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[Minecraft] SAO Fans, Plug-in Devs, & Builders!

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Aug 30, 2012
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Hello RageZone!

My name is Sky D.C. and I'm the co-owner for a new server! Me and my friend both have large amounts of knowledge when it comes to administration, community management, and the overall sense of how to make and get a server going.

Just for reference my co-owner that I work with already has one server he is hosting called Cloud Realms! (post link for reference purposes) .

And I host mini-game servers including well known Plants Vs. Zombies and Battle Ship Royal!

This will be a large project be prepared for what I'm about to say...

We plan to recreate Sword Art Online in Minecraft. Yep, fandom being the screams of joy!

So what are we looking for?

  • SAO Fans - We are looking for a FEW huge fans of the SAO community to help us create this vision! You will be the consultants for the other staff members that don't have such a vast knowledge on the SAO anime as you.
  • Plugin Developer - We are looking for developers who can help us recreate some of the features presented in the anime. Including the unique tower progression system and class system. For this position we request that you provide examples of your work for us to judge your skill on. You will be a major part of this team and there is no way we can thank you enough.
  • Builders - You don't REALLY need to be an SAO fan for this position as you could always look at the pictures for reference of the builds. We are looking for people who consider themselves professional as the builds will be both unique and extensive. SAO fans preferred.

All people who join this team will be staff after the launch and will help us as we progress the server all the way to the top of the tower. We are very excited for this project and we hope that you will help us along the way! Thank you.

To apply please comment here or add me on skype (sethreaper).
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