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Lil skill lag.

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Jan 1, 2007
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Greetings to everyone,
Have been trying to host a lil serv for fun with some friends of mine,and ive seen that i got 1 lil problem ><

Problem : there is a slight lag when using Skill/Buff , maybe a 0.7 seconds lag more or less

Question : is it caused by my cpu ? [intel Centrino at 1.80ghz (laptop yes)],or its by the server?

Note : my cpu usage is always at around 60-70% usage,no matter using skills or not.

Edit : Ive been trying this on v121 and v128,on v128 the lag is small but it still persists.

P.S : This might have been discussed already,but since there is no "search" anymore its hard to find any with the ammount of threads there were created.

Regards XTS ~
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