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New but old

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Dec 14, 2004
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Hello, I am somewhat new but have been trolling the forums in the past so I decided now would be a good time to introduce myself.

Name: Dan
Location: Chicago suburbs, IL
Age: 19

First off, I enjoy playing games (of course) and also working on computer. Recently I have gotten into cars and bought myself a 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX which I am somewhat obsessed with.

As for games, I play a fairly wide variaty from counter-strike to command and conquer, and from World of Warcraft to Crackdown. Pretty much I like action, adventure, rpg, racing, some simulation, FPS, and anything but educational.:yuk1: I play xbox360 games (ViperUWS is my gamer tag) and PC games of course.

I am still in my early stages of computer knowledge when compared to many people at the age of 19, but I am in the Networking and Communications Management field at DeVry. Currently I am studying networks so routers, servers, and all that fun stuff. In my spare time, when I am not playing games, I mess around with Linux a bit (currently Ubuntu) just to get a feel for it. This also means I try to run things in Linux first, then if it wont work or has an annoying bug, I will run it in windows on my laptop. (good old wine)

I am a believer in not wasting my life grinding. I enjoy the greater things in life such as pvp and raiding with friends. Currently I am paying for WoW only because it isn't as bad as most games with the grinding aspect. *cough* Final Fantasy XI *cough* and you can easily pvp when you want at almost any level. not to mention the raids are very fun when joining with friends. But for the most part I believe that rates should be just high enough to where leveling is not a chore, but more like a part of the game that happens while enjoying it. Grinding should never be required in a game with such magnitude as it is in FFXI, Ragnarok, and Anarchy online. One game that managed to implement my idea well was guildwars but the 20 levels left me wanting more.

So this thinking leaves me here, a place to discover ways of enjoying multiple classes of a game without spending hours of grinding. I am not so much into the server hosting aspect (I was a previous owner of UnKnownRO (a small 30ish person server) which I hosted and administered but the fact that I used the bandwidth at my own home, it restricted my use of the internet so not to lag the server which I couldn't have. :tongue: ) Also I am somewhat familiar with some programming (made a few scripts/edited a bunch of custom stuff for my RO server and took and will be taking a few classes for various programming languages.) but I somewhat despise programming unless it is for fun like for my previous RO server. But I still consider myself as a novice in most aspects of computers.

That is about the sum of my life's story. I have no idea what is in my future...I may buy a outside server for RO or something because I do enjoy being a leader. :wink2: But I think I would need a real job first instead of this part time job before I spend too much on a server.

Oh and love the site and have been a fan for about a year now. :wink2:

BTW...there are WAY too many smilies. :laugh: But I love the ninjas. :ninjastar: :ph34r: :ninja: