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[MaNGOS] Making The TBC v2.08 Being Used

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Jun 26, 2006
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Everyone here has problems.
At the moment i only got the quest problems while im fixing them.
Ill make up a medium guide for all those who aint know what to do.

(1.) You download all things that are listed.
(2.) Setup everything.
(3.) Setting up your mysql server:
(3.1) Go to your mysql folder example: C:\MySQL\bin\ and open the instance configuration.
(3.2) After open create a new instance, click detailed, then Server Machine,
Keep clicking Next > After you get to password editor, create the password you desire and make sure you have Enable root acces from remote machines turned on.
(3.3) SQL Server done.
(4.) You install SQLYOG
(5.) Then, you unzip all the MaNGOS files, make a new folder called: MANGOS, and extract all the files there.
(6.) Open up realmd.cfg and mangos.cfg just configure the password you used for MySQL example:
LoginDatabaseInfo = ";3306;root;PASSWORD;realmd_bc"
WorldDatabaseInfo = ";3306;root;PASSWORD;mangos_bc"
This was mangos.cfg, do the same with realmd.cfg.
(7.) Open up SQLYOG and enter the username: root and your password, then enter this in the database(s) field: mangos_bc;realmd_bc
(8.) Connect.
(9.) After that select mangos_bc and right click the database, then click: Restore from SQL Dump.
(10.) Go to the MANGOS folder that you created and go to sql, double click: mangos_bc.
(11.) And Execute.
(12.) After finished do the same with realmd_bc but then with realmd_bc.sql.
(14.) If you done all the executing click on Refresh Object Browser on the toolbar do it with mangos_bc and realmd_bc then go to the realmd_bc database and right click: realmlist.
(15.) Click View Data, and then change the name of the server and the field where it look like;3306;root;PASSWORD;realmd_bc
(16.) Change the PASSWORD field into your own SQL Password.
(17.) Go to your World Of Warcraft folder and open realmlist.wtf with notepad, it will look like: set realmlist eu.logon.worldofwarcraft.com replace it with: set realmlist
(18.) And your done!

Now go back to the MANGOS folder and click on mangosd to load the server, then click realmd to start the login server.
After a while with loading mangosd you might get a quest error like i do, im still trying to fix it so you have to with the thing you got now.
If the server is loaded without any error!
Type: create <USERNAME> <PASSWORD>
USERNAME = Your login name and PASSWORD = Your password.
After you created the account its time to login.
Use your username and password to do so.
Then you logged in!!!

Want to be gm?
Simple: Go to the mangosd window and type: help, you will get a list with avaible commands.
Somewhere between them there is a command to set your GM Privilegeus.
I think: setgm <USERNAME> <GM LVL>
GM Lvl's: 0 - Player
1 - GM
3 - Admin
Type one of these in GM LVL
Then press enter and reloging with your account and your a GM!!!
Then type .commands while ingame for a list of commands you can do.

GM Money Command type: .money 10000000

Questions? Yuna.Gunz@hotmail.com for online help.
I hope this guide worked.

And yes indeed the emu works!
000Yuna000 - [MaNGOS] Making The TBC v2.08 Being Used - RaGEZONE Forums

That's me in my Tier 5 Mage Armor.

Thanks to: SKi for he's topic and the loads of problems.
Credits to: DJRavine for he's released emu!