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Modify Thumbnail Generator

Dec 15, 2009
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Could anybody give me a hand to modify this program?
I would like to have a dialogue/menu to configure the width and height of the camera view, besides, instead of saving as .dds, I want it to be able to save as PNG with transparent background.

Thank you.
Feb 3, 2009
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All thumbnails have the same size, making exceptions for that is a stupid idea.
Theres already fields to punch your numbers in for position and rotation.
You can also just grab, say xnview, and mass convert all dds files into dds, works like a charm and is only 3 clicks anyways.
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Initiate Mage
Apr 17, 2009
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Disregard previous post. If we used existing methods - no matter how simple - to do the things we wish to accomplish, new methods would never be discovered.

Mandatory File system is as follows;
-All files/folders Understood to be in default directory as Application-
"loadable/"<--decompiled loadable.mrs
"model/"<--decompiled model.mrs
"model/man/"<--decomiled man.mrs
"model/woman/"<--decompiled woman.mrs
"model/npc/goblin/"<--decompiled goblin.mrs
"model/npc/golemn/"<--decompiled golem.mrs
"model/npc/kobolt/"<--decompiled kobolt.mrs
"model/npc/palmpoa/"<--decompiled palmpoa.mrs
"model/npc/skeleton/"<--decompiled skeleton.mrs
"system/"<--decompiled system.mrs
Item Thumbnail Generator.exe

The Folders
Will be Created if Non-Existent Upon Application Runtime.

Application will automatically load all models/meshes if file structure is properly formatted as stated above.
Application is mostly self explanatory; With the exception of the Save File method.

Pressing Enter, while the main window is selected, will save the file as a .dds.
Pressing Shift+Enter while the main window is selected, will save the file as a .png.
Save location is "interface/loadable/"

Hosted at mega.co.nz

mass convert all dds files into dds

All the wat.
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