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Loader + public website not working.

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Nov 6, 2013
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First of all, my website is working now on my localhost.
Also the emulator is not showing any errors or what so ever so that would be fine.
I can log in, can do housekeeping and such, but as soon as i start the client on my localhost VPS (windows) the loader gets a blackscreen after 75,85 or sometimes 95%. I can't figure out what this is so maybe someone can help me with this.

Second, as soon as i go on my own PC to the retro hotel website i do not get the layout that shows on the localhost. I've checked the external_variables.txt file but that is how it supposed to be.
My configuration is also fine, else i wouldn't be able to login on localhost.
What i do get is 2 bars, login name and password.. when i fill that in it goes from the website to localhost/me.php instead of going to the right url where it should go to.
So anyone that can help me out with this?

here i've got some screens:


1d269af391e15ca5acc13f10d7c96a0f - Loader + public website not working. - RaGEZONE Forums

My own computer:

5ca1f248744654d4b67664df264b333a - Loader + public website not working. - RaGEZONE Forums

And ye, you all know how a black screen looks like on a loader don't you?;p


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