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<Map> | Delux Desert Mansion | First Map | <Map>

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Dec 31, 2012
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Delux Desert Mansion
1. Introduction
2. What this can be also used as
3. Reminders
4. Status
5. Features
6. Map Download
7. How to get this working
8. Bugs
9. Credits
10. Screenshots
Hello, I'm DJTunes. I've released some basic gamemods, and some basic filterscripts before, though I've never released an actual map. So I've made a project that will be continued, and new versions will be released of this project. Also, please know this is my first map release. Though, I'm actually a pretty good mapper. Anyways, this map I'm releasing is called "Delux Desert Mansion". Enjoy! :)

What this can be also used as
This map is also not just a house. It contains many features, but I'll define what those features are in the "Features" section. This house could also be known as a Admin Base for having so much cars, and since it's kind of secure as in fence wise. You could also use this as just any mansion. Though, I've made it so it should fall under the section of being a Mansion.

Now, I have some notes for you to have as you keep reading this. As I said in the introduction, this is my first map I've released, and also notice that I've made WAY, WAY, WAY, WAY more maps, though they're not released. Also, it'd be good if you noted that there will be many versions ahead until this map stops it's development, which is not planned to happen soon.

I've made this section which in many releases this is not needed, but I like adding these in my releases so people can see if they should be expecting another update for my maps/filterscripts/gamemodes/ect. Bellow is the status of this movement/project/map:



  • Un-Jumpable Fences
  • 2 Enterences
  • Covers Large Area
  • Many Vehicles
  • Many Objects
  • Helipads
  • Helicopter Access

Map Download
Information: This section will contain all the versions, and under the version it will list the link to the code locations will be found on pastebin, and the link will be added under the version.

Version 1.0 - First Update/Release Update

Version 1.1. - Second Update/Release Update

How to get this working
Once you're on the pastebin link mentioned above, copy the whole map. After you've copied all that, open your scripting program (Most people use PAWN/PAWNO, Idk what else there is to script PAWNO/Pawn with). After that open a gamemode of your choice that you have, then go to "public OnGameModeInit()". Once you're there you should see "AddPlayerClass" then a bunch of numbers after that. Right after that line, click the line after the AddPlayerClass Line. Then paste the copied script from pastebin. Now, it should add like things that say "AddStaticVehicleEx", and a bunch of "CreateObjects" in the front of some lines. After that compile the script, and if it says no errors, then you're good to go!

No bugs have been found
- If you find any bugs comment saying what the bug is doing, and maybe even a screenshot to define it better.

DJTunes - Mapper
MTA - Map Editor

Front View:
Back View:
Helicopter Pads: