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I encounter this error...

Newbie Spellweaver
Aug 6, 2008
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i was disconnected from the game and everytime i enter the World, my character disconnects. please check my log.

[Sat Sep 13 2008 10:54:17.006491 21670816]: [##ERROR##] Unknown Pay Type: 5
[Sat Sep 13 2008 10:54:40.338966 133639072]: AntiAddictInit UserNum:2, CharIdx:16, IsAdult:1, PersonId:0, PlayTimeMin:0
[Sat Sep 13 2008 10:54:45.943694 133639072]: [##ERROR##] 'OnCSCItemUsing00' fail (Proc/Inventory.cpp:4119)
[Sat Sep 13 2008 10:54:45.943781 133639072]: [##ERROR##] UsrMap Fail : MainCmd(285) Ret(291017:41:4119) Addr(
[Sat Sep 13 2008 10:54:45.952792 3086952128]: sock 11=> close by finish waiting(
[Sat Sep 13 2008 10:54:45.953660 3086952128]: 1.close user 11 [8B15590] (

as i remembered, this happened when i worn an item then it disconnects my character.
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The Dinosaur
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Jun 29, 2008
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It does look a lot like an equip problem by the error. You could try setting UseCheckBelongItem=0 in your worldsvr config but i'm not sure that will get you out of it.

The only other thing i can suggest if you can log in to remove the item is clearing the cabal_equipment_table in the gamedb to remove the items from your char. Make sure you keep a copy of the existing value when you try editing it back to all zeros though as getting it wrong will also stop you logging in.
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