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[Info]Some tips

Newbie Spellweaver
Jun 6, 2008
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Hope it helps someone.

For me these settings improve my cabal server so I hope it will also do yours.

For the client use cabal us
then patch it with a manual patch after that u need the playcabal.bat file. Thats for the good and stable client.

For the Linux server search on how to optimize Linux. There are alot of topics on that. For hints:
- close services that are not needed on startup
- search how to optimize disk access in linux

For ms sql 2000
- Search how to optimize sql. There are a lot of options for these. You need to look for options that will optimize your query transactions. Example is how to increase network packet size, memory, boost priority option etc.

For Windows hosting your ms sql 2000
- disable services that are not needed. There are so many services that are not needed.
- Increase your RAM to 2GB
- Check your task manager look for which task are needed to be stop
- Increase the priority to above normal of your vmware-vmx.exe if you use VMWARE to host your linux OS on one machine. This will enhanced the performance of your cabal connections and eliminate lag.

For VMWARE change the vm virtual network settings. -Go to Host Virtual Network Mapping tab and change VMnet0 to your actual physical network card.
- Search on optimizing VMWARE.
- Edit your VMWare configuration file. Add this line
logging = "FALSE"
mainMem.useNamedFile= "FALSE"
Search for other optimize options
- For other unwanted vmware services please refer to this site

If you happen to install the ncftp that comes with cabal server files uninstall it. You don't need it. It somehow runs in the background and connects to an unknown lan ip. I guess it was the default ip of the person who shared the server files.

Thats it. If you have other suggestion feel free to post.
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Newbie Spellweaver
Feb 21, 2008
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sir can i use mssql 2005?
can i run cabal server with my specs...

Intel Core 2 Dou 2.20Ghz
Jun 6, 2006
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thanks for sharing juris, i know most of the tips presented, this info is going to be useful to those who are just starting or have already started but could use a little tweak ;).