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Moderation Application - Old Archived Files

Libre Software Dev
Sep 25, 2012
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Real name: Sean Stafford
Alias: PyroSamurai
Join date: Sept 24, 2012
Age: 19
Location: USA
Contact Info: My skype is available on my profile. (Other contact information can be provided if needed)
Languages: English, and baby-steps into Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. Some Spanish.
Current occupation: Full-time college student

Section I am applying for:
Old Archived Files

Why am I applying for this section:
I am applying for this section because currently it has no moderators dedicated solely to this section despite its size and the large amount of post violations, especially necro-posting. I have a large interest in this section's well-being and future usage. I have no interest in the other sections of RageZone as you can clearly see in my post-area tab.

I was a co-founder and the web developer of the Land of Fire server ( ) for more than a year. Of that time, about 6 months of it was spent as a forum moderator with founder-level privileges.

I must admit though that all my moderation experience was on phpBB forums but I believe vBulletin is sufficiently similar enough that it won't matter.

I am also the super-maintainer for Trickster Online on the Wine AppDB. Some of the requirements of that position is that I am responsible for dealing with bug reports for the app, making sure the application and confirmed bug info is correct, and answering all questions which refer to the application on their help forums.

My contributions:
For the last 1.083 years I have been the lead developer of the Trickster Online forum.
So far I have personally made 3 releases (2 of which I no longer provide additional support for but get DL'd anyways) and 1 setup FAQ.
I won't state the other contributions my development team have made since I did not do those alone, though I am quite proud of those as well.

During the time I have worked on/in Trickster Online forum, I have worked with LordDemonMan through PM and separately through reporting posts, to keep the forum free from spam, trolling, flaming, and post violations.
The result is an entire years worth of posts (1 page) that are violation-free and civil, but I can only do so much as if I must rely on others to fix every violation for me and even then I can only do something about it after it happens.

Trickster Online sub-section

My Activity:
Even though I've been a member of RageZone for two years, I've only really been an active member for the last year, because the first year I was doing development for Land of Fire, using their forums as well as moderating them. For the last year though, I've basically logged on to RageZone at least once everyday (that it was not being ddos'ed).

I also know that post count seems low, but I only post when I have a legitimate development reason. If you checked, you would also notice that my posts are generally quite verbose as well.

Currently, my posting is centralized in the Trickster Online forum of the Old Archived Files Section, but I can guarantee that my current and future development interests will not hinder me from moderating the other forums in the section adequately and properly.

Why I joined RageZone?:
To learn more about private server development and the development of game servers in general. Then, help create and build them.

End statement:
I'll be glad to answer any questions you might request of me.

Custom Title Activated
Oct 23, 2005
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The section has LDM, VLife and James as moderators. It is staffed well for the section IMO.


Not sure what you are getting at here. Usually an applicant must have 100 posts or more, or be a member of the forum for at least a year...

Don't quite see how his post count applies to my post