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My first attempts at making music

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Jul 2, 2009
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Hello ;) i recently started to learn how to use Fl studio , and well my first attempt was
which is quiet simple , however it's made from scratch , without using any loops and w/e
even the kicks and stuff are modified slightly.
My second attempt is this one

(about the sweep at around 1:54 , it shouldn't sound like that at all , i had some problems with fl studio and apparently i didn't save some changes i did , that's why it sounds too loud and so out of place, gonna fix that ofc in the finished version..)
which i made today , also from scratch , and well this time i was trying to experiment a lot... i really didn't want it to sound like all the common tracks u can find nowadays around the internet. It's a work in progress... i still want to improve this one once i learn more.
The reason why i decided to post these is to get some feedback, suggestions, critique.. whatever really.So if you have any Advice or if you just feel like stating your opinion , please do so it will help me alot. Just don't be rude. thanks.

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