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Need Help on v14 Flyff PS

Newbie Spellweaver
Jan 2, 2010
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hey guys ,
i was just wandering if i can add items on npc ..
and another thing is
I dont have a router can others connect to me even if i dont hav a router
WHo can teach me how to edit or make Patcher
I will surely appreciate Your Help guys Thanks so much
sorry for my wrong Grammars and some spellings
Need it guys ASAP
And THE GM COMMAND /createitem
(mine Does not work on GREENS and Some items like CS)
THanks a lot guys For Helping i will truly appreciate it
Add me on messenger owesome_02@yahoo.com or reply on this tread if u think u can help me Thanks a lot...
Newbie Spellweaver
Jan 3, 2010
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havent gotten my server up so yeah not sure how to help you here but try using Flyff-GM-Tool-4.0v or something like that xD
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Initiate Mage
Jan 30, 2010
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now i can help you A BIT
Now about the router thing here is your awnser
step 1 :download hamachi
step 2 :Install hamachi
step 2 :eek:pen hamachi and watch the ip whats above the list
step 3 :put the ip from hamachi
and then type the ip in world_server char_server, and login_server
step 4 :Go back to hamachi and click network then create a new network
step 5 : chose a pass and a name and click create
step 5 warning : remeber the pass and name becuase the others players need it to enter the server
step 6 :put the server on and players will come

Extra : put it in a top 100 website whit the pass and you network name
or on your website

and for adding
i got the name anyway so its easy
NPC Shop Editor
So chose you stuff and save it
then put it in your map whit the shops
And done
warning if i dont succes then WILL the npc will DC you!!!