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Need another set of D2 Keys please

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Sep 10, 2003
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I asked for a set of keys before (both D2 classic and LoD) and i could really use another set, me and my brother play now on UsEast and my oldest brother would like to play on there too, but since we have only 2 keys (other was given by exclam thanks again btw)

The keys would only get used on UsEast which means you can still play on the other realms at the same time (if you play europe then a other person can play with the same key also UsEast etc)
Ofcourse no cheats would get used on it, we don't use map hack or any other bot, just simple the original D2 how it's supposed to be played.

I would offer you to make use of 1 of my keys but they also get used on europe.

If you can help me get another set then i would be very thankfull.
(btw pm the keys, dont post them here)
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