median Lobby
nav_venue_pizzeria/0_name=The Pizzeria
nav_venue_bouncer_room_3_name=Semi-profs Battle Ball Arena
nav_venue_ballroom/0_desc=What color do you think Victoria Beckham will wear to the royal wedding? We’re taking your bets!
nav_venue_sw_arena_beginner_name=Playing beginner game
nav_venue_tearoom/0_desc=A soothing atmosphere and amazing tea brews.
nav_venue_sw_arena_tournament_name=Playing a tournament game!
nav_venue_sport/0_name=The Habbo Gym
nav_venue_hotel_kitchen_name=Hotel Kitchen
nav_venue_bb_lobby_amateur_8_name=Amateur Battle Ball 9
nav_venue_bb_lobby_beginner_desc=Beginner battle ball
nav_venue_sw_lobby_free_5/0_desc=Kaikki eritasoiset pelaajat voivat pelata toisiaan vastaan.
nav_venue_tv_studio_2/0_desc=Join thousands of fans in the MTV VIP Lounge!
nav_venue_floatinggarden/0_name=Floating Garden
nav_venue_sw_lobby_beginner_0_name=Snow Rookies Lobby
nav_venue_beauty_salon/0_desc=Get pampered!
nav_venue_tv_studio_general/0_desc=Suosikki rules! Musaa, leffoja ja staroja!
nav_venue_pizza_desc=Tunnelmallinen pizzapaikka kiireettömään nautiskeluun.
nav_venue_sw_arena_free_name=Playing a free game
nav_venue_habbo_lido_ii/1_desc=Sorry but the diving board is closed.
nav_venue_beauty_salon_loreal_name=Beauty salon
nav_venue_bouncer_room_1_name=Beginners Battle Ball Arena
nav_venue_bb_lobby_tournament_1_name=Battle Ball Tournament 2
nav_venue_pizzeria_name=Palazzo Pizza
nav_venue_theatredrome_xmas/0_name=Xmas Theatredrome
nav_venue_cafe_gold_name=Cafe Gold
nav_venue_habburger's_name=Flava Burger Bar
nav_venue_the_chromide_club/1_desc=Come in and discuss Karma, Luck, Wealth, Beauty, Love. Take the Karma quiz to get a good or bad karma badge.
nav_venue_sw_lobby_expert_2/0_desc=Todellisille lumisotureille.
nav_venue_sw_lobby_amateur_0/0_desc=Astetta rankempaa lumisotaa.
nav_venue_rooftop_rumble_ii/0_desc=Are you ready?
nav_venue_sw_arena_beginner_name(0)=SnowStorm Aloittelijat
nav_venue_theatredrome_xmas_name=Theatredrome Xmas
nav_venue_library2/0_desc= Witch and Wizard: The Gift book is out now at all good bookshops 
nav_venue_emperors/0_name=The Last Airbender
nav_venue_sw_lobby_intermediate_5_name=Snow Bombardiers Lobby
nav_venue_sw_lobby_free_7_name=Free Game Lobby
nav_venue_bb_lobby_intermediate_desc=Intermediate battle ball!
nav_venue_bb_arena_0_name=Battle Ball  kaikille
nav_venue_bb_lobby_tournament_5_name=Battle Ball Tournament 6
nav_venue_bb_lobby_expert_4_name=Expert Battle Ball 5
nav_venue_hotel_kitchen/0_desc=Cook up a real treat to serve to the guests!
nav_venue_bb_lobby_tournament_12_name=Battle Ball Tournament 13
nav_venue_sw_lobby_free_5_name=Free Game Lobby
nav_venue_welcome_lounge_name=Welcome Lounge
nav_venue_sw_lobby_free_0_name=Free Game Lobby
nav_venue_sw_lobby_free_9/0_desc=Kaikki eritasoiset pelaajat voivat pelata toisiaan vastaan.
nav_venue_main_lobby/0_desc=Hang out and watch the water drift by...
nav_venue_bb_lobby_amateur_3_name=Amateur Battle Ball 4
nav_venue_chill/0_desc=Take some time out.
nav_venue_bb_lobby_5_name=Battle Ball Kaikille
nav_venue_ice_cafe_ii/0_desc=If you have a few spare minutes answer our Movie poll!
nav_venue_hallway_ii/0_name=Hallway II
nav_venue_sw_lobby_beginner_9_name=Snow Rookies Lobby
nav_venue_sw_lobby_beginner_7_name=Snow Rookies Lobby
nav_venue_bb_lobby_intermediate_2/0_desc=Free for...
nav_venue_theatredrome_halloween/0_desc=Once you're in - you CAN'T GET OUT!
nav_venue_sw_lobby_amateur_3_name=Snow Slingers Lobby
nav_venue_tv_studio_2/0_name=MTV VIP Lounge
nav_venue_club_massiva/0_desc=Celebrity visits and after parties for the Street Dance Championships. 
nav_venue_tearoom_name=Serenity Tea Room
nav_venue_beauty_salon/0_name=Beauty Salon
nav_venue_bb_lobby_tournament_10_name=Battle Ball Tournament 11
nav_venue_habbo_cinema/0_desc=Get some popcorn, take a seat and watch a cool movie.
nav_venue_pizza_name=Slice of Life
nav_venue_bb_lobby_beginner_0_name=Beginner Battle Ball 1
nav_venue_club_mammoth/0_name=Club Mammoth
nav_venue_bb_arena_4_name=Battle Ball Expertit
nav_venue_bb_lobby_tournament_desc=Play battle ball tournament!
nav_venue_bb_lobby_tournament_2_name=Battle Ball Tournament 3
nav_venue_sw_lobby_beginner_5_name=Snow Rookies Lobby
nav_venue_beauty_salon_general/0_desc=Treat yourself to the full beauty spa package, complements of Girls’ Life magazine… show off your GL badges after!

nav_venue_bb_lobby_amateur_0_name=Amateur Battle Ball 1
nav_venue_sw_lobby_amateur_7/0_desc=Astetta rankempaa lumisotaa.
nav_venue_sw_lobby_free_4/0_desc=Kaikki eritasoiset pelaajat voivat pelata toisiaan vastaan.
nav_venue_bb_lobby_tournament_9_name=Battle Ball Tournament 10
nav_venue_bb_lobby_amateur_3/0_desc=Battle Ballia amatööreille
nav_venue_bb_lobby_expert_2_name=Expert Battle Ball 3
nav_venue_theatredrome_valentine_name=Theatredrome Valentine
nav_venue_sw_lobby_tournament_1_name=Tournament Lobby
nav_venue_bb_lobby_intermediate_4_name=Intermediate Battle Ball 5
nav_venue_dusty_lounge/0_desc=A dignified lounge for sitting back and enjoying a licorice pipe
nav_venue_gate_park_name=Peaceful Park
nav_venue_sw_lobby_free_8_name=Free Game Lobby
nav_venue_bb_lobby_beginner_14_name=Beginner Battle Ball 15
nav_venue_bb_lobby_tournament_7/0_desc=Pelaa Battle Ballia
nav_venue_sw_lobby_free_8/0_desc=Kaikki eritasoiset pelaajat voivat pelata toisiaan vastaan.
nav_venue_habbo_lido/1_desc=Sorry but the diving board is closed.
nav_venue_kattoterassi/0_desc=Challenge your opponent.
nav_venue_branded_2/0_name=The Capri-Sun Theme Park
nav_venue_sw_lobby_tournament_0_name=Tournament Lobby
nav_venue_beauty_salon_loreal/0_desc=No Pixel Surgery, only natural make-up!
nav_venue_dusty_lounge_name=Dusty Lounge
nav_venue_picnic_ii/0_desc=Relax, chill out and make some calls!
0800 Reverse is now available on mobile phones! (UK Only)
nav_venue_park/1_desc=The Infobus is here!
nav_venue_sw_lobby_tournament_7_name=Tournament Lobby
nav_venue_sw_lobby_amateur_3/0_desc=Astetta rankempaa lumisotaa.
nav_venue_sport/0_desc=If you have a spare 5 mins please take on the Sports Brand poll. Thanks Grecian9
nav_venue_bb_lobby_intermediate_0_name=Intermediate Battle Ball 1
nav_venue_cafe_gold/0_desc=Cafe Gold is not so old.
nav_venue_the_chromide_club/0_desc=Basic Disco style chill out room. Space is divided to two seperate rooms, connnected with door. Bar and Dancing floor styled rooms.
nav_venue_sw_arena_free_name(0)=SnowStorm - kaikki kaikkia vastaan
nav_venue_sw_lobby_free_4_name=Free Game Lobby
nav_venue_bb_lobby_tournament_4_name=Battle Ball Tournament 5
nav_venue_sw_lobby_tournament_8_name=Tournament Lobby
nav_venue_bb_lobby_tournament_9/0_desc=Pelaa Battle Ballia
nav_venue_sw_lobby_tournament_desc=For stand-alone Tournaments.
nav_venue_sw_lobby_beginner_4_name=Snow Rookies Lobby
nav_venue_star_lounge/0_name=The SoundGirl Star Lounge
nav_venue_habburger's/0_desc=American classics - burgers, fries and shakes. And ketchup, so much ketchup.
nav_venue_habbo_lido/0_name=Habbo Lido Deck
nav_venue_bb_lobby_beginner_2_name=Beginner Battle Ball 3
nav_venue_bb_lobby_tournament_8/0_desc=Pelaa Battle Ballia
nav_venue_habbo_cinema_name=Habbo Cinema
nav_venue_branded_3/0_desc=Come by for a brand new Cherry Crush!
nav_venue_old_skool/0_desc=A set of rooms inspired by the original and legendary Mobiles Disco, the progenitor of Habbo
nav_venue_welcome_lounge/0_desc=Get a warm Habbo welcome here!
nav_venue_sw_lobby_beginner_2_name=Snow Rookies Lobby
nav_venue_sw_lobby_expert_2_name=Snow Marksmen Lobby
nav_venue_emperors/0_desc=The Last Airbender is in UK Cinemas from 13th August.
nav_venue_beauty_salon_general/1_desc=Get on the catwalk and strut your stuff!

Okay the external texts is done.

Now search for external_variables.php open it then change it to this:
struct.font.grey=[#font:"v", #fontSize:9,#lineHeight:10,#color:rgb("#666666"),#ilk:#struct,#fontStyle:[#italic]]
struct.font.plain=[#font:"v", #fontSize:9,#lineHeight:10,#color:rgb("#000000"),#ilk:#struct,#fontStyle:[#plain]]
struct.font.italic=[#font:"v", #fontSize:9,#lineHeight:10,#color:rgb("#000000"),#ilk:#struct,#fontStyle:[#italic]]
struct.font.tooltip=[#font:"v", #fontSize:9,#lineHeight:10,#color:rgb("#000000"),#ilk:#struct,#fontStyle:[#plain]]
struct.font.link=[#font:"v", #fontSize:9,#lineHeight:10,#color:rgb("#000000"),#ilk:#struct,#fontStyle:[#underline]]
client.window.title=Habbo Hotel
paalu.key.list=[#bal1:"Q", #bal2:"E", #push1:"A", #push2:"D", #move1:"N", #move2:"M", #stabilise:"SPACE"]
room.cast.private=["hh_room_private", "hh_room_landscapes"]
swimjump.key.list=[#run1:"A", #run2:"D", #dive1:"W", #dive2:"E", #dive3:"A", #dive4:"S", #dive5:"D", #dive6:"Y", #dive7:"X", #jump:"SPACE"]
moderator.cmds=[":alert x",":ban x",":kick x",":superban x",":shutup x",":unmute x",":transfer x",":softkick x"]

Now press ctrl+H and it will look like this:

Now, u have done the external_variables.:w00t:

Go to Your Hotel Housekeeping then click basic:

Just change the ip to your.:thumbup1:

Easy right?

If i enter client it blanks.How to do?
It easy update U webbuild.

Copy this to your clients folder

$rand1 = rand(100000, 999999);
$rand2 = rand(10000, 99999);
$rand3 = rand(10000, 99999);
$rand4 = rand(10000, 99999);
$rand5 = rand(10000, 99999);
$rand6 = rand(1, 9);
$ticket = "ST-".$rand1."-".$rand2.$rand3."-".$rand4.$rand5."-otaku-".$rand6;
$username = $_SESSION['username'];
if(@$_GET['ticket'] && @$_GET['username'] && $users->UserPermission('hk_ext_login', $_SESSION['username']))
	$username = $_GET['username'];
	$ticket = $_GET['ticket'];
$query = mysql_query("UPDATE users SET auth_ticket = '$ticket' WHERE username = '$username'");
$query = mysql_query("UPDATE users SET ip_last = '".$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']."' WHERE username = '$username'");

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"
<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" xml:lang="en" lang="en" xmlns:og="http://opengraphprotocol.org/schema/" xmlns:fb="http://www.facebook.com/2008/fbml">
	<meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />
	<title><?php echo $sitename." - Client"; ?></title>

<script type="text/javascript">
var andSoItBegins = (new Date()).getTime();
<link rel="stylesheet" href="http://images.habbo.com/habboweb/63_1dc60c6d6ea6e089c6893ab4e0541ee0/787/web-gallery/static/styles/common.css" type="text/css" />
<script src="http://images.habbo.com/habboweb/63_1dc60c6d6ea6e089c6893ab4e0541ee0/787/web-gallery/static/js/libs2.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

<script src="http://images.habbo.com/habboweb/63_1dc60c6d6ea6e089c6893ab4e0541ee0/787/web-gallery/static/js/visual.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="http://images.habbo.com/habboweb/63_1dc60c6d6ea6e089c6893ab4e0541ee0/787/web-gallery/static/js/libs.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="http://images.habbo.com/habboweb/63_1dc60c6d6ea6e089c6893ab4e0541ee0/787/web-gallery/static/js/common.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

	<script type="text/javascript"> 
		document.habboLoggedIn = true;
		var habboName = "<?php echo $_SESSION['username']; ?>";
		var habboReqPath = "<?php echo $core->CmsSetting('cms_url'); ?>";
		var habboStaticFilePath = "http://images.habbo.com/habboweb/63_1dc60c6d6ea6e089c6893ab4e0541ee0/787/web-gallery";
		var habboImagerUrl = "http://www.habbo.com/habbo-imaging/";
		var habboPartner = "";
		var habboDefaultClientPopupUrl = "<?php echo $core->CmsSetting('cms_url'); ?>/client";
		window.name = "ClientWndw";
		if (typeof HabboClient != "undefined") { HabboClient.windowName = "ClientWndw"; }

<link rel="stylesheet" href="http://images.habbo.com/habboweb/63_1dc60c6d6ea6e089c6893ab4e0541ee0/787/web-gallery/static/styles/habboflashclient.css" type="text/css" />
<script src="http://images.habbo.com/habboweb/63_1dc60c6d6ea6e089c6893ab4e0541ee0/787/web-gallery/static/js/habboflashclient.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="http://images.habbo.com/habboweb/63_1dc60c6d6ea6e089c6893ab4e0541ee0/787/web-gallery/static/js/identity.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

<script type="text/javascript"> 
    FlashExternalInterface.loginLogEnabled = false;
    if (top == self) {
    var flashvars = {
            "client.allow.cross.domain" : "1", 
            "client.notify.cross.domain" : "1", 
            "connection.info.host" : "<?php echo $core->CmsSetting('client_ip'); ?>", 
            "connection.info.port" : "<?php echo $core->CmsSetting('client_port'); ?>", 
            "site.url" : "<?php echo $core->CmsSetting('cms_url'); ?>", 
            "url.prefix" : "<?php echo $core->CmsSetting('cms_url'); ?>", 
            "client.reload.url" : "<?php echo $core->CmsSetting('cms_url'); ?>/index.php", 
            "client.fatal.error.url" : "<?php echo $core->CmsSetting('cms_url'); ?>/client/disconnected.php?flash_client_error", 
            "client.connection.failed.url" : "<?php echo $core->CmsSetting('cms_url'); ?>/client/disconnected.php?client_connection_failed", 
            "external.variables.txt" : "<?php echo $core->CmsSetting('client_variables'); ?>", 
            "external.texts.txt" : "<?php echo $core->CmsSetting('client_texts'); ?>", 
            "use.sso.ticket" : "1",
            "sso.ticket" : "<?php echo $ticket ?>", 
            "processlog.enabled" : "0", 
            "account_id" : "1", 
            "client.starting" : "Attendi,L'hotel sta caricando...", 
            "flash.client.url" : "<?php echo $core->CmsSetting('client_swf_path'); ?>/", 
            "user.hash" : "31385693ae558a03d28fc720be6b41cb1ccfec02", 
            "has.identity" : "0", 
            "flash.client.origin" : "popup",
            "token" : "<?php echo $ticket ?>"
    var params = {
        "base" : "<?php echo $core->CmsSetting('client_swf_path'); ?>/",
        "allowScriptAccess" : "always",
        "menu" : "false"                
    if (!(HabbletLoader.needsFlashKbWorkaround())) {
    	params["wmode"] = "opaque";
    var clientUrl = "<?php echo $core->CmsSetting('client_habbo_swf'); ?>";

    swfobject.embedSWF(clientUrl, "flash-container", "100%", "100%", "10.0.0", "http://images.habbo.com/habboweb/63_1dc60c6d6ea6e089c6893ab4e0541ee0/787/web-gallery/flash/expressInstall.swf", flashvars, params);
    window.onbeforeunload = unloading;
    function unloading() {
        var clientObject;
        if (navigator.appName.indexOf("Microsoft") != -1) {
            clientObject = window["flash-container"];
        } else {
            clientObject = document["flash-container"];
        try {
        } catch (e) {}

<!--[if IE 8]>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="http://images.habbo.com/habboweb/63_1dc60c6d6ea6e089c6893ab4e0541ee0/787/web-gallery/static/styles/ie8.css" type="text/css" />

<!--[if lt IE 8]>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="http://images.habbo.com/habboweb/63_1dc60c6d6ea6e089c6893ab4e0541ee0/787/web-gallery/static/styles/ie.css" type="text/css" />
<!--[if lt IE 7]>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="http://images.habbo.com/habboweb/63_1dc60c6d6ea6e089c6893ab4e0541ee0/787/web-gallery/static/styles/ie6.css" type="text/css" />
<script src="http://images.habbo.com/habboweb/63_1dc60c6d6ea6e089c6893ab4e0541ee0/787/web-gallery/static/js/pngfix.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
try { document.execCommand('BackgroundImageCache', false, true); } catch(e) {}

<style type="text/css">
body { behavior: url(/js/csshover.htc); }

<body id="client" class="flashclient"> 

<div id="overlay"></div>  
<div id="overlay"></div> 
<div id="client-ui" > 
    <div id="flash-wrapper"> 
    <div id="flash-container"> 
        <div id="content" style="width: 400px; margin: 20px auto 0 auto; display: none"> 
			<div class="cbb clearfix"> 
			    <h2 class="title">Please install Adobe Flash Player.</h2> 
			    <div class="box-content"> 
			            <p>You can install and download Adobe Flash Player here: <a href="http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/">
						Install flash player</a>. More instructions for installation can be 
						found here: <a href="http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/productinfo/instructions/">
						More information</a></p> 
			            <p><a href="http://www.adobe.com/go/getflashplayer"><img src="http://images.habbo.com/habboweb/[COLOR="Red"]63_1dc60c6d6ea6e089c6893ab4e0541ee0/787[/COLOR]/web-gallery/v2/images/client/get_flash_player.gif" alt="Get Adobe Flash player" /></a></p> 
        <script type="text/javascript"> 
            <div style="width: 400px; margin: 20px auto 0 auto; text-align: center">
                <p>If you are not automatically redirected, please <a href="/client/nojs">click here</a></p>

	<div id="content" class="client-content"></div>


The red colour is webbuild.
Not work?
Change the new webbuild.Like this:
Press ctrl+H and search this:

Then go to habbo.com and press ctrl+u.(IDK it work on firefox)
It a shortcuts to view source.
Then it show like this:

The highlight one is webbuild copy the webbuild then go back to index.php(htdocs>client>index.php)paste the webbuild to replace with and click replace all.Done :D: :w00t: .
Try it if have problem just send a message to Stevehabbz@hotmail.com. Thank you! :D

If it work please like.:D

It take 30 minutes. Very tired.

It take 30 minutes. Very tired.
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Oct 2, 2011
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Nice tutorial, this would be helpful to a lot of users.
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Oct 2, 2011
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Good tut! I don't need this, but many noobs will, and good for adding images!
Learning C# - Developer
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Nov 8, 2010
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Upload swfs on mediafire. Good job dude.
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Aug 13, 2011
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Yeah, upload it on Mediafire, Because it won't let me download from Multiupload especially since Megaupload got shut down :/
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