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naughty japanese words

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Feb 23, 2003
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Exclamatio said:
i will update this list as new words are inserted into my vocabulary :D

okama - fag
kisama - like saying YOUUU!! (aggresive)
eroi - horny
ecchi - sex
ahoe - kinda like butt hole

Ecchi kisama ahoe!!!!

Does that say what I think ? :p
Mar 7, 2003
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lol @ that dictionary

[omanko] (ktb:) (n,vs) (X) (col) vagina/sexual intercourse/screw
[omeko] (ksb:) (n,vs) (1) (X) (col) vagina/(2) sexual intercourse
[komasu] (v5s) (1) to do/to have sexual intercourse/(2) to give/to present/to award
[yaritomo] someone with whom one is not romantically involved but frequently has sexual relations with anyway
[adarutoshoppu] adult shop/sex shop
[oorarusekkusu] oral sex
[kaasekkusu] car sex
[sekushii] (adj-na,n) sexy/(P)
[sekusharuharasumento] (n) sexual harassment
[sekushuaru] (adj-no) sexual
[sekushuaruharasumento] (n) sexual harrassment
[sekuhara] (n) (abbr) sexual harassment/(P)
[sekkusu] (n,vs) sexual intercourse/(P)
[sekkusufurendo] sex friend/someone with whom one is not romantically involved but frequently has sexual relations with anyway
[sekkususangyou] sex industry
[terehonsekkusu] telephone sex
[nyuuhaafu] transsexual or transvestite performer (lit: new half)
[baisekushuaru] bisexual
[pinkuchirashi] flyer advertising a sex-related business
[feasekkusu] fair sex
[furiisekkusu] free sex
[buruusekkasu] blue sex/homosexual
[buruubooi] blue boy/homosexual
[homo] (n) homo(sexual)/(P)
[homosekusharu] homosexual
[bodikon] body conscious/sexually flattering clothing/(P)
[mazakon] (n) Oedipus complex (Mother complex)/sexual attraction to one's mother/(P)
[motemote] (adj-na) sexy
[monosekkusu] unisex (lit: monosex)/monosexual
[yunisekkusu] unisex
[rorikon] (n) Lolita complex/sexual attraction to children/paedophile
[wangiri] (n) one mobile telephone ring (used by companies, usually sex-related, to register a phone number on a mobile in the hope people will return the call)
[wangiri] (n) one mobile telephone ring (used by companies, usually sex-related, to register a phone number on a mobile in the hope people will return the call)
[aieki] (n) genital secretions/sexual fluids/semen/cum
[ijouseiyoku] sexual abnormality
[isei] (n) the opposite sex/(P)
[iseikankei] (n) relationships with the opposite sex
[inshin] (n) sexual passion
[karyuubyou] (n) sexually transmitted disease
[kamawohoru] (exp) (col) (uk) (vulg) to have gay sex/to sodomize
[kannouteki] (adj-na) sensual/voluptuous/sexy
[eto] (n) sexagenary cycle/Chinese astrology
[kanshi] (n) sexagenary cycle/Chinese astrology
[yaru] (v5r) (col) (uk) to do/to have sexual intercourse/to kill/to give (to inferiors, animals, etc.)/to dispatch (a letter)/to send/to study/to perform/to play (sports, game)/to have (eat, drink, smoke)/to row (a boat)/to run or operate (a restaurant)
[kishi] sixth of the sexagenary cycle
[majiwari] (n) acquaintance/relations/sexual intercourse/intersection
[kougou] (n) sexual union
[kousetsu] (n) sexual intercourse
[koukou] (n) sexual union
[kounaiseikou] (X) oral sex/blow job/fellatio
[koushin] (n) 57th of the sexagenary cycle
[kou] (obsc) 10^38/hundred undecillion (American)/hundred sextillion (British)
[kasshi] first of the sexagenary cycle
[kouin] (n) sexual indulgence
[kongaikoushou] (n) extramarital sex
[konzenkoushou] (n) premarital sexual relations (intercourse)
[shiyuukanbetsu] sexing (of chickens, silkworms etc.)
[shiyuusentaku] sexual selection
[shiyuutouta] sexual selection
[shakuhachi] (n) (1) bamboo flute/(2) (X) (vulg) oral sex/fellatio/(P)
[shunjou] (n) scenery of spring/lust/sexual passion
[junketsukyouiku] education in sexual morality
[shotaiken] first sexual experience
[joseisabetsu] discrimination against women/sexism
[nasakewokawasu] (exp) to have sexual intercourse
[joukou] (n) intimacy/sexual intercourse
[jouyoku] (n) passion/sexual desire/lust
[jouyoku] (n) passions/sexual desire
[iroppoi] (adj) amorous/sexy/voluptuous/erotic
[iroke] (n) interest in the opposite sex/sex appeal/glamor/a shade of colour/colouring/sexual passion/romance/poetry/desire/seductiveness/charm/sensuality
[irokichigai] (n) erotomania/sexual obsession/sexual maniac
[shikijou] (n) sexual passion/lust
[shikijoukyou] (n) sex mania
[irozakari] (n) woman's most sexually attractive age
[shikidou] (n) sexual passion
[shikiyoku] (n) sexual appetite
[shingai] 48th of the sexagenary cycle
[hinakanbetsusha] chicken sexer
[sei] (n,n-suf) sex/gender/(P)
[seinokubetsu] distinction of the sexes
[seinojiyuu] sexual freedom
[seiai] (n) sexual love
[seikagaku] (n) sexology
[seikan] (n) sexual feelings
[seikinoufuzen] (n) sexual dysfunction
[seikyouiku] (n) sex education
[seikou] (n) sexual intercourse/(P)
[seikoui] (n) sex act/intercourse
[seikouikansenshou] sexually transmitted diseases
[seikoudou] (n) sex (sexual) behavior
[seisa] (n) sex difference
[seisabetsu] (n) sex discrimination/sexism
[seishoudou] (n) sexual urge
[seiseijuku] sexual maturation
[seiseikatsu] (n) sex life
[seisenshokutai] (n) sex chromosome
[seisen] (n) sexual gland
[seichou] (n) sexual characteristics (biol.)
[seiteki] (adj-na,n) sex/sexual/sexy/(P)
[seitekikankei] sexual relations
[seitekigyakutai] (n) sexual abuse
[seitekishoudou] sex urge/sexual drive
[seitenkan] (n) sex change
[seitenkanshujutsu] (n) sex change surgery
[seidoutoku] (n) sexual morality
[seihanzai] (n) sex crime
[seihanzaisha] (n) sex offender
[seihi] (n) sex ratio
[seihyougenjouhou] sexually explicit material
[seibetsu] (n) distinction by sex/sex/gender/(P)
[seibetsunarabinikokuseki] sex and nationality
[seihonnou] (n) sex instinct
[seiyuugi] sex game
[seiyoku] (n) sexual desire
[seiyoku] (n) sexual desire/(P)
[seishokuki] (n) genital organ/genitalia/sexual organ/reproductive organ
[zengi] (sexual) foreplay/(P)
[dainijiseichou] (n) secondary sex characteristic
[tansei] (n) unisexual
[tanseika] (n) unisexual flower
[danjonobetsu] distinction of sex
[danjohi] (n) sex ratio
[danjobyoudou] (n) equal rights for both sexes/equality of the sexes
[danshoku] (n) sodomy/male homosexuality
[nanshoku] (n) sodomy/male homosexuality
[teigai] 24th of the sexagenary cycle
[teiyuu] 34th of the sexagenary cycle
[momoiroyuugi] sex play
[dousei] (n) same sex/homosexuality/homogeneity/congeniality/(P)
[douseiai] (n) homosexual love
[douseiaisha] homosexual (person)
[nareau] (v5u) to collude (with)/to conspire (with)/to establish a secret liaison (with)/to make friends with/to get along well with/to become intimate (with opposite sex)
[nikkan] (n) sexual feeling
[nikutaikankei] (n) sexual relations
[chichikuru] (v5r) to have secret or illicit sexual relations
[hanseiiden] (n) sex-linked inheritance
[han'in'you] (n) bisexualism
[fukanshou] (n) sexual frigidity
[fujun'iseikouyuu] (n) illicit sexual relationship
[fuuzoku] (n) (1) manners/customs/(2) sex service/sex industry/(P)
[fuuzokueigyou] (1) business offering food and entertainment/cabarets, clubs and resturant business/(2) sex industry
[fukujoushi] (n) death during sexual intercourse
[heigo] (n) 43rd of the sexagenary cycle
[hentaiseiyoku] abnormal sexuality
[boshin] (n) fifth of the sexagenary cycle
[bojutsu] (n) 35th of the sexagenary cycle
[bouji] (n) sex/lovemaking
[musei] (n) asexual
[museiseishoku] asexual reproduction
[yuusei] (n) sexual
[yuuseiseishoku] (n) sexual reproduction
[youkeishinka] neoteny/mature sexually while in physical infancy
[yokujou] (n) passion(s)/(sexual) desire/craving
[rankoupaatii] (X) a sexual orgy
[ryousei] (n) both sexes
[ryouseika] (n) androgynous flower/bisexual flower
[ryouseiteki] (adj-na) bisexual
[mutsugo] sextuplets
[rokujuushou] vocal sextet
[rokujuusou] instrumental sextet
[rokubungi] (n) sextant
[rokubungiza] (n) The Sextant (star)
[wakan] (n) (consensual) sexual intercourse
[kougou] (n) sexual union
[kichuu] 50th of the sexagenary cycle
[kibi] 20th of the sexagenary cycle
Sep 29, 2003
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Baita - hottie

Minikui - Ugly

Demarinasai - Be quiet

Damare - Shut up!

Dema ru - Shut up!

Yaka mashi - Shut up!

Urusai - Shut up!

Urusai gaki - Shut up, brat!

Uchujin - Alien

Urusai gaki - Shut up, brat

Kichigaijimata - Insane

Henjin - Freak

Chikusho - Damn!, Damnit!

Kyojakuji - Weakling

Mattsu! - Oh crap!

Baka yaro - Stupid bastard

Chikusho! - Damnit!

Kuso - poop

Kisama - idiot

Oppai - Breasts, nipples

Ketsunoana - You idiot

Onara - Fart

He - Fart

Kin tama - Golden balls (testicles)

Tama - Balls, testicles

Kisama - Lord of the donkeys

Anata wa dame desu - You're no good

Manko - cat

Oni - Demon

Busu - Ugly woman

Kuso shinezo! - Die shitting

Onara atama - Fart head

Roba - Donkey

Kuma kuso - Bear poop

Kuso atama - poop head

Ama - witch

Mocca-Mocca Su Su - duck you

Shine - Die

Yariman - Female lady

Yarichin - Male lady

Shimatta - Damn it

Hhayaku inaku nareyo - duck off

Koro poopie yaru - I'm going to kill you

Mocca-mocca su su Ama - duck you, witch

Oushikoso - shenanigans

Dame - Stupid

Himo - Pimp

Hako - Vagina

Manzuri - Female masturbation

Gokanma - Rape-devil

Faku - duck

Norou - Damn

Urusee - You are too noisy

Ketsu - Buttocks, butt

Oshiri - Buttocks, butt

Fela - Oral sex

Paizuri Tatsujin - Tit duck expert

Baka - Idiot

Kutabare - duck You

Zakennayo - duck You

Kieuseru - duck off

Ore - Me (impolite outside close circle)

Omae - You (impolite outside close circle)

Temae - You (very impolite)

Jiji - Bastard

Yaro - Bastard

Kisama - Bastard

Jigoku ni ike - Go to Hell

Kisu boku no shiri - Kiss my butt

Paizuri - Breast Ducking

Busu - Ugly female

Nonbei - A drunk, lush

Menkui - Shallow

Yowayowashii - Chicken poop, coward, wimp

Echi poopie kudasai - Please have sex with me

Nyow nyow shita ku nai - You don't want to get freaky with me?

Watashi no chinko kata - My penis is hard

Chinko - Erect Penis

Chimpo - Erect Penis

Chinpon - Erect Penis

Poku jin - Penis, penis, penis

Kintama - Penis head

Mange - Female pubic hair

Chinge - Male public hair

Manko - punt

Okama - Homosexual

Rezurareru - Lesbian

Onnabe - Lesbian

Rezuru - Lesbianism

Nuhafu - Drag queen, cross dresser

Abazure - Hussy

Hentai - Pervert, kinky

Chikan - Pervert, kinky

Sukebe - Sex maniac

Tanuki - Womanizer

Yora sha- Mentally sick, perverted

Chikan - Molester

Opai - Breasts

Tata nai - Impotent

Funyachin - Impotent

Ii keisu - Nice butt

Ichata - I came, ejaculated

Oshaburi- Blow job

Shaku hatchi - Blow job

Omonkuu - Cunnilingus

Piston undo - Hard Ducking

Masu o kaku - Masturbate

Onanii - Masturbate

Masu kaki - Masturbate

Anata no manko ga nurete imasu ka? - Is your cat wet?

Bukkoroshite yaru zo - I'm going to beat you to a pulp
Mukatsuku - Ducking shenanigans pisses me off!

Kocha koi - Come here and get your butt kicked

Zura karu ze - Let's get the duck out of here

Toki benkii ga waredu - Splitting porcelain

Baba kusai - Old woman smell

Debou wa ase o taksan kakimasu - Fat people sweat a lot

Chikishou - Damn

Kuso poopie shinezo - Die shitting

Kuso baba - poop old woman

Kuso jiji - poop old man

Hara guzuchi o tataku na - Shut the duck up

Tameguchi kitten ja ney o - Don't disrespect me, you duck

Do digata ni kazana ho akeruzou - I'm going to rip open your abdomen

Ecchi - duck, have sex

Baka neingino - Stupid human

Yourou - Bastard

Otoroko - Ducking Idiot

Fuzzakkenayo - Get the duck out!

Chibi - Stubby

Tansoku - Stubby legs

Baka - Stupid, stick

Dekaijiri - Fat butt

Hentai - Pervert

Momojiri - Peach butt

Heso mageru - Weirdo (lit. twisted bellybutton)

Asa dachi - Morning glory (to wake with an erect penis)

Hine daikon - Shriveled penis

Mammae - Clit

Reizun pai - Flat tits

Manko - punt

Senzuri - Wank

Nozoki - Peeping Tom

Shomben - Piss

Okama - Faggot

Oray no shieta koto jenai - I don't give a damn

Kutabare - duck you!

Kutabacchimae - duck you!

Onore - Bastard, jerk

Baka - Idiot (Strong insult in Japan)

Bakana - Stupid

Bakayaro - Bastard, idiot

Ecchi - Perverted

Kono yaro - Bastard, jerk, idiot

Kusottare - Bastard, idiot

Nande kuso? - What the hell?

Oreno chinko swe - Suck my penis

Oban Bitchy - old hag

Uma kuso - Horse poop

Inu kuso - Dog poop

No tarin - Stupid (Lit. lacking brains)

Obatarien An - overbearing, nagging woman

Ahou - Moron

Kisama - Very impolite way of saying 'YOU!'

Shimatta! - Damnit!

Ike ike - witch

Anata baka chibi ike ike - You stupid chubby witch

Anata wa sei desu? - Do you want to have sex

<enter name> wa motomonai desu <enter name> - is ugly

Bakeru - Son of a witch

Anata wa baka yaro desu - You're a fuckin' idiot

Kisama tama - Lord of donkey's balls

Urusai, kono bakayaro! - Shut up, noisy idiot!
Sep 29, 2003
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Watashi no manko ga nurete imasu - My cat is wet

Chikusyo! - Damn it!

Baka yameroyo! - Don't act stupid! (Male)

Baka yameteyo! - Don't act stupid! (Female)

Namaiki iuna! - Don't be so cocky!

Namen nayo! - Don't duck with me!

Baka iunayo! - Don't say stupid things! (Male)

Netenjya ne-! - Don't say stupid things! (Female)

Bakani sunjya ne-! - Don't think I'm stupid! (Male)

Bakani sinaideyo! - Don't think I'm stupid! (Female)

Tsuppattenjya ne-yo! - Don't try to be cool!

Okama! - Fag!

Mukou ike! - duck off! (Male)

Mukou itteyo! - duck off! (Female)

Kutabare! - duck you!

Neboken nayo! - Get your head out of your butt!

Bukkorosu! - I'm going to kick your butt!

Sukebe! - Vulgar, lewd

Usotsuki! - Liar!

Omanko - cat

Kuso! - poop!

Yabbe-! - poop, fucked up! (Male)

Yabaiyo-! - poop, fucked up! (Female)

Chibi! - Shorty!

Tansoku! - Short legs!

Baka jyane-! - That's stupid! (Male)

Baka mitai! - That's stupid! (Female)

Jyajya uma! - Tomboy!

Yowacty! - Weakling! (Male)

Ikuji nasi! - Weakling! (Female)

Teme- konorayou! - You dog! (Male)

Konoyarou! - You dog! (Female)

Kono buta! - You pig!

Kitane-na! - You're a dirtbag! (Male)

Kitanai wane! - You're a dirtbag! (Female)

Saite-dana! - You're the lowest! (Male)

Saite-! - You're the lowest! (Female)

Tansyo-! - Your 'tool' [penis] is small!
Busu! - You're ugly! (Male)

Ara kawai-! - You're ugly! (Female)

Yariman! - You lady! (Male)

Yariman onna! - You lady! (Female)

Issunboshi - One Inch Boy (refers to penis size)

Hizoku - Bandit

Omae o korosu - I will kill you (to a person of lower status)

Antara futari sorotte temeko shitatsu no? - Did you girls really finger duck each

Jigoku e ike - Go to hell

Impo - Limp penis/impotent

Chinkasu - penis cheese

Mankasu - Puss cheese

Monge bobo - Hairy cat

Chinge bobo - Hairy penis

Mikosurihan - Three stroker (cum quickly)

Ikakusai - Smell like cum

Koushu benjo - hottie

Sukatoro - Eat poop

Jama Shinaide - duck Off

Anta no Baka - Ducking Idiot

Otemba - Tomboy (rudest version)

Shinjimae - duck you

Bakamano - Stupid person

Shiyo - To duck

Yaro - To duck

Shte - duck me

Yate - duck me

Nameru - To suck (gently)

Shaburu - To suck (hard)

Ferachi suru - To suck penis

Yaritai - Horny

Oshiko suru - To piss

Unko suru - To poop

seshe, speruma - Sperm

Ko mon - butt

Chikubi, Chichi - Nipples

(O)meko - punt (west Japanese dialect)

Hentai jiji - Dirty old man

Seiri - Woman's period

Gabaman - Huge punt

Boke - Idiot, fool

Shiko shiko suru - To masturbate (male)

Ama - witch

Chikushome - Son of a witch

Chimpira - stick (Osaka Dialect)

Gansha suru - To cum on someone's face

Benjo Mushi - Shithouse insect!

Sonna koto shitta koto ja nai - I don't give a damn.

Ittai nani ga hoshitenda What the hell do you want?

Ittai nani ga shitenda - What the hell is that?

Jinkokuniike - Go to hell

Shinezu buso kuso - Die you ugly poop.

Omanko ni banzai - Dive into the cat

Kso kurai - Eat poop

Jigoku ochiru - Go to hell

Sentako itay - Flat-chested (lit. "ironing board")

Oppai ii desu - Nice tits (extremely large ones)

Baka na gaijin - Crazy/stupid foreigner

Komban hima desu ka? - Are you available tonight

Busaiku - Butt-Ugly

Nani mitendayo, kora! - What the duck are you looking at?

Pakimono - Freak!

Anatano ohkaasan kusodis! - Your mother is poop!

Ikasete! - Make me cum!

Sugu ikasete! - Make me cum now!

Chipitama - idiot

Baka Ona - Stupid women

Oma Kora su - I'm going to kill you

Oma Korence - Prepare to die

Kso Oh, - poop!, Damn!

Anata wa onani o shimasu ka is? - Do you masturbate?

Rippogakusha - Rabies

Kusatta - Rotten

Inoshishi - Wildpig

Ookiosewada - Up yours!

Ano jore-me - That hottie!

Iku iku - I'm coming!

Nametonka? - (Kansai Dialect) Want me to kick your butt?

Nametonchaunka? - (Kansai Dialect-humorous) Want your butt kicked?

Sadarmi (sat-am-e) - Gay Sex

Shinde kudasai - Please Die

Ore no shitta koto ja nai - I don't give a damn

Yaoi (gay) - Gay

Usotsuki - shenanigans! / bullshitter! / liar!

Suware! - Touch it!

Amai mitsu wo ajiwaitai - I want to taste your sweet nectar

Curry aji no unko ka unko aji no curry ka docchi ga ii? - Which is better, curry-
flavored poop, or poop-flavored curry?

Ano sutorippaa wa ore no me no mammae de suitichi o irete yagatta. - That
stripper was fingering her clit right in front of my face.