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Need help : /

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Jun 11, 2006
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I know that i have allready posted this but i really need help...
I was able before i change rooter to connect to my Gunz server.
I forwarded all my port and all is ok, see,

64.18.***.** MSSQL (1433 TCP) OK!
64.18.***.** HTTP (Apache - 80 TCP) OK!
64.18.***.** GunZ Server Port 1 (6000 TCP) OK!
No response from GunZ Server Port 2 (8900 TCP) 64.18.***.**!
64.18.***.** GunZ Server Port 3 (6000 TCP) OK!

I tryed to close my firewall my scaner and all but dosent work...

I use D-link wbr 1310

... i hope some 1 ill be able to help me : /
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