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Low function for downloading file / Maybe something else!

Apr 18, 2010
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I am reversing a program that downloads a file. This program first downloads a file using WinINet, said file is a XML document that contains nodes for other files that are all located on their web server. I detoured the few necessary functions for WinInet such as InternetOpen, InternetConnect, HttpOpenRequest, InternetReadFile, etc.

All is good and dandy, I can see that it is indeed reading said XML document. However, I can not see a new Request for the other files that should be downloaded. I first detoured InternetFindNextFile to see if it did it that way... Nope. I then thought maybe it just downloaded that XML and cached all the other files locally, so I detoured CreateFile & ReadFile. Still nothing.

For the life of me I can not figure out how they're doing this. The program is Datel's TurboFire 2 Customizer, I'm trying to redirect everything to my local webserver so I can add custom macros. I'm going to try just shifting through everything that is recv'd and see where that takes me. Any ideas, let me know please! :):

After wiresharking this damn thing, I noticed that one of the XML files wasn't being sent. It just sent a Connection Close packet. I cleared all the cache and temporarily files on my computer, analyzed the packets and bam, it sent it. All the files. And this is why I hate asking for help, I will generally figure it out within a hour of asking! /sigh

Issue resolved, thread can be closed.
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