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main quests & 2nd job quests

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Mar 13, 2007
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why are they not working properly. i thought they were fixed this ver.138 ?. the main quest in the missing children..i can't fight the child that suppose to turn into a monster, because she or he doesn't turn into one. and the 2nd job quest, the 2nd part of the quest dealing with the supreme goblin warriors. it keeps collecting alot of namielle rings for the muse and the dealer, too many letters or whatever, and it won't register in the chat box that that person got the item drop. this makes it difficult to turn in a quest when the purple writing won't show in the chat box saying you got it. and of course, i have searched for why the quests weren't saving when a person logs off. and the response was that you need to code it . If i need to code it, how do i code it? which table or database i go to code it.
Not open for further replies.