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I Got my Server Up and Running! But I need up-to-date fixes and help.

Initiate Mage
Jul 19, 2017
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GM interface 3 - I Got my Server Up and Running! But I need up-to-date fixes and help. - RaGEZONE Forums I am happy to announce my MapleStory Private Server is up and running! Better, I HAVE THE WIZET INVINCIBLE HAT!!!!!! If you don't believe me, look at this picture on the left. ................ But that's only Step 1 accomplished. Bear in mind, I'm not using MySQL Query Browser, I used the softwares and tools provided via this: . So the tutorials on RageZone on how to make your private server the latest version of an MMORPG may be out of date and may not work the same way here for what I'm using.

Quick bug fix question before I begin: how do I make my character opaque? After changing it to a GM via changing the 0 to 6 under GM, it turned my character transparent. Also, how do I level up my tier 2 GM skills as it's saying I lack level 1 skills. I really wanna try out all the GM skills but for now, the only functioning GM skill is Super Dragon Roar.

This sounds a little strange, but I need several things from you guys to help me streamline the character leveling, equipment enhancing, and PS gameplay as best as possible. And an extra catch: I want to design my Private Server to be as close to the latest version of GMS as possible so I want the true stats of this item from when it was developed for GMS and not your private server (more about that later). The sprites also have to be the latest textures too. Such as the scrolls; all scrolls use to take the appearance of the potential scroll (purple and white paper with a red tie ribbon). But now, Nexon designed them all to have their own separate color texture. Such as Epic Potential Scroll has purple and white paper with a PURPLE tie ribbon, Unique Potential Scroll looks like a cross between the Equip Enhancement Scroll and Potential Scroll with yellow and white paper in the front, purple paper in the back, and a yellow tie ribbon, and Legendary Potential Scroll is mostly green paper with white paper in front and a green tie ribbon. And all equips have to have the latest max amount of stars for when they were made for GMS.

First off, I need you to send me any archived, rescued, or downloaded videos of the now defunct HawtMaple and FluffyMS - as I need to gather as much knowledge of Private Server mechanics as possible. But they must be sent to me via something like MediaFire and the DL link sent to me via the website's private chat system, because we don't want a certain "You-know-who" intercepting the DL link. We don't know what they're capable of on RZ and we probably don't want to find out. This is mainly due to this: while I was playing on FluffyMS during it's time of operation (note: FluffyMS is v186), I noticed several key differences that enhances a private server's characteristics from the official game's servers. They are Advance Equipment Enhancement Scrolls have a chance to not enhance your equipment's stats at all; thereby, ruining your equipment's stats. So I always need to star force enhance it as if it does get destroyed, it will still leave a trace to transfer to another equipment. Speaking of enhancement, while we're on the topic of star forcing equipment, they designed FluffyMS so that if a star force enhancement fails, it doesn't drop a star level at all; thereby, reducing the amount of mesos consumed and time lost. The next thing I noticed while on FluffyMS is the professions in Ardentmill: when you reach meister level in Smithing, Accessory crafts, and Alchemy, your meister level doesn't drop overtime. Thereby saving you time to harvest resources to craft a super special item. For the Beast Tamer, all skill trees have ALL SKILL POINTS so you can use ALL ANIMAL SKILLS. In HawtMaple, they gave some lucky people the "Max Stat Item": a white shirt with all stats 32767; it'll help if you're not ready for a specific boss. And how do I get a stolen skill onto a Phantom if I'm the only player on? In all, currently, how many classes are there from ALL regional servers? Because the reason Hayato, Kanna, and Beast Tamer never appeared in the Black Mage trailer is because they were never officially developed for KMS; they were created for JMS; hence their Japanese-like appearances.

Next, I need to know the list of all the best and latest equipments, consumables, etc items, chairs, bags, cash items, etc in terms of base stats, highest character level requirement and if they are obtainable in the game or they're event exclusive. Here's what I have on my list so far; if there's anything better than what I've listed below here, please notify me ASAP and I'll update my items list.


Wizet Invincible Hat (1999 all stat with insta-kill ability (for my SuperGM only)), Wizet Invincible Hat (999 all stat), Genesis Weapon (fusion anviled with Terminus weapon for color), CRA Hat (for experimenting), Top and Bottom, Solid Gollux Ring, Reinforced Gollux Ring, Superior Gollux Ring, Meister Ring, Black Swordsman Medal (fusion anviled with Marvelous for color), Tyrant/Sweetwater shoes, Tyrant/Superior Gollux Belt, Sweetwater/Tyrant Cape, Sweetwater/Superior Gollux Pendant (for the two pendant slots), Sweetwater Shoulder, Tyrant/Sweetwater Gloves, Sweetwater Glasses, Sweetwater Tattoo, Rifle Bullet, Boss Arena Emblem (3 star and gold rim), Superior Lidium Heart, Princess No sub weapon (if applicable for the said class), Sengoku Hakase Badge, Sweetwater/Superior Gollux Earrings, Roro Familiar, King of Beasts Totem, Hunter Totem, and Frenzy Totem. For classes like Mechanic, the Pure Gold mech parts. Are there any cash equips that enhance stats? And Gold Shovel And Gold Pickaxe for professions.


Elixir/Power Elixir, Onyx Apple, Clean Slate Scroll (100% and no boom on failure), Legendary Potential Scroll (100% and no boom), 9th Anniversary Prime Scroll, Incredible Chaos Scroll of Goodness 50%, Giant Bullet Recipe, 20 slot Recipe Bag, 20 slot Scroll Bag, 40 Slot Soul Bag


20 slot Mineral/Herb Bag, 20 slot Production Bag, Dusk Essence, Brilliant Dusk Essence. Note: I'm going to design all my maps to only spawn Heartstones, Gold Flowers, and Mysterious (Legendary) Herbs and Veins.


40 slot Chair Bag and S Nebulites.


Guardian Scroll, Shield Scroll, (Superior) Shielding Ward, Hyper Teleport Rock, Perfect Innocence Scroll, Lucky Shielding Ward, Lucks Key.

Once more, if there's anything missing on this list or I need to update, notify me ASAP. Thx.


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