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MMoSource.co.uk ROSE launcher

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Sep 4, 2006
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Paul_T - MMoSource.co.uk ROSE launcher - RaGEZONE Forums
Not many, but I'll list them anyways...

Capable of launching to 2 seperate servers
Can change the IP's for the servers from the web files, updating all their clients
Can upload files to be downloaded into their rose directory(Good for TRose changes etc)
Comes with modified triggerdetect.exe to allow for easy setting changes
Allows for background img change from a simple config file
Version control(Allows for it to update one version at a time, so you can keep previous patches there for new players)


Mostly just changing it to zip format instead of just downloading the flat files
And changing the txt file structor into all one ini file.

Paul_T - MMoSource.co.uk ROSE launcher - RaGEZONE Forums

Please note I'm still extremely new to using REAL programming languages, I only started learning c#, c++ and c aproximately 3 weeks ago, so some stuff won't work as good as it could, but I'm learning, so if you find a problem, or can tell me how to improve some stuff, feel free to tell me.
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