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L2J L2J modding server

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Jan 22, 2007
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Hi folks,

I'm modding one L2J server, which works 100% perfectly, and I have many questions. If you could help me, thx :). I use Hero1911 rev 191 pack.

1 - where can I find the files of admin panel ? I mean, the 2 main pages... There aren't on data/htlm/admin folder o_O.

2 - how to add a faction depending of the race of the player ? I mean, let's say for humans, elves and dwarf females faction 1 and DE, dwarves and orcs faction 2. Should I add a column faction on char_templates ?

3 - this question depending of the third : how can I put aggro a mob depending of the valor of the faction column ? Java Script ?

4 - how to remove the stupid advert about buying in a GMshop ? I have been ever kicked by my own server because I will try the GMshop lol. I have resolved the problem of kicking, but there is again 'danger advert' in my gameserver log when I try my GMshop...

That's all for the moment, thx for any reply. Try to don't troll this topic plz... I will try to bump it.

I don't ask to someone to do the job, I ask only ways to do it. So, don't say 'use search button' plz.
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