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L2O Lineage 1 Account

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Dec 1, 2004
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I know and understand this is under lineage 2 but there is no lineage 1 forums..

Im selling a lvl 52 DE Con on LOA for lineage 1

shes fully equipted with +7Kclaw and -61 ac ( no Skin )

its a total of 180mil

im sell the account either as a whole for 800$

or seperately ...

180mil adena 450$
account stripped 450$

Obviously if you do the math you get a discount for buying everything as a whole ...

I apologize for posting this on a Devolopment Website hopefully this will not be deleted but im unfortunetely in a RL financial bind and ive gotten desperate.

I will accept Western Union for anything above 500$ ( account + some items or the entire thing alone ) and paypal if you want one or the other ..

please feel free to msn me on and or email me at mike-proulx@hotmail.com