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[MMORecruitment] Solar Online - WANTED Pixelartist/spirters & devs & tile builders

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Aug 30, 2012
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[MMORecruitment] Solar Online - WANTED Pixelartist/spirters & devs & tile builders

Hello again RageZone Forums!

I'm Sky D. Copeland president of Fishagon, a traditional game development company. We are currently expanding our company into the world of MMORPG (or ORPG) and we need YOUR help!

What are we making? We are making an original game with a... Ragnarok Online look? The engine is Eclipse Advanced built with Visual Basics 6.0 . The game will feature 24 classes once fully released and will have a large focus on PvP while also having other features such as party dungeons, guilds, etc and etc besides the common PvE. We do have a server hosting!

What are we looking for here?

  • Developers - Not just any developers though... we are looking for possibly one or two that know or can easily learn how to use Microsoft Visual Basics 6.0 so they can implement already made sources & possibly create brand new codes to bring uniqueness to the game. This position is very important.
  • Pixel Artists & Spirters - Skilled with making artwork for 2d games? Sprites, Tilesets, animations, facesets, etc...? Well here is your chance to get that work in an online game! You don't have to give us full rights, working with us under creative commons is completely expected.
  • Builders - Have experience using the popular drag and drop tile map builders? Well we do as well! Join us as we build the world of Solar Online! This position will also be learning how to use events, npc, etc... we would like it if you already did before hand.

Later on we come back looking for Game Masters and all that good stuff, but for now we need to have the development team setup as we are about to start and we want to be done as soon as possible! This will be a serious team to make a seriously fun game that will be released as a free to play.

What are the benefits of joining this project? Well the same benefits I'm getting, you are apart of an actual MMO's development team and you're creating something that large amounts of people will play and possibly lose their lives too! We will have some kind of money earning marketing model, be it selling ads on our website or an ingame cash shop or even a subscription system ALL the profits are counted as donations to our server host.

Want to apply? Come tell me your qualifications!

Private Message Me Here / Comment?
Skype: sethreaper
yahoo: fishagon@yahoo.com

Feel free to ask any questions!
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