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I have 3 ips. what where?

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Aug 15, 2006
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Hi. I have problem. My wan ip is 89.xx.xxx.113; then i have router and after on winxp my ip is, in vmware i select brigh connecton and on my centos ip is I try ping from centos and all ok... Then ill configure cabal server what ip i must put in bind ip and so on? tnx.
PS: I read on google about LinuxXp. On this distr we can run .exe files and .dll and other windows crap ;) . But LinuxXP comercial. =(
The Dinosaur
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Jun 29, 2008
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Which IP to use depends on who is going to be connecting if you use a router (which you do). If you use the LAN IP of the centos machine only LAN players can get in, if you use the WAN IP only WAN players can get in. You can't have both as the server can't listen on 2 networks at the same time.

The only simple option at the moment is something like Hamachi. The only other way involves dual network cards, crossover network cables and possibly configuring static routes between the two cards. There is no way i am going to try explaining routing tables to people here as it is simply beyond most people who don't have a really good understanding of networking already and that is about 98% of the people here unfortunately.

There is a Hamachi guide in my sig which you can use for getting things workign quickly. As soon as i figure out another simple way of doing it i will be posting it.
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