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Is there any guide on how to make a private R2beat server?

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Aug 19, 2022
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R2beat and tales runner are almost very similar , So I thought it would be okay if I ask about this here.
I have played Tales runner for a long time, I have played both on the official version and on private servers.r2beat as such runner have almost the same release time which I find strange that there is no private r2beat server. I don't know, could someone make a guide on how to make a private r2beat server. I played it in 2010, R2beat Global It was the English version and Latino R2beat in Spanish.
For those who are not familiar, it is a rhythmic game, similar to Osu but this is in 3D, it is about skating and you have to dodge obstacles to the rhythm of the music, it has a large number of original music and they are good

does anyone remember it? It wasn't very popular but it was fun


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