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Interesting Laws lol

Jul 6, 2003
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Iowa laws
Tanning bed facilities must warn of the risk of getting a sunburn

A board was created to regulate among other things, hearing aids. It includes two appointees by the governor who are supposed to represent the general public.

Ministers must obtain a permit to carry their liquor across state lines.

Doctors who treat a person with gonorrhea must report this to the local board of health and include the disease's "probable origin".

lmfao :rofl:
Feb 25, 2003
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It is illegal to wear a bullet-proof vest while committing a murder. hhahahah lol

It is against the law for a man to knit during the fishing season

You may not slurp your soup <--- dammmn lol

It is illegal to delay or detain a homing pigeon

It is illegal to frown as the town is a "Frown-Free Town Zone".

Citizens are not permitted to park their own boat on their lawn

No one may annoy someone of the opposite sex.

It is illegal to get drunk and annoy others in your house. <-- lol sic be fucked :lol: