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Just wondering....

Junior Spellweaver
Jan 12, 2007
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I got my private server fixed up and now I want it to have all the premium items and stuff as all the top private servers do.

If you play on Legacygamers's Private Server, how big is your zitem.xml and scenario.xml files?

Same question to those who play in Daemon's Ring.

My Private Server has a 211 KB zitem.xml and a 26 KB scenario.xml file.

If my files aren't large enough, could anybody tell me where to download the latest files at?

Also, how the heck do you make a launcher for the private server because I have no i dea how to hex-edit. Anybody know how to do it...or at least create a simple noob guide on successful hex-editing?


Oh and also wondering, what affordable webhosting companies do you guys host your servers on? I need one that can support both php and mssql and is affordable.