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Join RaGEZONE IRC Server for Direct Game Help!

MentaL's Girlfriend
Feb 24, 2003
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As most of you already know RaGEZONE has an irc server which everyone here should be able to connect to and ask for direct server help.

To clear some things out when joining irc.RaGEZONE.com I have provided this thread with the game's chanels to join and ask help and some rules on the main chanel:

#RaGEZONE : NO server chat, NO swearing and keep it English please (if you have difficulties speaking english, please PM:private Message your contact), this is nothing but a General chat. [Operators: MentaL, Sipher]

#MuOnline : Mu Online chat! from server help to actual game chat! [Operators: Akaruz]

#A3 : A3 chat! from server help to actual game chat!

#Forestia : Forestia chat! from server help to actual game chat!

#Mir : Legend of Mir 2 and Legend of Mir: Evil's Illusion chat! from server help to actual game chat! [Operators: eX-hume]

#AglaiaOnline : Aglaia Online chat! from server help to actual game chat!

#BombGame : BombGame chat! from server help to actual game chat!

With the irc.RaGEZONE.com you can get faster help, and information you need on a specific game!

RaGEZONE.com Chat // Complete Idiot's Guide by MentaL

Complete Idiot's Guide To Using The RaGEZONE.com IRC Server!!!

What Is Needed
mIRC Client

How Do I Connect Using The mIRC Client?

First Off, Download The Client From www.mirc.com.
Install The Program, And Load It Up.

It Will Come To A Setup Screen. To Connect To The RaGEZONE Server. Enter These Details.

Real Name
Email Address
Prefered Nickname
Alternative Nickname

Now To Enter The Server Details
Click The Little Red Sun, It Should Change Windows
Click Add
Add These Details
Description: RageZone
IRC Server:
Port: Leave As 6667
Click Add
Click Connect To Server

You Will Be Now Brough Into The RaGEZONE.com mIRC Chatroom

No Clones
No Op Begging
No Warscripts
No Swearing
English please


/msg nickserv register username email

will register your username to that email

/msg nickserv register forumuser forumuser@ragezone.com

but when u logout and login, you must verify its u so u must put your password in.. simply by

/msg nickserv identify password

Now... you want your own chat room? SIMPLE!!

do ... /join #channelname

and once your in your channel name.... type

/msg chanserv register #channelname channelpassword description

Once you done that,you got your own chat room! your admin of it, you can ban, kick or kill even.........

and only you can kick ban users unless you make other people mods of the room!!

great huh?

But wait, you got a friend? u want him to be an operator when he enters? simple.. enter this command

/chanserv aop #chan add username


/chanserv aop #ragezone add mental

irc:// Directs You To The Server If You Have mIRC Installed.
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