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Is this still active? Where should I start?

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Dec 8, 2022
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Hello there!

I have been looking around and trying to launch a maplestory v83 server(locally, not public). The main reason for starting out with this was to start working on java, learn more about it, and have a nostalgic, fun way to learn it using maplestory.
I noticed that ragezone has most sourcefiles, guides and stuff so i started looking around here. After a few days I noticed I have some questions and I hope someone here can help me out. I currently have basic java knowledge and have been playing around with it here and there over the past years.

1. Is it still possible to get decent resources for a server? Like the localhost, server pack, etc
2. Is it possible I make my own serverpack using java, and if so, what would it require me to be able to do that.
3. From what I could read I should start out with scripting NPC's then going over to other stuff like events and objects in game. I would rather start out with writing or fixing the serverpack and other resources so I have a somewhat stable start.
4. Now whichever resource I use from the maplestory library, it is either not available or not working. Am i doing stuff wrong or is everything just old and somewhat broken here and there?

I hope my questions are clear and basically I just want to go and make something nice out of it while having fun and learning some.
Should this thread be formatted wrong or any question not allowed please let me know.
Thank you in advance